The best Nerf guns in the UK 2023

Having trouble finding a gift for a child or young adult? Opt for the Nerf gun, one of the most popular toys at the moment. However, the brand offers so many different versions of its weapons that you can quickly get lost! To save time and be sure to make the right choice, find your happiness among our selection of the best Nerf of the moment.

Nerf Zombie Hammershot 1

Best value for money

Nerf Zombie Hammershot

The best Nerf gun in 2021

Suitable for ages 8 and up, this official Nerf Zombie dart gun has a rotating barrel and a trigger that reacts well. Don't worry, this blaster and its darts comply with safety standards.

27,12 £ on Amazon

Towards the end of an airsoft game, you find yourself helpless, so take your Hammershot blaster, and continue your mission with your 5 darts. With this silent, one-handed reloadable blaster, you can pull off all your stealth attacks and hit your opponents when they least expect it! The rotating barrel and aggressive look of the gun will impress both the shooter and the target!

Even though it doesn't have many projectiles, this blaster is precisely designed so that you can't waste your ammunition unnecessarily by firing darts that won't hit the target. It's also the perfect gift for boys, girls and even adults. It comes with a handy hammer to reload, which makes it even more fun.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 2

Best value for money

Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6

The best entry-level Nerf gun

This nerf is the ultimate in customization to optimize your strategy! Offering a choice of two firing modes (single shot or rapid fire), it is both powerful and precise for taking out your opponents at close range.

11,19 £ on Amazon
Nerf Rival Zeus MXV 3

Best value for money

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV

The best high-end gun

Make your Nerf battles epic by choosing this top of the line blaster. Its unstoppable power over a long range will allow you to accurately take out your opponents without giving them time to counterattack.

47,96 £ on Amazon

Intended for ages 14 and up, Zeus is without a doubt the star of the Rival range. Very powerful, it is capable of propelling foam projectiles at more than 110 km/h over a range of more than 25 meters. But don't worry! Despite the ultra-powerful propulsion speed of this weapon, the impact is quite soft and leaves no marks. It is however recommended to wear a protective helmet. Although it's battery operated, surprisingly, Zeus provides an easy grip, whereas most battery-operated Nerf guns are quite heavy, impacting their grip.

Changing the magazine of this Nerf is also easy with the top hopper feed. To avoid running out of ammunition in the middle of an assault, consider buying a few extra magazines since the gun's magazine only holds 12 foam pellets. You will also need to invest in 6 LR14 or C batteries which will cost you about ten euros, or a little more.

Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII 4

A great choice

Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII

The most practical

This Nerf pistol is equipped with a blaster bolt capable of firing up to five high-strength projectiles at a speed of 27 m/s. Its trigger lock and rail system makes this blaster very convenient.

See price

This blaster comes with 2 flags of different colors: red and blue. This allows you to form 2 different teams to compete and see who is stronger. For many team play functions and an incredible head-to-head rivalry, nothing beats this Nerf.

With it, your battles will be epic and of exceptional intensity, a pure moment of pleasure for young and old. Take part in battles with the Kronos XVIII-500 and shoot at a speed of 27 m/s. Moreover, this equipment offers a long shooting distance with its 5 foam balls.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Nerf gun

Any specific needs?

The best Nerf gun in 2021

The best entry-level Nerf gun

The best high-end gun

The most practical

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Comparison table of the best Nerf guns

Nerf Zombie Hammershot 5
Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 6
Nerf Rival Zeus MXV 7
Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII 8
Nerf Zombie Hammershot
Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6
Nerf Rival Zeus MXV
Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII
Suitable for ages 8 and up, this official Nerf Zombie dart gun has a rotating barrel and a trigger that reacts well. Don't worry, this blaster and its darts comply with safety standards.
This nerf is the ultimate in customization to optimize your strategy! Offering a choice of two firing modes (single shot or rapid fire), it is both powerful and precise for taking out your opponents at close range.
Make your Nerf battles epic by choosing this top of the line blaster. Its unstoppable power over a long range will allow you to accurately take out your opponents without giving them time to counterattack.
This Nerf pistol is equipped with a blaster bolt capable of firing up to five high-strength projectiles at a speed of 27 m/s. Its trigger lock and rail system makes this blaster very convenient.
Number of projectiles
Number of magazines
Foam darts

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Buying guide - Nerf gun

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How to choose your Nerf gun

We have compiled a list of essential criteria to consider before buying a Nerf gun:

#1 - Shooting mode

Hand guns with a pump action are slower than electronic models. The explosive (or burst) mode is interesting, because it sends projectiles in series. However, this means that the magazine loses ammunition more quickly. A blaster that has all three of these modes can be an excellent choice. If it's not possible for you to get one, simply consider the rate of fire calculated in meters per second.

#2 - Capacity

The capacity of the gun is a critical factor. This is because a blaster with a large loading capacity allows you to send more rounds without having to reload multiple times. Also, in the middle of a battle, it needs to be loaded very quickly for maximum time savings. That's why many of them include a rotating barrel for added convenience. Some models have two or more magazines to accommodate different ammunition. However, for end use, near the end of an airsoft, it is thrilling to have a blaster with only 5 darts.

#3 - Munitions

This factor depends not only on the weight of the device, but also on its size and shape. A small and light blaster is suitable for children, for example, while motorized models that are heavier (up to 4 kg) are for teenagers and adults. In any case, everyone wants to enjoy a great comfort of use. To meet this need, choose guns with a swivel handle or a shoulder strap. As a result, you will enjoy excellent weight distribution.

Set a budget!

Note that playing with a Nerf is always better with a group of more than 2 people. Therefore, don't bite off more than you can chew. Consider the number of blasters to buy (at least equal to the number of players) and therefore the price.

#4 - Design

Most blasters work with darts, but some Nerf guns use missiles or BBs as ammunition. To avoid any risk of injury, prefer foam projectiles. Official Nerf darts have soft, hollow tabs, so for safety reasons, they are also recommended.

#5 -

Asthetically, there are so many Nerf guns inspired by guns in movies and video games. So you'll find a long or short version that you can choose from depending on your taste or gaming profile. Some models may come with accessories to make them longer. Be careful, though, because the more customizable they are, the heavier they may become.

Where should you choose to have a Nerf battle?

The ideal location for a Nerf battle should meet three criteria: it should not be overcrowded, it should have obstacles and, most importantly, it should have a toilet nearby. It's important that the place you choose is not crowded with people, or you'll disturb the crowd. The park is not the best place, especially if there are young children.

It is also important that the battle site has obstacles. Imagine a scenario on the soccer field, it wouldn't be very challenging, would it? Players need to be able to hide where they will be safe from their opponents' bullets. They need to be able to hide ammunition somewhere. If you are playing for a few hours, you will need a toilet near the playing area. Also, if there are no water fountains or shops to buy food, be sure to warn the players so they can prepare a snack.

Since your choice will likely be a public place, consider a Plan B, which allows you to walk from the area you originally chose. Plan B will come in handy if Plan A is busy.

The different types of Nerf guns

There are different types of Nerf weapons, and the choice depends on the intended use.

Nerf crossbow gun

A Long Shot is ideal for long distance shooting with a range of over 20 meters. This type of Nerf gun allows you to have two types of propulsion. Either the traditional darts that make the string system aesthetically pleasing, or the Nerf that will use only that system. If you want to make yourself a little distinct from the crowd, a crossbow is an excellent choice. With this equipment, you can also think of yourself as Daril in "The Walking Dead" and defeat your rivals in style.

Nerf submachine gun


who want to be in the commando's shoes will choose the Nerf machine gun. Powerful and fast machine guns are one of the most popular types of Nerf pistols today. Of course, since the launch of the Elite version, many enthusiasts have already been tempted by the performance of this heavy artillery. But with the new models that are being offered today, this interest in these high-velocity weapons has become a real trend.

Nerf laser gun

The manufacturer designs each model for different types of battles. Thus, if the user likes sniper simulation games, we recommend the Nerf laser gun, which will also be very comfortable to play at night. Children who love science fiction can organize epic battles with laser blasters. This state-of-the-art weapon, which emits sounds and light, promises hours of intense play.

Good to know

Nerf is a brand that became famous a few years ago with its incredible "Blast-a-Ball" gun, which was a huge commercial success. You can turn to a cheap gun to start, but be aware that the manufacturer regularly releases models inspired by science fiction movies.

Nerf gun or water gun?

Nerf gun

You can choose a Nerf gun that suits your child's practice and imagination. There are fairly realistic weapons like crossbows or machine guns that are ideal for well-prepared team battles.

For more fun battles, Nerf offers unusual guns with original and colorful designs, which sometimes have a modular shape. They can be used in organizing an airsoft-themed birthday party. Their bright colors will perfectly complement the decor, and children with these guns can spend hours hitting their targets with different ammunition.

Nevertheless, after considering the technical aspects, the remaining question is how to make the game as exciting as possible. This requires a lot of imagination and creativity.

Water gun

A water gun is ideal for big water fights. It has a tank and a pump system that shoots powerful jets of water. It is a perfect toy for children because it helps develop their agility and creativity.

It is very easy to shoot with this water gun because sometimes you just need to move the handle back and forth. It is light and compact. However, getting your opponents wet and throwing water showers is not an indoor game. The gun is therefore only intended for outdoor use, preferably in the pool.


Finally, to find yourself in different worlds, opt for Nerf guns. This blaster makes it possible to imagine the most exciting battle scenes. Fans of Fortnite, for example, can find realistic copies of their favorite characters' weapons.

Those who see themselves more as a mysterious spy or an adventure hero prefer the Elite line of weapons. Kids who love science fiction can fight epic battles with laser guns. These state-of-the-art weapons, which emit sound and light, promise hours of fun.


The Nerf gun clutter

If the player wants to remain inconspicuous during Nerf battles and wants to be able to easily hide with his blaster in every nook and cranny of the game space, he needs a small, space-saving Nerf gun.

Nerf gun organizer


the perforated panel to collect Nerf weapons. Metal hooks will keep your guns from moving.

Wearing goggles

Doctors strongly recommend safety glasses for both children and adults who play with Nerf


That way, they won't risk developing uveitis or eye inflammation.

Make it a gift


Nerf is an original gift that will delight both older and younger


Try surprising them by putting two Nerf guns on the table during an aperitif and you will very quickly see a return to childhood.

An idea for more "fun"


also important to note that for even more dynamic play, a model using a burst mode will be more fun. If you have a large backyard, an automated version of Nerf also allows for more "fun" and technical battles.


What is the best Nerf gun?

The best Nerf gun depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there today.

Is the Nerf gun safe?


Nerf brand, which also stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam, designs safe toys. But let's face it, some precaution such as using protective eyewear is advisable.

Should you give a Nerf gun as a gift?


for children over 6 or for adults. This is a fun gift!

What other toys does the Nerf brand offer?


that the Nerf brand has currently become popular because it offers various entertainment accessories. Nerf has also established itself as one of the best brands of water guns.

Are all Nerf guns suitable for children?



Nerfs are suitable for children, and it is important to read the product's user manual for the age limit



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Nerf Zombie Hammershot
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Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6
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Nerf Rival Zeus MXV
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