The best internet pro offers in the UK 2023

Whether by fiber, ADSL, box or other, the use of internet is essential for companies. In order not to fall behind in their daily work, companies need a fast pro internet offer with guaranteed speeds. Among all the offers available, it is difficult to choose the right one. We have reviewed the best pro internet offers on the market for this year.

SFR 2h 100MO 4G+

Best value for money

SFR Fibre Pro

The best pro internet offer in 2021

With SFR's Box Pro offer, you'll benefit from the best performing internet connection and professional lines for your company. Take advantage of the SFR cybersecurity pro and a priority handling.

38 €/month

SFR offers to all types of companies with a SIRET, a Box Pro SFR. The network access is 500Mb/s downstream and upstream. Indeed, the connection of this solution is of better quality, thanks to the fiber. It allows unlimited calls to fixed lines in the UK, and to 100 other destinations, but also unlimited calls to mobiles.

With this Pack Pro from SFR, you can access a fixed IP address even from a distance. Additional lines are presented for professional needs. Moreover, the customer services for professionals are always listening (7 days a week) to the requests of companies. SFR offers interventions in case of connection failure with a personalized follow-up according to your request. In other words, SFR accompanies you throughout your use of the Pack pro in your company.

Bbox Pro Fiber 1

Best value for money

Bbox Pro Fiber

The best entry-level pro internet offer

This professional offer gives all the auxiliaries of the work a good and adapted connection. The quality of its connection is fast, reliable, but also efficient for a company.


This offer proposed by Bouygues Telecom, the Bbox pro, is ideal for companies. With the optical fiber, the connection is very stable, but also very efficient for downloading files (compressed files or large documents). The speed is 1 Gb in sending and downloading. This allows a better productivity of all employees since all Wi-Fi compatible devices can be connected.

Indeed, when purchasing a Pro pack, many services are included, such as: unlimited calls for fixed or mobile devices throughout France up to 110 countries, guaranteed interventions in 8 hours (in case of problem), installation offered by the operator, customer services especially for the Pro (after purchase).

Freebox Pro 2

Best premium price

Freebox Pro

The best high-end pro internet offer

The new Freebox Pro is faster, with 7 Gbit/s reception, and is based on 10G EPON technology. Created especially for businesses, it offers an optimal Wi-Fi network without bandwidth degradation.


Free's Freebox Pro provides companies, whatever it is, a very powerful internet access. With a very high speed in reception of 7 Gb/s and 1 Gb for the emission. Thanks to this, you can transmit your company's data (folders, files) to other devices at full speed, which helps build customer loyalty. The connection it offers is ultra fast and secure for better network sharing and productivity.

This offer includes 2 lines for unlimited calls to mobiles throughout France, Canada, China, USA and to fixed lines. Additional lines are offered for the management of messaging, calls and faxes. Moreover, an assistance is dedicated to those who buy the Pack Pro as well as a guarantee of intervention on site in case of problem.

Livebox Pro ADSL 3

Promotional price

Livebox Pro ADSL

The best pro internet offer promotion

It is an offer dedicated to professionals for a better experience. Orange offers a more stable connection and especially high speeds. It adapts to any type of environment.

42 € HT/month

Orange offers a powerful solution suitable for all types of businesses. The Livebox Pro V4 offer for ADSL meets all the professional demands for both calls and internet. The downstream speed it provides goes up to 50Mb/s, which means that the connection is adequate for a company using several devices.

This professional internet offer allows you to have unlimited calls on fixed and mobile to metropolitan France and more than 100 other destinations (Europe, Asia, Africa...). With Livebox Pro V4, a beneficial support is offered, such as: a way out for network outages, email messaging that suits your work environment, and of course the experts of Orange help you with the services included in the offer.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best internet pro offer

Any specific needs?

The best pro internet offer in 2021

The best entry-level pro internet offer

The best high-end pro internet offer

The best pro internet offer promotion

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Comparison table of the best internet pro offers

SFR 2h 100MO 4G+
Bbox Pro Fiber 4
Freebox Pro 5
Livebox Pro ADSL 6
SFR Fibre Pro
Bbox Pro Fiber
Freebox Pro
Livebox Pro ADSL
With SFR's Box Pro offer, you'll benefit from the best performing internet connection and professional lines for your company. Take advantage of the SFR cybersecurity pro and a priority handling.
This professional offer gives all the auxiliaries of the work a good and adapted connection. The quality of its connection is fast, reliable, but also efficient for a company.
The new Freebox Pro is faster, with 7 Gbit/s reception, and is based on 10G EPON technology. Created especially for businesses, it offers an optimal Wi-Fi network without bandwidth degradation.
It is an offer dedicated to professionals for a better experience. Orange offers a more stable connection and especially high speeds. It adapts to any type of environment.
500 Mb/s
7 Gbit/s
Downstream speed up to 50 Mb/s in VDSL
Connection type
Additional offer
Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles
Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles
Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles
Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles
Customer services
Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm on 1023 and 24/7 on the SFR&Moi app
Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm on phone
7 days a week from 8am to 8pm, excluding holidays
8hrs service guaranteed pro in case of failure, a guaranteed intervention in 8hrs

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Buying guide - internet pro offer

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How to choose your internet pro offer

Your choice of internet pro offer will depend mainly on your expectations in terms of performance and speed but also according to your location and your budget.

#1 - A pro offer with a contractually guaranteed flow

Generally composed of additional technical guarantees and legal protections in case of default of the operator, a pro offer with a guaranteed flow by contract is recommended if the access to Internet is critical for the good functioning of your company.

#2 - Symmetrical flow rate

The symmetrical flow (upstream flow = downstream flow) is more suitable for professionals, because it presents a better quality of the exchanges via videoconferences or via VoIP.

#3 - Quality internet access + fleet of mobile phones

In the case of a company needing a good internet access and which uses a fleet of cell phones, it is advised to opt for a single fixed and mobile operator via a convergent pro package.

#4 - Security


buying, it is wise to choose an offer with a better security such as the pro internet offers with FTTO technology


#5 - Use of advisors

It is always better to call on professionals, especially advisors of the operator in question to not only be guided but also to compare offers.

Good to know about the different internet pro offers

VOIP is an advantageous technology on mobility and cost. It includes all the ways to transfer voice over the internet. Major telecom players like Skype and Whatsapp exploit it.

For a larger internet package for small professionals, Orange Pro is the most recommended. The six products offered present the most internet packages for small and medium businesses.

The Box SFR Pro is very popular with SMEs and VSEs because it fits the size of the company. There is ADSL access and access via fiber which allows to have a pro internet access and unlimited calls to fixed and cell phones in the UK and other destinations.

The Bouygues Telecom Entreprises package is a 4G router offer ranging from 200 GB to unlimited access via a "backup" option. It is therefore suitable for companies with more important needs.

SFR Pro package

It is impossible to subscribe to a package that only offers mobile internet at SFR Pro.

The different types of internet pro offers

Operators diversify as much as possible the internet offers for professionals. In this way, large companies as well as SMEs can find the option that suits their needs.

Internet pro fiber offer

Fiber is the best solution for professionals. The connection speed offered ranges from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. The security of data sharing is optimized and leaves almost no room for loopholes. In the event of an outage, the fiber takes less time to recover. There are two types of fiber: shared fiber and dedicated fiber. In both cases, the speed is much better than the fiber offers for individuals. Moreover, companies tend to opt for dedicated fiber. However, operators can still apply a shared speed for this offer.

Internet pro offer in ADSL/VDSL

ADSL is for small businesses. The speeds are lower compared to fiber. To give you an idea, the downstream speed is around 10 Mbit/s. For this technology, operators use copper cables to provide data transfer and establish a network. With ADSL or VDSL, we have access to an asymmetrical speed, that is to say that the bandwidth used for receptions is higher than the one used for transmissions.



Also known as "fibre to the home" or "true fibre", FTTH (Fiber To The Home) is a connection that a private individual shares with his neighbours even if the optical fibre is installed in his home. It allows to reach the best internet speeds thanks to the optical termination.


FTTO or "Fiber To The Office" is a fiber with a coaxial termination. It has the advantage of better reactivity in the event of a cut and symmetrical flow. It also offers guarantees in terms of flexibility, recovery time in the event of an incident, security and/or quality of service. Its main disadvantage is the price.


Although FTTH is an effective solution for fixed broadband access, FTTO is a more professional choice and is more suitable for businesses, as it is a fibre exclusive to the office. This type of subscription fiber with guaranteed speed is reserved for businesses. It is a more prudent choice.

Why buy a pro internet package?

For the good functioning of the work

Whatever the type of offer, opting for a pro internet offer is one of the factors in favor of the smooth running of a company's work, especially concerning telecommunication.

A faster and more reliable connection

Depending on the product, the upload and download speeds vary but they are sufficiently powerful and some are guaranteed.

A better assistance

A pro assistance for pro internet offers! By subscribing to these offers, companies benefit from a personalized and non-scripted assistance.

Exclusive services

Various exclusive services such as GTI (Guaranteed Intervention Time), GTR (Guaranteed Recovery Time), public fixed IP or equipment are either included or optional.

Recovery Time Guarantee

This is one of the exclusive services offered. It is a contractual period during which the accidentally interrupted service must be restored.

The best brands of internet pro offers

In our opinion, the best brands of internet pro offers in 2022 are :

Livebox Pro ADSL Orange

SFR is yet another French radiotelephone company created by the Compagnie Générale des Eaux in 1987. It is very popular in the UK and ranks right next to Orange for its internet offers. In terms of its network coverage, this company has a very good figure. According to the operator, it covers more than 99% of the country's population in 3G and 4G.

Since its creation in 1994, Bouygues has been the third largest French telecom operator. It ranks slightly behind Orange and is popular with consumers for its internet access offers. The best known offers are Bbox Fit with a price of €24.99/month and the Bbox Must package with a price of €32.99/month in ADSL and €34.99/month in Fibre.

A subsidiary of the Iliad group, Free Mobile is the fourth largest mobile operator in mainland France. It specializes in telecommunications. Free offers the best quality of service in calls and SMS, and continues to improve in mobile Internet. Nevertheless it is a serious and reliable operator.

This French telecommunication company is known worldwide for its internet and other offers. Until today, it has won the best mobile offer with its 70 GB of data, in 4G / 4G+, for Metropolitan France, 70 GB of data to use in Europe, Switzerland, Andorra and in the DOM and much more.

RED is part of the Altice group alongside SFR. What differentiates it from SFR are the offers it proposes. Indeed, it markets mobile packages and Internet access offers by ADSL or fiber optic. The best known is the RED 4G package - 100GB for 5 days in only €15/month which comes with unlimited calls and SMS.

What is the price for an internet pro offer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 27 £
27 £ to 45 £
more than 45 £
Price range diagram


For more important needs

With its 4G Router ranging from 200GB of data to unlimited access via a "backup" option, the Bouygues Telecom Entreprises package is recommended for companies with more important needs.

For a small professional structure


professional structure consisting of a single freelancer or a handful of employees can be satisfied with a standard Internet box


Exceeding 100 Mbit/s


exceed this speed, you should opt for a coaxial cable or FTTO fiber connection


Criterion of choice


most important criteria to consider when making your purchase are: the speed you need, the essential phone services and the guaranteed recovery time (GTR) of your connection


Disadvantages and advantages of ADSL


: Speed in downloading files and browsing the Internet. Disadvantage: Limitation in sending large files and using IP telephony.


What is the best pro internet offer?

The best pro internet package depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What is the best box currently?

RED Box from RED by SFR, Bbox Must from Bouygues Telecom, Freebox Mini 4K and Bbox Ultym from Bouygues Telecom are in the lead.

Which internet provider is the most reliable?

With 10% of outages in ADSL, around 5% in optical fibre and above all barely 4% in cable, SFR has the best rate on all measurements.

What is the best 2020 Fibre Box?

Bouygues' Bbox Ultym is currently considered the most complete and balanced proposition in the subscription field.

How does an Internet box work?

It is at the same time a modem, a router and a wifi terminal (or access point). It is the entry point of your network infrastructure and therefore allows the reception of Internet, the operation of the television service but also the television.


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