The best cheap gamer desks in the UK 2023

If you're one of the 37 million gamers in the UK, the cheap gamer desk will surely complete your gaming arsenal. If you combine it with a large mouse pad and other accessories, you'll have a gaming space that's both ergonomic and practical. With our comparison of the best cheap gamer desk, find the model that suits your needs.

Couchmaster CYCON 1

Best value for money

Couchmaster CYCON

The best cheap gamer desktop in 2021

Easy to use, the CYCON Couchmaster can be adjusted to fit the user. It is not very large, but it can be used by anyone.

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Offered at a very attractive price, the CYCON Couchmaster is essentially made of foam and plastic. It is a model perfectly adapted to all those who wish to use their cheap gaming desk on the go. Whether you want to play on PC, PlayStation or Xbox, you can move it anywhere you want. Its 4 USB ports will allow you to easily connect your headset, your keyboard and your mouse.

This cheap portable gaming desk includes 2 thick foams that will serve as armrests with dimensions of 60 x 23 x 19 cm and a sturdy plastic table of 84 x 35 x 4 cm. On the side, you will have a storage pocket, ideal for storing your phone or any other essential object.

Fitueyes CD310001WB 2

Best value for money

Fitueyes CD310001WB

The best entry-level cheap gamer desktop

With a capacity of up to 2 screens, the Fitueyes CD310001WB offers you a large working space with a minimum of clutter. Its well thought conception allows it to bring you the maximum of comfort of use.

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The Fitueyes CD310001WB is one of the most multifunctional in terms of cheap gamer desks. And for good reason, it can be used as a classic desk as well as a gaming table or a study table. Its Z-shaped design offers more space for various activities. In addition, it has 3 shelves, one of which is for monitors while the second one will hold the mouse, mouse pad and keyboard. The3rd one can support the CPU, printer or any other peripheral.

The Fitueyes CD310001WB cheap gamer desk promises great strength and durability due to its high quality manufacturing. It has been designed with 15mm MDF panel as well as 0.9mm thick metal. Its total maximum load capacity is up to 70 kg.

Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S 3

Best value for money

Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S

The best high-end cheap gamer desktop

The Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S gamer's table seduced us with its originality. Its shape and backlighting immediately take you into the world of gaming.

167 £ on Amazon

With the Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S, you'll save a lot of space. It has a smart cable storage system as well as a headphone holder, a cup holder and, most importantly, a universal holder for game controllers. And let's not forget that the tabletop measures 113 x 61.5 cm.

This is the perfect gamer desk if you're on a budget and like to keep your workspace looking pristine. Made with carbon fiber, it will offer you a large gaming surface. For a better experience, let yourself be transported to another universe thanks to its LED lighting.

SyberDesk Gaming desk 4

Excellent quality

SyberDesk Gaming desk

The best ergonomic cheap gamer desktop

With its simple yet practical design, the SyberDesk Gaming desk is very easy to assemble. Equipped with a large tabletop measuring 132 cm x 65 cm, this model was designed according to the specifications of E-Sport tournaments.

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Unlike the previous model, the SyberDesk Gaming desk has a rather sober design. It stands out from other cheap gamer desks thanks to its legs similar to those of classic tables. This model is composed of an aluminum eyelet for cables and a 16-color LED strip located at the back.

Its greatest asset is its height-adjustable legs. It can be adapted to any size. With this cheap gamer desk, you can install a plug with 3 USB ports for both audio and microphone.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap gamer desk

Any specific needs?

The best cheap gamer desktop in 2021

The best entry-level cheap gamer desktop

The best high-end cheap gamer desktop

The best ergonomic cheap gamer desktop

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Comparison table of the best cheap gamer desks

Couchmaster CYCON 5
Fitueyes CD310001WB 6
Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S 7
SyberDesk Gaming desk 8
Couchmaster CYCON
Fitueyes CD310001WB
Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S
SyberDesk Gaming desk
Easy to use, the CYCON Couchmaster can be adjusted to fit the user. It is not very large, but it can be used by anyone.
With a capacity of up to 2 screens, the Fitueyes CD310001WB offers you a large working space with a minimum of clutter. Its well thought conception allows it to bring you the maximum of comfort of use.
The Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S gamer's table seduced us with its originality. Its shape and backlighting immediately take you into the world of gaming.
With its simple yet practical design, the SyberDesk Gaming desk is very easy to assemble. Equipped with a large tabletop measuring 132 cm x 65 cm, this model was designed according to the specifications of E-Sport tournaments.
Leather cover, foam stand, plastic tabletop
MDF panel, metal tube
Carbon fiber, metal
Number of ports
4 USB ports
3 USB ports
84 x 35 x 4 cm
100 x 60 x 84 cm
113 x 61.5 x 77.5 cm
65 x 132 x 73 cm
Maximum load
70 kg
100 kg
Adjustable height

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Buying guide - cheap gamer desk

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How to choose your cheap gamer desk

Whether gaming is a passion or a hobby for you, you need to choose the right equipment. Comfort, convenience and durability are all benefits you'll get from getting a quality cheap gamer desk. So it's important to ask yourself the right questions before making a purchase.

#1 - The use

Think about where to install your cheap gamer desk depending on how you plan to use it. In an office, in a common room or in your bedroom? Will it be used mainly for gaming or are you looking for a multifunctional model? A model with a sober design will look great in a living room. On the other hand, a real cheap gaming desk would be perfect for a personal bedroom.

#2 - The materials

In terms of manufacturing materials, you will surely find the cheap gaming desk that suits your decorating style as well as your taste. Natural wood, melamine, glass, metal, PVC plastic, carbon fiber..., the type of material used can influence the price of each model. Note that the cheap gamer desks in wood are quite heavy. If you want more flexibility and to be able to move your desk from time to time, those made of PVC and steel are the most suitable. For aesthetics and elegance, choose the cheap glass gamer desk. Make your choice according to its sturdiness, ease of movement and maintenance.

#3 - The mouse pad

The mouse pad is usually already integrated into the cheap gamer desk. On some models, this accessory completely or partially covers the game board. However, there are desks that are not equipped and require additional expenses. This is the case of the multifunctional cheap gamer desks.

#4 - The dimensions


dimensions of your cheap gamer desk depend on the location you have planned for it. If you lack space, prefer models measuring less than 1.50 m or L-shaped

which can be easily placed in a corner. On the other hand, if you plan to install several monitors and you have a lot of space, direct your choice to cheap gamer desks that are wider.

#5 - Accessories

What accessories would you need for optimal comfort? This criterion allows you to choose a model that will be both practical and pleasant to use. In some cases, manufacturers already include many options on their cheap gamer desks: cable management system, adjustable height, integrated mouse pad, backlighting...

How to set up your cheap gamer desk?

Whether you're a home user or a professional, a well-designed, inexpensive gamer desk can improve your performance and productivity. Have you ever had a bad experience with a glass of water or a cup of coffee spilled on your equipment? If so, here are some tips to prevent such problems.

  • Think about your safety: opt for a cheap gamer desk with a cable management system. If not, you have a wide choice of models on the market such as a cable tie or a Velcro strap as a cable tie.
  • Secure the cables under the desk: to optimize your performance, store them in a smart way with cable ties, adhesive clips or cable trays.
  • Set up your cheap gamer desk: an equally intimate location will keep you comfortable.
  • Take everything you need: before you settle in for good, make sure everything you need is close at hand: cup, cell phone, game CDs or DVDs, controllers, headphones...

The different types of cheap gamer desks

The choice of your cheap gamer desk is influenced by your needs of comfort and practicality. We have classified them into 3 main categories:

The cheap gamer desktop laptop

Like the first model in our top ranking, the cheap portable gamer desk is one of the easiest to store. It can be used if you like to play, work, read, write on your sofa or on your bed. This type of equipment can also play the role of a screen riser

. You can place a monitor or a keyboard on its sturdy tray.

Some models include a cable storage system while others offer more options such as a side pocket, a storage drawer, a support for a tablet or books... It seduces by its multifunctionality, the quality of its materials, its comfort and its practicality. However, it should be noted that its height is not adjustable and the compatible screen size is relatively small.

The cheap portable gamer desk is perfectly suited for those who want to get rid of their back pain and those who prefer to store their equipment after a gaming session to limit clutter. People who like to read, write or work in their bed or on their couch will only be happy with it.

The cheap gamer desktop RGB


you're a video game fan and prefer total immersion in the gaming world, the cheap RGB gamer desk is for you. Equipped with an LED light to plug into a PC

, this type of model offers an incredible and distraction-free gaming experience. Among other things, it is equipped with a cable management system. Many high-performance gamer desks even include additional accessories such as a headset holder, cup holder, XXL mouse pad, controller holder... Its gaming surface is usually wide and textured with a great stability on the ground. It does not come with any footrest and some accessories are not included in the purchase.

The cheap gamer RGB desk has been designed to ensure excellent comfort for all gaming fans. Flexible and often adjustable in height, this type of furniture offers unparalleled ergonomics for a new gaming experience. Those who want to get rid of aches and pains and adopt a good posture will be really satisfied.

The cheap gamer desktop 2 in 1 (office and gaming)

Are you

looking for a cheap gamer desk that can also serve as a work desk? This type of model is definitely suitable for your needs. While giving you a relaxing feeling, it incorporates a specific support for monitors, a support for keyboards and mice and, in some cases, a footrest

. It often does not come with a mouse pad and its top is quite smooth, but non-slip. Its simple design makes it easy to install in any room.

This type of cheap gamer desk will look great in an office or living room. It can accommodate up to 2 monitors. It is ideal if you play multiplayer games or if you work with 2 people. Its design guarantees a versatile use.

Cheap gamer desk or classic desk?

Cheap gamer desk

Very comfortable, the cheap gamer desk allows you to improve your posture as well as your productivity. The multifunctionality of some models is a great advantage insofar as it serves you among other things to study, to work, to read or to write. It can be installed anywhere, as it is very aesthetic. Its large work space optimizes your creativity. Note that some models have the capacity to support up to 2 monitors simultaneously.

Classic office

With a classic desk, you will be able to work in a standing position. It can be adjusted according to the user's morphology. With this type of desk, you will avoid the risk of RSI. For maximum comfort, you should be equipped with an ergonomic chair. Its storage systems are generally in the form of drawers.


If you're an avid gamer, you'll probably need a cheap gamer desk to go with your gaming chair. The accessories are located on the side of the tabletop, which maximizes your comfort of use. Some models with backlighting offer you the possibility of total immersion in the gaming world. On the other hand, the classic desk is more suitable for office use. Underneath the tabletop there are often storage drawers, although it doesn't have a cable management system.

If both offer you the possibility to write, read and work without feeling any back pain and adopt a posture that favours your comfort, the cheap 2 in 1 gamer desk seems to be the best solution because of its versatility.


Choose the right gaming chair

Want to have the best gaming experience? Go for the gaming chair! It fits the design of a cheap gamer desk better (T, L or Z shape) unlike a classic desk.

Install the sound elements


sound element can take you to a whole new world. Being able to be integrated with the monitor, the gaming sound bar can be placed next to it. In addition, you also have the choice to use a gaming headset so as not to disturb your surroundings.

Create an unparalleled gaming atmosphere


case you opt for a dedicated gaming space, you have the option to decorate your walls with stickers featuring your favorite characters. On the shelves, place your best figurines and any other collectible items.

Position your screen in the best way


the cheap gamer desk is not height adjustable, consider getting an articulating arm monitor stand or a screen riser that will allow you to position your screen at the ideal height


The location of the gamer tower


gamer tower will need to be nearby so it's always accessible. If it's placed on the floor, make sure to install a mat underneath so as not to damage either the device or the floor. In particular, you can place it next to the monitor if you have a lot of space.


What is the best cheap gamer desk?

The best cheap gamer desk depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Are all accessories included?

This depends on the make and model. Some accessories such as a mouse pad, helmet hook or cup holder are usually included in the delivery.

Why set up a space for gaming?

If you want to show yourself as a true gamer, you need to set up a dedicated space. Create the gaming atmosphere and mood with your equipment, interior design and furnishings.

Do all cheap gamer desktops have a grommet?

No, even cheap gamer desks that are specifically for video games don't necessarily have cable management. So you need to consider other solutions to store your cables in the best conditions.

Is it possible to remove the mouse pad?

The mouse pad can be removed as needed. You can even order a new one if yours is damaged.


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