The best gutters in the UK 2023

The gutter is an essential element on a roof, especially when the rainy seasons come. Coming in many shapes, colors and materials, it is important to take the time to choose the right model for your roof, whether it is practical or aesthetic. To help you make the right choice, here is a guide to the best gutters available today.

Sekisui Eslon RAL7024 zinc gutter kit 1

Best value for your money

Sekisui Eslon RAL7024 zinc gutter kit

The best gutter in 2021

A nice and solid zinc gutter is what you need to equip your roof. This model is signed Sekuisi Elson and has been widely acclaimed in the UK and other EU countries.

132 £ on Amazon

In order to control rainwater runoff, a roof must have an efficient gutter. That's why Sekisui Eslon has put on the market this 125 galvanized steel device. Made of a natural zinc alloy, titanium and anthracite, this gutter has proven itself to thousands of users, who appreciate its practicality as well as its aesthetic aspect. Indeed, with this kit, you can equip your roof yourself without having to ask for the intervention of a professional.

This gutter kit includes a gutter, a joint, hooks and gutter bottoms. You will also benefit from a downspout, elbows and fastening clamps, not to mention the rain strip. Finally, the pack includes screws and installation instructions in French. This gutter measures 3,40 m, which is enough for a veranda or a garden cottage. If necessary, you can have longer, because the manufacturer can provide you with models that can reach 13 m.

Inefa Grey Half Round Gutter NW 2

Best value for your money

Inefa Grey Half Round Gutter NW

The best entry-level gutter

Inefa is one of the references in gutters and eaves troughs. This brand honors its reputation with this plastic model.

14,16 £ on Amazon

Gutters made of synthetic materials are widespread, affordable, but no less efficient and durable. This half-round model measures 2 m and is a good deal if you want to equip a whole house. Made in Germany, this gutter has a quick tightening system that will greatly facilitate its installation. You can do it without calling a roofer or other professional.

Thanks to this device, you will have no trouble draining or collecting rainwater. It has no plasticizers, is fully resistant to acids and alkalis, and has proven itself in many weather conditions. If gray is not your style, you have three other colors to choose from: brown, dark brown or white.

INEFA NW100 garden gutters 3

Best value for your money

INEFA NW100 garden gutters

The best high-end gutter

With this gutter set from the German manufacturer INEFA, you have enough material to equip both sides of a roof.

266 £ on Amazon

This gutter kit proposed by INEFA is a reliable solution to evacuate rainwater from both sides of the house. In fact, there is no need to go to hardware stores to find missing parts to proceed with the installation, everything is included in this pack. If you need replacement parts, you can order them from the supplier. These two gutters are 6m each, but you can have longer models depending on the size of your roof.

You will also have the option of 3 other colors if you are only moderately happy with gray. You should know that this model is made of PVC-U plastic, a waterproof material known for its resistance. Indeed, the PVC-U resists perfectly to impacts and will be very solid, even during bad weather. Insensitive to temperature, it is also resistant to acids and bases. With this device, you can equip yourself with a rainwater harvesting system, without fearing that possible corrosions will pollute the recovered water.

PVC gutter kit for one side GD16 S'lon 4


PVC gutter kit for one side GD16 S'lon

A great alternative

Here is a complete gutter kit with which you have everything you need to equip a veranda, a cottage or the entire slope of a roof.

93,60 £ on Amazon

With a pack including the gutter, the junction, the hooks and the gutter bottoms, you have everything you need to equip the roof with a performing and aesthetic drainage system at the same time. You will have at your disposal a 3.5 m model to which we added a leaf guard. No need to worry about the downspout, as the kit also includes a downspout collar and a sleeve.

The manufacturer did not forget to include correction pieces and a rain strip. The screws and PVC glue are also included. Thanks to the installation instructions translated into French, you will not need to call on a professional to install the device, provided you have the tools available.

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The best gutter in 2021

The best entry-level gutter

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Comparison table of the best gutters

Sekisui Eslon RAL7024 zinc gutter kit 5
Inefa Grey Half Round Gutter NW 6
INEFA NW100 garden gutters 7
PVC gutter kit for one side GD16 S'lon 8
Sekisui Eslon RAL7024 zinc gutter kit
Inefa Grey Half Round Gutter NW
INEFA NW100 garden gutters
PVC gutter kit for one side GD16 S'lon
A nice and solid zinc gutter is what you need to equip your roof. This model is signed Sekuisi Elson and has been widely acclaimed in the UK and other EU countries.
Inefa is one of the references in gutters and eaves troughs. This brand honors its reputation with this plastic model.
With this gutter set from the German manufacturer INEFA, you have enough material to equip both sides of a roof.
Here is a complete gutter kit with which you have everything you need to equip a veranda, a cottage or the entire slope of a roof.
Galvanized Steel
Plastic PVC-U
3.40 m
2 m
2x6 m
3.5 m
Ease of installation

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How to choose your gutter

A gutter plays an essential role in the design of a building. Apart from its primary function of draining rainwater, it also helps to beautify the slopes of a roof. That's why you should take a few moments to think about the right model. To make the right choice, you must take into account the following parameters:

#1 - Material

The choice of the material of manufacture is essential in the selection of a gutter. in the UK, metal models are the most popular, even if synthetics still have an interesting coast. Metal gutters are more robust and more aesthetic, but also more expensive, while synthetics are much more affordable. You'll want to keep this in mind during your search.

#2 - Length

When choosing your gutter, you'll want to have the dimensions of your roof handy to avoid surprises. Too short, they won't do the job. Too long, you can always cut them off, but you'll end up with scraps that can end up in the landfill. All in all, before you go looking for the perfect gutter, take the time to measure.

#3 - Ease of installation

A good quality gutter should be easy to install, whether you do it on your own or hire a professional. In order for a model to meet this criterion, it's best to opt for a seamless installable gutter. It should also include all the accessories, i.e. screws, glue and a manual.

#4 - Accessories included

In order for the gutter to be efficient and meet your expectations perfectly, it should include a few additional accessories. In addition to the installation kit, you can find a "leaf-stop" screen and a rain strip. High-end models offer other ingenious accessories, so don't hesitate to check their presence if you opt for a gutter belonging to this category.

#5 - Color and design

Design and color are often relegated to the ranks of secondary criteria, however, they are important when it comes to gutters. Since this device equips the slopes of a roof, they are perfectly visible. Also, be sure to choose a model whose colors blend well with those of the building's facades. Otherwise, opt for gutters with neutral colors such as those made of galvanized steel.

Can we do without the gutter?

The gutter acts on elements outside the residence, which can give rise to questions as to its real utility. However, rainwater is a quiet force that, over the seasons, corrodes the surroundings of a building, whether it is residential or professional. Over time, the effects of this runoff will be felt in a garden, on the outside walls of the wall and even in the neighborhood.

All in all, it's best not to be tempted to go without a gutter. Once you have a roof, it will generate a lot of water runoff that will eventually damage the integrity of a home. In addition, if the runoff water were to disturb the neighborhood, you risk retaliation from them and the authorities. Therefore, we can conclude that it is more than difficult to do without a gutter when using a roof.

The different types of gutters

A gutter can be declined in two versions corresponding to its material of manufacture. Thus, there are synthetic and metallic models. Let's zoom in on the characteristics of these two types of products.

Synthetic gutter

The category of synthetic gutters includes models made of plastic. The majority of the models in this category are made of PVC. These gutters are appreciated for their ease of installation, the possibility of finding them in different colors, but especially for the selling price. Indeed, the synthetic gutters are much less expensive, compared to those made of metal material.

Synthetic material also has the advantage of being easily repairable, in case leaks appear in the pipe. This type of product is very popular due to its price and availability in several colors. On the other hand, most of the time, synthetic is less robust, compared to models made of metal, especially those made of galvanized steel.

Metal gutter

Metal gutters are the first models that appeared on the market. They enjoy a good popularity among English people who appreciate them especially for their neutral, authentic and rustic side. You can find models made of copper, aluminum and galvanized steel, the latter being the most popular at present.

If this category has the reputation of being a little expensive compared to synthetics, they present other arguments which largely justify their price. We will mention their robustness, their resistance and the real possibility of using the gutter to collect drinkable rainwater. Apart from its slightly higher price than the synthetic models, this type of gutter has everything to please.

Gutter or eaves?


The gutter is an installation designed to channel and evacuate water runoff from a roof. It is installed downstream of the roof and can be installed even when the work is already finished. In addition to its primary function of managing runoff water, it also contributes to the beautification of a house. On the other hand, if we compare it to the gutter, we must admit that it is more prone to corrosion.

Nose cone

The gutter also plays the role of channeling and draining rainwater. The difference is that this type of installation is integrated into the structure. Thus, it can be a masonry work or a tube welded to the roof, depending on the design of the building. While the gutter is stronger, it has the disadvantage of being immovable. If the gutter develops leaks or other problems, a professional should be called in to repair it.


If you want to install a drainage system on a house that is already built, but does not have a gutter, you must turn to the gutter. On the other hand, if it is a house under construction, consider installing a gutter, as it is more resistant. Modern homes are mostly equipped with gutters, which means that this installation has a good case to make.

Why buy a gutter?

To avoid water accumulation

The primary purpose of a gutter is to ensure proper management of runoff water. If you don't have a system for channeling and evacuating this water, it will only take one rainy season to flood the surrounding area. Under these circumstances, the garden, the foundations and the surroundings of the building will deteriorate faster than expected, accelerated by the water runoff. This shows how important the gutter is.

To collect rainwater

In addition to clean drainage, a gutter can be used to collect rainwater. Some models include devices that facilitate the filtering and recovery of water, such as the leaf block. Rainwater is a natural resource that is perfect for irrigating the garden and for satisfying certain daily needs while reducing your water bill. If you have an efficient filtering system, you can consider using this water.

To embellish a façade

If you're looking for a way to spruce up the exterior of a home that's looking a little too drab for your taste, a brown or maroon gutter could do the trick. If you arrange it cleverly, you'll have a functional installation that's sure to catch the eye, yours first.

To avoid rapid corrosion of the exterior of a house

If your roof has no gutters, drops or even streams of water will form with each heavy rain. If these are not caught, they will run down the walls and facades. Needless to say, this will accelerate the deterioration of the facades, hence the real need to install a gutter.

To avoid retaliation with the neighbourhood

If you can live with the accumulation of water and humidity, it is not necessarily the case for the neighborhood. If water from your roof starts to reach neighborhood properties, you may generate displeasure and the neighbors may contact the authorities. In the end, you will end up installing a gutter.

The best brands of gutters

In our opinion, the best brands of gutters in 2022 are :

Sekisui Elison

Inefa is a German brand specialized in the design of synthetic gutters. In addition to designing conduits known for their robustness and watertightness, they also manufacture the accessories necessary for the installation of the gutter.

Sekisui Elison is also one of the European references in guttering. Since 1974, this company has specialized in this field and now supplies most of the neighboring countries, including France where it is particularly in demand.

The gutter designer S'lon is recognized for its know-how in the manufacture of this drainage device. Specializing in PVC, it also manufactures models with all types of materials, not to mention fixing accessories.

Dakota is known thanks to its quality gutters, but ensures the design and marketing of other drainage systems such as gutters. In short, this company specializes in the design of stormwater management equipment.

Belonging to the Asturiana de Laminados group formed in 2006, ElZinc designates a brand of equipment designed with a rolled zinc and titanium alloy. Today, this brand is present in more than 45 countries thanks to its gutters, but also its other stormwater management systems.

What is the price for a gutter

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Install the eavestrough by yourself

If you feel that it is safe to install this gutter, do not contact a professional, as you can do it on your own. You will need a drill, a hammer and some personal protective equipment and you will be able to do this work.

Install a leaf stop system

The "leaf stop" system prevents these plants from flowing into the downspout. If they were flowing normally, there's nothing to worry about. However, they can accumulate and clog your drain. With a leaf-stop system, all you have to do is clean out that part from time to time and it will do the trick.

Paint your eavestroughs

If you've found a gutter that performs well and is affordable, but the color is moderately convincing, invest a few pennies in a can of paint, some tint, and a brush or two. You can have fun embellishing the gutter with simple or abstract designs, depending on your taste and painting ability.

Clean regularly

While the "leaf stop" system helps prevent plants from running down the drain, it also encourages their accumulation in the gutter itself. Also, you will need to clean it regularly to avoid clogging the installation and also to collect clearer water if you have installed a rainwater collection device.

Get a strong ladder

For the installation, cleaning or regular checking of your pipes, you will need a stable work area. Ideally, you need a scaffold, but these are hard to find, so it's best to have a good ladder. Indeed, this installation represents a good investment, given the usefulness of a gutter for a building.


What material should I use for a gutter? What should I do to collect rainwater through the gutter? Is the law requiring me to install gutters? What is the life span of a gutter?

Each material has its specificities, its benefits and its drawbacks. in the UK, users have a preference for metal gutters made of galvanized steel, even if PVC has a good reputation. Generally speaking, metal materials are more robust. On the other hand, synthetic ones are more affordable so, it's up to you.

To be able to collect rainwater, you just need to put a container at the downspout of the gutter. To be less frugal, you can also buy collection devices and connect it to a filter thanks to which, you can drink this water. However, you have to be careful because there is no such thing as zero risk. One should only drink rainwater, even if filtered, as a last resort.

Effectively, as stipulated in article 681 of the Civil Code, rainwater cannot be discharged onto the adjoining land. Thus, the law requires us to do what is necessary to prevent rainwater from flowing onto the neighbor's property. In short, if you don't have a gutter, it is mandatory to equip yourself with a gutter.

It depends on the material and your living area. If you live in the coastal area, limestone will accelerate the corrosion of materials such as PVC. However, despite this gradual degradation, your gutter should still last for several years, unless it's really a low-end model.


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Sekisui Eslon RAL7024 zinc gutter kit 9
Sekisui Eslon RAL7024 zinc gutter kit
Inefa Grey Half Round Gutter NW 10
Inefa Grey Half Round Gutter NW
INEFA NW100 garden gutters 11
INEFA NW100 garden gutters
PVC gutter kit for one side GD16 S'lon 12
PVC gutter kit for one side GD16 S'lon


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