The best cheap microwaves in the UK 2023

You need to invest in a microwave, but don't have the budget for a model over 250 €? Don't worry, the market is full of cheap, efficient and powerful microwaves at competitive prices. Single function, programmable, multi-function, autonomous or integrable, find the right model and follow the guide in its entirety.

Candy CMXG 25DCS

Best value for money

Candy CMXG 25DCS

The best cheap microwave in 2021

The Candy CMXG 25DCS is very easy to use. This cheap microwave can accommodate a plate of about 30 cm in diameter and offers a dual function: microwave and grill.

100 £ on Amazon

Apart from its beautiful design, the Candy CMXG 25DCS also comes with clear and precise instructions. Moreover, the instructions are available in several languages, including French. The comfort level is such that you will not want to do without it after the first use. The heating time is fast and uniform. Note that it has 10 automatic programs, one power level for the grill, but 5 for the microwave function.

It must be said that you will not miss the absence of the steamer. Instead, you'll enjoy other much more interesting features such as the possibility of automatic chaining, the eco mode, the automatic defrosting option, the delayed start and the silent mode. The Candy CMXG 25DCS has a total volume of 25 L.

Severin MW 7890

Best value for money

Severin MW 7890

The best entry-level cheap microwave

Spending time in the kitchen has never been more fun. The Severin MW 7890 is a versatile and efficient microwave with a variety of features that are sure to satisfy your every need.

59,55 £ on Amazon

This inexpensive microwave oven offers you its correct capacity of 20 L as well as its maximum power of 700 W, adjustable on 5 levels. Thanks to its large cooking space, it is able to accommodate a removable turntable with a diameter of 25.4 cm. This is the right model for you if you are simply looking to defrost or reheat your dishes. It should be noted that the defrosting mode depends mainly on the desired time or the weight of the food.

The Severin MW 7890 benefits from the advantages of a made in Germany manufacturing process, which gives it its robustness. With a 2-year warranty, this microwave seems to be at the top in terms of performance while being easy to use. At the end of cooking, the timer (adjustable up to 35 min) will inform you via its sound signal.

Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG

Best value for money

Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG

The best premium cheap microwave

The Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG stands out for its fast heating time, but not only that... The Inverter function promises to heat your dishes without having to deteriorate their taste or flavors.

162 £ on Amazon

More crispness and crunch? These are some of the promises made by the Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG, and it delivers. For proof, apart from the 1,000 W microwave function (the glass turntable measures 28.5 cm), the appliance also offers you the grill option. Unlike other competing models, the quartz grill offers 3 different settings.

The 17 automatic programs will be indispensable, especially if you want to save time and energy during your cooking. Thanks to the Steam+ option, steaming (with a steam basket) becomes possible, ideal for those who want to eat 100% healthy. The Inverter function lets you discover all the benefits of cooking at low power.

Bosch HMT 72 M 450

A great choice

Bosch HMT 72 M 450

A symbol of Bosch quality

Bosch's reputation has been built on the quality of its products, of which the HMT 72 M 450 is a perfect example. This inexpensive microwave exudes strength, durability and performance.

106 £ on Amazon

The Bosch HMT 72 M 450 does its job very well. It is very comfortable to use and easy to handle. All settings are easily made via the rotary knobs on the right-hand side. It takes up very little space since the device can be fully integrated under a piece of furniture. Of course, nothing prevents you from placing it freely on your work surface, a counter or kitchen table if you have enough space.

The biggest advantage of the Bosch HMT 72 M 450? It is a particularly quiet appliance. It has 5 power levels (from 90 to 800 W) and allows you a reduced cooking time. The LightControl illuminates the entire interior cavity. The door can be opened at the touch of a button.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap microwave

Any specific needs?

The best cheap microwave in 2021

The best entry-level cheap microwave

The best premium cheap microwave

A symbol of Bosch quality

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Comparison table of the best cheap microwaves

Candy CMXG 25DCS
Severin MW 7890
Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG
Bosch HMT 72 M 450
Candy CMXG 25DCS
Severin MW 7890
Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG
Bosch HMT 72 M 450
The Candy CMXG 25DCS is very easy to use. This cheap microwave can accommodate a plate of about 30 cm in diameter and offers a dual function: microwave and grill.
Spending time in the kitchen has never been more fun. The Severin MW 7890 is a versatile and efficient microwave with a variety of features that are sure to satisfy your every need.
The Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG stands out for its fast heating time, but not only that... The Inverter function promises to heat your dishes without having to deteriorate their taste or flavors.
Bosch's reputation has been built on the quality of its products, of which the HMT 72 M 450 is a perfect example. This inexpensive microwave exudes strength, durability and performance.

Microwave : 900 WGril

: 1 000 W
700 W

Microwave : 1 000 WGril
: 1 000 W
800 W
25 L
20 L
23 L
17 L
Number of power levels
Gril : 1Microwave : 5
Type of installation
Free-standing or built-in
Automatic program

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Buying guide - cheap microwave

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How to choose your cheap microwave

For a cheap microwave to meet your requirements, it is important that it meets certain criteria.

#1 - The Power

The power is an essential element to take into account when buying a microwave, because the higher the power, the more efficient it will be to cook your food quickly. The highest power value of a microwave usually depends on its volume. For a 20 L microwave, its power ranges from 700 to 900 W.

For a model between 23 and 30 L, count 750 to 1000 W for the microwave function and between 1600 to 2500 W in oven mode. For regular use, the ideal would be to choose a 1000 W model. While 600 to 900 W models are better suited for occasional use. If you want to do some real cooking, don't hesitate to choose a high-powered appliance with adapted functions.

#2 - The Capacity

The capacity of a microwave varies according to the model. You can find microwaves with a capacity of 15 L while others can hold 40 L. It would be ideal to choose the size of a microwave according to the number of people. If you are a single person or a couple, a cheap microwave with a capacity of 20 L is more than enough.

If you are preparing meals for a family of 4 or more, you will need a 24 L 30 L or 42 L model, as you will need to heat or cook large dishes. Before choosing your appliance, it is also necessary to identify your real needs. If you want to use it only to reheat dishes, there is no need to burden yourself with an imposing model.

#3 - The Features

Just like capacity, the features of a microwave also differ from one model to another. The essential functions present on all cheap microwaves are reheating and defrosting dishes. For the better equipped models, you can benefit from the grill function, very well useful to brown and grill your preparations.

The more advanced models can even replace a real oven thanks to the rotating heat function. The steaming options are also very interesting, as they offer many advantages for your well-being. Most microwaves now have a timer that allows you to program the cooking time of your food.

The radiation emitted by the microwave

According to a Swiss study, the radiation emitted by microwaves is ten times lighter than the recommended limit for a cell phone.

#4 - The Cooking Mode

The cooking mode also counts among the important selection criteria so that your appliance gives you complete satisfaction. Adaptable to any type of cooking, natural convection is the standard cooking mode that is recommended for cakes and soufflés. With this cooking mode, the heat is spread vertically, unlike the rotating heat function which ensures even cooking of food. Rotating heat is perfect for baking sponge cakes in molds. The more complex microwaves have a large number of cooking modes such as microwave cooking, steaming, boiling, grilling, frying, roasting and simmering.

#5 - The Programming

Programming is also another criterion for choosing before purchasing a microwave. On this point, three options are available to you including mechanical mode, electromagnetic mode and electronic mode. The mechanical mode is not very precise while the other two are easy to use and offer more comfort. The most popular type of programming is the electronic type, as it comes with smart features such as cooking mode memory, quick defrost or door lock. Some microwaves can combine several programming modes.

Cheap microwave or cheap oven?

Cheap microwave

Space-saving, easy to use, more functional, these are the main qualities of the cheap microwave. If the standard models are limited to reheating and defrosting dishes, the most efficient ones offer other functions such as grilling, cooking, steaming or fast defrosting.

Moreover, if your budget is a bit limited, choose without hesitation a cheap microwave. For 200 euros or so, you can get a top-of-the-range multifunctional model that is cheaper than an entry-level combi oven.

The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for cooking for too long, as this can damage the appliance. This makes it difficult to prepare well-cooked meals with a microwave. A combination microwave has a maximum volume of 45 L, while a combination oven has a volume of 50 L to 70 L.

Cheap oven

The oven has two heating elements, one at the top and one at the bottom. As they heat your dishes and cakes from the top and bottom, your preparations are cooked evenly. This type of appliance is often equipped with several insertion levels allowing you to prepare the starter and the main dish at the same time.

There are different types of ovens, with more or less options, and available at all prices. As for the cheap oven, it has many advantages. It ensures a perfect homogeneity of your cooking, without the need to turn your dishes during cooking. It is very resistant for a long cooking time. And the cheap oven is more advantageous in terms of productivity in the kitchen.

However, its disadvantages include its high energy consumption. The heat generated by its heating elements can harm the environment in your kitchen. In terms of capacity, the oven is generally larger than the microwave and can therefore take up a lot of space.


The cheap microwave is a better option if you want to save energy while enjoying quick and tasty preparations. But if you like to prepare hearty meals for your family or find it easier to cook for the whole week, you will benefit from choosing a cheap oven.

Why buy a cheap microwave?

A cheap microwave is not necessarily of poor quality or low power. In general, some brands offer this interesting offer in order to launch their own business or to liquidate their products before the holidays such as Christmas and end of the year.

A microwave that meets expectations

The cheap microwave has in most cases interesting features. With all the basic features to be efficient and effective, this appliance can meet the most demanding expectations. This lower price is not always limited to standard microwaves, but you can also find appliances with advanced functions at a lower cost.

Installed on the countertop or in one of the kitchen cabinets, the microwave is an effective solution for those who have little time to prepare their meals or those who always want to enjoy hot food at any time. With this appliance, meals can be heated and cooked very quickly. Also, ready-made and frozen meals can be defrosted in no time.

Whether your kitchen is small and you don't have enough room for a gas stove or oven, or you need an easy-to-use tool to heat and cook your meals quickly, the microwave is the kitchen appliance for you. You will find them in all sizes, with more or less features, and also at all prices, including the cheap offer.

An appliance that really helps the user

Having a cheap microwave is always a surplus for households, because you can benefit from many advantages. It offers the advantage of having a practical kitchen appliance at an affordable price. Very useful in everyday life, the appliance is perfectly suited to the present lifestyle that does not leave much time for the housewife anymore. It saves a considerable amount of time when cooking vegetables, meat or fish.

Its use allows to limit the fat content, which makes the food more dietetic. Whether it is to defrost, reheat or cook, the microwave allows you to do all of this quickly while saving energy.

Drying out food?

To prevent your food from drying out, it is best to set a shorter cooking time or choose a lower power setting for your appliance. You should also remember to cover your food before placing it in the microwave.


Be aware of microwave-safe foods

To ensure the durability of a cheap microwave, it is also important to know what foods you can cook. Be aware that some foods are not compatible with the cooking modes of a microwave. For example, a whole bird or a block of meat cannot be cooked completely in the appliance, because the temperatures provided are not sufficient for this preparation. Reheating eggs and shellfish in the microwave is not a good idea, as these foods can explode in the microwave.

Avoid overcooking food in the microwave

Extended cooking time in a microwave can damage the appliance and can be a health hazard. It is therefore very useful to adapt the cooking time according to your preparations. In addition, to better optimize the cooking, it is advisable to pierce or streak the food.

What is the nature of the cavity?

depending on

the models and brands, several coatings of the internal cavity are possible. You can find epoxy, ceramic, or stainless steel cavities. The stainless steel cavity is the most recommended for its resistance, durability as well as its ease of cleaning.and maintenance.

Do not install the microwave near water and heat sources


you want your cheap microwave to last for many years, avoid installing it in a humid or hot environment, such as next to a sink, radiator or oven. Plan a good location away from all of these concerns when you install it. Ideally, it should be placed in a location where the ambient temperature does not exceed 35°C.

Make sure the microwave is easily accessible

Accessibility is an important point not to be neglected, especially when it comes to the cheap built-in microwave. Therefore, its location must be well studied in order to have easy access when you use it. However, the appliance should be placed out of reach of children for safety.


What is the best cheap microwave?

The best cheap microwave depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to properly clean and maintain the performance of your cheap microwave?


longevity of the cheap microwave depends primarily on its maintenance. You shouldn't leave dirt and food residue in the appliance for long, as all this damages the heating system and makes you lose efficiency. To make cleaning easier, simply heat up a cup of water. The steam released in the device will soften all the residues and make cleaning much easier. You can also clean the interior cavity of the appliance with white vinegar or a mixture of baking soda and water. It is recommended that you clean the appliance once a week.

Is cooking in the microwave harmful to your health?


microwave is a kitchen appliance for heating food quickly and defrosting food

in no time.

Despite concerns about its use, this appliance is still very popular. According to studies, radiation from the waves can pass through the walls of the microwave during operation, but the amount of emissions is too small to be harmful. So there is no reason to advise against using this cooking technique.

How to properly heat food in the microwave?


use your appliance effectively and also to make it last, it is necessary to consider a few key points. In the case of several foods, you can place them one by one in different containers or spread them out on a spacious plate so that they do not overlap. To avoid splashing in the microwave, it is wise to cover your dish with a thick plastic lid. This will keep your food steaming and moist. The microwave is very practical in everyday life to save time in the kitchen, however, some foods should not be put in the microwave such as pizza or puff pastry, fried foods, stone fruits, eggs, corn and seafood. You should also avoid putting canned goods in the microwave.

Why does my microwave not heat up?


your microwave does not heat up, it may be due to a malfunction of an electrical nature or the wrong setting of the cooking function. Poor interior cleaning can also cause this failure.


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Candy CMXG 25DCS
Candy CMXG 25DCS
Severin MW 7890
Severin MW 7890
Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG
Panasonic NN-GD38HSSUG
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Bosch HMT 72 M 450


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