The best foot massage devices in the UK 2023

The feet deserve as much attention as the rest of the body. The muscles located at this level are subjected to quite harsh conditions throughout the day. A good massage would not only relieve this area, but also the whole body. With a good foot massager, there is no need to go to a salon. Just make yourself comfortable and plug in the device to enjoy a real moment of relaxation. So, don't wait any longer to discover the best foot massagers in 2021.

Triducna - Shiatsu foot massager 1

Best value for money

Triducna - Shiatsu foot massager

The best foot massager in 2021

No matter where you are, relax and treat yourself to an incomparable foot massage with Triducna's Shiatsu massage device. Its heating and massaging function will seduce you.

84,80 £ on Amazon

You can set this foot massager via a remote control or by using its touch panel. For the massage techniques offered, including kneading and air compression, there are 3 levels of intensity depending on your needs. Thus, the user can expect a precise massage. Heated, the Triducna provides more relief to your feet while helping you relax. However, you can dispense with the heated massage by turning it off manually.

The 360° massage system of this Shiatsu massager allows it to reach all the strategic points for an impeccable efficiency. For maintenance, nothing too complicated: just remove the cover that covers the feet. Moreover, it is suitable for all sizes, up to 45 EU.

Beurer FB 30 - Foot massage unit 2

Best value for money

Beurer FB 30 - Foot massage unit

The best entry-level foot massager

The design of this foot massager with water is very cute. It is also very practical with its retractable system. Above all, it is a tool with super relaxing features.

32,79 £ on Amazon

The Beurer FB 30 is a water massage device, or more precisely a foot spa. It has a function that keeps the temperature of the feet stable, thus ensuring optimum comfort. Infrared light points are located at the bottom of the tub, which further enhance the well-being provided by improving the blood circulation.

Due to the basic function of the Beurer FB 30, users will probably need to do a little pedicure after the foot massage. That's why the manufacturer includes a pumice stone with the device. It also comes with a splash guard so you don't get the room dirty when using it. The vibrating function will appeal to people who are exhausted from a long day of work.

Renpho - Shiatsu foot massager 3

Best value for money

Renpho - Shiatsu foot massager

The best high-end foot massager

This Renpho massager relieves foot pain, improves blood flow and helps you get back to sleep. For a personalized massage, there are 3 levels of intensity for kneading and air pressure.

104 £ on Amazon

Despite its high price, the Renpho Shiatsu foot massager is a bestseller. With or without heat, the massage precision of this device is simply exceptional. It does not have a remote control, but it does have a touch panel that can be easily operated with the toes. In addition, the interior of the device is easy to clean because of the detachable cover.

The Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager is very ergonomic and suitable for all ages and sizes. Choose the massage technique that suits your health condition: Shiatsu, heated, air pressure. Finally, this model has a timer and an automatic shut-off system in case the programmed time is up.

Naipo – Appareil de massage Shiatsu des pieds 4

Massage nodes

Naipo – Appareil de massage Shiatsu des pieds

The best Shiatsu massager

It is equipped with 18 kneading nodes to reach all reflex zones. A great feeling of well-being results from this device, so take advantage of it to satisfy yourself or to take care of your loved ones.

51,11 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best foot massage device

Any specific needs?

The best foot massager in 2021

The best entry-level foot massager

The best high-end foot massager

The best Shiatsu massager

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Comparison table of the best foot massage devices

Triducna - Shiatsu foot massager 5
Beurer FB 30 - Foot massage unit 6
Renpho - Shiatsu foot massager 7
Naipo – Appareil de massage Shiatsu des pieds 8
Triducna - Shiatsu foot massager
Beurer FB 30 - Foot massage unit
Renpho - Shiatsu foot massager
Naipo – Appareil de massage Shiatsu des pieds
No matter where you are, relax and treat yourself to an incomparable foot massage with Triducna's Shiatsu massage device. Its heating and massaging function will seduce you.
The design of this foot massager with water is very cute. It is also very practical with its retractable system. Above all, it is a tool with super relaxing features.
This Renpho massager relieves foot pain, improves blood flow and helps you get back to sleep. For a personalized massage, there are 3 levels of intensity for kneading and air pressure.
It is equipped with 18 kneading nodes to reach all reflex zones. A great feeling of well-being results from this device, so take advantage of it to satisfy yourself or to take care of your loved ones.
Reflex zone massage
Remote control
Shiatsu, rolling
Vibration, bubbling massage
Technologies used
Heat, air compression
Retractable, infrared points
Rotation, rolling, shiatsu
Kneading, manual massage ball
Specific features
Heat, air compression
18 kneading nodes, heat

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How to choose your foot massage device

You must be interested in these criteria to have a powerful and practical device.

#1 - The settings

The more settings the device has, the more flexible its use. This means that you can adapt the massage to your preference, since not everyone can handle the same intensity and pressure. Fixed settings do not allow for customization. The extra options that are not available on all massagers make all the difference. They go hand in hand with the diversity of technologies supported by the device.

#2 - The convenience

Handling the device matters a lot, regardless of how often you use it. This takes into account handling, but also ergonomics. All the adjustment buttons should be easily accessible during the massage. Better yet, the remote control is much more convenient when you don't want to break your head or make unimaginable efforts to reach them. This accessory can be replaced by devices on the unit itself that can be operated with the foot.

Apart from that, check its size carefully. It should already fit your feet, but it's even better if its dimensions and weight make it easy to carry. This way, you will be able to take it with you on your travels, so you will never be deprived of the exceptional sensation it provides.

#3 - The maintenance method

As a device that promotes well-being, the foot massager must be easy to clean. For this, prefer models with a removable cover or a washable massage surface. In any case, clean the device after each use to avoid accumulating germs. To do this, use a damp cloth or a brush. And don't forget to dry it well afterwards.

#4 - The technology used

The sensation obtained varies according to the technology used. Ask yourself about the expected result to make the right choice. The Shiatsu technique gives a more vigorous intensity without being unpleasant. The device performs a kneading action to give this effect. For a gentle and effective massage, you should choose a device with gel nodules. There are also roller devices that promote complete relaxation with adjustable intensity levels.

Some models include a heating function with infrared technology. They provide a very comfortable and super relaxing massage. Others use air compression to exert a stronger pressure. This method is one of the most beneficial for blood circulation.

Then there is the electro-stimulation massage which acts effectively on the muscles of the body and not only those of the feet. This method is recommended for the relief of sustained pain. And lastly, the hydromassage technology imitates the method implemented by the spa to soothe the various reflex points.

#5 - The efficiency

This all depends on what you are looking for, the reasons that push you to use this device. There are two possible cases. First, if you are looking for a massager to eliminate aches and pains after a tiring day or after wearing high heels for hours, then a device that offers basic massages is for you.

Secondly, you are subject to more or less intense muscle pain and need a massager that performs functions more related to this need with the most effective technology. In addition, the power of the device influences its effectiveness. Mainly, the proposals on the market range from 10 to 100 W. The more advanced options the massager houses, the more power it requires.

The benefits of foot massage

If done properly, foot massage has a number of benefits. It reduces stress through the effect of pressure that is felt throughout the body. It also eliminates migraines, especially if the technology adopted by the tool encourages foot reflexology. With this action, the blood flow is clearly improved and this is not without consequence on the regulation of blood pressure and on various ailments that usually affect the body.

The common benefit of using this device is the reduction of fatigue after several hours of walking, because it relaxes the tension in the plantar muscles. Performed at night before going to sleep, the foot massage promotes sleep through serotonin. Several points on the feet are connected to other muscles. This explains the interaction with other physiological processes in the body.

The different types of foot massage devices

Here are the 3 different types of foot massagers. Discover their characteristics to see which one is best for you.

Electric foot massager

Easier to use, this device is very popular with users who need a certain autonomy, especially with regard to handling. It is more expensive, but well worth it when you can't bend over too long to massage yourself. Then, the functionalities are varied and rich here. Moreover, the electric massager is even becoming a must for some people, including the elderly. It is often distinguished by a nicer and revolutionized design.

Mechanical foot massager

The manual massager is less expensive, but can be difficult to use. Unless it inherits a truly ergonomic design, using this device requires another person to control it. It can be made of plastic or wood and therefore has a classic, sometimes uninteresting style. However, this feature also allows it to be used in the shower, as there is no risk of electrocution. This also makes it more practical. The problem with this type of device is that it only offers one massage technique, the traditional one.

Foot spa

There is nothing more comfortable than being massaged with a foot bath with warm water and scented with essential oil. Add to that the various massage technologies that usually accompany foot massagers. The sensation is more pleasant. But above all, the presence of water beautifies your feet. However, you may need to schedule a pedicure to get rid of dead or bath-softened skin.

Foot massager or professional massage parlour?

Foot massage device

Having a foot massage device means you don't have to go to a masseur's salon at any time. It is the opportunity to offer yourself a good massage quietly at home. No need to wait for hours for your turn. And even if your salon offers the possibility of making an appointment to avoid waiting, nothing beats an efficient device that can be used at any time without waiting for anyone, and without paying a cent. All it takes is one investment to take care of your feet at any time.

Professional massage salon

A massage performed by a professional always brings the expected effect. He or she is able to see the most relieving points according to the type of plantar pain of each person. If the massage is done for therapeutic purposes, it is best to entrust your feet to expert hands.


The massage device makes your life easier. It is available in all price ranges and offers several features to satisfy you. The disadvantage is that you have to master the use to benefit from it. Also, the technique used may not be suitable for your medical situation. The foot massager represents indeed some risks for people prone to certain diseases such as heart problems for example.

A professional offers a massage of the right reflex zones according to the desired result. Thus, going to an expert salon is essential to have in-depth care with the right accessories, techniques and products.


Adopt the correct position before having your feet massaged

Once the unit is plugged in or turned on, get in place by choosing the most comfortable position. The best way is to sit whether upright or slumped on a soft surface.

The foot massager should not be used next to a water source

It's tempting to enjoy a good foot massage while bathing, but it's not such a good idea unless you're using a waterproof mechanical massager. For electric models, favor use in a completely dry area.

Make sure that the type of massage provided is appropriate for your health condition

The technology used may not be appropriate. Sensitive people even need the advice of a professional to avoid health problems afterwards. However, you should get by when choosing by knowing what kind of massage you need: therapeutic, soothing or relaxing.

The use of hydraulic models can be dangerous

Carefully read the user guide beforehand. In any case, avoid adding water to the unit while it is on.

The foot massage should not exceed 20 minutes

Your massage should last between 10 and 20 minutes. It may harm your health if you go longer.


What is the best foot massager?

The best foot massager depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

What people need this device?

The foot massager is for both professionals and individuals. Professional masseurs need a modern and advanced device to offer the best care to their clients. Individuals who love to pamper themselves and those who need to follow a curative massage program without wanting to call in a professional benefit from this tool.

What parts of the foot will be relieved by this device?

Generally, the foot massager acts on the soles of the feet, the toes, the arch of the foot. These are the most strategic areas, but other devices target the entire foot and even the ankles.

Are there any contraindications?

Massage is strictly prohibited when you are injured or fractured. This is also the case in the presence of inflammation or pregnancy in progress.

How to use a foot massager?

Before any use, program the device by choosing the type of massage, the duration, the temperature (if it is a heat model). Once all the settings are made, all you have to do is put your feet in and enjoy.


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Triducna - Shiatsu foot massager
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Beurer FB 30 - Foot massage unit
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Renpho - Shiatsu foot massager
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Naipo – Appareil de massage Shiatsu des pieds


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