The best kitchen bins in the UK 2023

A French person produces up to 1.5 kg/day of household waste. To manage this waste efficiently, the kitchen garbage can is an excellent solution. Touchless or pedal, selective sorting or not, it's not easy to choose. Our guide will help you find the right model to make your life easier.

Songmics LTB91NB 1

Best value for money

Songmics LTB91NB

The best kitchen trash can in 2021

This large capacity automatic trash can is ideal for families of 4 or more. The automatic function makes it easy to use and hygienic.

51,99 £ on Rueducommerce

The Songmics LTB91NB is made of 430 brushed stainless steel with an environmentally friendly ABS plastic lid that effectively contains bad odors. The exterior coating is designed for easy cleaning: a wet sponge and you're done. A black plastic base protects the floor from scratches. It is a semi-circular model with a capacity of 50 L. Its automatic function makes it easy to use in everyday life: just apply a little pressure with your foot and the lid will open by itself. The automatic closure will start after 5 seconds.

Another handy feature is that the lid can remain in the upright position while you throw away your waste, or while you remove the garbage bag. But you have to keep the contact with the sensor for 5 seconds, until the green light stops flashing. The automatic function of this garbage can is powered by 3 D batteries (not included).

Curver Poubelle Slim 2

Best value for money

Curver Poubelle Slim

The best entry-level kitchen trash can

Curver's slim design brings elegance and functionality to your kitchen. Using the foot pedal is both hygienic and convenient, as it frees your hands.

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The slim design of this Curver pedal garbage can looks great and will fit perfectly in any kitchen. This wastebasket is ultra-functional: its slim and compact size will allow you to fit it in discrete places (ideal for small kitchens); the closing system is silent. It is very resistant to shocks: the body is made of a solid plastic 90% recyclable.

The slim bin has a capacity of 25 L, it is equipped with a reinforced pedal as well as a garbage bag holder ring. The dimensions of this very decorative garbage can are 39.3 x 25 x 45.4 cm (W x D x H).

Simplehuman Poubelle de recyclage papillon 3

Best premium value for money

Simplehuman Poubelle de recyclage papillon

The best high-end kitchen trash can

Adopt easy recycling with this garbage can: with its double compartment, it simplifies the sorting and separation of your waste and recyclable materials.

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Simplehuman's pedal garbage can for waste separation has two neatly separated compartments: one side for waste (30 L), one side for easy disposal of recyclables (16 L). This makes the eco-friendly very space-saving. It is equipped with a butterfly lid that offers incredible space saving: you can easily fit your trash can under a low work surface. The Lid Show technology allows the lid to close slowly and quietly.

This garbage can has a fingerprint and stain resistant brushed stainless steel exterior, and the inner bins are made of strong, durable plastic. The steel pedal is designed to last over 150,000 steps (that's about 20 steps a day for 20 years).

Wesco Poubelle Pushboy Junior 4

Excellent alternative

Wesco Poubelle Pushboy Junior

The most retro

This push garbage can is as elegant as it is sturdy: high-quality powder-coated sheet steel construction, removable metal insert and large stainless steel flap.

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Wesco's Pushboy Junior trash can has a classic, functional design: simply dispose of your trash through a large stainless steel flap designed to seal out bad odors. It has a capacity of 22 L, enough for a single person or a couple. A plastic ring protects the floor from scratches. The guide ring inside prevents waste from sliding between the body and the removable insert.

The Pushboy is easy to clean: a damp cloth and household detergent are all that is needed for the exterior. The manufacturer strongly advises against the use of scouring agents or sponges which can scratch the powder coated steel. The removable insert and the inside of the garbage can should also be cleaned regularly for hygienic reasons.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best kitchen garbage can

Any specific needs?

The best kitchen trash can in 2021

The best entry-level kitchen trash can

The best high-end kitchen trash can

The most retro

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Comparison table of the best kitchen bins

Songmics LTB91NB 5
Curver Poubelle Slim 6
Simplehuman Poubelle de recyclage papillon 7
Wesco Poubelle Pushboy Junior 8
Songmics LTB91NB
Curver Poubelle Slim
Simplehuman Poubelle de recyclage papillon
Wesco Poubelle Pushboy Junior
This large capacity automatic trash can is ideal for families of 4 or more. The automatic function makes it easy to use and hygienic.
Curver's slim design brings elegance and functionality to your kitchen. Using the foot pedal is both hygienic and convenient, as it frees your hands.
Adopt easy recycling with this garbage can: with its double compartment, it simplifies the sorting and separation of your waste and recyclable materials.
This push garbage can is as elegant as it is sturdy: high-quality powder-coated sheet steel construction, removable metal insert and large stainless steel flap.
Easy to open
50 L
25 L
45 L
22 L

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Buying guide - kitchen garbage can

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How to choose your kitchen garbage can

The garbage can is meant to hold garbage, but that is not enough. It must be the optimal solution for many related issues, such as the number of people, how often you cook, the size of your kitchen or whether you have pets.

#1 - The size

Think about the space available for your kitchen trash can, the amount of waste you produce on a daily basis, the size of your household, and your garbage disposal habits. A kitchen garbage can that is too large can take up your kitchen unnecessarily. A trash can that is too small may require you to empty it too often.

#2 - Type of cover

The lid of your kitchen trash can will play an important role in containing your trash and its odors. It will also be very helpful in keeping your pets and possibly your children from making a mess. The different types of lids and the opening mechanism that operates them each have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose your trash can with that in mind.

#3 - The shape

  • Rectangular : Rectangular-shaped garbage cans have a wider opening, which makes it much easier for you to do your job (especially when scraping leftovers off a plate, for example). It's easy to find a place for this shape, but it can seem especially large in small kitchens.
  • Round: Round garbage cans have smaller openings and are probably not the best option if you have a large family. They are much less bulky than rectangular options, so you might prefer them if you live in a small space.

#4 - The material

Stainless steel trash cans are the easiest to clean and do not absorb bad odors. Plastic is less expensive, but stains more easily than metal. Plastic trash cans can also retain bad odors. And if you plan to place your kitchen trash can in a visible location, a sleek and attractive design is essential.

#5 - Maintenance

You're not immune to leaks, so to make cleanup as unpleasant as possible, favor kitchen trash cans with removable bins for easy access. And of course, trash cans with darker interiors are best for hiding stains.

What about trash compactors?

Taking out the trash can be a real chore: it's time-consuming and can be quite messy. A good trash compactor is a quick and efficient way to drastically reduce the number of trash bags you have to take out.

Trash compactors look a lot like household trash cans, but they're a little larger and have a motor that crushes existing trash sporadically. The result is that you won't have to take the trash out as often: trash compactors can reduce up to six bags of trash into one, which means fewer trips.

They also have two main drawbacks: they have a higher initial cost. Compactors are considered appliances and are much more expensive than traditional kitchen garbage cans. Also, you are not immune to bad smells: waste stays in a compactor a little longer and the metal arm that crushes the waste can get dirty.

Finally, they can be very cumbersome, as they are much larger than conventional trash cans. For domestic use, it is much more interesting to opt for the combined models which are a good compromise, both in terms of capacity and functionality.

The different types of kitchen bins

There are several types of kitchen garbage cans, they can be categorized according to their opening system:

The pedal kitchen bin

This is one of the most functional kitchen garbage cans on the market. All you have to do is press a foot pedal and the lid lifts off. This pedal system is very convenient, especially when you have your hands full, or when you don't want to touch the lid. And if you choose a model that is tall enough, you can prepare your meals or clean up without having to bend over every 5 minutes to throw away your garbage and risk damaging your back. This type of garbage can is also very hygienic, because you won't have to use your hands. The only disadvantage of the pedal kitchen garbage can is that the mechanism can break if you strain it too much, or if the garbage can is too full.

The push kitchen bin

This is

also known as a manual lid kitchen garbage can. This is because you have to use your hands (or elbows) to open the lid. This is one of the most common models on the market, and one of the strongest as well: whether it's made of plastic or steel, the push trash can lid mechanism won't break easily.

The problem with this type of garbage can is that the top of the lid can get dirty very quickly. And you'll have a hard time pushing the lid off if the trash can starts to fill up.

The automatic kitchen bin


automatic trash can has the great advantage of being perfectly hygienic: since it is equipped with a motion sensor, it can automatically lift the lid without you having to touch it. All you have to do is wave your hand in front of or over the sensor, which will automatically open the garbage can.

The main drawback with the automatic trash can is that it needs a power source. Most models are battery operated, so you don't have to worry about placing the garbage can near an outlet. But be sure to check that the batteries are in an easily accessible location.

Classic kitchen garbage can or kitchen garbage can for selective sorting?

Classic kitchen bin

We're talking about single compartment kitchen bins, the kind that are usually found in every kitchen. They are affordable, even the automatic models are relatively cheap. They are usually compact, so they don't take up too much space.

The disadvantage is that it may not always be possible to sort your waste effectively. What to do with waste such as batteries, electrical wires and certain containers then? You can always take two (or more) kitchen bins, but this may take up too much space.

Kitchen bin for selective sorting

We are talking about the combined models, those that are equipped with at least two compartments, with colour coding. This type of kitchen bin will make it easier to sort your waste. The combined models will allow you to save a lot of space.

Their main drawback is that they are still quite bulky and may not be suitable for smaller kitchens. They also tend to cost a little more than conventional kitchen bins.


If you're the kind of person who strictly adheres to waste separation, opt for a combination bin. It will save you time and space. If not, or if your kitchen does not allow you to take a combination model, look at the classic bins. Some brands offer sets with different sized bins, which could be an interesting alternative.


Clean your garbage can periodically.

Emptying it regularly won't be enough because it gets dirty quickly, even if you have a touchless (automatic) model. This can be caused by leaking food containers, stubborn grease, garbage bags and bad odours. To get rid of them, clean your garbage can at least once or twice a month.

Always keep the motion detector clean and dry.


you have an automatic trash can, remember that the can may not open properly if moisture or debris blocks the sensor. It also won't work well if it's exposed to direct sunlight.

Choose carefully where you will put your garbage can.


would be ideal to have a place where the lid is not likely to be blocked and can be opened and closed easily


Do not wait until the bag is too full.


an overloaded garbage bag can easily tear when you remove it. You may also have trouble removing a bag that is too full.


What is the best kitchen bin?

The best kitchen bin depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is the normal size of a kitchen bin?

For medium-sized households of about four to five people, the ideal capacity of a standard size bin is about 50L. They will easily hold large items and you won't need to empty it every day. Of course, the size of the bin should also be proportional to the size of the kitchen, otherwise it will take up too much space.

Which material is better for a kitchen bin: plastic or stainless steel?

Plastic kitchen bins are relatively light, less expensive, but less durable. It is also unstable and easy to break if you bump it or drop it.Stainless steel kitchen bins are generally more expensive, heavier, but more durable and beautiful. You should also note that kitchen bins of this type are susceptible to fingerprints and dents.Knowing this difference will help you easily select the right type of waste.

I have to empty my garbage can all the time. How can I reduce the amount of waste I produce on a daily basis?

It's tempting to throw everything in your garbage can. Remember to be a little more careful when throwing things away. Ask yourself if the waste you throw away can be recycled. One of the biggest sources of waste is food waste. If you want to work towards producing less waste, consider composting.

Why can't I get rid of the persistent bad smell?

If you have to light scented candles to mask the smell, it probably means you need to take out your garbage more regularly. Or maybe it's time to wash and clean the bin. In any case, avoid throwing liquids in the trash. Bacteria like moisture, and bacteria (and germs) mean bad smells.


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