The best garlands guinguettes in the UK 2023

Since the banks of the Marne and the Seine, the guirlandes guinguettes have become elements of decoration of the garden in summer or of the house during the holidays. An excuse to spend nice moments with family or friends. But how to choose? What color or protection for the bulbs? What length of wire? In this guide, we list the key elements.

It is a beautiful and completely waterproof garland with high quality LED strip light. It has a memory function so that you will have the same characteristics of the last time you use it. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The bulb is very economical since it is a LED type lighting with a luminous flux of 60 lm. Equipped with bulbs, base E12, plastic, this garland has a maximum power of 15 Watts. However, it saves more than 85% of energy. The wire is long enough, 18,2 m, for a better flexibility.

GlobaLink Guinguette garland 2

Best value for money

GlobaLink Guinguette garland

The best entry-level guinguette garland

This garland guinguette presents a very good quality/price ratio. It is equipped with 30 bulbs for 11,7 meters length. Moreover, it is in the energy class A+++.

40,79 £ on Amazon

It is a waterproof garland with a CE certification. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This garland is waterproof and moisture-proof. It is a perfect decorative element for gardens. With 11.7m length and 30 LED bulbs, it can decorate a large area.

It also allows an optimal energy saving. Indeed, each bulb has a voltage of 3 v for a power of 0.1 W. It is a beautiful garland guinguette that gives a romantic, modern and cosy atmosphere. You will also have 3 spare bulbs to replace the ones that are burnt out.

Bomcosy LED Festoon Colorful Guinguette 3

Best value for money

Bomcosy LED Festoon Colorful Guinguette

The best high-end guinguette garland

It is a 30 meters colored garland. It is perfectly waterproof with an energy rating of A++. It can be installed inside or outside without any problem.

63,99 £ on Amazon

It is a very high quality colorful string light. It has LED chips with changeable color. It is equipped with an infrared remote control. Indeed, you can choose between 6 flashing modes and 8 simple colors. It is both resistant and robust. This insulating material is also very easy to install.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and the string lights offer a beautiful relaxing, comfortable, warm or colorful atmosphere depending on the desired rendering. Moreover, the wire is long enough for the connection, it with a length of 30m.

Qxmcov Guinguette Outdoor Garland 4

Very good choice

Qxmcov Guinguette Outdoor Garland


This garland is an element of light decoration provided with 25 bulbs G40, waterproof IP44. It can be used for parties, evenings or to decorate the terrace and the garden.

32,72 £ on Amazon

It is a garland guinguette with a very good quality/price ratio. It is water resistant and the socket is made of waterproof rubber. There is no need to worry even in case of rain. Both very practical and very easy to install, this long garland of 15 meters in total, 7.5 m per piece, can be the perfect decoration for your garden.

It is possible to connect two or three garlands to have a longer distance. The 25 colored bulbs are very decorative for a festive atmosphere with a color temperature of 6500K. Each bulb can work without problem for 1500 or 2000 hours and if it burns out, it can be replaced. Indeed, it comes with 6 spare bulbs.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best garland guinguette

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The best guinguette garland

The best entry-level guinguette garland

The best high-end guinguette garland


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Comparison table of the best garlands guinguettes

Svater Garland outdoor bulb 5
GlobaLink Guinguette garland 6
Bomcosy LED Festoon Colorful Guinguette 7
Qxmcov Guinguette Outdoor Garland 8
Svater Garland outdoor bulb
GlobaLink Guinguette garland
Bomcosy LED Festoon Colorful Guinguette
Qxmcov Guinguette Outdoor Garland
It is a garland RGB G40 with a chain of 18.2 meters. It is completely waterproof with an energy class A+.
This garland guinguette presents a very good quality/price ratio. It is equipped with 30 bulbs for 11,7 meters length. Moreover, it is in the energy class A+++.
It is a 30 meters colored garland. It is perfectly waterproof with an energy rating of A++. It can be installed inside or outside without any problem.
This garland is an element of light decoration provided with 25 bulbs G40, waterproof IP44. It can be used for parties, evenings or to decorate the terrace and the garden.
Number of bulbs
Length of wire
18.2 m
11.7 m
30 m
7.5 m/pcs
Type of use
Indoor and outdoor
Indoor and outdoor
Indoor and outdoor
Indoor and outdoor
Type of bulb

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How to choose your garland guinguette

From the simplest models to the most original styles, you can find a lot of garlands on the market. However, there are several criteria to consider in order to find the right one for you.

#1 - The characteristics of the bulb

On the market, you can find several shapes of bulbs. There are bulbs in the shape of stars, hearts and balls. You can also see bulbs in different sizes. There are small, medium and large bulbs. If we talk about the type of light, some of them produce flashing lights and others fixed lights. Regarding the tones, it is possible to choose between the subdued tone or the frank tone.

For transparent bulbs, there is a choice between cool light and warm light. The warm light offers a modern and relaxing atmosphere, while the cool light offers an atmosphere suitable for parties. On the other hand, white bulbs are great for lighting up the garden and colored bulbs for parties.

#2 - The color of the thread

If you want to make small stars with the garlands guinguettes, you should opt for the bulbs with dark color, black color. On the other hand, if you intend to put the guinguette garland on a wall, choose a lighter color like white. On the other hand, if you like very flashy guinguette garlands, colored wires will be better suited.

#3 - The length of the garland wire


length of the guinguette garland wire should also be taken into account when you choose. Indeed, each guinguette garland can have a wire up to 40 m. So you can choose the length that fits your needs.

If you want to decorate a tree with the garland, a length of 10 to 20 meters will be largely sufficient. If you want to know exactly how much wire you need, use string. Make it run the distance where you are going to put the garland.

In addition, it is more practical to choose one long guinguette garland to make all the patterns you want to give instead of putting several. Effectively, it will save you from setting up several electrical connections, which increase the risk of danger.

#4 - The use of the garland guinguette

There are several types of garlands guinguettes on the market, but before buying one, it is necessary to check if it corresponds to the use that you have envisaged. This is especially important if you intend to install it outside. The garland in question must withstand all the weather conditions in your area.

It must resist wind, rain, frost... Of course, it is also necessary to keep some spare bulbs.

#5 - Energy consumption

As it is about lighting several bulbs at the same time, the electricity bill is going to be impacted every end of the month. That's one of the reasons why you should choose a less energy consuming garland. This way, you don't have to pay double your bill.

If you intend to use your decorations for several months, you should be more demanding on this point. In addition, most of the light bulbs used in garland are LED.

However, you can expand your search to find bulbs that run on solar energy. Thus, it is like the plates that draw their energy from the sun's rays to transform them into electricity capable of supporting the need of the installation.

During the day, the lamps will recharge and they will use the energy stored in the evening.

Where to place a garland ?

There are 7 ways to install a garland inside or outside your house. Indeed, we tend to think that the garland guinguette is always installed outside the house. However, it is a limited thought, we can completely install it inside as a decoration. It is only necessary to choose well the type of garland to buy to find the one that corresponds to the use that you want to make.

  • You can use it as a bedside lamp, it is a very original alternative as a traditional decoration;
  • We can integrate the garland guinguette in a jar, it is an excellent lamp of supplement;
  • It is also a very good modern and soft lighting to suspend above the work plan;
  • It is possible to put it above the sofa to bring more light and a more cosy atmosphere;
  • In the professional environment, it can be used as a beautiful desk lamp;
  • A garland guinguette is also well used as a soft lighting in the children's room. For this, it is necessary to opt for pastel shades.
  • To illuminate a terrace, a garden, or a patio. You can opt for a sober and traditional garland or rather colorful.

The different types of garlands guinguettes

We can distinguish different types of garlands according to the type of color, the type of light ...

The outdoor lighted garland

These are models of garlands for outdoor use. They are very popular and highly prized. They are both waterproof and resistant. They can withstand all weather conditions, both frost and heat. These garlands are multipurpose, they are suitable for all types of parties. You can put them in your gardens for all the holiday periods: Christmas, Easter, Halloween...

Basically, they are based on the same themes as the Christmas lights for the tree. Their styles are very satisfying and their qualities are at the top for a long term use. Indeed, it is possible to light up the whole driveway or the whole garden.

Indoor lighted garland

The indoor lighted garland can be found among individuals. However, professionals also use it to decorate windows, stands, signs as well as stores.

We can also put them in children's rooms as a decoration. Indeed, the garlands of lights do not present any risk on health. So you can entertain your children. They are very easy to install, no need to be a great handyman to do it. In addition, they diffuse soft soothing lights for a calm and serene atmosphere in a room.

Garland or Ball ?

Guinguette garland

The guinguette garland is very interesting for fluorescent or pastel colored decorations. For outdoor or indoor parties, you can use guinguette garland every day, regardless of the type. It can also be installed as a decorative element inside the house. It is very convenient because the garland plays the role of decoration and lighting at the same time.

However, they will still need to be connected to electricity to function. This has a heavy impact on the electricity bill, especially if it is used for a long period of time. It is important to find out more about the power consumption of the garland before you buy it.

The balls

Balls are perfect decorative elements. They are very impressive if you know how to install it and arrange the different models. Indeed, the balls are available in different patterns and colors to express a particular party.

However, they are most noticeable during the Christmas and New Year period. It is quite rare to find a party decorated with baubles during the pack period for example, but it depends on the model you bought. This is a major drawback of this type of decoration.


However, it is possible to install baubles and fairy lights at the same time. If you find very convincing models, it would even be very interesting to decorate the interior or the garden with both baubles and garlands.

But for a timeless decoration idea, nothing is better than a garland.

The best brands of garlands guinguettes

In our opinion, the best brands of garlands guinguettes in 2022 are :


It is a very big brand of garland guinguette and it specializes in manufacturing and festive lighting. The brand has a unique know-how that allows it to easily distinguish itself from other models.

Shine4fun offers products of much higher quality than most models on the market. The many online tests and comparisons show that it is an interesting brand in the world of lighting.

It is the brand at the top of most online rankings. It also makes other lighting products for a very interesting price. To look for quality, Svater brand is at the top.

Salcar is a very developed brand that offers a wide range of products from lights to car accessories. Its products are sold at a very good quality/price ratio.

Lights4fun was created in 2003 with the objective of offering the best lighted decorations to decorate the interior and exterior of the house. Since then, the brand has continued to offer quality lights at the best price.

What is the price for a garland guinguette

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


How to install a garland outside?

The first thing to consider for the installation of a garland outside is the connection. Indeed, it is necessary to ensure that everything is secure and that there is no risk of electrocution or short circuit. There must not be any bare wires to avoid fire. The garlands for the outside are already protected, it is just necessary to protect the connections. Thus, you need to install an extension cord from inside. When you install the lamps, you should not intertwine them. This will prevent the wires from getting entangled.

How to hang a garland on the wall?

It is

very simple to install a garland guinguette on the walls. The installation is also much faster. Just plug it into an outlet, and in case the wire can't reach the source, use an extension cord. The wire is guided with the headless tips. You can use fishing line to make vertical designs. The wire of the garland is flexible enough to bend to your requirements. So you can hang it on a wall, on the headboard, on a mantelpiece, on a mirror.

How to maintain a garland ?


simplest and most important maintenance to do is the cleaning of the garland. Indeed, the dust is dangerous for this type of installation. As much as you can, dust your garland guinguettes so that there is no risk of short circuit. It is also necessary to take breaks from time to time, even in the middle of a festive period.

The combination of colours

On the

market, there are guinguette garlands of all shapes and colors. Thus, you have plenty of choice. You have to choose the shape and color that matches the look you want to have. For parties, you can dare to use very flashy colors and very bright. However, for indoor use, it is more preferable to choose pastel colors that give a more modern and cozy atmosphere.

Steps to change the bulbs of a garland


avoid overvoltage, it is necessary very quickly to change the bulbs of garland guinguette which are grilles. In most cases, each cable is provided with spare bulbs. If not, it is necessary to buy some from the retailers. We start by unplugging the garland from the electrical outlet. Then, we remove the burned out bulbs, paying attention to the small accessories that allow to fix the bulbs. Then, it is necessary to check the fixing before reconnecting the plug.


What is the best garland ?

The best garland depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products available.

Can we install a garland outside all year long?

Theideal location for a garland depends on its material of manufacture. For the rubber garlands, they are very resistant to the outside whether it is in winter or in summer. For the PVC garlands, it is necessary to bring it in winter.

Can we replace the bulbs of the garlands?

It depends on the type of garland you bought. Indeed, for a garland with a B22 or E27 base, you can change the bulbs. However, this is not possible with garlands with plastic globes. In this case, you can also replace the globe, but not the LED bulbs.

Can the garlands be extended?

Yes, there are types of garlands that can be extended, but it depends on the model you buy. For example, 230 V garlands can be extended up to 20 times longer. On the other hand, most of the low voltage garlands are not extendable.

Could the light intensity of the garlands be reduced?

No, most of the current models do not offer this feature, so you need to be careful when choosing. There is no adjustment module. So, you have to choose the right light at the beginning to be compatible with its use.


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Svater Garland outdoor bulb 9
Svater Garland outdoor bulb
GlobaLink Guinguette garland 10
GlobaLink Guinguette garland
Bomcosy LED Festoon Colorful Guinguette 11
Bomcosy LED Festoon Colorful Guinguette
Qxmcov Guinguette Outdoor Garland 12
Qxmcov Guinguette Outdoor Garland


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