The best combination microwaves in the UK 2023

Users have been abandoning traditional microwaves since the appearance of multifunctional or combined models. Practical, versatile and efficient, they are almost flawless. In fact, 1 in 3 microwaves sold in Europe is a combination microwave. But which appliance to choose and which brand? To find out, we invite you to read this buying guide of the best combination microwaves.

Essentialb EX281n 1

Best value for money

Essentialb EX281n

The best combination microwave in 2021

The Essentielb EX281n multi-function microwave oven seduces with its ease of use and elegant design. Add to that its multiple functions and its 28 L capacity. Not bad for the price.

144 £ on Boulanger

Cook tasty meals in no time with the Essentielb EX281n combination microwave. Combining performance and cooking quality, this compact appliance offers 3 cooking modes: a 900 W microwave, a 1100 W grill and a 2500 W convection oven. In addition to the 28 L capacity, the appliance offers its users 10 automatic cooking programs for meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, au gratin, pizza, pie and many others.

With a manual defrost function, a keep warm function and a rotating heat, this model is both useful and practical. In addition, the thoughtful controls offer precision in settings.

Candy CMXG20DS Silver 2

Best value for money

Candy CMXG20DS Silver

The best entry-level combination microwave

This Candy CMXG20DS Silver microwave combo offers a nice 20L volume for reheating and preparing your dishes. Versatile and comfortable, this easy-to-use appliance cooks to perfection.

95,20 £ on Amazon

The Candy CMXG20DS Silver combination microwave surprises as much by its performance as by its brushed stainless steel body. Equipped with a spacious cavity, this appliance has 2 functions: the microwave with a power of 700 W and the grill at 1,000 W. These 2 functions can be used separately or in combination to prepare all kinds of dishes.

The Candy CMXG20DS Silver also offers 5 power levels. Bringing together all the advantages of a quality microwave oven, this model offers 10 preset programs, an intuitive touch control panel and many possibilities of use. The features are not left out with a silent function, an Eco mode and connectivity with the Candy simply-Fi app.

Panasonic NN-DS596BUPG 3

Best value for money

Panasonic NN-DS596BUPG

The best high-end combination microwave

With a capacity of 27 L, the Panasonic NN-DS596BUPG combined microwave is powerful. It accompanies you in the realization of your daily recipes. Its controls make it easy to adjust.

319 £ on Boulanger

The Panasonic NN-DS596BUPG is a 27 L combination microwave with a 1,200 W grill function and 1,000 W convection heating. With flexible programming, individually or in combination, you can make a variety of preparations at the same time. For cooking food, this device offers 23 pre-programmed menus.

The appliance has been designed to simplify life with its automatic defrosting function and automatic cooking function that adapt to the nature of the dish and its weight. The appliance also has a steam cooking function that allows you to cook healthily while preserving the nutritional and taste qualities of the food.

Samsung MC35R8058KC 4


Samsung MC35R8058KC

A particularly smart combination microwave

Connected, the Samsung MC35R8058KC microwave combo will appeal to high-tech enthusiasts. It offers a total volume of 35 L and a multitude of functions to meet different needs.

399 £ on Amazon

The Samsung MC35R8058KC has a sleek design with no physical buttons. Everything is touch-sensitive on this 35L combination microwave! As you'd expect, the appliance features multiple cooking modes for reheating, baking, grilling, roasting and steaming. Yogurt, dough rising, keep warm, Steam Cook and Air Fry functions are also included.

Connected, this microwave is configurable from a smartphone. It offers 25 automatic programs and 7 power levels. It is equipped with a detachable turntable with a diameter of 38 cm. To be placed on a work surface or to be embedded, the Samsung MC35R8058KC is practical and versatile. Note the ceramic cavity for good heat resistance and durability.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best combination microwave

Any specific needs?

The best combination microwave in 2021

The best entry-level combination microwave

The best high-end combination microwave

A particularly smart combination microwave

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Comparison table of the best combination microwaves

Essentialb EX281n 5
Candy CMXG20DS Silver 6
Panasonic NN-DS596BUPG 7
Samsung MC35R8058KC 8
Essentialb EX281n
Candy CMXG20DS Silver
Panasonic NN-DS596BUPG
Samsung MC35R8058KC
The Essentielb EX281n multi-function microwave oven seduces with its ease of use and elegant design. Add to that its multiple functions and its 28 L capacity. Not bad for the price.
This Candy CMXG20DS Silver microwave combo offers a nice 20L volume for reheating and preparing your dishes. Versatile and comfortable, this easy-to-use appliance cooks to perfection.
With a capacity of 27 L, the Panasonic NN-DS596BUPG combined microwave is powerful. It accompanies you in the realization of your daily recipes. Its controls make it easy to adjust.
Connected, the Samsung MC35R8058KC microwave combo will appeal to high-tech enthusiasts. It offers a total volume of 35 L and a multitude of functions to meet different needs.
28 L
20 L
27 L
35 L
900 W
700 W
1,000 W
900 W
52 x 32.6 x 50.8 cm
44 x 36 x 26 cm
51.2 x 34.7 x 40 cm
52.8 x 40.4 x 48.1 cm

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Buying guide - combination microwave

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How to choose your combination microwave

If you are considering buying a microwave, there are several important criteria to consider before making your final decision. Here's a list of things to consider to make your choice easier.

#1 - The power

Generally speaking, a combination microwave offers several power levels depending on the capacity of the appliance. For a combination microwave of less than 24 L, the power ranges from 700 to 1,000 W. To have a satisfactory combination microwave, a power of at least 900 W is recommended. For a microwave of more than 30 L, count 900 to 1,200 W for the microwave, 2,000 to 2,500 W for the oven mode. In any case, this value is indicated on the carton at the time of purchase.

#2 - The volume

The size of the microwave also seems to be an important criterion to avoid any inconvenience related to the lack of space when putting food in the oven. Therefore, it is better to get a combination microwave that is wide enough to have an adequate margin. The volume of the interior of a combination microwave can range from 30 to 60 L. Thus, it is important to evaluate your needs according to your usual recipe preparations before purchasing. For couples or students, an appliance between 30 and 35 L can cover their needs. Models with 40 L or more can accommodate a considerable amount of food for even cooking. This category is well suited for families.

#3 - The features

Other than the basic functions of a microwave such as heating and cooking food, the combination microwave has one or more additional features depending on the model chosen. For example, you can have a steaming function that ensures fast and even cooking. With this function, your pies, fries, pizzas and breads are soft under the crust. Others have a tray disengagement mode. Stopping the rotation of the tray allows you to put a large dish in the microwave without any worries. The type of heat is also an option not to be neglected. The combined microwave with rotating heat is the most practical to prepare dishes with a homogeneous cooking.

#4 - The life span


buying a microwave, we aspire in the ideal to an appliance that will be used for a long time. To ensure this quality, nothing beats the big brands. Microwaves from well-known appliance brands such as Samsung or Whirlpool have proven themselves. Trust and Sharp also set the standard in the market. These brands are indeed well known in the high-tech sector, but they also surprise with the quality of their household appliances. Added to this is the good regular maintenance of the combination microwave in order to enjoy a long life.

#5 - The safety

Safety is also a consideration when buying a combination microwave, especially if you have young children in the house. When installing the appliance, focus on a safe location out of the reach of children. You can also opt for a combination microwave with a child lock. This program prevents the appliance from being turned on. Some models offer a door lock and unlock to prevent accidents.

Maintenance of a combination microwave

Without regular cleaning, dirt can appear in a combination microwave oven. Food or sauces can spill into the oven and make the tray and walls dirty. With a few simple steps, the appliance can be made as good as new.

To clean the inside of the equipment, simply put a cup of vinegar with a few drops of lemon on the tray and run at maximum power for 3 minutes. After this time, the cup should be left in the device so that the steam permeates the walls, and then loosens the residues on the walls. Then remove the cup before wiping the inside and drying with a clean lint-free cloth.

The maintenance of the glass and the joints allows to give to the device a always clean state, where from the importance to make it regularly. To do this, a soft sponge soaked in soapy water is enough to clean the seals and glass. Then rinse and dry, always with a clean, lint-free cloth for a shiny, clean and watertight device.

It remains now to clean the body to have a brand new device. A yellowed body can be shined with a composition of ½ measure of bleach, ¼ measure of baking soda and 4 measures of water. This homemade product is to be applied to the body then left on for 10 min before rinsing and drying.

The different types of combination microwaves

In order to make the right choice of combination microwave, it is enough to compare your needs with the different types of ranges offered on the market.

The free-standing microwave combo

Both efficient and ergonomic, the tabletop combination microwave is easier to install, move and maintain. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, whether on the countertop, on the work surface or near the window. It allows you to make several preparations at the same time and to concoct culinary recipes worthy of a chef.

Depending on the model chosen, this type of microwave offers many cooking programs such as vegetables, meat, fish, pizzas, popcorn, cakes, etc. In addition to this varied cooking, the tabletop combination microwave is a compact appliance, practical for installation in a studio or apartment. On the other hand, it could have the disadvantage of cluttering the kitchen counter. On the safety side, it is easily accessible by children.

The built-in microwave combo


addition to being functional, the built-in combination microwave also offers a neat design in the kitchen. Powerful and discreet, it is designed to be built into a wall or directly into one of the kitchen cabinets. Before choosing the appliance, it is necessary to measure precisely the place where you are going to install it in order to choose between the 2 possible embedding heights: 38 cm and 45 cm.

The flush-mounting kit is provided for a perfect installation of the device in its niche. In general, the capacity of a built-in combination microwave varies between 20 and 30 L. This appliance should always be installed by a professional electrician and this will further inflate the initial cost.

The microwave combo with built-in hood

Ideal for freeing up the kitchen counter and saving space in that room, the built-in microwave combo with hood is proving to be very clever. Located at the height of the hood, this type of combination microwave comes in two models. The first is an externally vented installation. In fact, the microwave appears to be integrated in the hood duct.

In the second case, the appliance completely replaces the hood. The installation of the combined microwave with integrated hood requires the intervention of a qualified electrician. This model has the advantage of being able to manage all the cooking in a single, safe area. The only drawback of this appliance is its price. It is always expensive even for models with limited functions.

The internal coating

There are 3 types of internal coating for microwaves. There is the enamel coating which is practical and easy to maintain. It has a maximum life span of 7 years. Then comes the stainless steel coating which can be used for many years, but its only drawback is the complexity of its maintenance. Finally, the bioceramic coating is very resistant and can also be used for many years.

Combination microwave or multifunctional steam oven?

Combination microwave

A combination microwave is a cooking appliance offering multiple functionalities, optimizing the different actions in the kitchen. It helps with defrosting and cooking, while also being able to be used in grill mode for all dishes. Some models are even equipped with a steam option for an even more complete functionality. Equipment with a compact design, it finds its place easily, and is particularly suitable for apartment kitchens. However, this appliance has a much shorter lifespan than a traditional oven.

Multifunction steam oven

A multifunctional steam oven is a cooking appliance that works with a water tank for the creation of steam heated by resistance. The food is cooked at a low temperature (40 to 120°C), in order to preserve all the flavors, while ensuring a homogeneous cooking. With this cooking method, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are also intact, and the texture is smooth without the need to add fat. The main disadvantage of this appliance is its high cost, which is not always accessible to all.


In short, the combined microwave oven is suitable for quick cooking, favoring frozen dishes in a house where there is no time to cook. On the other hand, for a more dietetic cooking, it is better to choose the multifunctional steam oven. This way, taste and health go hand in hand at all times.

Why buy a combination microwave?


Combination microwaves use microwave energy, much like a traditional microwave does, but combined with the added benefits of convection hot air, making cooking, roasting and baking easier and faster than ever before with convection hot air giving a perfect roasted finish. Add steaming functionality to the mix and you have versatility that can't be beat, all in one unit, a fraction of the size of a full-size gas or electric oven.

Save time and energy

Gone are the days when your conventional gas or electric oven spends its afternoons slow roasting meats; it will take a fraction of the time in a combination microwave. If you love to bake, you can get the perfect finish to your cakes, breads or desserts faster and cheaper.


Forget about gas marks, conversions and the wonders of your food are cooked thoroughly and safely with specially designed preset programs to eliminate guesswork from your kitchen and give you peace of mind. There are also models with built-in sensor technology that gives you perfect results every time. For the younger and pickier eaters, there's even a pre-programmed junior menu, simply enter the weight of the food and let the microwave combo do the rest, the kids pre-programs include pureed fruits and vegetables, vegetable fries, baked pasta and more .

More Space

Most models in the microwave combo line are designed with optimal interior space. With some top-of-the-line combination microwaves, they can offer an impressive 32-liter capacity and generous interior dimensions that can easily handle larger loads. With even entry-level models such as the combination microwave enjoying a generous 27-liter capacity, no matter which model you choose, space will not be an issue.

More creativity

The combination microwave range offers you the perfect chance to unleash your culinary flair and push your limits. You can redefine what you thought a microwave could do, with an appliance that has the potential to do so much more. Cook with a range of heat sources working together, preset programs for peace of mind and a range of features and functions that let you try new things, discover new dishes and make the most of the convenient, user-friendly features at your fingertips.


Avoid chemicals

As far as possible, for the health of individuals and nature, it is better to use natural and ecological products for the maintenance of a combined microwave oven. Thus, the strippers and abrasives that are as expensive as polluting and toxic will integrate the cleaning of the device as little as possible. Especially since they are not always suitable for this type of device, and may damage it.

Use a cover bell


prevent food from drying out during cooking, or spilling onto the walls, there is a special cloche to cover the tray. This cloche is made of hard material and reusable to protect both the food and the cleanliness of the appliance.

Optimize the use of the combination microwave


reheating, it is better to use a flared container to have an homogeneous heat of the preparations. Indeed, with a flared top, the heat rises gradually before reaching the top and spread evenly. In addition to that, a flared opening prevents splashing on the walls.

Avoid metal containers

It is

strictly forbidden to put metal dishes, silver, or containing silver or gold threads in a combination microwave oven. Since the appliance works by microwave radiation, it emits electromagnetic waves and since metal is a conductor of electricity, the use of metal containers represents a great danger insofar as electrical charges and discharges will take place.

Choose appropriate containers

Glass, earthenware and porcelain are the most suitable materials for use in a combination microwave oven. Plastic can also pass as long as it is a hard plastic designed to better withstand heat. Otherwise, it may heat up and melt, damaging the oven, and at the same time, causing a risk of accident at home.


What is the best combination microwave?

The best combination microwave depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to maintain the combination microwave?


combination microwave models are equipped with the self-cleaning function, but if this is not the case it is necessary to clean the appliance cavity thoroughly after each use. To do this, first remove the food residues inside. Then wipe off grease and dirt with a wet sponge and dishwashing liquid. You can also use lemon juice added to water to complete the cleaning and remove lingering odors. For best results, heat this mixture to a boil.

How does a combination microwave work?


multi-function microwave combines the microwave function, the grill function and the cooking function like an oven. The user has the choice to serve these functions separately and in combination according to his needs. Generally speaking, the combination microwave uses pulsed heat with a fan. It has the same functions as a conventional oven by placing a resistance on the top of the appliance and another on the bottom. This type of microwave is often accompanied by intelligent functions such as fast defrosting, steam cooking, a memory button or a lock. For optimal cooking, the user can adjust the power and cooking time according to the dishes they are preparing.

Is it dangerous to troubleshoot a combination microwave yourself?



, broken fuse, sparking problem, turntable malfunction... are all likely causes for the failure of the combination microwave. The failure of the appliance also depends on its age and the way you use it. Before diagnosing your combination microwave, make sure you have enough know-how to discharge the capacitors. Otherwise it will be better to seek the help of a specialized technician, because this kind of appliance is equipped with large electrical capacitors even after being unplugged that can cause a life-threatening danger.

Does a combination microwave denature food?


tend to think that the high temperatures of a combination microwave can have an impact to the vitamins and minerals present in food. But compared to conventional microwaves, combination microwaves do not denature food because of the many functions they offer, most notably the steam function.


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