The best dry hair shampoos in the UK 2023

Aggressed by external factors, hair becomes dry and fragile. We try every trick in the book to restore vitality, shine and suppleness. And a good routine that respects itself necessarily includes a dry hair shampoo. After much research, we've put together some tips, criteria and the best dry hair shampoos. Read this guide to learn more.

Kerastase Bain Magistral Nutritive 1

Best value for money

Kerastase Bain Magistral Nutritive

Best dry hair shampoo in 2021

Kerastase Bain Magistral Nutritive deeply nourishes dry and sensitive hair. This dry hair shampoo has great cleansing power and removes all impurities.

15,96 £ on Amazon

Do you want beautiful hair that is both voluminous and easy to manage? Use Kerastase Bain magistral Nutritive for its enriched and protective ingredients. It contains an advanced nutrient complex and ingredients that promote even protection throughout each fiber.

The nourishing effect is felt from the very first use. It is the ideal dry hair shampoo to care for your mane in summer or after a day at the pool. Moreover, the Iris rhizome contained in this product prevents relapse. You will quickly find soft and disciplined hair after application. Be sure, you will not have any more difficulties to carry out all the hairstyles which you want.

Aussie Repair Miracle 2

Best value for money

Aussie Repair Miracle

Best entry-level dry hair shampoo

Aussie's Repair Miracle Shampoo comes to the rescue of curly, dry and damaged hair. You can feel the difference before and after using this product. Vitality and moisture await your hair.

3,15 £ on Amazon

Aussie Repair Miracle is perfect for women who want to give their curls a boost. Suitable for all textures, this shampoo helps revitalize dry hair. With this in mind, the brand has gathered the best natural ingredients from Australia to repair and moisturize hair fibers.

The result is hair that is especially soft to the touch, but not too greasy. It gets the right amount of nutrients to make it look good. You will gain in shine thanks to the composition of this product. What's more, consumers love the volume effect that Aussie Repair Miracle provides.

Sebastian Hydre Shampoo 3

Best value for money

Sebastian Hydre Shampoo

Best high-end dry hair shampoo

Used by both men and women, Sebastian Hydre Shampoo has proven itself on dry and colored hair. It combines hydration and nutrition for the benefit of hair cells. Silky hair guaranteed!

25,56 £ on Amazon

The result of this dry hair shampoo is instantaneous. It acts quickly and effectively on hair that has undergone chemical treatments with or without heat. It is a care adapted to colored hair. The shampoo does not alter your hair color and can be used as a main treatment. You can of course alternate it with other products to diversify the nutritive contribution of your hair.

Sensitive hair is immediately strengthened by the composition of this shampoo. In addition, this dry hair shampoo fights against itching, which more than one woman suffers not only from dryness, but also from dandruff. You will love the suppleness of your hair once washed with Sebastian Hydre Shampoo.

Franck Provost Nutrition Intense 4


Franck Provost Nutrition Intense

Best nourishing dry hair shampoo

Franck Provost Nutrition Intense is a welcome addition to any professional salon. Silicone-free, it treats dry hair and is even more effective with the rest of the range. You will love it!

3,41 £ on Amazon

Not only does this dry hair shampoo work quickly, but it is also effective over the long term. Professional hairdressers as well as individuals love its composition, presentation and texture. In addition, its large capacity is ideal for use in a salon. Shea butter, the basic ingredient of this product, goes deep into the hair and provides all the nutrition it needs.

Franck Provost offers you this expert nutrition shampoo to take care of your hair. Franck Provost Nutrition Intense is suitable for dry and very dry hair. After just one use, you can already see a silky and supple result.

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Best dry hair shampoo

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Best dry hair shampoo in 2021

Best entry-level dry hair shampoo

Best high-end dry hair shampoo

Best nourishing dry hair shampoo

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Comparison table of the best dry hair shampoos

Kerastase Bain Magistral Nutritive 5
Aussie Repair Miracle 6
Sebastian Hydre Shampoo 7
Franck Provost Nutrition Intense 8
Kerastase Bain Magistral Nutritive
Aussie Repair Miracle
Sebastian Hydre Shampoo
Franck Provost Nutrition Intense
Kerastase Bain Magistral Nutritive deeply nourishes dry and sensitive hair. This dry hair shampoo has great cleansing power and removes all impurities.
Aussie's Repair Miracle Shampoo comes to the rescue of curly, dry and damaged hair. You can feel the difference before and after using this product. Vitality and moisture await your hair.
Used by both men and women, Sebastian Hydre Shampoo has proven itself on dry and colored hair. It combines hydration and nutrition for the benefit of hair cells. Silky hair guaranteed!
Franck Provost Nutrition Intense is a welcome addition to any professional salon. Silicone-free, it treats dry hair and is even more effective with the rest of the range. You will love it!
Effective on dry hair
100% organic
Components for hydration and nutrition
Irisome, Benzoin resin, Ceramide, Xylose
Jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil
Shea butter
250 mL
300 mL
1000 mL
750 mL

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Buying guide - dry hair shampoo

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How to choose your dry hair shampoo

Whether your hair is dry by nature or because of external aggressions, a good treatment is necessary. And that inevitably means using a special shampoo. Its qualities improve the appearance of your hair and boost its health.

#1 - The components

We pay more attention to the composition of a dry hair shampoo because of its fragility. Exit the chemical components and surfactants like sodium or laureth-sulfate and make room for gentle ingredients. We also forget the foaming effect, because it is the sulfate in particular that produces it. Always check the product label when comparing. This sacrifice is essential to avoid further drying out your mane.

In the end, prefer mild sulfates that lather and are less aggressive.

You should also avoid silicones, as they suffocate the hair. Your hair quickly becomes dry and split after washing. Goodbye shine. The use of a shampoo containing this ingredient is not recommended over time. The same goes for paraben, which is far from harmless to hair health.

#2 - The nourishing effect

Nourishing shampoo is what you need. As the name suggests, it comes to nourish the mane deeply. This particular type of product contains gentle, nutrient-rich ingredients: butter and oil. Then, the nature of the latter depends on the texture of the hair. It can be shea, jojoba, honey, macadamia, coconut, sweet almond or avocado. In any case, these plant substances ensure shine and softness.

#3 - The organic shampoo label

Organic shampoos have more than one advantage. They are respectful of each hair fiber. Very soft, these products promote the production of sebum that closes the scales of the hair for better absorption of products. They are certified by labels that must be identified beforehand. Be careful, an organic label does not mean that the shampoo is totally free of aggressive agents.

Just like other products, there is a difference in quality between offers. Low-end organic shampoos are to be avoided. More expensive than conventional shampoos, they are not more effective. However, some dangerous ingredients are absent. And that's something. In short, always refer to the composition after checking the point on the label.

#4 - The shape of the product

Dry hair shampoos are sold in liquid, powder, cream or solid. The liquid form is the most common. It is also ideal for dry hair that needs moisture a priori. Solid shampoos are healthier. They contain very few aggressive active ingredients and chemical additives and are characterized by a great washing power. Depending on the composition, they know how to moisturize your hair and nourish it enough to give shine and protection on the outside.

#5 - The secondary needs of the hair

Other than the type of hair, which is dry in this case, the texture of the hair matters. Added to that is their little specifics and imperfections. Dry hair is also full of dandruff sometimes. In this case, opt for anti-dandruff shampoos. Then, curly hair needs specific shampoo, regardless of the type from 1 to 4. It's mentioned on the label.

This information is critically important because you need special ingredients to bring your curls to life. You don't use a straightening shampoo on curly hair. Colored hair is also affected by this special consideration. The fact is that it is more sensitive and fragile in addition to being quite dry. Not to mention that the color can be altered if the care is not well chosen.

Treat the problem at the root by identifying its causes

Wind, sunburn, pollution, sea water... many factors cause dry hair. The roots are often protected from these aggressions, which is not the case for the ends, the most exposed parts. Over time, sebum no longer reaches the length of the hair and a good part of the hair is deprived of it. However, it is an essential element for the development and health of hair cells and fibers. Hair care products will boost its production to help the hair live despite the rather violent external conditions.

? What is sebum?

Sebum, formed by the sebaceous glands, brings fatty matter to the hair. It nourishes the hair and tends to accumulate at the roots. This is why this part of the head is often greasy to the touch. Sebum provides additional protection to the scalp and hair while nourishing it. The problem with dry hair is that it is subject to a lack of sebum production.

It is also possible that this is due to a genetic problem that is remediable like the causes mentioned above. Everything can be resolved with appropriate care. It is even a prerequisite to maintain your hair properly in the long term. The problem is that this treatment must be continuous and regular.

Then, there are practices to be avoided for the result to be long-lasting. Dry hair is fragile by nature. This means that it does not tolerate heaters, whether for curling or straightening. Not only do they prevent water from entering the hair fibers, but they also get rid of stored moisture. Even diet has something to do with the condition of the hair. It needs vitamins that come from the diet.

Know that the nature of hair changes depending on what it experiences on a daily basis. In fact, many people notice a considerable difference between the texture of the roots and the length. When applying hair care products, make sure that the ends and length benefit the most.

The different types of dry hair shampoos

There are 3 types of dry hair shampoos and each type works differently. They are therefore used according to your hair needs. Discover their roles and characteristics.

Nourishing shampoo for dry hair

Due to pollution, climatic conditions, inadequate nutrition or poor care, hair becomes dry. We can see by its appearance that it lacks nutrients. In this case, the roots are moisturized, but it is the ends and the length that are rough. To overcome this unsightly appearance, you need to find a nourishing shampoo that supplies the hair with lipids. Ingredients like shea butter and vegetable oils contain this nutrient in large quantities.

Dry hair is prone to open scales. As a result, it is difficult for hair care products to penetrate deep into the hair. These components aim to repair this very flaw so that the shampoo does its job of smoothing and giving flexibility to each hair.

Repairing shampoo for dry hair

Dry hair ends up breaking as easily. When it gets to that stage, it needs a repairing shampoo containing fatty acid in substantial amounts. It takes care of the ends that are the most weakened by external aggressions. The composition of a repair shampoo for dry hair strengthens the hair shafts.

Some lipids are more effective than others in this function. This is the case with ceramide, which acts on the internal structure of the hair. The hair cells are thus more orderly. This gives the whole a softer and well-nourished appearance.

Hydrating shampoo for dry hair

The moisturizing shampoo is classified into 3 categories: for dry hair, for very dry hair and for damaged hair. For this third use, the shampoo fortifies in addition to its moisturizing function. The first one brings a light hydration, just what the hair needs to be in good health. This moderation is of paramount importance. It's not a good idea to smother the hair with so many unnecessary moisturizers. They will end up making the hair flat.

In the second category, shampoo is enriched with extremely moisturizing formulas. Prefer products with fixers to retain the moisture provided by ingredients like coconut oil among others. The moisturizing shampoo for very dry hair repairs curls and length by acting on split ends. Its effect is more durable.

? Before washing

Before applying the dry hair shampoo, you should brush your hair. This way, your hair will be more receptive to the benefits of the product once it is detangled.

Dry hair shampoo or standard shampoo?

Dry hair shampoo

The dry hair shampoo is specially designed to repair, nourish and moisturize this type of hair. Its effectiveness is impeccable because of its well thought-out composition. The major cosmetic brands carefully choose the ingredients to meet the needs of dry hair.

Standard shampoo

Standard shampoos are for everyone, or more precisely for normal hair, neither greasy nor dry nor brittle. They are suitable for all hair types, but are not indicated to treat special cases. In any case, you will find shampoos for all prices and for all brands.


Choose a dry hair shampoo if you really want to eradicate this problem for good. You can't have beautiful, shiny, moisturized hair without investing in the right care. The performance of these products certainly comes at a price, but it's definitely worth it.

Why buy a (good) dry hair shampoo?

To give life to your hair

The different types of dry hair shampoos are designed to treat hair from the roots to the ends. Afterwards, it's up to you to choose the one that is most appropriate for you, depending on the level of dehydration. This shampoo is your best ally to have flexible and resistant hair.

To boost the curls of your curly and wavy hair

Dry hair shampoo is a must if you are looking to improve your natural curls. This is due to the amount of moisture provided when washing. In addition, the use of dry hair shampoo helps with detangling.

To strengthen fragile hair

The nutrients provided by dry hair shampoo make your hair stronger. Hair that falls out during styling will gradually diminish. A point for the volume and the regularity of the hair.

This specific shampoo provides the moisture your hair needs

Dry hair needs moisture. Washing is a good opportunity to provide that. And there's nothing like a good moisturizing dry hair shampoo to get the job done.

All the products in your hair routine are interdependent

Shampoo alone can't repair your dry hair. The same goes for masks, conditioners and oils. All products work together to change the condition and nature of your hair.

The best brands of dry hair shampoos

In our opinion, the best brands of dry hair shampoos in 2022 are :

L’Oréal Paris
Shu Uemura

Kérastase is an icon in the field of hair care. The brand serves women who are concerned about their small (and large) hair problems. Between coloring, shampooing, masks and other products are the salon care offerings for customers to take advantage of the expert advice of the brand's hairdressers.

Revlon has long made a name and reputation among cosmetic and also fragrance brands. The brand offers complete solutions not only for hair, but also for the face. Beauty and care are its specialties and its customers seem to be fully satisfied.

L'Oreal is no longer to be introduced. We are talking about the world leader in the cosmetic industry. The brand puts its science at the service of fashion to bring innovation and variety in its production, for the benefit of consumers around the world. Its success is just as remarkable when compared to dry hair shampoos.

Shu Uemura's hair line has won over more than one. The brand relies on natural components for the majority of its products. In addition to care for all hair types, it is also known in the makeup market. Although, the company also produces some hair removal materials.

Aussie is among the favorite brands for girls and young women. It brings specific products for all hair textures whether for coloring, washing and the whole hair routine. You can always count on its diversified lines that benefit natural enthusiasts.

What is the price for a dry hair shampoo

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

12 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Use dry hair shampoo with the right products

Dry hair shampoo is always accompanied by its conditioner. It is also more effective followed or preceded by a mask depending on your routine. You can use any other product with this shampoo depending on your expectations.

Limit hair washing

The organic substances in water dry out the hair. Because of this, reduce washing to once a week if you haven't already done so. Use cold water preferably. It helps close the scales and retain the oil on the entire head.

Homemade hair care is effective

Use your dry hair shampoo with homemade care. You can find easy recipes on the Internet. And there really are ones for every texture and need. What's more, they're based on ingredients you can find everywhere and natural ones at that: vegetable oils, avocado, egg, vegetable butter...

Sometimes it is necessary to change products between washes

Although you're already using a dry hair shampoo, don't forget to alternate it with another one to benefit from varied care. Just like the body, hair needs a variety of nutrients.

Prefer a gentle massage

When washing, there's no need to scrub your hair intensely. Instead, use a gentle, relaxing massage to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Don't overdo it.


What is the best care for dry hair?

The best care is the one that corresponds to the nature of your hair and its type. A shampoo for oily hair will not help dry hair and vice versa. Everything in the product must be in adequacy with the capillary characteristics of the user from the composition to the shape through the effects produced.

What dry hair shampoo to go to the beach?

Beach rhymes with extreme heat and aggression of sea water. Hair needs care more than ever during vacation periods. Shampoos with gentle ingredients are to be preferred and we leave dry hair shampoos aside. They do not provide the same hydration as liquid shampoos. Wash your hair after each swim in the sea.

Why does hair become dry?

The reasons may be genetic, meaning that the hair is simply dry in nature. This is the case with frizzy hair. However, the way you treat it can also make it drier and brittle. This includes the use of straighteners or hair dryers and inappropriate care products. And add to this the effect of external factors such as the sun, wind or even chemicals from swimming pools.

Natural care or dry hair shampoo?

Dry hair shampoo is essential in all cases. Nevertheless, you can add natural care in your routine. For example, the oil bath contains irreplaceable nutritive contributions and should be done from time to time. This is also the case with natural masks, which are within everyone's reach.


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Kerastase Bain Magistral Nutritive
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