The best Built-in microwaves in the UK 2023

The free-standing microwave offers many advantages. But if you want something more aesthetically pleasing and less bulky, consider a built-in microwave. However, choosing the right model is not easy. That's why we've put together this guide to the best built-in microwaves available today.

Bosch BFL634GB1

Best value for money

Bosch BFL634GB1

The best built-in microwave in 2021

This 900 W built-in microwave has enough capacity for a family of 2 to 4 people. It will easily fit in any style of decoration and is very easy to use.

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The 7 automatic programs of the Bosch BFL634GB1 allow you a better comfort of use. The appliance automatically sets the temperature, mode and cooking time according to the nature and weight of your dish. This built-in microwave is not equipped with a turntable. Instead, you have a rotating antenna that distributes the waves evenly. Its 21 L capacity will accommodate your dishes without difficulty.

All the features of the Bosch BFL634GB1 are easily accessible via the intuitive control panel with a central ring. Among its pre-recorded programs, 3 will be used for defrosting while the other 4 are useful for cooking. An automatic 99-minute timer is also integrated.

Candy MIC201EX

Best value for money

Candy MIC201EX

The best entry-level built-in microwave

The Candy MIC201EX is best installed in a high cabinet because of its shallow depth. Accompanied by a grill, it allows you to brown or gratinate your dishes. Its 5 power levels are ideal for optimal cooking.

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Candy, with its MIC201EX microwave oven, offers automatic cooking programs that are perfect for most recipes. To defrost your food, all you have to do is specify its weight or the time you have and the built-in microwave does the rest. The appliance also has a child safety system.

The "express start" function is incomparably efficient. By pressing the activation button, the cooking time of your dish will increase by 30 seconds. The touch control panel makes the Candy MIC201EX very easy to use. Note that the grill offers a power of 1000 W, reduced by only 200 W (or 800 W) for the microwave.

Smeg SF4750MAO

Best value for money

Smeg SF4750MAO

The best high-end built-in microwave

This model will please those who are looking for a large capacity built-in microwave. It is also very powerful, since the grill function has no less than 1500 W. Its versatility will appeal to the most demanding gourmets.

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Charcoal in color with a brass finish, the Smeg SF4750MAO will blend easily into a kitchen with a rustic and modern style. It offers 7 cooking modes including a specific function for making pizzas. Its performance is reflected in its high power. The grill reaches 1500 W while the microwave goes up to 1000 W. With such a model, you have the possibility to brown, reheat, defrost, grill and cook your dishes without constraint.

The Crousti-Gril option is very suitable for pizzas, potatoes, but also for bacon because you can brown them and make them crispy. In addition, you will certainly benefit from its electronic programmer, its Soft Close system, its safety devices and especially its pizza pan and grill included.

Siemens BF634LGS1

Effective and convenient

Siemens BF634LGS1

Excellent choice

Ideal for a small kitchen, the Siemens BF634LGS1 requires just a 36.2-36.5 x 56 x 30 cm space. Its design, its beautiful design, its ease of cleaning are some of its many assets.

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Made of stainless steel, the Siemens BF634LGS1 comes in a timeless design that is most attractive. Its stainless steel and black front is sure to be a perfect match for your style, be it personal, modern or classic. Although we regret a little that it is so sensitive to fingerprints, this does not make it any less easy to clean.

This built-in microwave has a 90-minute electronic timer. Its power can be adjusted on 5 levels from 90 to 900 W. Equipped with a TFT touch screen, the display remains clear and precise. Its 7 automatic programs and its LED lighting optimize your comfort of use.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best built-in microwave

Any specific needs?

The best built-in microwave in 2021

The best entry-level built-in microwave

The best high-end built-in microwave

Excellent choice

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Comparison table of the best Built-in microwaves

Bosch BFL634GB1
Candy MIC201EX
Smeg SF4750MAO
Siemens BF634LGS1
Bosch BFL634GB1
Candy MIC201EX
Smeg SF4750MAO
Siemens BF634LGS1
This 900 W built-in microwave has enough capacity for a family of 2 to 4 people. It will easily fit in any style of decoration and is very easy to use.
The Candy MIC201EX is best installed in a high cabinet because of its shallow depth. Accompanied by a grill, it allows you to brown or gratinate your dishes. Its 5 power levels are ideal for optimal cooking.
This model will please those who are looking for a large capacity built-in microwave. It is also very powerful, since the grill function has no less than 1500 W. Its versatility will appeal to the most demanding gourmets.
Ideal for a small kitchen, the Siemens BF634LGS1 requires just a 36.2-36.5 x 56 x 30 cm space. Its design, its beautiful design, its ease of cleaning are some of its many assets.
21 L
20 L
40 L
21 L
900 W
Gril : 1000 W
Microwave : 800 W
Microwave : 1000 W - Grill : 1500 W
900 W
38.2 x 59.4 x 31.8 cm
38.2 x 59.5 x 33.5 cm
21,2 x 46,2 x 40,7 cm
38.2 x 59.4 x 31.8 cm
16 kg
14 kg
16.73 kg
Number of programs

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Buying guide - built-in microwave

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How to choose your built-in microwave

To make a significant investment in a built-in microwave, it is wise to refer to certain essential selection criteria. Whatever the model or brand, the important thing is to get a device that you can enjoy in the long term.

#1 - The nature of the home

Built-in microwaves differ from conventional models in their specific features, including programming capabilities, interior capacity, but especially the nature of the frame that is supposed to house the appliance. The built-in microwave of your choice must therefore be adapted to your home. Its location should be well studied before purchase so that it is easily accessible.

#2 - Oven capacity

To ensure that your built-in microwave fits into your kitchen cabinet or under your worktop, be careful about its dimensions when purchasing. Approximate measurements are therefore to be avoided. It is very necessary to bring a measuring tape to take exact measurements in your kitchen. The capacity of a built-in microwave varies between 20 and 30 L.

Don't forget that a microwave that is too large is a waste of energy. On the other hand, a model that is too small can be a hindrance to your daily routine. It's up to you to choose the one that will satisfy you on a daily basis. The ideal size would be 25 L, but it also depends on the number of people in your household.

#3 - The power

The power is also a point not to be neglected when buying a built-in microwave because it ensures the speed and quality of cooking. It thus determines the performance of the appliance. To better enjoy your microwave on a daily basis, it will be better to choose a power according to your culinary needs.

For example, if you use your built-in microwave occasionally, models with 600 W to 900 W are sufficient to heat or defrost your dishes. But for regular use, the ideal would be to opt for an appliance of 1,200 W and more. This higher power is more suitable for cooking.

#4 - The available functions

Functions are also among the important points when buying a built-in microwave, as the features differ from one model to another allowing everyone to achieve their culinary inspiration. There are monofunctional built-in microwaves that offer only the reheating and defrosting function.

For combination models, there are appliances with a crisp function. The grill and steam options are also very interesting. Some models can be set up to make a specific recipe with its automatic programs.

#5 - The quality and type of door opening

The door is an important element on a built-in microwave. It is very useful that it is of good quality. The most effective way to secure the environment in your room is the cold door, as it ensures an outside temperature of no more than 40°C, making the outside of the door always cool, even in cooking mode.

Regarding its type of opening, the choice should be made according to the space and layout of your kitchen. The side door is more practical if you plan to place your built-in microwave high up. As for the flap door, it always offers better access.

First time use

Before using your built-in microwave for the first time, it is necessary to clean the cavity and the seals with a damp cloth. Then install the guide ring and the tray. Make sure your tray is properly installed.

All you need to know about the built-in microwave

The best built-in microwaves 1

A built-in microwave can give your kitchen a high-end look and feel, no matter how big or small your room. Despite its higher cost, this model is generally of better quality and will last longer than a less expensive built-in model. The built-in microwave has a specially designed ventilation system to remove heat from the cabinet in which it is placed.

The furniture must be heat-resistant, such as treated wood, stainless steel or stone. The fact that the appliance is built in gives it good stability, especially when the door is opened. Sometimes countertop microwaves tend to move around a bit with conventional models that are more or less light.

Some tips for installing the built-in microwave

Installing a built-in microwave requires special skills, as there are a few precautions to follow to avoid risks. Always leave an opening behind the built-in microwave to ensure better ventilation. You should also keep the microwave away from the refrigerator so that the heat from the microwave does not touch the refrigerator.

Also avoid placing this type of microwave next to the water point such as the sink. In practice, it should be installed at hand height to avoid bending over every time you place or remove food. Another advantage is that children are not likely to inadvertently touch the microwave. In any case, having a professional come to your home to install the built-in microwave is the most practical way to have more safety.

Why maintain the microwave insert?

To keep the built-in microwave in perfect working condition for years, it is crucial to maintain it regularly. The maintenance of this type of microwave lies in the cleaning of its cavity, because the external parts are almost embedded except the front with its glass. You only need to use soft cloths to wipe grease and food residues. The use of abrasive pads should be avoided in order not to damage the material of the device.

If the stains persist and the microwave does not have a steam function, you can put a container with water, leave it for about three minutes so that the steam is released and easily removes the dirt. All that's left to do is clean with a cloth.

Common breakdowns of a built-in microwave

Damaged door, damaged power cord, fuse problem, appliance malfunction are some of the breakdowns that can occur. If any of these things happen, stop using your built-in microwave and do not use it again without having it examined and repaired by a specialist.

Built-in microwave or microwave with integrated hood?

Built-in microwave

A built-in microwave is a microwave that is designed to be installed in a custom-made kitchen cabinet or under a worktop. The appliance can also be installed in a tall cabinet, which means you don't have to bend down when using it. This model is interesting not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a practical point of view, as it saves a lot of space.

Another advantage of a built-in microwave is that it is not too exposed to dust, which makes cleaning the appliance and its surroundings easier. With its discreet appearance, this type of microwave is safer if you have children in the house.

Despite its many advantages, the built-in model has a few drawbacks. Namely, the price of the simplest built-in microwave is more expensive than a high-end microwave with many features. In addition, the installation of this appliance is a bit complicated and requires the intervention of a professional, which will further inflate its initial costs.

Microwave with integrated hood

Located at the height of the hood, the microwave with integrated hood fits harmoniously into the kitchen. This type of microwave comes in two models that differ in terms of their installation. The first model has an external exhaust system, and the other has a recirculation system.

In both cases, the microwave has the advantage of combining two functional installations in one: the microwave and the hood. In addition, this option is an ideal way to optimize space. And last but not least, it is an aesthetic choice. The combination of the two appliances allows for energy savings.

The only drawback of this type of microwave is that it is not as powerful as a stand-alone ventilation hood.


If you already have a free-standing venting hood, the built-in microwave is perfect for completing your kitchen equipment. On the other hand, if you don't have a hood to get rid of the smoke, the built-in microwave hood is an option to consider.

Why buy a built-in microwave?

Free workspace

The biggest advantage of a built-in microwave is the amount of counter space you can free up. For most homeowners, there never seems to be enough counter space, especially if you are working with a smaller kitchen. Having the microwave above the stove or built around the cabinets can make the most of the space you have.

Top of the line

When choosing a built-in microwave, you will find that not all sizes and models may be available to you. There are a limited number of manufacturers that offer the right sizes and styles for cabinet or wall installation. These are usually high-end microwaves.

Modern and Elegant

They are at your eye level, so there is no need to bend over to reach them. A built-in microwave also looks great. It tends to make the kitchen look much more modern and stylish, making it more appealing not only to the cook, but also to family and guests.


The built-in microwave is gaining popularity day by day. Earlier, its widespread use was only for reheating food, but now it is gaining popularity for cooking appetizing and sumptuous meals within minutes. Today, it has become the most widely used kitchen appliance in the world.


The built-in microwave works on high frequency radio waves. These waves vibrate the water and other liquid molecules of food at a very high speed, generating a large amount of heat, and then this generated heat is used to cook, grill and reheat the food.


Keep other appliances away from the microwave insert

As a precaution, it is advisable not to put other appliances, such as refrigerator or washing machine, in the immediate vicinity of the built-in microwave when it is in operation to avoid each appliance losing its performance. A space of 1 to 2 m is recommended for peace of mind, otherwise you can simply use an insulation plate to separate them.

Be sure to check your microwave before you buy


buying a built-in microwave, don't just check the condition of the appliance, but you should also make sure that there are no malfunctions. You can find a device with high wave emission values. It will be better to change it right away, before the device is not embedded.

Choosing the right containers to put in your microwave

Always use glass, ceramic or special plastic microwave containers, because ordinary plastic utensils can gradually melt and contaminate your food. Stainless steel or other metal cookware can produce sparks and pose a fire hazard. Also, avoid cookware with gold edges, as these can also cause sparks during cooking.

Test the containers to be put in the microwave in case of doubt


you're not sure if the container is right for your microwave, you can do a quick test. Place the container without food in the appliance. Set the power to high and leave it for about a minute. The container should remain cool or at least warm. If it feels hot to the touch or sparks, your utensil is not suitable.

Avoid the risk of liquid explosion during cooking

Remember to

remove the lid of a container if the food to be heated contains liquids to avoid the risk of explosion. Also, some foods such as potatoes, sausages and chestnuts should be peeled or pierced before placing them in the microwave insert.


What is the best built-in microwave?

The best built-in microwave depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best right now.

How do I remove the smell in a built-in microwave?

If you are experiencing unpleasant odors in the cavity of your microwave insert, this simple and effective step can help. Put some water and a few lemon slices in a bowl. Place this mixture in the appliance and heat it on high until the water comes to a boil. After a few moments, wipe down the sides of the cavity with a sponge and you will have a clean appliance ready to use again.

Can a standard microwave be built in?

It is quite possible to build in a standard microwave, provided that you are able to comply with safety standards. You can create a shelf or a box yourself, into which you put your microwave. Make sure that the installation is strong enough to withstand the weight and heat generated by the microwave during cooking. Next, make sure you leave about 10 cm of space at the back of the microwave and 20 cm above it so that the heat can escape properly. However, it is necessary to consult the product sheet of the appliance before embedding the appliance.

How long does a built-in microwave last?

The lifespan of a microwave depends primarily on the type of microwave, followed by how you use and maintain it. For single function or dual function built-in microwaves, their lifespan is estimated at 5 years, while multi-function built-in microwaves can last 10 years. Also, with heavy use of your microwave, it may get damaged faster. It is advisable not to cook foods that require long cooking times with a microwave, but try to diversify the cooking methods on your different appliances. Maintenance of a microwave insert is also an essential point to keep in mind to prolong its life.

How to check if a built-in microwave is leaking?

You can check a built-in microwave for leaks with a cell phone. Put the phone in a microwave and close the door. Call the number of this phone with another mobile phone, and if it rings, the microwave is definitely leaking. But this technique does not allow you to assess the extent of the leak. That's why it's a good idea to use the help of a wave detector, which should be placed in front of the door of your microwave. If there is a noticeable leak, this detector will light up. In this case, do not use your microwave but have it repaired so that you can use it again without any risk.


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Bosch BFL634GB1
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