The best electric egg cookers in the UK 2023

Cooking an egg is not as easy as it sounds! In fact, many people still fail to cook them, especially those that require specific textures and temperatures. Put the odds on your side with an electric egg cooker. And to help you out, we've compared the best egg cookers around. Read this guide to find yours and learn more.

Russell Hobbs 14048-56 1

Best value for money

Russell Hobbs 14048-56

The best electric egg cooker in 2021

The Russell Hobbs 14048-56 Egg Cooker with stainless steel cooking bowl adjusts cooking time based on the amount of water present and the number of eggs.

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The Russell Hobbs 14048-56 is remarkably efficient. Steamed eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs or soft-boiled eggs, this egg cooker can do it all. It can hold up to 7 boiled eggs or 3 poached eggs. We like its simple switch-on. You just have to wait for the audio signal to turn off to start cooking the eggs.

For safe operation and consistently successful cooking, the Russell Hobbs 14048-56 has both an automatic shut-off and boil protection. In addition, the 365 W power rating limits its energy consumption. And after use, this egg cooker can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. A measuring cup is included with the device.

Arendo Sevencook 2

Best value for money

Arendo Sevencook

The best entry-level electric egg cooker

In addition to cooking eggs, the Arendo Sevencook offers a keep warm function, this electric egg cooker can boil, poach and make omelets for a small fee.

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The compact Arendo Sevencook egg cooker will easily fit in a small kitchen. This device allows you to program the desired level of hardness according to the amount of water you pour in. However, beware that the graduations on the measuring cup must first be interpreted: they consist of characters and not just numbers.

At the end of the cooking process, you will hear a not too loud beep. The egg piercer integrated in the measuring cup is protected by a lid, a clever solution to avoid accidentally breaking uncooked eggs. Despite a questionable robustness, the Arendo Sevencook deserves its place in this comparison. Its price should please small budgets.

Cuisinart CEC10E 3

Best value for money

Cuisinart CEC10E

The best high-end electric egg cooker

The Cuisinart CEC10E is expensive for an electric egg cooker. But its 10-egg capacity, precision cooking and build quality are worth it.

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Unlike most egg cookers, the Cuisinart CEC10E has a capacity of 10 eggs arranged in 2 tiers: 6 at the base and 4 above. In a single operation, this appliance provides 1 to 10 hard-boiled eggs, 1 to 10 soft-boiled eggs, 4 molded eggs or 1 omelet. In addition, each end of cycle is accompanied by a beep to alert you.

During the first few uses, novice users will struggle with the Cuisinart CEC10E. But by following the instructions and with a little practice, you should be fine. In addition, the build quality of this egg cooker lives up to Cuisinart's reputation, including its brushed stainless steel lid and bowl. A measuring cup with piercing needle and 2 egg cups are also included.

Severin EK 3056 4


Severin EK 3056

The most convenient egg cooker

Despite its limited capacity of 6 eggs, the Severin EK 3056 is a very interesting device. The quality and precision of its cooking have nothing to envy to other models.

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This is a compact egg cooker, designed by the German brand Severin. Despite a limited capacity of 6 eggs, this device offers very practical features. You can choose between soft, medium and hard cooking. These cooking modes remain valid regardless of the type of cooking (poaching, omelette...).

The presence of separate trays makes it possible to carry out various cooking simultaneously. The cooker is easy to use, just add water to the line indicated for the type of eggs and turn on the switch. Once the eggs are ready, the Severin EK 3056 beeps before turning off. The manufacturer even included a recipe book with this egg cooker.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric egg cooker

Any specific needs?

The best electric egg cooker in 2021

The best entry-level electric egg cooker

The best high-end electric egg cooker

The most convenient egg cooker

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Comparison table of the best electric egg cookers

Russell Hobbs 14048-56 5
Arendo Sevencook 6
Cuisinart CEC10E 7
Severin EK 3056 8
Russell Hobbs 14048-56
Arendo Sevencook
Cuisinart CEC10E
Severin EK 3056
The Russell Hobbs 14048-56 Egg Cooker with stainless steel cooking bowl adjusts cooking time based on the amount of water present and the number of eggs.
In addition to cooking eggs, the Arendo Sevencook offers a keep warm function, this electric egg cooker can boil, poach and make omelets for a small fee.
The Cuisinart CEC10E is expensive for an electric egg cooker. But its 10-egg capacity, precision cooking and build quality are worth it.
Despite its limited capacity of 6 eggs, the Severin EK 3056 is a very interesting device. The quality and precision of its cooking have nothing to envy to other models.
Fast cooking
Features 3 levels of hardness for cooking eggs
Holds up to 10 eggs
Practical and very elegant egg cooker
Holds up to 7 eggs
Simple unit
6 eggs capacity
Allows for different egg cooking
Robust and elegant
Separate trays allowing 2 cooks at the same time

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Buying guide - electric egg cooker

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How to choose your electric egg cooker

When it comes to electric egg cooker, you need to choose based on the number of members in your family. Then, there are a few criteria to consider.

#1 - Cooking programs

Some electric egg cookers will only allow you to boil eggs, which is fine if that's all you want. But others will allow you to poach eggs and even make omelets, so you should look for a model that meets all your egg-making needs. Go for an appliance that cooks eggs in different ways. That way, you'll never get bored.

#2 - Capacity

If you like to make a lot of hard-boiled eggs, opt for a large model. These can cook up to 10 eggs at a time. Most smaller models will let you put in up to six eggs, which is often more than enough. If you don't need to cook more than that, you may be able to switch to a smaller model.

#3 - The timer

Some electric egg cookers allow you to set a timer for a specific time and turn off when the timer runs out. Others base the time on how much water you put in the unit at the beginning. So decide which one you prefer and choose the model that works for you.

#4 - The material of the tank and the cover


parts are often made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, or a combination of these materials listed. Most of the time, the vessel is made of metal and the heating plate is made of conductive material. While the cover is made of plastic. Plastic lids allow you to see what is going on inside and do not get too hot. However, this material does not last as long as aluminum or stainless steel.

#5 - Ease of use

Buttons should be large enough to spot and recognize immediately. The power button should be the largest and operate with a single button. The panel should not be cluttered with too many buttons and dials.

How to clean an electric egg cooker?

The best electric egg cookers 9

Cleaning an egg cooker is not complicated. But there are some safety precautions you need to consider. It is imperative to clean an egg cooker regularly, otherwise grease or residues can build up in the cooker and can affect its performance.

To clean the egg cooker, you must first read the user's manual because each cooker has its own specific instructions. Make sure the unit is turned off and cooled down before cleaning. For this task, soap, white vinegar and a microfiber cloth will suffice.

One important thing to keep in mind is that an egg cooker is not suitable for the dishwasher because the high temperature can melt or warp the plastic. So you will need to wash the egg tray, lid, poaching and steaming trays with a mild detergent first and then wipe them down with a dry, soft cloth.

The heating vessel or main body should be cleaned with a damp cloth, and it is not recommended to use a rough or abrasive cloth that may rub the material. After cleaning the main body, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the body so that there is no mineral deposit.

Dry the main body with a dry cloth and never immerse the electric cord or the base of the boiler in water when cleaning the equipment.

Electric egg cooker or water pan?

Electric egg cooker

The electric egg cooker will save a lot of time thanks to the automatic stop mechanism. With such a device, it is impossible to miss cooking an egg, even if you are not a great cook. In addition, the electric egg cooker beeps to indicate the end of the cooking process. And you can adjust the temperature, hardness and cooking time.

Water pan

The key to perfectly cooked eggs is the right ratio of eggs to water. Adding more water to some eggs or adding more eggs to less water can affect their texture. With the conventional boiling method, you need to know the right proportion of eggs and water you need. But the pot also has its advantages. You just have to use a utensil you already own and cooking is not that complicated if you have practice.


For those who have no trouble cooking eggs and don't want to spend money on a rarely used appliance, a pot of water will do. For those who want to cook eggs successfully every time, you will have to invest in an electric egg cooker.


Choose the right temperature

Use fresh eggs straight from the refrigerator and do not wait until they are room temperature. Because the cooking cycle relies heavily on the evaporation of water, room temperature eggs will tend to overcook.

Place the eggs in the correct position


placing eggs in the refrigerator, make sure the larger end of the egg is facing up and the smaller pointed end is facing down. This keeps the yolk centered in the egg when cooking.

Pierce the tip of the egg



the top of the egg (large end) and place it in the egg cooker to prevent the egg from breaking during cooking.
Eggs with thinner shells may break regardless of piercing.

Oil the tray before baking


a little butter, oil, or use a light cooking spray to coat the inside of the poaching and omelet trays so that the eggs will come off easily when cooked


Take care of your cooker


extend the life of your cooker, use distilled water because mineral deposits can corrode hot plate components over time. Periodically using white vinegar to clean the base of the unit will help minimize hard water scaling that can discolor eggs if it builds up.


What is the best electric egg cooker?

The best electric egg cooker depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Are eggs cooked in an electric egg cooker easy to peel after cooking?

Yes, they are easier to peel than those cooked in the pot.

Can I use the electric egg cooker to confidently prepare hard-boiled eggs with the yolk still a little soft?

Yes it can. A measuring cup is often supplied with the unit. This tells you how much water you should add, depending on how well your eggs are cooked.

Does the electric egg cooker make omelettes?

Yes, the electric egg cooker can make omelets. However, it is not suitable because it is not always easy to clean after making an omelet.

How do I clean the electric egg cooker tray?

You can use vinegar and a little water to clean it.


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Russell Hobbs 14048-56
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