The best fly traps in the UK 2023

Flies are particularly annoying pests and vectors of at least 65 diseases including cholera and salmonella. Therefore, the use of fly traps is essential. But what to choose among all the models (electric, scent, sticky tape, fly stickers, for outdoor, for indoor) on the market? Follow our guide which has selected for you the best eco-friendly and safe fly traps on the market.

Ttcotoke lamp 1

Best value for money

Ttcotoke lamp

The best fly trap in 2021

Ideal for toddlers and pregnant women, the anti-mosquito lamp of Ttcotoke is an ingenious device, silent, odorless and without harmful radiation.

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Unlike most fly killers on the market, the Ttcotoke makes no noise. Indeed, it is difficult to find fault with it when you know that it is energy efficient, non-toxic and chemical free.

Thanks to its lightness (408 g), the Ttcotoke accompanies you easily when you go camping or hiking. To use it, you just need to connect it to a mobile power source.

Basically, no flying insect can resist it and its nice simplistic design but with neat finishes, will perfectly bring out the style of your home.

The ecological drugstore 2

Best value for money

The ecological drugstore

The best entry-level fly trap

The ecological drugstore is certainly the best alternative that will allow you to save on your budget, while enjoying an effective fly trap that can cover an area of 30 m² for several months.

4,04 £ on Cdiscount

With the Droguerie écologique fly trap, you will now be able to live in a healthy and peaceful environment, far from the unpleasant roar and defecation of flies.

Formulated without insecticide and without toxic product, this device is safe and will have no trouble trapping the flies and gnats that invade your home thanks to its delicate fruity scent.

For optimal effectiveness, simply position the sticky strips by removing the narrowest protective film and sticking the pad to the bottom of a window. Finally, remove the second protective film to make the trap active. Once the trap is covered with insects, consider changing it.

HBM avec appât 40 000 mouches 3

A great choice

HBM avec appât 40 000 mouches

The best value for the money

Ideal for outdoor use, HBM's flycatcher is a true reference on the market. With an excellent price/quality ratio, it offers 1 to 2 months of effectiveness and covers an area of up to 50 m².

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The model by HBM is a patented, chemical-free fly trap that rids yards, balconies, parks, etc. of flies. It comes with a 40 g water-soluble bag of a plant-based attractant mixture of yeast and baking soda for use as bait.

This trap can capture up to 40,000 flies and should be hung at about 2 m from the ground and at least 5 m from the areas to be protected. Then, exposed to sunlight, sheltered from the wind. Its fermentation requires a temperature higher than 20°C.

To use it, unscrew and remove the lid, add 1 liter of water, put the water-soluble bag in the trap and allow about 48 hours for the mixture to take effect. Every 30 days, check and refill, if necessary, the bait with a HBM refill.

Dekinmax 18W 4

Very good

Dekinmax 18W

A true insect graveyard

Now enjoy outdoor family meals and restful nights of sleep with Dekinmax! It will take care of any flying insect invasion without affecting your comfort and well-being.

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With the Dekinmax electric trap, say goodbye to your unwanted guests once and for all! Equally effective indoors or outdoors, set or suspended, this ultra-lightweight trap (1.4 kg) is equipped with a high-intensity 18 Watt UV light that effectively attracts flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and moths, and destroys them by electrocution.

Its removable collection tray is easy to clean and holds dead insect bodies. Its protective grille keeps your small children and pets safe from exposure to electric shocks.

Completely ecological, the Dekinmax is free of chemicals and does not release any toxic gases.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best fly trap

Any specific needs?

The best fly trap in 2021

The best entry-level fly trap

The best value for the money

A true insect graveyard

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Comparison table of the best fly traps

Ttcotoke lamp 5
The ecological drugstore 6
HBM avec appât 40 000 mouches 7
Dekinmax 18W 8
Ttcotoke lamp
The ecological drugstore
HBM avec appât 40 000 mouches
Dekinmax 18W
Ideal for toddlers and pregnant women, the anti-mosquito lamp of Ttcotoke is an ingenious device, silent, odorless and without harmful radiation.
The ecological drugstore is certainly the best alternative that will allow you to save on your budget, while enjoying an effective fly trap that can cover an area of 30 m² for several months.
Ideal for outdoor use, HBM's flycatcher is a true reference on the market. With an excellent price/quality ratio, it offers 1 to 2 months of effectiveness and covers an area of up to 50 m².
Now enjoy outdoor family meals and restful nights of sleep with Dekinmax! It will take care of any flying insect invasion without affecting your comfort and well-being.
Use: indoor and outdoor
Use: indoor and outdoor
Use: outdoor
Use: indoor and outdoor
A removable drip tray
Set of 5 sticky pads
Very large capacity
A removable drip tray
Powered by USB plug
Delivered with 100% organic bait
Low power consumption
Easy to install
2 months autonomy
Delivered with 1 cleaning brush and 1 cable
2 months of autonomy
Preparation rather delicate
Easy to clean

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Buying guide - fly trap

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How to choose your fly trap

Here are the parameters to consider to help you find the right fly trap for your needs.

#1 - The place

The type of fly trap you choose should be appropriate for the place where it will be placed. Indeed, the use of models such as toxic products and insecticides that can harm your health, for example, is not suitable for a bedroom, a kitchen or a dining room. In any case, to properly choose your fly trap, rely on the device's instructions to know whether or not it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

#2 - Ease of use

To simplify your life and for better hygiene, if you buy an electric fly trap, opt for a model equipped with a collection tray that collects dead insects. Also, avoid devices that are difficult to set up, handle and maintain.

#3 - The labels

Ecological fly traps that are free of toxic substances are often certified by the AB logo or organizations like Ecocert. Also check for European RoHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substances certification, which guarantees the absence of hazardous elements such as lead, chromium and mercury. Also, insect lights with protective screens are safer.

#4 - Lifetime and efficiency


type of fly trap has a different level of effectiveness. Sticky strips remain usable until their adhesive surface is covered with flies, while a large capacity jar trap will remain functional for up to about 2 months per refill and can be reused. As for the sprays, they have a limited effectiveness of a few hours.

#5 - Aesthetics

Now, it is possible to combine the useful with the pleasant with fly traps. Indeed, there are electric fly killers on the market with a nice attractive design that will certainly sublimate the style of your house. However, if you prefer sticky strips, place them in discreet places in your home to go unnoticed. Also, be careful because some fly traps are very smelly.

The homemade fly trap

Aside from the annoyance of their incessant buzzing and the dirty defecation they leave behind, flies are bugs that can be stopped with more environmentally friendly traps. Indeed, the use of homemade fly traps are essential especially in the "delicate" rooms of your home, such as the kitchen, dining room and bedroom. Here is a very easy to make fly trap.

Materials and ingredients required

To make your homemade trap, you will need:

  • a glass jar
  • a bowl
  • cling film
  • an elastic band
  • an object with a thin, pointed tip, such as a nail
  • cider vinegar
  • sugar


In a bowl, mix a large quantity of cider vinegar and sugar to serve as bait. Then, take the glass jar, remove its lid and pour in the mixture you just prepared. Then stretch a piece of cling film over the opening and secure it with a rubber band. After that, use the nail to poke small holes in the cling film to allow the flies to enter the jar but not to come out.

All that's left is to place the trap in the room where the flies are.


Since the average fly carries more than two million bacteria on its body, be sure to wash your hands after you have removed the flies from your fly trap.

Chemical fly traps or homemade fly traps?

Fly traps are a must for effectively getting rid of your unwanted guests and keeping them out of your home for as long as possible. However, as you become aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fly trap on the market, you are hesitating between chemical or homemade devices. Follow this short comparison to find out.

Chemical fly traps

The chemical fly traps on the market are all very effective, very easy to use and very practical in that some are disposable but are not very attractive. However, aerosol cans are polluting and sticky flypaper is unattractive. Some traps are suitable for indoor use while others are not. As far as price is concerned, you should expect to pay between 20 and 30 euros for a very good quality fly trap, although there are cheap models on the market with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Home-made fly traps

As for homemade fly traps like the glass jar trap we made earlier in this article, all you have to do is add a touch of originality to personalize them and give them a nice attractive design that will bring out the style of your home. If you are short of ideas, you can get inspiration from the many DIY tutorials online. Good color schemes and patterns to better hide the flies trapped in the jar will make your homemade fly trap both effective and largely less off-putting. In addition, homemade fly traps are made entirely from natural ingredients that are harmless to the body.

In conclusion, chemical fly traps and homemade fly traps should be used in conjunction with each other as they are both very effective in controlling fly invasions in your home.

The different types of fly traps

To help you once again in your choice of the right fly trap for your needs, it is advisable to take a look at the different types existing on the market.

Odour traps

There are odor traps that use a combination of sweet odors or odors containing a sex product attractive to flies and an insecticide that traps them in liquid.

Advantages :

  • Hygienic
  • Easy to use
  • Effective

Disadvantages :

  • Somewhat disturbing odors
  • Toxic
  • Not suitable for indoor use

Who is it for?

This type of trap is primarily for flies that invade your outdoor living space.

Sticky strips


type of trap involves attracting flies to sticky tape sprayed with a fruity scent or pheromones. In this category, there are also insecticidal stickers to stick on windows.


  • Ecological
  • Easy to install
  • Very efficient
  • Disposable

Disadvantages :

  • Very unattractive
  • Single use

Who is it for?

The sticky tape type fly trap is mainly intended for the less visible nooks and crannies and seldom visited rooms of your home.

Electrical traps


type of trap emits a light that attracts flies and kills them either by gluing or by electrocution. In this category is the electric racket which is battery operated and has a grid that produces an electric shock that instantly kills any flying insect by frying it.


  • Effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used several times


  • Unhygienic
  • Make flies burst and thus contribute to spread their germs
  • Noisy
  • Requires regular maintenance

Who is it for?

Designed to work inside buildings, electric fly traps can be used by businesses, restaurants and private spaces.

Fly pellets and insecticide bombs

Pellets consist of pheromones, sweet bait and insecticide that work by ingestion, while bombs work by diffusing their contents into the air



  • Effective
  • Fast acting
  • Disposable granules
  • Bombs that can be used several times

Disadvantages :

  • Toxic to both the user and pets
  • Bombs can cause allergic reactions
  • Unattractive and unhygienic results with granules
  • Single use granules

Who is it for?

Fly pellets are mainly intended for the less visible corners of your indoor living spaces, high up out of reach of small children and pets. As for insecticide bombs, they are intended for both indoor and outdoor use. However, their use is not recommended in the bedroom and kitchen.

Why buy a fly trap?

To sanitize the house

Yes, flies are harmful insects as they carry dirt and germs into your home. Buying a fly trap will not only keep your house clean, but also make the environment inside healthier. But you can also find fly pieces that you can use for outside, which will make it easier for you to relax on your patio or garden after a hard day's work.

To eliminate all insects

A fly trap is not just for catching flies. It's also the bane of other insects that squat in your house: cockroaches, small lizards, etc. Sticky strips, bait traps or electric insect killers, all these little beasts, whatever they are, cannot resist its effect.

For its practicality

These devices are often easy to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions or manuals for installation. It requires no effort, especially if you choose traps such as sticky strips or repellents.

For its effectiveness

No matter which product you choose, a fly trap is still very effective. Some kill flies outright, while others scare them away. Whatever the case, the objective remains the same: to prevent your home from being invaded by these parasitic insects. Moreover, it is a solution that allows you to save money since you will not have to buy other accessories to kill or catch these small insects.

To protect the environment

Although some fly traps are made with chemicals, the majority are made with more innovative design methods to protect the environment. Thus, you will contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem by opting for natural fly traps. For example, you can use natural fly traps that are both effective and very easy to use.

The best brands of fly traps

In our opinion, the best brands of fly traps in 2022 are :

La droguerie écologique
Red top

HBM is a company that creates, designs and distributes effective solutions against pests, such as flies, mosquitoes, etc. This brand is synonymous with reliability, precision and innovation.

La droguerie écologique is a brand of the company Sebio that offers cleaning products for the house, garden and other. 100% natural products. All of Sebio's products are made in Western Europe and they are economical and clever.

Dekinmax, founded in 2013, has been dedicated to mosquito repellent products since the very beginning. With its own professional design team and factory with standard certifications, it has been dedicated to producing safe and effective insecticides and mosquito killers.

The Red Top brand belongs to PG Distribution, which offers a wide range of products to get rid of pests such as roaches and flies. This company produces items designed and developed with environmentally friendly raw materials.

Aspectek specializes in cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and ultrasonic pest control products. This brand makes devices that use UV lights to attract pests such as mosquitoes and flies.

What is the price for a fly trap

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

9 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Adopt the right reflexes for a better safety hygiene

Establishing good hygiene in your home will effectively help keep flies at bay. To do this, wash your fruits and vegetables properly before use, never leave your food uncovered, and don't scatter your dirty dishes around. After washing dishes, make sure your sink is dry and don't forget to clean your kitchen countertops. Take out your garbage once the bin is full or, if necessary, make sure it is properly closed. Finally, regularly pour a mixture of hot water and white vinegar down the drain for better disinfection.

Precautions to take when using a fly trap


you use an electric model, avoid using it in areas frequented by your pets and small children, who can get close to it and get burned or stuck if the model is sticky. As for insecticide bombs or fly pellets, make sure they are not placed near food or in your kitchen. Finally, secure your sticky tape traps at the right height so you don't risk falling off and remember to wash your hands with soap and water after handling the trap.

Repel flies with fly barriers


keep flies out of your home, equip your windows with screens and your doors with strip curtains. You can also place a dish of food vinegar with cloves in the sills of your windows. Finally, consider installing fly guards on air vents and in drains to keep flies out.

Keep your toilets clean


make your home less attractive to flies, be sure to clean toilets regularly and prevent any risk of clogs and overflows by making sure plumbing is well maintained


Opt for natural repellents


eucalyptus or peppermint or geranium essential oil in the rooms of your home and place a basil plant or lemon geraniums on your half-open windowsill



Which fly trap to choose?

In our opinion, the best fly trap for most people is the Ttcotoke electric trap. To learn more, read our buying guide.

How to maintain an electric fly trap?

The maintenance of an electric fly trap is relatively simple. Remove the tray at the bottom of the trap and dispose of the killed flies. After that, gently rinse the trap with warm water. Dry it with a cloth. Finally, replace the tray and turn the trap on again.

Flies are invading my bedroom. What should I do?

If flies are keeping you awake, lure them into another room by turning on a light. During the day, leave your windows ajar to create drafts. You can also use a homemade fly trap, which is safe to use and more suitable for the bedroom.

What is the budget for a quality fly trap?

To buy a quality fly trap, you should expect to pay between 20 and 30 euros. However, this does not mean that there are no decent quality products for less than 20 euros. It all depends on the type of trap and the brand that sells it.

Can I use homemade bait once I have used up all the bait that came with the fly trap I purchased?

Although some brands advise using a home-made refill when you run out of bait, it is indeed possible to concoct your own homemade bait. Just make sure the ingredients used are attractive enough for the flies.


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Ttcotoke lamp
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