The best electric skateboards in the UK 2023

Your son asks you for an electric skateboard and you don't know what to say. Your children are surely part of the 51% of English people who have heard about this new practical and ecological means of locomotion. This type of skateboard is gradually invading the streets of the capital and is an alternative to the Vélib. Read this guide to find out more.

Teamgee H20 1

Best value for money

Teamgee H20

The best electric skateboard in 2021

On this electric skateboard, you have a 4-stage speed selector, as well as 4 stages of braking down to the throttle end. Note the 1080W of the powerful hub motor.

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The Teamgee H20 has a 540W motor and a removable battery. Charging the battery will only give you 4 hours of autonomy, or a range of 30 km. By removing the battery, this electric skateboard becomes a classic board. So you can continue to ride, but it may be quite physical.

This model has a 1,080W hub motor, capable of propelling the skateboard up to 24 km/h and can handle a 30° slope. Furthermore, it has 90 x 54 mm PU wheels, offering a smooth riding experience, but firm enough to provide riders with a good grip.

Casulo H2S Longboard 2

Best value for money

Casulo H2S Longboard

The best entry-level electric skateboard

This longboard consists of a 7-ply rock hard maple board, high quality polyurethane wheels (72 x 51 mm), and a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control.

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This longboard is known for its perfect design. Its board made of 7 layers of maple wood (14 mm thick) is strong, stable and flexible. It is also resistant to corrosion. The whole unit weighs only 3.7 kg, so it is very easy to transport. The Casulo H2S has a 350 W motor and can reach 20 km/h while managing light slopes.

This electric skateboard is also equipped with a battery with an autonomy of 8 km, high quality polyurethane wheels (72 x 51 mm), which offer good concentricity and low wear to enjoy a more pleasant ride, including on uneven ground or gravel. Let's not forget the sensitive 2.4 GHz wireless remote control. In all, there are 3 speed levels. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Getek Dual-Motor 3300 W 3

Best value for money

Getek Dual-Motor 3300 W

The best high-end electric skateboard

The Getek Dual-Motor powerful motor of 3300 W. This electric skateboard with a sturdy board, operating with a remote control range of 14 m and with a range of 26 km.

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Here is a particularly powerful electric skateboard. It embarks 2 motors of a power of 1 650 W each while the normal electric skateboards have a power of approximately 400 W! Thanks to the two motors, this board can reach a speed of 38 km/h and its power is sufficient to climb a 25° slope.

The Getek Dual-Motor 3300W board is made of 7 layers of maple. It can support a weight of 90 kg and is 115 cm long. Its remote control, with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, has a range of 14 m. Very maneuverable, this all-terrain board helps to easily find the center of gravity and enjoy its unbelievable performance.

Colorway SS-K02 4

A great choice

Colorway SS-K02

A great aluminum electric skateboard

The board of this electric skateboard is made of very hard aluminum. Its black color and leopard pattern add to its tonus. Easy to use, even for beginners.

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This electric skateboard has interesting performances with its 400 W motor and its constant acceleration, capable of propelling the board at 28 km/h. Note the 4 Ah Li-ion battery, which allows the Colorway SS-K02 to travel up to 30 km. Operated by remote control, this model offers two riding modes and is particularly suitable for beginners.

The flexible wheels of this board allow a 360° movement. The PU wheels offer sensational flexibility and balance. This electric skateboard has a handle for easy transport, as it weighs 8 kg. In addition, the board meets the strictest safety standards in Europe.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric skateboard

Any specific needs?

The best electric skateboard in 2021

The best entry-level electric skateboard

The best high-end electric skateboard

A great aluminum electric skateboard

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Comparison table of the best electric skateboards

Teamgee H20 5
Casulo H2S Longboard 6
Getek Dual-Motor 3300 W 7
Colorway SS-K02 8
Teamgee H20
Casulo H2S Longboard
Getek Dual-Motor 3300 W
Colorway SS-K02
On this electric skateboard, you have a 4-stage speed selector, as well as 4 stages of braking down to the throttle end. Note the 1080W of the powerful hub motor.
This longboard consists of a 7-ply rock hard maple board, high quality polyurethane wheels (72 x 51 mm), and a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control.
The Getek Dual-Motor powerful motor of 3300 W. This electric skateboard with a sturdy board, operating with a remote control range of 14 m and with a range of 26 km.
The board of this electric skateboard is made of very hard aluminum. Its black color and leopard pattern add to its tonus. Easy to use, even for beginners.
4 speed levels
Solid and stable board
An all-terrain skateboard
Aluminum board for beginners and professionals
Wheel cushioning
Perfect design
Can be used by adults and children
Two riding modes
Suitable for all ages
Double motor and great autonomy
Flexible wheels

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Buying guide - electric skateboard

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How to choose your electric skateboard

Before running to a specialty store to buy one, it is necessary to take a step back to know the basics of an electric skateboard. Here are some selection criteria that we have sorted for your research.

#1 - Your needs

First of all, you have to analyze your own needs. Without this, you risk buying a model that is too small or too powerful that you will leave in the garage after a week. So, to start with, you have to look at the purpose of your purchase. There are two possible scenarios:

  • The urban model designed for sidewalk riding
  • The all-terrain model for a more advanced skateboarding experience

In addition, you should know that speeding on bike paths is regulated by law. You can be fined by a traffic officer if you exceed the authorized speed.

#2 - The engine

The power of an electric skateboard will define its ability to cross obstacles. A power of 2,000 W will allow a device to climb a steep slope without any problem or to do cross-country and acrobatics. For a normal or beginner use, we advise you to choose a skateboard with a power of 300 W. The new generation of electric skateboards has an average speed of 25 km/h. The majority of manufacturers have limited their devices to comply with the current law. So, when you buy, don't be surprised if the seller offers you to let go of the horses by removing the manufacturer's limit. Thus, your device will reach and even exceed 30 km/h. It should be noted that such a speed is reserved for people with a high degree of experience.

#3 - The weight

Lees electric skateboard is by nature a board with four wheels and a motor. A conventional skateboard is light and can be carried on the bus, subway or to the office. This quality must be transposed to its electric cousin. It is therefore important to choose a light and compact model so that it can accompany you on your travels. It depends on your needs.

#4 - The battery


great novelty of the latest generation electric skates is their lighter and more durable lithium battery

. The average distance you can travel is 15 to 20 km after a maximum charge. Some high-end models can reach a distance of 50 km. The speed and weight of your bike, including the weight of the battery, will affect the range of your bike. The heavier it is, the more electricity your skateboard will consume. Also, a large battery will take twice as long to fully recharge.

#5 - A waterproof board

Unlike conventional skateboards, the electric model has electrical components on board. Therefore, choosing a waterproof skateboard is vital when making your purchase. This way, you won't have any problem during your rides whether it's in the rain or on muddy surfaces. It is also a guarantee of the longevity of your investment.

The importance of wheels

The hardness of the wheels on an electric skateboard will help its handling. Thus, a soft wheel will help your handling and better absorb the shocks, but you will lose in pure speed. All electric skateboards have urethane or polyurethane wheels with diameters of 17 cm on average. On the all-terrain models, you can have wider wheels.

This hardness is expressed in "Shore" and you will see the indications marked by the acronyms "A" or "DU" on your skate. The notation is from 0 to 100 with "0" indicating a very soft wheel. Thus, a basic model will be marked 86 A or 95 A, which means a perfect ride, but with an acceptable level.

The learning process

Before riding like the pros, it is useful to start by learning how to start and stop. Then, learn to control your machine before performing tricks. That way, you'll avoid trouble!

The different types of electric skateboards

The longboard

This type of skateboard is characterized by a longer board, or deck. It is the perfect model to start

in electric skateboarding, because its dimensions facilitate the grip. On average, the board measures 95 cm which is convenient to place the feet correctly. For the professionals it is rather a brake, because this type of skateboard is heavier and prevents the realization of fast acrobatics.

Invented by surfers in need of sensation in the 70s, the longboard is a board that reproduces the movements of a surf on a wave. The dimensions are superior, it allows to make speed peaks. The longboard is practiced on roads or slopes but that does not prevent it from being practiced anywhere there is asphalt. The longboard is ideal for beginners skaters.

The freeboard


the world of skateboards, the cruizer is an intermediate model. It's shorter, and roughly similar to the longboard, with the addition of two wheels that allow for 360-degree circular movement while maintaining its starting speed. The two wheels are placed in the axis of the board. This type of skateboard is not made for a beginner. Indeed, it is necessary to have a certain experience with the longboard to be able to practice it.

That's why it's the perfect machine to perform tricks. Its chassis is shorter, which allows it to be faster

. The two feet of the driver are fixed at both ends of the skate to improve the movements of the glide. Moreover, it is easily transportable and can accompany you in all your travels if you alternate your means to circulate.

The mountain board

It is in a

way the 4×4 of skateboarding. It can be practiced on any type of environment but especially in the mountains. It is therefore perfect for rides in the forest. Manageable, wide and flexible, the mountain board allows free movements. Sometimes, kitesurfing enthusiasts use it to train. They add a sail and practice on the water.

The mountain board allows you to practice different movements in different places, all terrain, your feet will not be attached as with the freeboard. Therefore, with the mountain board, you can go anywhere. And generally, mountain boards have more torque than street skates.

What is grip?

The grip is a non-slip material that covers the surface of the board. Thanks to it, your feet will remain stable on the deck. Choose an electric skateboard with a good grip layer!

Electric longboard or electric cruizer ?

The electric longboard

This type of skateboard is characterized by a board, or Deck, longer. It is the perfect model to begin in electric skateboard, because its dimensions facilitate your grip. On average, the board measures 95 cm which is convenient to place your feet correctly. For the professionals it is rather a brake, because this type of skateboard is heavier and will prevent them to realize their acrobatics quickly. Ideal for daily use and beginners.

The electric cruizer

In the world of skates, it is an intermediate model, because it is shorter, but keeps the assets characterizing the longboard. It is the perfect machine to perform tricks, because its short frame allows it to gain in speed of execution. Moreover, it is easily transportable and can accompany you in all your displacements if you alternate your means to circulate.


The choice will be made according to your way of skating. If you are a beginner, choose the electric longboard. If you have already practiced, the electric cruizer offers more thrills.

The best brands of electric skateboards

In our opinion, the best brands of electric skateboards in 2022 are :


Teamgee is a true reference in the field of electric skateboards. The company started its activity as an OEM and ODM of various electronic components, but in recent years it has established itself in the world of electric mobility by offering products such as the hoverboard, electric scooter and unicycle.

Surfwheel was born in 2014, with the goal of providing a safe and fun way to surf on land. The inventor of Surfwheel was greatly inspired by the culture of skiing, surfing and skateboarding while growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Quality and performance are the main actions that the Evolve brand aims at. Thus, its products aim to give the best skateboarding experience possible. More adrenaline and dopamine will be in your daily life with the devices of this brand.

It is a French brand which is part of the most trendy of the moment. It produces high-end and premium skateboards and longboards whose principle is to integrate the real sensations of sliding into everyday life.

The guarantee of the quality of Inboard skateboards is its technology. Added to that its safety. The brand wants to offer more freedom and mobility to its customers, hence the performance of their devices.

What is the price for an electric skateboard

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Wear protective equipment

When skateboarding, it is important to wear the proper protection. Your own safety comes first. An electric skateboard goes up to 25 km/h and more, at this speed a small fall can become serious, so bring a pair of gloves, bike or motorcycle, and a helmet preferably integral. By reflex, you will use your hands to protect yourself the presence of gloves will prevent you from abrasions. For beginners, it is useful to add knee protectors.

Use a portable horn


own safety is important, but by protecting yourself you will also protect other users of the track. It will be a good idea to buy a portable horn or bell to make you recognized by passersby and drivers. Then, you may be riding at night, so make sure you don't forget reflective armbands and a light so that cars know where you are.

Respect the traffic rules

It is

also important to drive responsibly. Indeed, the maximum speed allowed on the bike path or on the sidewalks where the speed limit is 6 km/h the regulatory speed on the road is 50 km/h, so it is forbidden to venture there. It is convenient to take information by contacting the services of the city hall.

Learn step by step

Most beginners quickly want to look like Tony Hawk when they start skateboarding. However, even the greatest have started with the basics. It is necessary to take its evil in patience, and to start its learning step by step. The first step is to learn how to stay balanced on the skateboard and then try to move forward smoothly. With a lot of practice, your level will increase.

Avoid unnecessary acceleration, it drains the battery!


optimize the distance you will have to travel with your electric skateboard, it is important to keep a constant speed along your route. The more you accelerate the more energy your machine will consume and drain the battery. Be careful!


Are electric skateboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, they are perfect for beginners, not only for their feel, but especially for their control. They are very easy to use in open spaces and even on paved roads (as long as the terrain is not too rough). In reality, riding an electric skateboard is exactly like riding a normal non-electric skateboard. The only difference, in this case, is that this skateboard is powered by a motor.

How is the battery life of electric skateboards?

Generally, the range of their battery varies according to the models of electric skateboards. Some can travel up to 12 to 20 km on average without charging. High-end models can go up to 80 km with a maximum speed of 30 km/h. However, these range claims are made by the manufacturers and many types of electric skateboards will not hold up for that many miles.

Is it possible to transform a simple skateboard into an electric skateboard?

If you want to convert your regular skateboard, you need an electric skateboard conversion kit. However, you should look for the most reliable and reputable electric skateboard kits. But there is no substitute for theefficiency of a factory-madeelectric skateboard.

What type of motor is suitable for an electric skateboard?

Choose the 350 Watt brushless motor. It offers several advantages, including a high torque/weight ratio. In addition, it allows you to reach high speeds, it emits less noise and has a longer life span.


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