The best embroidery machines in the UK 2023

Used for recreational or professional purposes, the embroidery machine allows you to quickly create various designs using cross-stitches and counted stitches. And unlike handmade embroidery, it requires little energy. Check out our guide to buying the best embroidery machines for this year.

Bernette Chicago 7 1

Best value for money

Bernette Chicago 7

The best embroidery machine in 2021

The Bernette Chicago 7 was designed for those who love both sewing and embroidery. With over 180 different stitches and a few added alphabets, it will meet all embroidery needs.

559 £ on Amazon

This Bernette Chicago 7 embroidery machine doesn't look as boxy as other models in the Bernette line. Instead, it sports a slightly elongated bottom half, which gives it more stability and an eye-pleasing exterior. Plus, the fact that it's lightweight makes it portable, though finding a carrying bag is no easy mission. The white exterior and black lines make it a professional-looking machine.

The Bernette Chicago 7 offers a speed of 80 stitches/min. It has a clear LCD screen. It also allows you to choose between 6 needle positions. This is the icing on the cake. These positions are not completely necessary, but they make the experience much better..

Bernette Sew & Go 8 2

Best value for money

Bernette Sew & Go 8

The best entry-level embroidery machine

The Bernette Sew & Go 8 will suffice if you are just starting out in sewing and embroidery. At this price, you will have a great learning tool with 197 pre-set programs for sewing, quilting and patchwork.

319 £ on Cdiscount

For those who are new to the world of sewing and embroidery, the Bernette Sew & Go 8 is a no-risk purchase. The difference with conventional machines, i.e. without a menu or preloaded functions, is obvious. To speed up the mastery of this model, download the manual entirely in French from the manufacturer's website.

Rugged and reliable, the Bernette Sew & Go 8 is also versatile, simple, compact and practical. Designed to last for years, it will stimulate your creativity. Its 197 useful, elastic and decorative stitches are great for patchwork and quilting. In addition, this machine can sew and embroider on thick fabrics (4-5 mm) like denim.

Bernette B70 Deco 3

Best value for money

Bernette B70 Deco

The best high-end embroidery machine

With the Bernette B70 Deco, you can choose from 200 designs and 7 pre-programmed alphabets. Easy to master, this embroidery machine has a touch screen to activate functions and fine tune settings.

1 159 £ on Amazon

Designed by Bernette, the B70 Deco embroidery machine will simplify your life. With Lettering and Editing embroidery modules (300 additional embroidery designs and 100 alphabets), it unleashes creativity. Its touch screen with multi-function buttons is quick to learn, allowing you to retouch your subjects or combine various designs.

To use this machine, simply select the design you want from the 200 pre-programmed designs and 7 alphabets to embroider. And if that's not enough, you can download other embroidery designs via a USB stick. Finally, the booklet stitches ensure that the fabric is perfectly attached to the backing. You will no longer have to cut the threads individually during the embroidery process.

Husqvarna Designer Topaz 4


Husqvarna Designer Topaz

The high-end alternative

No matter how good you are at embroidery, the Husqvarna Designer Topaz will meet your expectations. Sure, it's expensive. But at this price, you'll be assured of owning an embroidery machine that won't disappoint you.

1 431 £ on Cdiscount

The Husqvarna Designer Topaz is the most advanced of the entire comparison. This sewing and embroidery machine is indeed equipped with a top thread and bobbin sensor. It displays a pop-up message when the upper thread breaks or when the bobbin thread is about to end. This machine eliminates the tedious task of monitoring the upper or bobbin thread.

This Husqvarna sewing and embroidery machine is also at the cutting edge of new technology. Indeed, it is equipped with a software that offers several features, including the organization of patterns. In addition, the software can be updated.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best embroidery machine

Any specific needs?

The best embroidery machine in 2021

The best entry-level embroidery machine

The best high-end embroidery machine

The high-end alternative

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Comparison table of the best embroidery machines

Bernette Chicago 7 5
Bernette Sew & Go 8 6
Bernette B70 Deco 7
Husqvarna Designer Topaz 8
Bernette Chicago 7
Bernette Sew & Go 8
Bernette B70 Deco
Husqvarna Designer Topaz
The Bernette Chicago 7 was designed for those who love both sewing and embroidery. With over 180 different stitches and a few added alphabets, it will meet all embroidery needs.
The Bernette Sew & Go 8 will suffice if you are just starting out in sewing and embroidery. At this price, you will have a great learning tool with 197 pre-set programs for sewing, quilting and patchwork.
With the Bernette B70 Deco, you can choose from 200 designs and 7 pre-programmed alphabets. Easy to master, this embroidery machine has a touch screen to activate functions and fine tune settings.
No matter how good you are at embroidery, the Husqvarna Designer Topaz will meet your expectations. Sure, it's expensive. But at this price, you'll be assured of owning an embroidery machine that won't disappoint you.
600 dots/min
600 stitches/min
850 stitches/min
1100 dots/min
Bobbin case
Integrated embroidery designs
Embroidery area
110 x 170 mm
110 x 170 mm
160 x 260 mm
150 x 240 mm
11.6 kg
11.6 kg
16.5 kg
9.5 kg

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Buying guide - embroidery machine

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How to choose your embroidery machine

Whether you are new to sewing and embroidery, or already an expert in the field, these few criteria will help you narrow down your choice when buying an embroidery machine.

#1 - The type of embroidery machines

Embroidery machines are more practical and multitaskers, and sometimes come with additional features. This does not take away the appeal of a machine specifically for embroidery.

  • The embroiderer alone: She is made only to design beautiful embroideries. Since it is made to perform a specific mission, it is faster and more efficient on different types of support: hats, fabrics, caps, etc.
  • The embroidery and sewing machine: Also called combined machine, it is a device that can be used for all sewing and embroidery tasks. Doing different tasks without changing machines: it's possible!

#2 - The embroidery surface

All embroidery machines already incorporate a predefined work area that corresponds to the maximum size of the embroidery to be done in one operation. This ranges from 110x170 mm to 260x200 mm. Note that a small embroidery area does not prevent the realization of large works. You just need to combine several embroidery fields to get the desired size.

#3 - The screen

Having a backlit and ergonomic screen proves to be very appreciable when using the embroidery machine for professional purposes. You will certainly find models with touch screens, but also others that come with control buttons to facilitate the configuration of the machine.

#4 - The frames

On an embroidery machine, the frames refer to the equipment that allows to properly stretch and secure the support (the fabric usually) on which the embroidery will be performed. Its shape, size and number vary from one embroidery machine to another. However, you should know that it is an accessory that you can buy independently of the machine if you are not satisfied with the frames provided at the time of purchase.

#5 - The pattern import mode

Although embroidery machines already include predefined designs, you can always create your own or download some from the net. For transferring your own designs, some sewing machines are equipped with USB ports, computer connections, or even have Bluetooth connectivity or via apps.

How to use your embroidery machine correctly?

The embroidery machine is a very easy device to use. However, there are a few steps and rules to follow in order to fully enjoy it. First, note that each model has its own operation. It is therefore advisable to follow the instructions provided in the manual of the machine.

The first thing to do is to choose the design you like. All embroidery machines come with many predefined designs that you can use. You should make sure that the design you choose is compatible with the brand of your machine. You can also download free designs from the internet. For this, you need a device with a USB input.

It is important to check that these downloaded patterns are correctly digitized to get the best result. You know that with sewing, two layers are joined together, but it should be noted that embroidery is worked on a single layer of fabric. It is essential to use threads specially adapted to embroidery. You must choose the threads according to the fabrics used and the result you want to obtain.

But you have to be careful because there are embroidery machines that can only be used with threads supplied by the same brand as your machine. Most of the time, a 100% viscose thread is used, but you can choose between the different materials offered. Indeed, you will find embroidery threads in cotton, wool, silk, plain or gradient.

Now that you have learned all you need to know about your embroidery machine, make the most of it and create all the designs you love.

The different types of embroidery machines

Whether for pleasure or for business, you should always choose the right embroidery machine. It is essential if you want your expectations to be met. Between the mechanical, electronic and computerized machine, making the choice is not so complicated. Discover their specificities to better understand their functioning.

Mechanical embroidery machine

The mechanical embroidery machine is also the traditional embroidery machine. It is the most common type on the market, although the models we see today are not quite the same as those of the past. Few people still buy this type of embroidery machine despite the improvements that have been made. However, some old and big brands continue to manufacture them to satisfy the purists. But it is important to know that the mechanical machine limits the creativity of the users, as they offer fewer features.

Electronic embroidery machine

Electronic embroidery machines have been designed to offer greater ease of use. Compared to mechanical models, the stitches offered are more numerous. They have different styles for users to try and produce unique designs. This wealth of choice combined with the simplicity of the electronic embroidery machine is a sure bet for sewers. Note that this model costs a bit more.

Computerized embroidery machine

It is the most expensive type of embroidery machine. It is also the most efficient. It promotes fast work and allows you to work with impressive ease on all types of embroidery. Even the most sophisticated designs can be reproduced with perfection. Not all machines can produce the sublime styles of the great designers. The computerized model is more autonomous. All you have to do is show it the expected result and it does it all by itself.

Embroidery machine or sewing and embroidery machine?

Embroidery machine

An embroidery machine allows you to make quick and personalized embroideries like a real professional. It comes in 3 types: mechanical, electronic and computerized. The mechanical is recognized as the most robust. The electronic one is the easiest to use thanks to the numerous pre-programmed stitches and patterns. The computerized model is very advantageous, has pre-recorded embroideries and can execute them automatically.

However, an embroidery machine has some disadvantages, including a certain fragility especially for electronic models. Only a computerized embroidery machine can make perfect embroideries, but it can cause connectivity problems that can not be easily corrected.

Sewing and embroidery machine

As the name suggests, the sewing and embroidery machine has more functionality than a simple sewing machine. Consisting of an embroidery area, it requires less space. With a larger work area, a sewing and embroidery machine guarantees easier sewing for beginners.

It is both a versatile and economical machine which ensures a good quality finish. In addition, it works very well on thick fabrics. The only downside is that in case it breaks down, you can't sew or embroider with it.


Whether it's the embroidery machine or a sewing and embroidery machine, they are both very handy for making beautiful work easily in a short time. A sewing and embroidery machine is recommended for those who are just starting to discover the field of sewing. While an embroidery machine is much more suitable for those who want to make especially well-customized embroideries of all types.

Why buy an embroidery machine?

Easy customization of clothing

As the name suggests, an embroidery machine is used to create embroidery, or designs on fabric. Seamstresses can use it to fully customize their creations with beautiful designs and lettering. It is a great ally to perfect your work and to awaken the creative spirit within you.

A very precise machine

Whether for business or pleasure, an embroidery machine is very fast. Efficient and extremely reliable, it reproduces patterns accurately and consistently. The results will be as perfect and attractive as those achieved by professional sewers.

Many built-in designs and patterns

An embroidery machine has a large number of built-in designs. You can choose any of them and decorate your fabric with them. Moreover, with a computerized embroidery machine, it is possible to download other designs online from your computer via USB connectivity. This makes it much easier to find the right design.


An embroidery machine allows you to work on different types of fabrics. You can personalize your linen clothes, your denim pants, or cotton linens. Some models also allow you to embroider on caps or hats. Basically, an embroidery machine can be used on all types of fabrics.

Lightweight and space-saving

If the embroidery machine used to be heavy and large, today it has evolved to meet the needs of many housewives and professional sewers. It now has a more sophisticated and less bulky design to fit easily into your home and find its place in a small corner of your house. The patterns are also neat and modern to fit the trend.

The best brands of embroidery machines

In our opinion, the best brands of embroidery machines in 2022 are :


Bernette is a Swiss brand that was founded 125 years ago and is the world's leading manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines. It offers products that are pleasant, simple, and with an excellent quality/price ratio. No matter which model you choose, Bernette machines impress with their versatility and reliability.

Veritas is a brand that began in 1894, and has established itself as one of the world's leading sewing machine manufacturers. Today, the brand offers a wide range of sewing machines for every budget and skill level.

With a passion for innovation, Husqvarna Group offers products and services for customers around the world. Founded in Sweden in 1689, the brand specializes in various product lines including embroidery machines. The products of this brand are known for their very high quality.

This brand established in 1851 is arguably the most famous sewing machine brand in the world. Thanks to the technology and longevity of its sewing machines, it has quickly established itself as the reference in the field. Buying a Singer embroidery machine means opting for a safe bet.

Janome is a company founded in 1869. It is a company that has built its reputation and fame by distributing innovative and quality products, strong brands through a network of specialized dealers.

What is the price for an embroidery machine

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 800 £
more than 800 £
Price range diagram


Start small.

One of the quickest ways to sabotage yourself is to start with a project that is not for novices or beginners. Start small and easy, then progress to more difficult techniques as your skills grow.

Take notes.


a notebook and record what you tried and how things


Include the stabilizer you used, the types and colors of threads, the type of fabric/fabric blend, any machine adjustments you made, and anything else that might help you replicate or improve the design next time. Better yet, keep these notes on your phone or computer where it's easy to include photos.

Notch your fabric correctly.

Make sure you

know how to properly hoop your fabric. If it's loose or wrinkled in the hoop, the design won't be perfect.

Test point.

There are

so many variables in the embroidery machine! The same design will be sewn differently depending on the digitizer, stabilizer, fabric, needle and thread used. You can avoid many problems by taking the time to test the stitch patterns on a similar fabric before embroidering the piece.

Place your stabilizer.


you buy a stabilizer on a roll, be sure to flatten it before using it. You can either press it between the pages of a heavy book for 24 hours, or use an iron if you need it faster.


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Bernette Chicago 7
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Bernette Sew & Go 8
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