The best cooks in the UK 2023

If you are planning to remodel or renovate your kitchen, you will need the expertise of a kitchen designer. This professional will help you choose, design and install your new kitchen. But how do you choose the right provider and at what price? In this guide, discover the best kitchen designers in the UK as well as our advice for choosing a kitchen worthy of the name.

Goal 1

The editor's choice


The best kitchen designer in 2021

But offers you kitchens where it is good to cook and spend time. From huge kitchens with central islands to functional studio kitchens, But offers a variety of customizable combinations.

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Whatever the size of the room where your kitchen will be installed, you will find at But the kitchen kit that matches it. In its catalog, the company offers about twenty models, a dozen colors and half a dozen finishes. But is the best compromise if you are looking for a modern kitchen that combines aesthetics, ergonomics and practicality, all at an affordable price.

For those who like custom-made solutions, But invites you to use the But 3D Planner design tool. Advisors are also at your service for personalized assistance. Upon receipt of your order, the But team will take 4 to 6 weeks to design, deliver and install your new kitchen in your home. You wish to spread your payment? Know that But collaborates with a renowned financial group.

Conforama 2

Best low cost


The best kitchen designer 100% made in the UK

At Conforama, fitted kitchens meet every desire and every budget. Designed by experts and customizable according to the space available, Conforama kitchens adapt to all decorative styles.

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Even on a limited budget, you'll find an above-average kitchen kit at Conforama. The thirty or so variations offered in its gallery adapt to all types of homes as well as to the layout of your room. If you prefer custom-made solutions, Conforama invites you to use its virtual design tool to visualize your future kitchen.

As all of the company's furniture comes from German and Italian factories, quality is guaranteed. If necessary, the company can take care of delivery and installation at your home. Whether you order a kitchen kit or a custom-made kitchen, delivery takes between 4 and 6 weeks. Concerning the guarantee, it is 5 years for the furniture and 2 years for all the appliances.

Lapeyre 3

The best high end


The best high-end kitchen designer

Entirely made in the UK and always up to date with the latest trends, Lapeyre's kitchens impress with their quality and sturdiness. Sober, modern or fanciful, they come in many variations and styles.

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Lapeyre's virtual catalog offers 35 kitchen models available in different colors and finishes. No matter what is stopping you from choosing, don't hesitate to consult the technical data sheets to ask the right questions or contact the kitchen manufacturer's customer consultants directly. They will be of precious help, especially in the use of the virtual kitchen design tool.

Upon signing the contract, Lapeyre issues a warranty booklet for all the elements and parts of the kitchen it manufactures. To make your life even easier, Lapeyre takes care of the installation of the furniture. Do you care about the environment? Lapeyre's activities are governed by the FSC and FEEC sustainable development labels and are ISO9001 certified.

Ixina 4

A kitchen designer who listens to your expectations


A kitchen designer who listens to your expectations

For Ixina, there is no such thing as a small or overly complicated project. This kitchen specialist believes that all kitchen design and renovation projects deserve to be carried out. An ultra-efficient dream merchant, no matter what your means or desires.

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In its 20 years of existence, Ixina has counted countless successful projects throughout France. The recipe for its success? To offer a personalized accompaniment and quality services to all its clients. The talent of its interior designers and its army of craftsmen makes all the difference.

Whatever the size, style, finish and equipment you want for the kitchen of your dreams, Ixina will bring it to life as soon as possible. Lacking inspiration? Check out the virtual catalog of the kitchen designer where you will find his best creations. As a responsible company, Ixina has made sustainable development its priority. As a partner of an NGO, Ixina is committed to replanting trees for each kitchen delivered.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best kitchen designer

Any specific needs?

The best kitchen designer in 2021

The best kitchen designer 100% made in the UK

The best high-end kitchen designer

A kitchen designer who listens to your expectations

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Comparison table of the best cooks

Goal 5
Conforama 6
Lapeyre 7
Ixina 8
But offers you kitchens where it is good to cook and spend time. From huge kitchens with central islands to functional studio kitchens, But offers a variety of customizable combinations.
At Conforama, fitted kitchens meet every desire and every budget. Designed by experts and customizable according to the space available, Conforama kitchens adapt to all decorative styles.
Entirely made in the UK and always up to date with the latest trends, Lapeyre's kitchens impress with their quality and sturdiness. Sober, modern or fanciful, they come in many variations and styles.
For Ixina, there is no such thing as a small or overly complicated project. This kitchen specialist believes that all kitchen design and renovation projects deserve to be carried out. An ultra-efficient dream merchant, no matter what your means or desires.
2 years for kitchen elements
5 years for furniture and 2 years for appliances
2 years for the kitchen elements
10 years
Customer service
Kitchen benefits
Payment in instalments is possible
Abordable and customizable according to your needs
Meet the requirements of the FSC, FEEC and ISO 9001 labels
Robust, functional and aesthetic
Home installation
Optional products
Decorative furniture
Home appliances
Furniture and joinery
Handles, credenzas, lighting

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How to choose your kitchen designer

The choice of a fitted kitchen should not be made lightly. To make this place practical, pleasant and convivial, here are the criteria to take into account.

#1 - Usage

A kitchen for a couple will not have the same use as a kitchen for a large family. Likewise, a kitchen with a dining area will not have the same use as one that opens onto the dining room. If you can't decide, don't hesitate to ask for advice from a specialized sign or a kitchen craftsman.

#2 - Finish and style

Among the most requested finishes, we find melamine, lacquer and imitation wood. If you want to focus on resistance, opt for a melamine kitchen. A lacquered front radically modernizes the room. But it seems that this finish is not very resistant (it scratches easily). Imitation wood and wood are good compromises, especially since it is possible to combine them with other materials.

#3 - Configuration

Renovation leaves no other choice but to adapt to the room and the existing space. You can improve the room, change the furniture and its layout or knock down a partition to make it an open kitchen with a central island. But all this depends on the space available.

For a new construction, on the other hand, you can choose between several layouts, of which the most popular ones with clients are :

- The L-shaped kitchen: The furniture is aligned along one wall and offers a return of at least 1m20.

- The I-shaped kitchen: The kitchen elements are aligned in a linear fashion along one wall. This configuration is recommended for narrow rooms.

- The U-shaped kitchen: The kitchen elements occupy 3 adjacent walls of a room.

- G-shaped kitchen: Similar to a U-shaped kitchen, but with an additional return.

- The double I or parallel kitchen: The kitchen units are installed on parallel walls of a kitchen. This configuration is ideal for long rooms.

- The kitchen with a central island: Very trendy, this configuration provides a nice circulation area in the kitchen.

#4 - Furniture

After choosing the layout of the kitchen, it is now time to arrange it. The layout of this room depends on your needs, or rather your desires. The furniture must be matched with the finish of the kitchen and sized according to the available space. Ergonomic furniture will optimize the space. Also make sure to choose furniture that is sturdy and easy to maintain.

#5 - Functional storage

A fitted kitchen is very practical on a daily basis. With functional storage, you won't have to struggle to find the utensils you need to prepare your meals. Between the internal drawer, the cutlery tray, the sliding basket, the corner storage, the spice tray and the storage column, you will be spoilt for choice. If in doubt, the kitchen designer is there to guide and advise you.

What is a well-designed kitchen?

A functional kitchen must be laid out according to a precise plan. In order to optimize your movements, this room must have 3 distinct zones that kitchen designers like to call the activity triangle:

A cold zone

The cold zone of a kitchen is the part which is devoted to the conservation of the perishable and nonperishable foodstuffs. It must include a refrigerator and storage units for provisions.

A hot zone

The hot zone consists of a cooking area and a preparation area, which should preferably be adjacent to each other. This is where you should install the worktop, credenza, cooking plates, extractor hood, condiment shelf, saucepan, spice rack, utensil holder and extra shelves.

A washing area

The washing area is the part of the kitchen where the sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal and possibly the garbage disposal are located. It should also include storage for dishes and cleaning products.

To optimize your movements, these 3 areas should be close together. However, their arrangement will depend on the configuration of your kitchen.

Concretely, what is the use of a kitchen designer?

The kitchen designer will be the master builder of your kitchen. In other words, it will be responsible for carrying out the layout of the kitchen through :

- The design of the layout plans of the equipment and furniture

- The design of custom-made furniture or their selection from a catalog

- The choice of colors and decorative accessories

- The choice of lighting fixtures

- The advice for the household appliances

The kitchen designer's mission is also to follow the work, one step at a time, and this includes

- The creation, the delivery at home and the installation of the furniture

- The delivery and connection of the equipment to the electricity or water supply

If you want to have a kitchen that you will love to spend time in, get the assistance of a kitchen designer. The latter will guide you through all the steps, from design to installation. This is a turnkey service offered to you by this professional. By explaining your decorative tastes and your lifestyle, the kitchen designer will deliver the kitchen of your dreams.

The different types of cooks

On the market, you will find 3 types of fitted kitchens. With the help of the kitchen designer, determine which one best suits your interior and your expectations.

The equipped kitchen in kit

The kitchen kit will interest small budgets and people who have very little time to devote to a project of installation or renovation of kitchen. Indeed, the components of the kit are manufactured in standard dimensions and delivered flat in the shortest possible time by the kitchen designer.

For the assembly, you can do it yourself or ask for the help of a professional. Most of the specialized shops and kitchen craftsmen offer kitchens in kit at affordable prices. Nevertheless, the price may increase depending on your choice of equipment and appliances.

The equipped kitchen assembled in factory

For this category of fitted kitchen, all components are manufactured on demand, then delivered and installed at the customer's home. Kitchens that are assembled in a factory are, by far, more elaborate than kit kitchens.

All pre-settings are already done so that each component is perfectly adjusted to the room. Of course, the cost of a factory-built kitchen is higher. The price includes the price of the worktop, equipment and appliances.

The custom kitchen

Customized kitchen requires a substantial budget. Generally, it will cost you 20 to 30% more than a factory assembled kitchen. This price difference is explained by the quality of materials used and also because it will adapt to all the specifics of the room.

Moreover, you will be the only one to own it. Despite this cost, which can sometimes exceed 10,000 euros, the custom-made kitchen remains an investment that is worth it. By choosing it, you will only consider a renovation after a long time.

Open or closed kitchen?

Open kitchen

A kitchen open to the rest of the house has been the trend for at least 2 decades. Most often, it gives direct access to the living room. Many users adopt it because of its conviviality. If you like to receive guests, this open kitchen offers the best compromise in terms of layout. Moreover, this configuration allows to enlarge and bring natural light inside the living space.

Closed kitchen

Although losing popularity, the closed kitchen is still a safe bet, especially for people who have space to spare. The main advantage with this kitchen is that it guarantees privacy. It offers relative peace and quiet when preparing meals. The family can also have lunch and dinner in peace. Also, the occupants of the house are not likely to be disturbed by the noise of the appliances or the smell emanating from the kitchen.


If you can't decide whether to have an open or closed kitchen, it's best to ask a kitchen designer for advice. Only he knows exactly which type of layout is best suited to your home.

5 good reasons to use a kitchen designer

You will have a quality result

By entrusting the installation of your kitchen to a kitchen designer, you can be sure to get results that are well within the budget you have allocated for the project. To benefit from a quality service, it is wise to collaborate with a kitchen designer who has several years and countless achievements to his credit.

You will save time

Kitchen designer is a profession that combines different specialties. This professional acts as a consultant, designer, manufacturer, deliverer and installer. Since he is your sole contact for the entire project, you won't need to find others, which will save you a lot of time.

You will benefit from a personalized accompaniment

The kitchen designer is not satisfied with simply carrying out your work. His objective is to design a kitchen to your image. Being a professional like any other, the kitchen designer is subjected to a system of responsibility for the services which it proposes. In doing so, he has the duty to submit to the requirements of the contract clauses that you will have mutually established.

You are entitled to a guarantee

In its qualities of professional, the kitchen specialist has the obligation to provide you a guarantee on its achievements. Generally, the kitchens assembled in factory and to measure are accompanied by a guarantee of solidity ranging between 2 and 10 years according to materials chosen for the design. Don't worry, the best kitchen designers offer a ten-year warranty on all their creations.

We will make you a personalized estimate

The kitchen designers are used to offer a personalized estimate without obligation for their custom kitchens. This estimate is useful in that it allows you to refine your comparison of providers. However, keep in mind that affordable prices do not necessarily mean quality services. Sometimes, it is wiser to bet on the reputation of the cook.

The best brands of cooks

In our opinion, the best brands of cooks in 2022 are :


Since its creation 20 years ago, Ixina has made it its mission to fully satisfy its customers. To achieve this goal, the kitchen retailer offers its customers personalized support for all types of projects.

In operation since 1967, Conforama is a French retailer specializing in decorative objects, furniture and kitchens in kit form or made to measure. Today, the brand stands out for its modern kitchens available in different colors and finishes.

Although it is best known for its furniture and home furnishings, this subsidiary of the Austrian group XXX Lutz also offers kitchens in kit form or made to measure. Its team can come to your home within 4 to 6 months to install it.

Although Darty is well known to the French public for its cultural products and household appliances, the brand also offers equipped kitchens. Available in different colors and styles, Darty kitchens will impress you with their quality.

Formerly known as Menuiserie Lapeyre, this company specializes in furniture and accessories for the home, including kitchens and bathrooms. Do you want to acquire a kitchen that enhances the rest of your home? You'll find everything you need at Lapeyre.

What is the price for a kitchen designer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

600 £ to 1750 £
1750 £ to 3000 £
more than 3000 £
Price range diagram


Refine your comparison of providers

Since the installation of a new kitchen is an important life project, take the time to choose the kitchen designer with whom you will work. To do this, contact several brands and ask them for references in addition to the catalog. Their achievements will help you to form an objective opinion on their know-how.

Request the plans of your kitchen

Before authorizing the creation of the custom kitchen, demand that the kitchen designer provides you with a detailed plan of your future kitchen. This will give you an idea of the outcome. Also, you can issue a request in case the delivered kitchen does not conform to your request.

Request an estimate for your kitchen

The estimate will allow you to know exactly how much money your project will cost. An estimate details all the expenses that will be incurred from the study phase to the delivery of the kitchen. A serious cook will take care to work out you quickly and free this estimate.

Collaborate with a kitchen designer registered in the trade register

It is advised to collaborate with a company or a craftsman cook who have a legal existence. That will avoid you to find you without any recourse in the event of malfaçon or litigation.

Request a spread of your payment

Ask if it is possible to spread out your payment in particular if the installation of your kitchen requires large work of transformation (repair of plumbing, electricity, masonry). This would allow you to put pressure on the kitchen designer if the work was delayed.


What are the missions of a kitchen designer?

The kitchen designer, whether he is a specialized brand or a craftsman, has the task of drawing up the plans for your kitchen and managing all aspects of the fitting out or renovation project. He offers you personalized advice adapted to all the subtleties of your project. The kitchen designer is also responsible for installing the kitchen and maintaining it in case of malfunction during the warranty period.

Why should I call a kitchen designer?

By entrusting your remodeling or renovation project to a kitchen designer, you are guaranteed results that exceed your expectations. Don't forget that redoing a kitchen is an important life project that costs a lot of money, which is why it's a good idea to have a professional assist you. Since he or she is used to doing this kind of project, you won't have to wait long to enjoy your new kitchen.

What configuration for my kitchen?

It depends on the space you have. If the room is spacious enough, you can opt for an open kitchen in U, in G, in with or without a central island. These are the big trends of the moment. On the other hand, if the room is cramped, prefer a simple I, L or double I configuration. Not sure how to design your future kitchen? Solicit the expertise of a cuisiniste.

How do I know that a kitchen designer is reliable?

The presence of a cuisiniste in the trade register proves that it is a provider of confidence. Specialized sign or craftsman, the cuisiniste is held to offer a personalized accompaniment, a precise and detailed estimate as well as guarantees to his commanders. If he is not able to offer you so little, it is that he lacks seriousness.


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