The best lunch box in the UK 2023

Lunch boxes allow you to eat healthy food at lunchtime and avoid junk food. Indeed, whether they are made of glass, plastic or steel, you will be able to transport your home-made meals to the office or to the university thanks to your lunch box. For those who want to eat a hot and balanced meal, some models are heated and others are microwaveable. To find the perfect lunch box for you, read our buying guide.

Lunch box FIT Strong & Healthy 1

Editor's Choice

Lunch box FIT Strong & Healthy

The best lunch box in 2021

The FIT Strong & Healthy lunch box has 3 compartments. Its glass structure gives it a luxurious look. It is a good compromise for healthy and balanced eating.

23,19 £ on Amazon

If you dream of eating full meals during your work or class hours, this lunch box is perfect for you. This item consists of a 1 compartment box, a second 2 compartment box and a third 3 compartment box. It is therefore possible to bring a starter, a main course and a dessert at the same time.

Made of thick borosilicate glass, the FIT Strong & Healthy lunch box is resistant to shocks and sudden movements. It is also suitable for use in the oven and microwave. In addition to being BPA free and FDA approved, this box comes with a leak proof lid.

Sistema 21690 2

Best Cheap

Sistema 21690

The best entry-level lunch box

Simple and light, the Sistema 21690 lunch box is very practical for taking snacks and dishes in a hurry. Made of quality plastic, it will seduce many with its design and durability.

9,59 £ on Amazon

The Sistema 21690 is divided into several removable compartments allowing for the separation of small treats. This is a high quality plastic lunch box, free of phthalates and PBA. If the lunch has gone cold, you should know that this lunch box can be put in a microwave. As for cleaning, the top compartment is dishwasher safe. However, the rest must be cleaned manually.

The Sistema 21690 lunch box is not only designed to keep your lunches handy, it can also be used as a dedicated refrigerator and freezer container. If you usually have fruit or yogurt for dessert, the airtight container is perfectly suited for this purpose. The Sistema lunch box comes in different colors. You can have yours in pink, blue, green or purple.

ERAY E24-Gray 3

Best High End

ERAY E24-Gray

The best premium lunch box

Combining aesthetics and efficiency, the lunch box from ERAY will make your lunches a pleasure. It heats up food instantly without the need for a microwave or oven.

25,59 £ on Amazon

The E24-Gray lunch box from ERAY is more practical if you are used to go to work by car. Indeed, this lunch box can be plugged on the cigarette lighter. A very practical option to always enjoy a healthy and hot food. Since it is compatible with any 12/24V and 220V power supply, as long as there is a plug available, you are sure to eat hot.

As for cleaning, the lunch box is separable which makes it very easy. As for the material, you will have nothing to fear, it is made of quality stainless steel, odorless and of course non-toxic. Moreover, for more efficiency, the brand has chosen a lunch box with compartments to avoid mixing tastes.

Lunch box Milu 4


Lunch box Milu

A great lunch box

Milu's lunch box is a balanced, quality lunch in itself. Whatever your style, it fits easily thanks to its modern and completely attractive design.

19,96 £ on Amazon

The Milu lunch box is available in two colors: grey and blue. It can contain any type of meal with a volume of 450 ml. Its isothermal quality gives it the capacity to keep the temperature hot for up to 9 hours and cold for up to 16 hours. Thanks to the non-slip rubber bottom of the lid, this lunch box is 100% waterproof and will not open easily at the risk of spilling the contents.

The lunch box comes with a folding stainless steel spoon, a cleaning brush and a charming bag. In addition, the plastic lid can also be used as a bowl. Lightweight and portable, you can enjoy your meal by taking your Milu lunch box anywhere.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best lunch box

Any specific needs?

The best lunch box in 2021

The best entry-level lunch box

The best premium lunch box

A great lunch box

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Comparison table of the best lunch box

Lunch box FIT Strong & Healthy 5
Sistema 21690 6
ERAY E24-Gray 7
Lunch box Milu 8
Lunch box FIT Strong & Healthy
Sistema 21690
ERAY E24-Gray
Lunch box Milu
The FIT Strong & Healthy lunch box has 3 compartments. Its glass structure gives it a luxurious look. It is a good compromise for healthy and balanced eating.
Simple and light, the Sistema 21690 lunch box is very practical for taking snacks and dishes in a hurry. Made of quality plastic, it will seduce many with its design and durability.
Combining aesthetics and efficiency, the lunch box from ERAY will make your lunches a pleasure. It heats up food instantly without the need for a microwave or oven.
Milu's lunch box is a balanced, quality lunch in itself. Whatever your style, it fits easily thanks to its modern and completely attractive design.
1 L
1.65 L
1.5 L
450/650 mL
23,49 x 22 x 17,2 cm
18.5 x 21.8 x 7.7 cm
23.2 x 16.5 x 10.8 cm
10 x 10 x 16 cm
Dishwasher safe
Materials of construction
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
2,58 Kg
0.304 Kg
0.880 Kg
400 g

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Buying guide - lunch box

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How to choose your lunch box

Like any other product, the choice of a lunch box depends on the needs of its user. However, you can also choose a lunch box according to its style, material, dimensions, thermal capacity and other options.

#1 - The design

Whether it's the shape, color or number of compartments, the choice depends entirely on your needs and taste. The box must correspond to its user so that the meal time is always a pleasure. It must be said that tasting is first done by the eyes and then by the mouth. The more appetizing it is, the greater the pleasure.

#2 - The materials of manufacture

The material influences its sturdiness and durability. But above all, you should choose a lunch box according to your needs. If you plan to reheat your homemade meals using a microwave, go for glass or BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic lunch boxes like food grade polypropylene. To keep your meals warm, you have insulated stainless steel lunch boxes, perfect for liquids, but not microwave safe.

For those looking for easy-care products, there is stainless steel. However, it is not the best ally for soups or electronic equipment. The alternative will be to choose a meal box with a heating mechanism like the ERAY E24.

#3 - The dimensions of the lunch box

This is an important point because your meal box will need to fit in your bag and not become extra weight. This will hinder your mobility and be a point of frustration in the future.

The dimensions also affect its ability to hold any amount of food. On the market, you will be able to find different products in different sizes. One tip will be to get different sizes so you can vary the amount and type of food.

#4 - The compartments

Lunch boxes with compartments have the advantage of being able to carry a full meal. They also prevent the different preparations from getting mixed together. You will then be sure to take a rich and varied meal so as to refill your energy during the lunch break.

Thus, it is always better to opt for a lunch box with a compartment. It is preferable that there are at least two separate and hermetically sealed compartments. However, a model without a compartment is still not a bad choice as many people prefer all-in-one meals.

#5 - The waterproofing

In winter, sometimes soups are preferred more than solid foods. To be able to transport them safely, you should choose waterproof meal boxes such as isothermal models or those with so-called waterproof seals. For this, read carefully the description of the products in order to know the qualities of each model.

#6 - Option in more

Other than these criteria mentioned above, a lunch box can also consist of other options in addition. For example, we can find on the market lunch boxes accompanied by spoons, a fork and even chopsticks. This is very practical because there is no risk of forgetting. With the evolution of technology, there are even lunch boxes that heat food without a microwave or oven. They come with an extension cord and a plug.

How to use a lunch box ?

Keeping food hot

Even though some insulated lunch boxes are airtight, the food loses its heat during transport. Don't worry! There is a quick and easy way to keep food hot.

Heat the container

To keep food hotter for longer, heating the container is one technique to adopt. But how do you heat it up before you put the food in? The first technique is to boil the container, quickly add the hot lunch and close the lunch box. The other technique is to fill it with hot water. After removing the water, you add the lunch and close it as soon as possible.

Using a tiered lunch box

The goal is simple, with a tiered lunch box, you just add soup or boiling water. This way, the top compartment will stay warm longer. With a three-tiered lunch box, you only need to put the soup on the bottom and the desserts in the top compartment.

Keeping meals cold

You want to enjoy your dessert cold, but confined in the lunch box it becomes hot and loses all its taste and freshness. For this purpose, food wrap or paper towels will be your best ally. Let the food freeze and only wrap it at the last minute. The frost will melt in the box and the dessert will be enjoyed with a nice touch of freshness.

The different types of lunch box

The market is full of different types of lunch boxes, all equally practical. It is possible to find heated lunch boxes, isothermal lunch boxes and lunch boxes with compartments.

Heated lunch boxes

An innovative and technological model, a heated lunch box is suitable for those who want to consume their meal hot. Thanks to its electric function, it can be connected to any sector in order to heat up instantly the contained dish. With this type of lunch box, you will have at your disposal an easy to use device that will be practical for work.

For a travel accessory, this type of lunch box can be useful. It is easily plugged into the cigarette lighter and you will enjoy a hot meal while enjoying your car ride. The only drawback is that in a place without electricity, such as during picnics or hikes, this item is useless.

Isothermal lunch boxes

The isothermal lunch boxes are characterized by an insulating element. This one keeps the previously prepared dish warm or cold. No need to go to the oven or microwave, thanks to this element the meal will keep its initial temperature. It is necessary to clean the boxes after each use to promote the durability of this product.

The isothermal lunch boxes are almost removable, it would be easy and fast to wash them by dishwasher or manual cleaning. However, sometimes the meal may lose quality, it may be that with too much time in the box, a hot meal starts to smell bad.

Lunch boxes with a tier or compartment

The tiered lunch boxes are advantageous in that you carry more than one dish. A tier will be able to hold any type of meal, whether it is in a liquid or solid state. So if you take your soup with you, you have nothing to worry about. A tiered lunch box is equipped with a clip-on device on the sides for a complete seal.

As for the compartment lunch box, seen from the outside, it seems to be a simple box. But think again, it is divided into several compartments to put some assortments. With separators that are sometimes removable, you have the possibility to arrange the fruits and vegetables as you wish.

A lunch box or a plastic food box (Tupperware)?

A lunch box

The greatest quality of the lunch box is its ability to preserve your meals. Mainly for hot meals, the waterproofness of the box plays a very important role. Indeed, the lunch box offers a great resistance to heat compared to Tupperware.

However, a judicious choice on the materials of manufacture is essential. The practicality of the lunch box can be hampered by its weight. It can also be very cumbersome when transported. On the other hand, the presence of compartments is a considerable plus. They can divide the tastes of your dishes for a successful lunch.

A plastic food box (Tupperware)

Tupperware-type food boxes are very efficient for transporting food at normal temperatures: not too hot and not too cold. They are much less massive than lunch boxes. Less expensive than a lunch box, they nevertheless have some flaws.

Elements in the plastic, such as BPA, can migrate onto the food if it is too hot. After a certain period of time, food boxes are no longer suitable for transporting or storing food. They are disposable in nature, as they wear out easily, a flaw that is not blamed on the lunch box. Moreover, it is impossible to transport a hot soup because the plastic will soften.


If you prefer hot meals for your lunch with colleagues, the lunch box is what you need. It is also ideal for transporting desserts, as most are isothermal.

For the case of the food box, it is rather intended for a simple use. It would be beneficial for small quantity foods such as snacks and fruits or foods that do not require thermal preservation.

Why buy a lunch box?

Protected meal

The quality of the material used to make a lunch box ensures that your meal is completely safe and dust-free. Whether it is glass, plastic, stainless steel, or other, the basic materials of the boxes undergo thorough studies to protect your meals from bad germs.

Easy to transport

Lightweight and compact, lunch boxes are very easy to transport. They have been designed to suit everyone, employee or student. Its surface allows you to carry your quantity of meals in your bag without any problem. The types of lunch boxes with compartments or levels will even be able to contain all your dishes, from starters to dessert.

Eat healthy and balanced

Nowadays, people are taking better care of themselves and taking the time to go to the gym and eat a balanced diet. Lunch boxes are a great way to eat healthy. With the different models available on the market, you will be able to bring your homemade meals to the office with the calories you need for your day, no more and no less.


In a world where we constantly need to rush, the lunch box is a worthwhile option. No need to find the right restaurant or go to the canteen, or waste time looking at a long and endless menu! Take your lunch box every day and save more money but also save energy while staying in your premises to have lunch.

Save time

Having a lunch box means having your meal on hand. To avoid wasting time at lunch, you can stay at your workstation to eat and work at the same time. A short run to the company's break room and two or five minutes in the microwave. Your meal is hot! This is a great way to not miss any calls or important information.

The best brands of lunch box

In our opinion, the best brands of lunch box in 2022 are :

Mon Bento

Sistema is known worldwide for creating microwaveable containers that make our daily lives easier. Made in New Zealand, it designs products based mainly on plastic.

The UMAMI brand has been making the best lunch boxes for a few years and is one of the best-sellers. It draws inspiration from various designs around the world for their products including the Japanese bento.

Pyrex specializes in the production of glass utensils related to cooking and dining. The French brand was born in 1915 and keeps on providing quality accessories now available in stainless steel, ceramic or metal.

Esbit is a renowned German brand existing since 1936. Professional in the production of useful stainless steel items, it offers items related to everyday life, sports, and outdoor activities.

Mon Bento is the French reference brand in Japanese-style lunch box design. By offering its customers reusable bentos, it is fully committed to environmental preservation for a better world.

What is the price lunch box

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Clean the oil-soaked lunch box

Oil is the element that kitchen utensils dread the most. Not only does it make them dirty, but it is not easy to clean. Of course, a simple soap and water rinse could do the trick. But if this is not enough, you should resort to washing with boiling water. By bathing the lunch box for a few minutes in water, the heat easily removes the traces of oil.

Give the stainless steel lunch box a shine

Stainless steel lunch boxes require a little more maintenance compared to others. To avoid the worn look, the secret lies in cleaning it. Give your stainless steel lunch box a facelift with baking soda. Make a mixture by diluting the product in hot water. Use it while cleaning the lunch box with a sponge for more efficiency. Finally, rinse normally with water and dry.

Store the food in a lunch box

If you opt for the classic lunch boxes, you may come across the layout problem. How to put the dessert, vegetables in the same container? There is nothing like the right method of cutting to optimize space.

For fruits and vegetables, get into the habit of cutting them into small pieces so that they fit. This way you avoid the nasty surprise of unwanted mix-ups. You can also use silicone cupcake molds to get the bento effect. Your child will love this creative touch and will never get tired of lunch hours.

Leave the seals alone!

As you can see, the tiered lunch boxes have seals that keep the container tightly closed. To improve the thermal capacity of your lunch box, it is important to quietly leave the seals in its place. In other words, removing them and putting them back on all the time will damage them. Your lunch box will no longer be waterproof.

Keep the food fresh

Keeping food fresh in a well-sealed lunch box is not always easy. Here are some tips that can help. To prevent apple slices from turning brown, soak them in lemon juice before placing them in the lunch box. If you're making sandwiches, microwave the bread crumbs before you make them. You won't have soft bread anymore.


What is the ideal capacity for a lunch box?

The capacity of a lunch box will depend on your needs. For a child, lunch boxes of less than 500 ml will do. While for an adult, not subject to a strict diet, those with a capacity of 1L will be perfectly suitable. Apart from the capacity, you should also take into account the dimensions. To know everything about lunch boxes, check out our complete buying guide.

Are heated lunch boxes washable?

Heated lunch boxes are indeed cleanable. By following the instructions, you can take them apart so that the different compartments come off for easy washing. Also, it's crucial to wash them well or else the detritus will prevent the heat from covering the unit. Just be careful not to get the plug inlet and the built-in electrical system wet. Check out our comparison chart to find the right model for your needs.

What material to choose for a lunch box?

Thebase material of a lunch box matters a lot if you want a durable product. Stainless steel or wooden (bento) lunch boxes will be the most efficient: easy to carry, light, super resistant. But if you bet on the aesthetics of the product, you can include in your list the plastic lunch boxes, and more classy: the glass lunch boxes.

Is it better to buy a lunch box than a Tupperware?

The Tupperware type plastic boxes may seem practical to transport your homemade meals. However, in the long run some models can have a negative impact on your health. Indeed, unlike lunch boxes that are certified BPA-free, Tupperware can contain BPA; and, more importantly, the products that make up the plastic can pass into your meal when reheated or simply if the food is too hot when placed in the lunch box. The other definite advantage of a lunch box is the presence of compartments inside the lunch box. Moreover, more robust, you can eat inside the box on your desk without fearing that the plastic will break.


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Lunch box FIT Strong & Healthy 9
Lunch box FIT Strong & Healthy
Sistema 21690 10
Sistema 21690
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ERAY E24-Gray
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