The best gaming chairs in the UK 2023

The gaming console or PC is not everything, as all video game enthusiasts will confirm. Other equipment such as the headset, the controller or the gaming chair also come into play for a unique gaming experience. Ergonomic, the gaming chair reduces the risk of fatigue and relieves the back by offering an optimal position. To find out which models are the best for this year, check out our guide to buying the best gamer chairs.

DXRacer OH/FD01 1

Best value for money

DXRacer OH/FD01

The best gamer chair

The DXRacer OH/FD01 convinced us by its incredible comfort, its resolutely sporty aspect and its excellent manufacturing quality. We also appreciate the numerous adjustments offered, as well as the ergonomic and comfortable seat.

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The DXRacer OH / FD01 has excellent build quality. It is made from strong mesh on the outside and high density foam on the inside. Their mesh fabric is scratch resistant and durable, but tends to be more difficult to clean than PU or vinyl. Also, this fabric is more likely to absorb pet or smoking odors. This OH/FD01 variant is a bit smaller than the same brand of gamer chairs. DXRacer recommends that the user of an OH/FD01 should weigh between 50 and 90 kg.

With a class 4 gas strut and metal frame, the chair can also support users in this range. The recommended height for a user of the OH/FD01 is between 1.70 and 1.80 m. The DXRacer OH/FD01 comes with a conventional tilt mechanism and a large angle adjustment. This means that the chair can tilt up to about 135 degrees and can lock at the desired angle. This DXRacer gamer chair also comes with a bonus headrest pillow and lumbar cushion.

Songmics OBG73BRV1 2

Best value for money

Songmics OBG73BRV1

The best entry-level gamer chair

The Songmics OBG73BRV1 sports a stellar design and enjoys a good build, with high quality materials and many adjustment options. A great gamer chair for someone who wants cheap with matching features.

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All Songmics products have 2 immutable characteristics: advanced design and practical functionality. The company used this approach for its iconic gamer chair. Inspired by the same types of seats used in race cars, the chair's sleek look makes a strong first impression. In the Songmics OBG73BRV1 design has included extra padding and lumbar support. Polyester fabric covers the padding on both the sides and the seat. The cold foam inside is resilient and retains its shape even after repeated use.

The advertised maximum weight limit is also above average for this price range. The maximum weight supported is 150 kg. The design of the seat offers enough space for different body types. The armrests can be adjusted up and down to set an optimal height. While the width is fixed, you can adjust their angle according to your needs. Finally, it should be noted that this model has a tilt lock and a tension button. There are 13 different positions for the tilt, up to 150°.

KLIM eSports 3

Best premium chair

KLIM eSports

The best high-end gamer chair

If you spend a lot of time gaming, the KLIM eSports Gamer Chair will provide the absolute pleasure your posterior deserves! Ignoring it would be a huge mistake, especially if you can afford it. This is one of the best you will find!

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The KLIM eSports Gamer Chair is very high quality, with a reinforced steel frame topped with cold foam padding and covered in soft touch PU leather material. This chair really looks classy, and there's nothing to complain about with the build quality. You get huge, quiet wheels, an almost horizontal tilt, and fully adjustable armrests so you can get the optimal position.

The cushions are removable, but if you like lumbar support, the KLIM eSports has a simply gigantic lumbar cushion. It's filled with the same high-quality material as the rest of the chair and firm enough to provide ample support. KLIM indicates a maximum load of 150 kg for this chair and can comfortably accommodate any person up to 1.80 m tall.

GTPlayer GT099 4

Excellent gamer chair

GTPlayer GT099

Excellent gamer chair

If you're the right size, there's no doubt about the appeal of the GTPlayer GT099 gamer chair. It is an extremely comfortable and even fun chair. Of course, it has its drawbacks, but compared to other gamer chairs, the price/performance ratio is excellent.

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Despite the announced maximum weight limit of 135 kg, the specifications of the GTPlayer GT099 are best suited for people under 1.80 m and weighing less than 100 kg. This model has an adjustable height from 47 to 57 cm and a backrest that can be tilted between 90 and 150°. This ergonomic backrest follows the curve of your back to provide persistent support. Many players will appreciate the 3D armrests that swivel in and out and are adjustable from top to bottom.

The included external pillows also earn praise for their functionality. Attached with straps, both are height adjustable. In terms of build quality, the GTPlayer GT099 Gamer Chair meets expectations. On the other hand, you'll find more plastic parts than high-end chairs, though key components are metal. The swivel, height, and tilt controls all work very well, and the balance is good, even when the backrest is nearly parallel to the floor.

Buying guide • November 2023

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The best gamer chair

The best entry-level gamer chair

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Excellent gamer chair

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Comparison table of the best gaming chairs

DXRacer OH/FD01 5
Songmics OBG73BRV1 6
KLIM eSports 7
GTPlayer GT099 8
DXRacer OH/FD01
Songmics OBG73BRV1
KLIM eSports
GTPlayer GT099
The DXRacer OH/FD01 convinced us by its incredible comfort, its resolutely sporty aspect and its excellent manufacturing quality. We also appreciate the numerous adjustments offered, as well as the ergonomic and comfortable seat.
The Songmics OBG73BRV1 sports a stellar design and enjoys a good build, with high quality materials and many adjustment options. A great gamer chair for someone who wants cheap with matching features.
If you spend a lot of time gaming, the KLIM eSports Gamer Chair will provide the absolute pleasure your posterior deserves! Ignoring it would be a huge mistake, especially if you can afford it. This is one of the best you will find!
If you're the right size, there's no doubt about the appeal of the GTPlayer GT099 gamer chair. It is an extremely comfortable and even fun chair. Of course, it has its drawbacks, but compared to other gamer chairs, the price/performance ratio is excellent.
Excellent value for money
Thick cushions for head and lumbar support
Excellent materials and workmanship
Sturdy backrest that tilts and reclines up to 170 degrees
Durable design
Silent 360° casters
Elegant design
3D armrests
Adjustable armrest from top to bottom
Load capacity up to 150 kg
Large lumbar cushion
Comfortable viscoelastic foam padding on seat

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Buying guide - gamer chair

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How to choose your gamer chair

Since a play chair is a substantial investment, you should buy one that can last for years. You'll want to avoid making the wrong choice! Here, we teach you how to identify the features and selling points to consider.

#1 - The configuration

This criterion relates to the shape of the seat. Gaming bucket chairs are the most popular at the moment. Their shape is reminiscent of racing car seats. The backrest of the seats should perfectly fit the curvature of the spine. This minimizes the risk of back pain from long hours of playing. The presence of lumbar cushions and headrests is a real plus.

Since the gamer will be sitting for hours on end, a gaming chair must have a good seat. In addition to the thickness, the quality of the padding is crucial. Some models offer high-density sponge padding, others memory foam. Others use silicone or even polyurethane. The presence of armrests is also important, even if console addicts prefer seats that don't have them.

#2 - The style

Of course the style of the chair matters! The gamer who will tell you otherwise is probably lying. In fact, many gamers choose their gaming chair based on looks alone. The chair chosen should reflect the personality of the gamer, the image he or she wants to convey and the gaming universe he or she identifies with.

To this end, dark colored gaming chairs are very popular with shooters and action gamers. Another notable point is that most gamers lean very little on the back of their gaming chairs when they play. When you're in the middle of an online multiplayer game, the comfort and ergonomics of the chair don't matter. Only winning matters!

#3 - The components

Most gaming chairs come in kits. You have to assemble them yourself upon delivery. Rest assured, the instructions in the assembly instructions are easy to follow. The different parts of the chair are held together by screws. When purchasing, choose a gaming chair with BIFMA or SGS tested components.

The height adjustable chairs are equipped with gas struts. A crank allows the gas strut to be locked or unlocked easily, allowing for easy adjustment of the seat height. The presence of screws and spare parts such as casters or even armrests is ideal.

#4 - The coating

PU or synthetic leather is probably the most used material for gaming chair upholstery. It is a cheap product, which is why it is favored by gaming chair manufacturers. Its similarity to leather, its ease of maintenance and its resistance to stains are assets. However, PU leather does not breathe and gets hot in summer.

Other materials like real leather and fabric are also used for upholstery. Real leather gaming chairs are high-end, durable and stylish products. And they are expensive. Fabric upholstery is the cheap alternative. However, fabric gaming chairs get dirty quickly and are susceptible to stains. In addition, cleaning this type of upholstery is time consuming and tedious.

#5 - The adjustment

For those who are into rolling or pedestal chairs, a rotating, height and tilt adjustable gaming chair is a must. There is no standard size among gamers. Some are very tall, others are shorter than average. Therefore, the height of the seat and the headrest can be adjusted for a better comfort of the users.

In recent years, the option of tilting the backrest has become essential. Some gamers feel the need to lie down after hours of gaming. No need to go to bed, just recline the seat. In fact, some gaming chair models offer a 180° tilt, allowing the gamer to literally lie down.

#6 - The type of tipping

There are two types of tilting: centered or offset. In the first case, the seat and backrest tilt at the same time. The angle that the backrest makes with the seat does not change, however. For an average use of less than 4 hours per day, this type of tilting is very good. The only drawback is that it is impossible to keep your feet on the floor when the chair is tilted.

The gaming chair with offset tilt is much more ergonomic. Indeed, the backrest adapts to the user's body type and position. It is possible to keep the feet on the ground despite the tilt of the chair because the seat remains straight. The gaming chair with staggered tilt is indicated if you plan to play video games for long periods of time, more than 4 hours per day. It will protect your back and you can relax between games.

What are the main advantages of gaming chairs?

The gaming chair is just right if you want to spend hours in front of your PC or game console. It must be said that it has many assets. A gaming chair is first of all a furniture designed for video game fans. Its design, the parts that make it up, its upholstery, the various options available, etc., everything has been studied so that the player is only concerned with the game in progress. Of course, it is still possible to play for hours with an office chair, or even a dining table chair. However, nothing beats the atmosphere and comfort of a game played on a real gamer's chair.

A study has shown that most gamers play an average of 4 hours a day. Some play a little less, others a lot more. Since the gamer is fidgeting around while playing, if he or she is using a normal office chair, it is not certain that this chair will last long. The issue of sturdiness is even more important if the gamer is heavy. People weighing more than 100 kg need strong and safe gaming chairs to play with peace of mind. And if you're going to invest, you might as well spend your money on a durable gaming chair.

Ergonomics goes hand in hand with sturdiness. A gaming chair should not only be sturdy and durable. Ergonomics, meaning practicality and comfort, are also important. Today's gaming chairs are designed to make life easier for users. The seats are cushy and cleverly padded. The backrests are reclining. The shape of the backrests is perfectly shaped to fit the gamers' trunk and the curvature of the backrests follows that of the human back. Most gaming chairs have armrests. Some models even have lumbar cushions and headrests. Casters and a rotating tray make it easy for the gamer to move around.

If you are planning to buy a gaming chair for your room or your child's room, you should know that this type of furniture can be used for other things besides video games. Normally, gaming beanbag chairs and gaming rocking chairs can serve very well as living room furniture. The design and finish of some gaming chairs make them high-end furniture. Pedestal gaming chairs or gaming chairs with wheels are excellent office chairs. They are comfortable, ergonomic and easy to clean.

The different types of gaming chairs

There are actually different types of gamer chairs available on the market, designed for different types of gamers. Here they are!

Gamer chairs with wheels

This is the most common type of gaming chair. It can also be used as an office chair. The gaming chair with wheels is distinguished by the presence of wheels, allowing you to move while sitting. Depending on the model, the star-shaped metal tray can accommodate five to six casters. Gaming chairs with wheels are suitable for all sizes and can easily support more than 100 kg of load.

Gamer racing chairs

These are gaming chairs with or without wheels, with a design inspired by racing cars. Most gaming chairs adopt this style, but many break away from it for a more professional or casual style.

Gamer chairs for the pros

As the name suggests, this type of gaming chair is for professional gamers. The design and stability of this type of gaming chair withstands intensive use and heavy shaking. This is why these gaming chairs are used in e-sport competitions. Brands such as DX Racer, KLIM and AK Racing are known worldwide. As long as you pay the price, this type of gaming chair is a great alternative to customizable gaming chairs.

Gamer chairs for consoles

In 2018, there were 140 million gaming consoles sold worldwide. The gaming chair market is worth billions! As a result, some brands have partnered with console manufacturers to create dedicated gaming chairs. The PS4 chairs are the biggest sellers in this market. The gaming chairs for consoles integrate specific functions to the consoles they are dedicated to.

Customizable Gamer Chairs

This type of gaming chair is the ultimate. Usable for both PC and console gaming, the gaming chair offers unparalleled comfort and ambiance. The monitor stand and various storage compartments directly integrated into the chair's structure offer a multitude of possibilities. Racing simulator, flight simulator, the customizable chair can also be used as a workstation. Some models are equipped with an all-in-one PC.

Gamer chair or office chair?

Gamer chair

Gamer chairs use back support technologies developed by race car manufacturers. These feature a bucket seat design and a large reclining backrest. The highlights of the gamer chairs are a thick padded seat and an adjustable headrest for the neck and lumbar region.

The adjustable armrests provide additional support by absorbing arm weight. Gamer chairs also come with a reclining backrest. This helps the user to move while sitting on the chair. Gaming chairs are made for video game enthusiasts and come in different styles, from simple rocking chairs, to pedestal chairs, to racing gamer chairs.

Office chair

When comparing a gamer chair to an office chair, the latter is usually less visually striking. While ergonomic design is of utmost importance here as well, an office chair may lack adjustment options such as fully adjustable armrests or a rocking mechanism.

In most cases, you will only be able to adjust the height of the seat. A good office chair can also be suitable for playing video games, especially if you are only an occasional gamer and your office looks rather professional.


Ultimately, your personal preferences matter most when choosing which chair to use. So if you were expecting a definitive answer on what style of chair is best for you, you may be disappointed.

However, in our opinion, the reality is that gamer chairs and office chairs are designed for two specific types of users. Of course, a good office chair can also be perfectly used for long gaming sessions.

If you are an avid gamer and are more focused on design and functionality, you should look for a cheap gamer chair. If not, simply opt for a comfortable office chair.


Maintain good back posture.

Start by sitting in your chair with your back pressed against your backrest. Next, push your shoulders back slightly while pushing your chest forward slightly. Finally, raise your head so that it is in line with your neck and trunk.

Take your room into consideration.


you buy a gaming chair, think about where it will be located and how you will use it. Make sure the chair you buy is the right size for your room and that it will function properly where you plan to install it.

Use a lumbar support cushion.

Lumbar support is a cushion that you place behind your back in the lumbar region, so you can work while maintaining good posture. That's why lumbar support is a key feature of specially designed ergonomic gaming chairs. Some chairs have built-in adjustable lumbar support, while others have a lumbar cushion.

Trust your body.


you experience pain in your posterior during or after sitting in a gaming chair, check the settings. If the settings are correct, consider standing up frequently to take the strain off your posterior and back.

Make sure your arms are supported.


make sure they are well supported, you should rest them on your desk or on the armrests of your gaming chair (the latter is obviously preferable). The armrest/desk should be positioned so that your shoulders are not hunched over and your elbows are more or less at a 90 degree angle.


What is the best gamer chair?

The best gamer chair depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Why are armrests important on a gamer chair

Armrests are a crucial part of any office and/or gaming chair. Unlike console games, when you sit in front of your PC screen, your elbows and wrists need constant support. This is because you are almost always using your keyboard and mouse. Some chairs also have a forward armrest adjustment, allowing you to move them towards the desk or further back. This is good when you need a little extra room for your elbows to rest perfectly.

How much weight can a gamer chair support?

Each chair comes with some guidelines regarding recommended size and weight. While this doesn't necessarily mean that these chairs can't handle a little extra weight, it does mean that they have not been tested with weights higher than those recommended. It is also highly recommended that you check the measurements of the chair before making your decision. It is always best to be cautious and not accidentally order a model that will not fit you.

Generally, what can be adjusted on a gamer chair?

Adjustment covers everything on the topic of ergonomics, and as such, it is the most important part of a gaming chair. As such, a great gamer chair will need to allow you to adjust the seat height, back angle, armrests, lumbar support and tilt lock.

Do we really need adjustable armrests?

Armrests are very useful because they take the weight of the arms off the shoulders, neck and upper back. Properly adjusted in height, armrests allow the forearms to remain relaxed. In addition, good gamer chairs should have armrests that can also be adjusted laterally.


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