The best internet offers without commitment in the UK 2023

To communicate, to work, to have fun, to study and even to shop... everything happens online nowadays. Indeed, more than 89% of the French population uses it at home or at the office. Do you want to subscribe to an Internet subscription without pressure at home, but don't know how to go about it? To find out more, check out our buying guide.

RED by SFR 1

Best value for money


The best no-commitment internet offer

The internet provider RED by SFR offers a very attractive no commitment internet offer. It is a fiber optic connection with a very high speed with an affordable price and defying the competition.

20 €/month at SFR

RED by SFR's offer is perfect for those who need an internet connection for entertainment, such as watching TV series and movies online through various streaming sites, but also for research.

Moreover, as far as the speed of the connection is concerned, up to 1 Gb/s is available for downloading (which considerably shortens the time it takes to download videos on YouTube, as an illustration) and 500 Mb/s for sending data over the net. Thanks to this fiber, you can connect with several devices or machines at the same time. RED by SFR provides other services in addition to the Internet connection such as telephony and a TV offer of up to 35 channels with 8 hours of recordings.

Sosh ADSL box 2

Best value for money

Sosh ADSL box

The best entry-level no-commitment internet offer

Sosh's service also does well in terms of subscription service without commitment to the Internet by presenting a very competitive offer. Its price is affordable, while having a satisfactory quality.

19.99/month with Orange

Sosh has many arguments to convince people to subscribe to their two main internet offers without commitment. It is important to note here that the download speed of the connection is considerably lower compared to the above mentioned product.

Indeed, it is 300 Mb/s for downloading and the same is true for uploading. This will allow you to surf the web with complete peace of mind. This box offers unlimited calls to fixed lines, but also to more than 100 destinations, both in the UK and elsewhere. However, Sosh does not have a TV service, but it is a complementary service for a fee.

Free forfait 2 €

Best value for money

Freebox Pop

The best high-end no-commitment internet offer

This Freebox Pop provides multi-play internet access, with modern TV experiences. Despite the price, the Wifi is fast and reliable, even with a large number of machines is connected to it.

29.99/month with Free
Orange 4G Home 3

The alternative

Orange 4G Home

A quality alternative

It is not necessary to have fiber to benefit from a high-speed connection. In any case, Orange offers us its 4G Home solution which is simple, efficient and practical.

36.99/month with Orange

The 4G Home allows you to benefit from an internet connection in your home even if you do not have access to fiber. The only condition is that you must be located in an area where the 4G connection is available. This offer includes a Flybox internet box, and a subscription with 200 GB of data. With this offer, you will have a very fast internet speed of 300 Mb/s.

This product is targeted at people who do not have internet in their area. It is also possible to have the Orange TV offer on your mobile or tablet with this Orange 4G solution. This offer has been deployed in 17 000 communes in the UK. It is without commitment, without any service activation or cancellation fees.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best internet offer without commitment

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The best no-commitment internet offer

The best entry-level no-commitment internet offer

The best high-end no-commitment internet offer

A quality alternative

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Comparison table of the best internet offers without commitment

RED by SFR 4
Sosh ADSL box 5
Free forfait 2 €
Orange 4G Home 6
Sosh ADSL box
Freebox Pop
Orange 4G Home
The internet provider RED by SFR offers a very attractive no commitment internet offer. It is a fiber optic connection with a very high speed with an affordable price and defying the competition.
Sosh's service also does well in terms of subscription service without commitment to the Internet by presenting a very competitive offer. Its price is affordable, while having a satisfactory quality.
This Freebox Pop provides multi-play internet access, with modern TV experiences. Despite the price, the Wifi is fast and reliable, even with a large number of machines is connected to it.
It is not necessary to have fiber to benefit from a high-speed connection. In any case, Orange offers us its 4G Home solution which is simple, efficient and practical.
Fiber optic
Fiber Optics
Fiber optics
Connection quality
Supplements to the offer
Tv and call
Tv and call
Tv and Calling
TV, call, flat rate
1 Gb/s download/500 Mb/s upload
300 Mbps download 300 Mbps upload
5 Gbps download 700 Mbps upload
300 Gb/s download
Customer service
Digital customer service (chat, email and social networks) Technician dispatch (€60) within 72 hours
Contact by phone, chat, twitter, email, mail and other resources from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Contact by phone 24/7. Technical service reachable 7 days a week from 7 am to midnight. Contact by internet via the website and social networks
Call Monday-Friday 8am-9pm; Saturday 9am-7pm; Sunday 9am-5pm. Online help available at any time

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Buying guide - internet offer without commitment

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How to choose your internet offer without commitment

On the telecom market, all operators are doing their best to give internet offers without commitment. It is almost complicated to make the right choice. To assist you, we will see the key criteria when choosing an internet service.

#1 - Cancellation of a contract

This is the first criterion to take into account. Of course, the joy of a contract without commitment is to be able to break your subscription at any time. However, there are rules to respect. If you have a current contract, you need to know the terms of cancellation and the amount to be refunded. Then, you should know that some operators offer to pay your cancellation fees if you decide to subscribe with them. Consequently, before changing operator, it will be judicious to get well informed.

#2 - Geographical area

The place where the consumer is located is also a criterion not to be neglected for the choice of an internet offer. Indeed, the type of internet coverage of the operators may not be valid in your region or city. This is why all telephone operators first propose an eligibility test with respect to the different technologies used to know the best offers available: optical fiber, ADSL or VDSL.

#3 - Bitrate

This is undoubtedly one of the main concerns of those who want to subscribe to an internet offer. Here, your budget will influence the speed, or throughput, of your internet connection. Indeed, the optical fiber with a theoretical speed between 200 Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s, faster, will be more expensive than an ADSL offer with a speed of 25Mbit/s for example. VDSL reaches, theoretically, 100 Mbit/s, but it is a network that is less regular than ADSL.

Then, the type of technology used will influence your habits. ADSL will have its limits with higher definition streaming but will be perfect for medium or limited budgets. While fiber optic is ideal for all types of activities.

#4 - Additional services

Effectively, apart from the internet connection, some providers suggest to include in the offer other services such as telephony and TV option. These play a non-negligible role in the choice of the consumers to choose such or such internet offer without subscription.

We should not forget that the majority of people who want to install an internet connection in their homes do so to subscribe to online services such as Netflix or Disney +. So it would be relevant to opt for the most advantageous offer in this area.

#5 - Customer service

The importance of choosing the provider with the best customer service is no longer to be demonstrated, because we are never safe from a technical problem throughout our subscription period. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid choosing operators that only offer online customer service. It is preferable to talk to the staff in person, who will be able to help you if you need it.

The advantages of internet offers without commitment

The first advantage of an Internet package without commitment is the absence of long-term commitment of users to their operators. In reality, the term without commitment is to be understood in the sense of a monthly commitment, that is to say that there is a minimum commitment, but only in the very short term. To better understand the difference, you should know that the internet packages with commitment are made over a period of one or more years.

In addition to this freedom of commitment, these internet offers have the advantage of being less expensive, because users have a certain latitude with regard to the package they buy. In other words, in an internet package without commitment it is possible to subscribe only to the internet package and not to opt for the packages such as TV channels and call packages that are usually attached to the offers with commitment.

The different types of internet offers without commitment

We could see that not all internet providers make an offer without commitment. Currently, consumers can choose between the mobile internet offer and the internet box for professionals. These are the two different categories of internet offers without commitment available on the market.

The mobile internet offer without commitment

The mobile internet offer allows its user to access the internet on his smartphone. This offer is very practical compared to the box as it ensures mobility to its user. The latter does not need to be at home to enjoy an internet connection.

Moreover, the fact that it is without commitment is even more interesting from a financial point of view, because the consumer can break his contract at any time without having to pay the other monthly payments.

The professional internet box without commitment

Nowadays, no professional activity can do without the Internet because of the network communication (mail, Skype, zoom...), the research to be done on the Internet and for many other purposes. The operators have designed special proposals for professionals without commitment.

The professional internet packages are usually packages including among other things a fast internet speed via optical fiber, ADSL or 5G network. There is also the possibility to make unlimited calls to various foreign countries and possibly access to various TV channels to follow the news or for relaxation in the canteen. The internet service providers offer a high level of security for the VNP, with guaranteed technical intervention.

Internet offer with or without commitment

The internet offer without commitment

These packages offer Internet users the possibility to have access to the Internet by purchasing a monthly offer and to cancel their subscription at any time. Available from 16 euros per month for internet access alone, it can be combined with optional components that increase the price.

Existing for a few decades, it should be noted that the offer without commitment is only available from certain operators such as Bbox, Freebox, Sosh, SFR.

Internet offer with commitment

This type of package is the classic offer from operators, with contractual commitments of one or two years. The commitment allows the customer to benefit from certain price reductions due to the loyalty of the customer and the trust he has in his operator. This internet offer with commitment is normally already accompanied by TV and telephony options.

The internet offer with commitment subjects the customer to a certain obligation of loyalty to his operator. If he considers that another operator is more advantageous, he will have to wait until the end of his commitment before being able to make this change at the risk of paying the remaining monthly payments in case of rupture, which thus constitutes a certain rigidity.


The main difference is the flexibility of the contract you will sign, so you will have to choose your offer according to your own expectations. If you are convinced that you have found the right operator and the right package, don't hesitate to opt for a 12 or 24 month contract and benefit from preferential rates. But if you like to have more latitude in the use of your package, the internet offer without commitment is better suited for you.

Why choose internet offers without commitment?

The no obligation concept

There are several offers available for internet connections, but the no commitment concept is by far the most interesting. Effectively, it means that you have no contract or clause that binds you to the company. Thus, you are not committed to an offer that will only benefit you for a short time.

Freedom of service

You'll have more independence because you're completely free to choose the offer you need and to change offers whenever you want. There is no charge to you and you don't have to pay the same bill because everything will be based on how you use your connection.

Save money

You save more money by opting for an internet offer without commitment. The offers are more interesting and have more advantages like flexibility. You can have a quality network offer for a small price. Whether you need a broadband connection for work or just to surf at home, the no commitment concept will allow you to make more profit on the financial side.

Simplicity and convenience

Moreover, the internet offers without commitment are always simple and practical. Indeed, there is no big installation to plan or long contract to scrutinize. All you have to do is choose the offer that suits you and talk to the consultant. You can ask for more help if you're having trouble finding the right fit. It's as easy as choosing two items in a supermarket and it's very convenient for those who don't have a lot of free time.

The quality of the connection

Even though this is a no-commitment offer, you can enjoy a high quality connection. The speed at which you surf starts from 4G. Whether you are in the country or in the city, the network will cover you up to 99%. Thus, there is no more problem of bug or a slowdown of the connection, everything is under control, you will have a sand and quality connection. Moreover, you can call the service at any time to complain in case of failure.

The best brands of internet offers without commitment

In our opinion, the best brands of internet offers without commitment in 2022 are :

Bouygues Telecom

The operator SFR, keeps on satisfying the need of our daily life since its creation in 1987. Indeed, any type of package and commitment is offered for everyone.

Since its launch in 2011, Sosh from Orange provides very satisfying offers with very affordable prices. It also advances unlimited calling plans that can be done anywhere.

Free was established on April 26, 1999. With this operator, whether it is in internet offer or in mobile package, the speed integrated in their offer is very fast.

Bouygues Telecom is one of the best networks in the UK since 1996. The quality of internet offers is good while remaining stable.

This label of Orange is part of the satellite internet providers since 1995. It provides positive ends for companies, but also for individuals.

What is the price for an internet offer without commitment

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 25 £
more than 25 £
Price range diagram


How to install an internet box? How to receive internet without a phone line? How to increase the speed of the wifi network at home? How to connect my smart TV to a network? What to do if the internet doesn't work?

It is never easy to connect technological devices, especially when it comes to internet boxes or video game consoles. However, as far as the internet box is concerned, you only need to connect it to a telephone socket after having plugged in the supplied filter. Secondly, connect your internet box with your smart TV to a TV decoder provided. This will be connected to your TV by an HDMI cable. In short, do not panic when you are faced with so many cables to connect. You just need to follow the instructions in the internet box's user manual to the letter.

In order to benefit from an internet without a phone line, you will need a Hotspot or a 4G key. On the other hand, you could not use an internet box without a phone line. To have access to the internet there, you can subscribe to a mobile plan, own a 4G key, go to places where wifi is accessible: cybercafés, or use wifi routers.

To do this, the location of your router is important, as not all corners of your home are necessarily ideal. It is then necessary that your device is placed in a place where the network is at its optimum. However, you should know that it is not recommended to place your router next to certain materials such as metal. This disrupts the wifi signals. Also keep your box away from household appliances such as washing machines. Furthermore, you should also get a better performing antenna than the one that came with your router when you bought it. For this purpose, you will need a rather huge antenna. If you have the money, you can also buy wifi amplifiers.

It is not that difficult to connect your smart TV with your internet box if you have one. To do this, you just need to take an RJ45 cable or the HDMI cables. After that, all you have to do is find the Ethernet ports on the back of your TV and your box to connect them. On the other hand, if you want to connect to a wifi network, you just have to go to the settings of your TV, then select the "network" section, select "wifi", enter the passwords of the wifi network. If you have trouble handling the settings of your TV, reading its user manual would be of great help.

Failures can always occur when it comes to internet connection. What is the procedure to follow then? Nothing very complicated; first turn off your internet box and your laptop or all devices connected to the box. After switching off everything, restart your box, and then all other devices connected to it afterwards.


What are the advantages of the internet box without commitment?

The advantages are numerous such as the possibility to cancel your package at any time. In addition, the rental fees of the box are in most cases included in the price. Subscribing to an internet box allows you to take only the internet without telephony or TV. Moreover, it is also a very economical offer.

What is the cheapest offer without commitment?

To have access to internet without commitment and at the best rate, it is advisable to choose the offer of Sosh without commitment, but also without cancellation. This low-cost offer allows unlimited calls to the whole area of France and even abroad. Even if, TV is not included, the speed of its connection admits a large benefit to watch movies online.

Can we subscribe to an internet offer without phone? Are there any disadvantages to choosing internet subscriptions without commitment?

In recent years, the majority of internet packages can work without a fixed line. Indeed, through ADSL, satellite access, you can to not subscribe to telephone offers. There are also operators who propose only internet packages, such as: Nordnet, SFR, but also Bouygues.

This type of subscription does not allow access to many services. Then, one of the major disadvantages of this type of internet subscription is that there is rarely a physical customer service. Also, the customer service will also be done online. Finally, even if the cancellation is facilitated, there is a cancellation fee.


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RED by SFR 7
Sosh ADSL box 8
Sosh ADSL box
Free forfait 2 €
Freebox Pop
Orange 4G Home 9
Orange 4G Home


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