The best solid shampoos in the UK 2023

There are 5 shampoos sold per second in the UK and as many plastic bottles and packaging, unfortunately. So why not make a gesture in favor of the ecosystem by opting for a solid shampoo? More eco-friendly and healthier, it is suitable for all hair types (colored, fine, dense, dry, normal, oily, curly, frizzy, etc.) and can treat scalp problems like dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, baldness, etc. Check out our guide to the best solid shampoos to learn more.

Barre de shampoing Ucradle 1

Best value for money

Barre de shampoing Ucradle

The best solid shampoo

Ucradle offers this shampoo bar, especially for dry and damaged hair. It can however be used for all types of hair. Subtly scented with lavender, this bar takes care and perfumes.

15,19 £ on Amazon
Corine de Farme My French Solid Shampoo 2

Best value for money

Corine de Farme My French Solid Shampoo

The best entry-level solid shampoo

Corine de Farme offers this solid and vegan shampoo for dry and very dry hair. For 6,50 €, you have a biodegradable and zero waste cosmetic product in an economic format allowing 25 washes of the hair.

5,20 £ on Amazon

Corine de Farme has designed this eco-friendly solid shampoo for dry and very dry hair. Subtly scented with coconut and weighing 80 g, it is made with coconut oil, known for its moisturizing properties. In addition, the nourishing virtues of this basic ingredient also bring a certain shine to the hair. Designed without soap and with a neutral pH, it also respects the hair fiber, hence its use conferring health to the whole family from 3 years.

Corine de Farme Mon Shampoo Solide Français is very practical in that it takes up less space in the bathroom while easily integrating the travel bag without risk of spilling. Thanks to its recyclable packaging and printed with vegetable ink, this solid shampoo takes care of your hair, while respecting the environment. Finally, it has been designed to be totally biodegradable, without sulfated surfactants.

Naturalis Flores - Set of 6 organic solid soaps and shampoos 3

Best value for money

Naturalis Flores - Set of 6 organic solid soaps and shampoos

The best high-end solid shampoo

This box of 6 soaps contains organic solid shampoos from the brand Naturalis Flores. These cosmetic products are suitable for the body, hands, face, hair, skin, and are used against acne or as an exfoliator.

23,92 £ on Amazon

Based on organic donkey milk from the Drôme enriched with shea butter, argan oil and coconut surfactant, these 6 solid soaps from the Naturalis Flores set are of natural origin, generous and beneficial for all skin types, whether normal, oily, dry or sensitive. They also take care of the epidermis of the scalp to offer a protective layer, while nourishing and perfuming it. In addition, these soaps have been laboratory tested and confirmed to be allergen-free.

Handcrafted and organic, the solid shampoos in this set contain no parabens or silicones. Better still, Naturalis Flores favors short circuits and sources its raw materials directly from producers, to reduce the environmental impact. With an antibacterial and antiseptic property, this set brings softness, brightness and purity from head to toe.

Nabür ALP55 4


Nabür ALP55

A great multipurpose alternative shampoo

Delivered with a face kit, makeup remover wipes, toothpaste and a toothbrush, the Nabür contains 2 Aleppo soaps that can be used as solid shampoo. It is intended for oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin.

21,18 £ on Amazon

Made in the respect of tradition, the 2 soaps of Aleppo that contains this kit are intended for oily skin, sensitive, acne and prone to pimples. You can also use them as solid shampoos, hence their place in this comparison. Purifying the skin, these soaps also make it softer. You can also use it as a face and body mask. In addition, the kit comes with makeup remover wipes, toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Composed of 55% olive oil and 45% oil of bay laurel, each Aleppo soap in this kit has been designed according to an age-old and proven technique. The formula without coloring, preservatives or synthetic flavors makes Nabür ALP55 hypoallergenic. Based on exclusively natural products, they do not generate any chemical waste and are totally biodegradable.

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Best solid shampoo

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The best solid shampoo

The best entry-level solid shampoo

The best high-end solid shampoo

A great multipurpose alternative shampoo

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Comparison table of the best solid shampoos

Barre de shampoing Ucradle 5
Corine de Farme My French Solid Shampoo 6
Naturalis Flores - Set of 6 organic solid soaps and shampoos 7
Nabür ALP55 8
Barre de shampoing Ucradle
Corine de Farme My French Solid Shampoo
Naturalis Flores - Set of 6 organic solid soaps and shampoos
Nabür ALP55
Ucradle offers this shampoo bar, especially for dry and damaged hair. It can however be used for all types of hair. Subtly scented with lavender, this bar takes care and perfumes.
Corine de Farme offers this solid and vegan shampoo for dry and very dry hair. For 6,50 €, you have a biodegradable and zero waste cosmetic product in an economic format allowing 25 washes of the hair.
This box of 6 soaps contains organic solid shampoos from the brand Naturalis Flores. These cosmetic products are suitable for the body, hands, face, hair, skin, and are used against acne or as an exfoliator.
Delivered with a face kit, makeup remover wipes, toothpaste and a toothbrush, the Nabür contains 2 Aleppo soaps that can be used as solid shampoo. It is intended for oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin.
Argan, gurjum, lavandin and perfumes of Provence
28.5 x 12.3 x 4.4 cm
6.3 x 6.3 x 3.25 cm
21,2 x 15,9 x 9,2 cm
14.6 x 10.6 x 5.4 cm
290 g
80 g
740 g
200 g
Body, hands, face, hair
Face, body, hair
Special features
Dry, normal, damaged, greasy
Dry, sensitive, normal, oily skin
Oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin

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Buying guide - solid shampoo

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How to choose your solid shampoo

For beautiful, healthy hair, here are the criteria not to be overlooked when choosing a solid shampoo.

#1 - The type of hair

The cleaning power of solid shampoos is provided by surfactants. An appropriate mixture of surfactants is necessary to obtain a soft and well-balanced product. Here are the 4 types of surfactants generally found in solid shampoos:

  • Anionics: these are surfactants with a negative charge that provide most of the cleansing properties we want in our solid shampoo.
  • Amphoteric: these are surfactants that have both a positive and negative charge. They are used in a formulation to thicken the shampoo, but especially to reduce the irritation potentially caused by anionic surfactants.
  • Cationic: these are surfactants with a positive charge that are mainly used in conditioners or in 2-in-1 shampoos.

You should favor products with at least a mixture of two surfactants. And, since our hair is negatively charged, a positive charge will effectively close the hair's cuticles, so it will become less prone to damage and breakage.

#2 - Your hair problems

Sulfate-based surfactants, especially anionics, are known to have a more aggressive nature. Sodium cocoyl sulfate is derived from sodium lauryl sulfate, but is a bit milder. Sodium cocoyl isethionate is also very mild but will make an even milder product when used with surfactants of a different ionic nature, such as cocamidopyl betaine.

#3 - Age of the user

If you can't avoid palm oil in a product, look to see if that palm oil is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients used in shampoos (and the vast majority of any other cosmetic product on the market) are derived from palm oil in one way or another. Palm oil is often "hidden" behind ingredients that are derived from palm oil, but have a different name. These ingredients include stearic acid, palmitic acid, cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol.

In some cases, it is possible to find palm oil-free alternatives to these ingredients. If this is the case, the brand you are buying from should indicate whether that particular ingredient is palm oil free. So always check the label available online.

#4 - The composition of the shampoo

We don't really see the point of using synthetic fragrances when you can use essential oils that contain pleasant properties for the hair. For example, rosemary, lavender, mint and tea tree to name a few. So, avoid buying solid shampoos with bright artificial colors like "mountain rose green". It really won't do your hair and skin any good. Worse, it may damage them.

#5 - Your desires

Make sure your shampoo bar has plenty of hair-safe ingredients, otherwise it will just be a surfactant concentrate. Look for coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil, for example. Clays, such as rhassoul clay and bentonite clay, are also amazing for hair care. Also look for botanical extracts or powders (like nettle leaves, chamomile, aloe vera), proteins (like wheat protein), vitamins like panthenol (Pro Vitamin B-5).

How to properly use a solid shampoo?


Generally, solid shampoos have the same nourishing properties as a liquid shampoo, and it is recommended to pair it with a conditioner or a hair mask for ultimate hair hydration.

Also be aware that it really does take a transition to go from a liquid shampoo to a solid shampoo. In fact, solid shampoos are very different from liquid shampoo. Before you start using a solid shampoo, you need to get rid of the build-up of residue from the cosmetics you use in your hair.

This means that if you go straight to using a solid shampoo, it will leave your hair dry and/or greasy. In fact, what happens is that your natural body oil production needs some time to adjust to the change.

The good news is that a simple rinse with baking soda is all you need to do to remove synthetic chemical buildup in your hair. Other problems are solved with time and perseverance! Simply mix a tablespoon of baking soda and 250 ml of warm water and apply to your hair before applying solid shampoo.

Bref, to get the best results from your solid shampoo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by wetting your hair and the solid shampoo, then rubbing it between your hands to lather.
  2. Hold the solid shampoo on your hair and lather from roots to ends. Keep massaging your hair and scalp until all the hair is covered with an extra foamy lather. This shouldn't take too long.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. After using your solid shampoo, it's best to store it in a dry place such as an aluminum storage box or case for better preservation.
  5. Then apply an intensive conditioner or hair mask for more intense nutrition.

There are a few more helpful tips to know before you make your transition to solid shampoos:

  • Don't rub solid shampoo directly onto your head and hair. Instead, lather with your hands or a natural sponge.
  • If you have hair up to your chin or more, divide your hair into different sections and massage the lather separately on each area.
  • Rinse very well. Then rinse again. We recommend using an apple cider vinegar rinse after every wash to start, and then about once a week thereafter. How often you need to do this will depend on the solid shampoo you choose and how much natural oil production your hair has.


Solid shampoos containing essential oil are not recommended for pregnant women, children, or anyone with allergies.

The different types of solid shampoos

Right off the bat, there are different types of solid shampoos for every type of hair. But apart from that, the way this product is made is a main differentiating parameter.

Shampoo soap

Low surfactant solid shampoos generally do not contain sulfates, but do contain one or two surfactants, sometimes in the form of some type of detergent or cleaning agent). In this type of shampoo, we usually find sodium coco isethionate. It is an anionic surfactant.

Benefits: Low surfactant solid shampoos are generally formulated to be pH balanced. Therefore, you should not need an apple cider vinegar rinse. This type of solid shampoo is made without soap and is more likely to clean your hair properly.

Disadvantages: However, low surfactant solid shampoos tend to be expensive. Be careful, the cheapest products are often made from palm oil.

Who is it for? Anyone with normal, dry, colored or oily hair should be able to use low surfactant solid shampoos. It's suitable for people with access to both hard and soft water.

Solid shampoo with surfactants

Low surfactant solid shampoos contain sulfate, including SLS which is the surfactant everyone has heard about because it has a pretty bad reputation.

Pros: The high concentration of surfactants means that this type of shampoo is very effective at cleaning. If you have waxy, greasy hair after trying a low surfactant solid shampoo, you may need a solid shampoo with more effective surfactants.

Disadvantages: SLS is an anionic surfactant that can cause skin irritation in people with sensitive skin. It can also clean your hair a little too well and dry it out. Plus, if you're not careful, some products can strip your hair of its natural oil, discoloring it and irritating the scalp.

Who is it for? Here, the question should be, who shouldn't buy it. Indeed, this type of solid shampoo has characteristics that make it suitable for all hair types except curly hair. This is because curly hair needs to retain its moisture and the sulfates will strip away the natural oils.

Why buy a solid shampoo?

An ecological solution

Did you know that in the UK millions of plastic shampoo bottles are thrown away every year? However, these bottles are rarely recyclable, which has important negative consequences for our planet. The great advantage with solid shampoo is that it is not stored in any container. By adopting it, you join the zero waste approach by changing your habits since you don't pollute and you don't pour chemicals into our environment.

A natural composition

Unlike liquid shampoos, solid shampoos are often made of natural ingredients. Say goodbye to preservatives, dyes, parabens and other questionable chemical components. In addition, over time, conventional shampoos can have a devastating effect on your hair. You'll enjoy a product that is healthier for your hair and more respectful of your health.

More economical

Although slightly more expensive, solid shampoo is the equivalent of about three bottles of liquid shampoo. Indeed, it is more concentrated because it does not contain water. Very effective, it allows you to wash your hair between 50 and 100 times. And you don't even need a conditioner anymore, because solid shampoo can fill in the effect of the conditioner on your hair!

Easily transportable

Lightweight and space-saving, solid shampoo is very easy to carry around. It can be easily slipped into your luggage when you travel without the risk of leakage. If you run out of space, you can even cut it up to carry only the amount you need for your trip.

Optimal storage

A solid shampoo also keeps longer than the liquid format. This is due to the fact that it is made entirely of natural and often organic products. Moreover, it contains very few additives. It should be stored in a dry place, ideally on a soap dish, so that it does not end up as a viscous paste.

The best brands of solid shampoos

In our opinion, the best brands of solid shampoos in 2022 are :

O Naturals
Corine de Farme

You have here a brand is specialized in cosmetic products, and more particularly products for hair care. Its raw materials come from India and are 100% natural. It is a reliable and very effective brand.

This brand designs and develops beauty and wellness products. It has developed different types of products dedicated for body care including the solid shampoo which has been successful among consumers. The products of this brand are 100% natural and 100% high quality.

You have here a brand dedicated to face, body and scalp care. Foamie mainly offers products for solid care that do not require the use of plastic and focus on 100% natural and organic ingredients. Its components are reliable and of very good quality.

This French brand has been accompanying the lives of the French for over 80 years. It knew how to take into account the sensibility of the French concerning the body hygiene and conceived exceptional products such as the solid shampoos. Already known with liquid shampoos, this brand is also very appreciated for its efficient, pleasant to use and very reliable solid care products.

Corine de Farme is the 100% French brand chosen by Miss France and thousands of women around the world. It is famous for its cosmetic products, its beauty products and especially its shampoos. Its motto is "natural and radiant beauty" that's why it uses only 100% natural raw materials. Quality on a large scale, that's how we qualify Corine de Farme products.

What is the price for a solid shampoo

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

4 £ to 8 £
8 £ to 15 £
more than 15 £
Price range diagram


Wash your hair properly

Most of us tend to think that if a solid shampoo doesn't lather, it doesn't wash. If you get a lot of lather quickly, it means your shampoo contains sulfate: a chemical that upsets the pH of your scalp. So when you apply your solid shampoo, first wet your hair and then apply the pebble directly to it, rubbing it in gently to create a light lather. Massage your scalp and then rinse.

Avoid double shampooing

For best effectiveness of a solid shampoo, use it sparingly. So avoid doing two shampoos when you wash your hair, one is more than enough to thoroughly clean your hair.

Don't stress the ends when you wash your hair with solid shampoo

Even though your solid shampoo is gentle, it is still a concentrate of ingredients. So when you use it, don't insist on using it on the ends of your hair, or you'll strip it. The lather of the shampoo running down your hair, and rinsing will help clean it well.

Don't wash your hair too frequently

To give a good boost to the effectiveness of solid shampoo, only wash your hair 3 to 4 times a month. While such an idea may turn some people off, know that washing your hair too often robs it of its natural protection and can make it dry and more brittle.

Solid shampoos can be hard to lather up when you first go to use it. So wet your shampoo bar and let it sit for a few minutes before your shower to help it soften a bit.

Lather your solid shampoo on your hands to keep it from getting too wet. This also helps control the amount you use, as you can apply it directly to your roots with your fingers. If you rub the solid shampoo directly onto your hair, it won't reach the scalp as easily.

Insert into a soap dish or aluminum can so that your solid shampoo dries after use. Make sure there's no water at the bottom of your can and take it out of your shower so it doesn't get splashed with water when someone else takes your place in the shower. A soggy bar is harder to use and won't last as long.


What is the best solid shampoo?

The best solid shampoo depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

How do you store solid shampoo?

To keep your solid shampoo bacteria-free, it is important to let it air-dry and then store it in a soap box or a dry cloth or glove.

Do solid shampoos really work?

The effectiveness of solid shampoo lies in the fact that it is environmentally friendly and made from natural ingredients that are suitable for caring for your scalp. If you are using solid shampoo for the first time, it is quite normal for your hair to feel a little rough. But don't worry! Once your hair gets used to the product, it will be much more shiny and soft. However, if your hair is naturally dry, opt for a solid shampoo rich in moisturizing ingredients.

Solid shampoos make my hair hard to detangle. Should I stop using them?

After each shampoo, rinse your hair with a mixture of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in a liter of warm water to balance the pH of your scalp and better detangle your hair. Do not rinse, let it drain and then dry and style your hair as you normally would.

Is it true that solid shampoos are not suitable for dry hair?

If your hair is dry by nature, choose a solid shampoo enriched with pracaxi oil, shea butter, phytokeratin and argan and avocado vegetable oils. The synergy of these ingredients will bring moisture, volume, suppleness, shine and protection to your hair. In addition, you will have no trouble detangling your hair after each shampoo.


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Barre de shampoing Ucradle 9
Barre de shampoing Ucradle
Corine de Farme My French Solid Shampoo 10
Corine de Farme My French Solid Shampoo
Naturalis Flores - Set of 6 organic solid soaps and shampoos 11
Naturalis Flores - Set of 6 organic solid soaps and shampoos
Nabür ALP55 12
Nabür ALP55


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