The best glass-ceramic cooking plates in the UK 2023

A simple ceramic hob with one or more burners is enough to modernize a kitchen and make it more functional. More efficient than electric cooktops and less energy consuming than induction cooktops, this appliance is not to be chosen willy-nilly. Find out everything you need to know in this guide to the best glass ceramic cooktops.

Whirlpool AKM9010NE 1

Editor's Choice

Whirlpool AKM9010NE

The best ceramic glass cooktop of 2021

Whatever the size of your kitchen, this 4-burner ceramic hob will add character to it. This appliance is suitable for all types of cooking thanks to its radiants that ensure a rapid rise in temperature.

159 £ on Amazon

With this ceramic hob from appliance giant Whirlpool, you can give free rein to your cooking talents thanks to its 4 burners of different powers. Whether you like ready-made meals, simmered dishes or sautéed dishes, simply select the burner that best suits each cooking situation. From there, all you have to do is wait until your meal is ready.

Don't miss the opportunity to give your kitchen a makeover with the Whirlpool AKM9010NE. Its side controls ensure a modern design, but also a very comfortable use. To prevent you from burning yourself while cooking, this ceramic hob is equipped with a residual heat indicator. One less thing to worry about if you have children.

Rosenstein & Söhne ‎NX8759-944 2

Best cheap

Rosenstein & Söhne ‎NX8759-944

The best entry-level cooktop

The Rosenstein & Söhne NX8759-944 proves that ceramic cooktops are not sedentary appliances. Weighing in at 2 kg, this model can be used as an extra cooktop for the trailer or camping.

35,16 £ on Cdiscount
Gorenje ECT641BSC 3

Best high-end

Gorenje ECT641BSC

The best high-end ceramic glass cooktop

With 4 burners, this ceramic glass cooktop with radiant heat allows you to prepare whatever you want very quickly and easily. The Slovenian brand has surpassed itself in creating this very intuitive appliance.

159 £ on Boulanger

Think of this ceramic hob as a way to beautify your kitchen and at the same time make a success of your simmered dishes. Whatever recipe you want to prepare, you'll perfect it thanks to this appliance's adjustable timer (up to 99 min). A beep will alert you when your food is ready. Latecomers won't need to reheat their portions, as this griddle has a function that keeps the temperature at 70°C until it's completely off.

If you have an urgent errand to run, simply activate the Stop&Go function that momentarily stops cooking until you return. To optimize safety, the glass ceramic hob has indicator lights that show which hobs are still burning. As long as the indicator is still active, avoid touching the cooking zone. However, this residual heat can be used to defrost a meal or keep it warm.

Kitchen Chef Professional PV2800 4

For a couple

Kitchen Chef Professional PV2800

The best 2-burner ceramic glass cooktop

Made of stainless steel and tempered glass, this sleek glass-ceramic cooktop will fit perfectly into any kitchen. Its 2 fireplaces allow you to cook different culinary preparations at the same time.

79,61 £ on Mathon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best ceramic hob

Any specific needs?

The best ceramic glass cooktop of 2021

The best entry-level cooktop

The best high-end ceramic glass cooktop

The best 2-burner ceramic glass cooktop

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Comparison table of the best glass-ceramic cooking plates

Whirlpool AKM9010NE 5
Rosenstein & Söhne ‎NX8759-944 6
Gorenje ECT641BSC 7
Kitchen Chef Professional PV2800 8
Whirlpool AKM9010NE
Rosenstein & Söhne ‎NX8759-944
Gorenje ECT641BSC
Kitchen Chef Professional PV2800
Whatever the size of your kitchen, this 4-burner ceramic hob will add character to it. This appliance is suitable for all types of cooking thanks to its radiants that ensure a rapid rise in temperature.
The Rosenstein & Söhne NX8759-944 proves that ceramic cooktops are not sedentary appliances. Weighing in at 2 kg, this model can be used as an extra cooktop for the trailer or camping.
With 4 burners, this ceramic glass cooktop with radiant heat allows you to prepare whatever you want very quickly and easily. The Slovenian brand has surpassed itself in creating this very intuitive appliance.
Made of stainless steel and tempered glass, this sleek glass-ceramic cooktop will fit perfectly into any kitchen. Its 2 fireplaces allow you to cook different culinary preparations at the same time.
58 x 5 x 51 cm
64 x 6.6 x 30 cm
59.5 x 5.4 x 52 cm
35 x 7.6 x 30 cm
Number of lights
Fireplace power according to their diameters
ø 145 mm = 1200 W, ø 210 mm = 2100 W, ø 145 mm = 1200 W, ø 180 mm = 1700 W
1400 W
ø 21 cm = 2.3 kW, ø 18 cm= 1.8 kW, ø 14.5 cm = 1.2 kW
ø 20 cm = 2000 W
8,5 kg
3.9 kg
7.7 kg
2.12 kg

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Buying guide - ceramic hob

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How to choose your ceramic hob

Give your kitchen a new lease on life by replacing your electric cooktop with a ceramic cooktop. Just make sure you choose equipment that meets your needs.

#1 - Number of fireplaces

The number of burners is an important criterion. A ceramic hob has 2, 3, 4 or 5 burners depending on the model. It is up to you to choose the number of burners according to your cooking profile, but also according to the size of your family and your kitchen. If you need to cook for 4 to 5 people on a daily basis, you will need a ceramic hob with at least 3 burners. For a couple with one child, a model with 2 hearths should be more than enough.

#2 - Wattage

The power is a determining criterion since we are talking about an electrical appliance. Expressed in Watts, the power of this equipment varies according to the number and dimensions of the hearths. Logically, a glass-ceramic hob with 5 burners is clearly more powerful than one with 2 burners. However, be aware that the more powerful the appliance, the more energy it consumes.

#3 - Controls

Besides the number of burners and the power, the controls are elements that should not be neglected before purchasing. Choose equipment that is comfortable and not too complicated to use, such as models equipped with a digital display. Touch buttons make it much easier to adjust the appliance, but they are also a major asset when it comes to aesthetics and design.

#4 - Safety options

A good glass-ceramic cooktop should have one or two safety options. It would be wiser to check for a heat indicator to know whether a recently used hob is still hot or not. We also recommend choosing a cooktop with an overheat protection system and an automatic standby device in case the pan overflows. If the hob's controls are lockable, children will not be able to turn it on even unintentionally.

#5 - Ergonomics

You will have to choose between the built-in and the countertop ceramic hobs. Since the countertop model does not fit into the worktop frame, you can move it around as you wish. This model does not require complex installation. The built-in plate will need a specific location on the worktop. In other words, the worktop must be drilled. However, the installation is more aesthetic.

How to maintain a glass-ceramic hob?

A glass-ceramic hob is easily recognizable by its tempered glass cooktop which is very resistant to high temperatures. This cooking device has in its entrails a resistance that turns bright red when electricity is passed through it. To heat or cook food, this appliance works on the principle of conduction or radiation depending on the model.

Contrary to popular belief, the glass-ceramic hob is very easy to maintain. Many manufacturers recommend polishing the cooktop with a damp sponge and a little dishwashing liquid, this is enough to make it shine. Since the surface is smooth and completely flat, there is no risk of waste getting on it. However, if food is splashed on the plate, you can use scrapers specially made for cleaning glass-ceramic.


Even if the glass-ceramic hob can withstand high temperatures, it remains relatively sensitive to shocks. Therefore, avoid cleaning it with abrasive products. This may alter its performance. Furthermore, since this type of cooktop is very slow to cool down, always wait until the glass ceramic cooktop has cooled down completely before starting maintenance.

The different types of glass-ceramic cooking plates

Depending on the technology used, there are 2 types of glass-ceramic cooktops:

The glass-ceramic hob with radiant heat

On this type of glass-ceramic hob, the heating elements are positioned in a cavity made of refractory material and are activated when the electric current passes through them. The advantage of a glass-ceramic hob with a radiant heat source is that it heats up quickly and provides a constant and continuous temperature.

On the best radiant hobs, the power can reach 2500 W which is equivalent to a temperature of 600 °C. This characteristic makes it perfect for long, gentle and homogeneous cooking such as pot-au-feu for example.

The glass-ceramic hob with halogen heat

The glass-ceramic hob with halogen hearth has an operation that relies on tungsten filament lamps that are fixed at the reflector. The reflector concentrates the energy stored by the lamps before sending it back upwards in the form of infrared light.

For those in the know, this type of cooktop is faster and more efficient than the radiant cooktop. It is recommended for bringing liquids to a boil or for searing food in a pan. On a ceramic glass cooktop with a halogen hob, the intensity of the light produced by the appliance allows you to see the heating power directly.

Ceramic hob or induction hob?

Ceramic hob

The glass-ceramic cooktop has the advantage of being compatible with all pans and pots that are compatible with a conventional electric cooktop. Since the heat source of this appliance is powerful, utensils made of a material that is resistant to deformation and thermal shock are required.

In this case, choose stainless steel for all forms of cooking on a glass-ceramic hob. Although it ensures a homogeneous diffusion of heat, the consumption of a glass-ceramic hob remains important. Indeed, it consumes more energy than other types of cooktops.

Induction hob

Unlike a glass-ceramic hob, an induction hob does not heat up. The pan placed on the hob rises in temperature under the impulse of a magnetic field that generates heat. This phenomenon requires the use of utensils with a bottom made of ferromagnetic material (cast iron or steel).

The induction cooktop heats up very quickly and cools down just as quickly. Since the heat is produced directly in the bottom of the appliance, without any intermediary, the heat and energy losses are lower. The appliance will then consume less electricity.


The glass-ceramic hob offers all the advantages of an induction hob, except that its power consumption is reduced to a minimum. If we ignore this feature, the glass-ceramic hob would have been a perfect cooking device in every way.

5 good reasons to use a ceramic glass cooktop

1. Resistant

Remember that the glass-ceramic cooktop is made of glass which is particularly resistant to abrasion and high temperatures. However, to optimize the longevity of the appliance, you should protect the top with a plate guard. This accessory will protect the cooking surface from splashes.

2. Easy to maintain

The smooth, flat surface of the glass-ceramic cooktop makes it very easy to clean, especially when its controls are touch-sensitive. All it takes is a quick wipe down with a damp sponge to clean the hob. However, be careful not to leave a stain from a spill too long on the surface, otherwise it will be very easy to remove.

3. Compatible with standard utensils

You don't need to find suitable cookware, since all standard cookware is compatible with the glass ceramic hob. As long as your old cookware is made of stainless steel, no particular problem should arise. Nevertheless, to help the temperature rise, always cook with a flat-bottomed pan in excellent condition.

4. Accessible to all

The ceramic hob is available at a very affordable price. Even some high-end models are ridiculously low priced. This makes it the perfect appliance for your kitchen renovation projects. Being very easy to use, the ceramic hob is also the ideal solution for students and seniors who live alone.

5. Safe

The glass ceramic cooktop offers different levels of safety compared to electric cooktops. This is due to its completely flat shape which limits the risk of tipping. Moreover, the best ceramic hobs offer different safety options that protect users from burns and electrical shorts.

The best brands of glass-ceramic cooking plates

In our opinion, the best brands of glass-ceramic cooking plates in 2022 are :

K & H

Whirlpool is a leading brand for kitchen appliances and is especially known for the quality of its built-in cooking appliances. In fact, its glass-ceramic cooktop with extendable hearth and 6-position settings is a great success worldwide.

Although this brand is not well known, it is a true reference for kitchen appliances, especially glass-ceramic cooktops. Reliable and easy to use, Viesta cooktops will make you want to cook again.

For its entire range of appliances (all products combined), Bosch puts a lot of emphasis on performance, but also on design. For its entire line of appliances (all products), Bosch focuses on performance, but also on design.

Specializing in large appliances and audiovisual multimedia since 1967, Siemens never ceases to amaze with its products for the kitchen and home. Among its flagship products is the expandable three-burner ceramic cooktop.

K & H is a manufacturer that specializes primarily in security accessories, safes, ladders, and travel gear. But this brand also happens to offer modular glass-ceramic cooktops with touch-sensitive controls.

What is the price for a ceramic hob

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

35 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 199 £
more than 199 £
Price range diagram


Do not use chemicals to clean a glass-ceramic cooktop!

Never use a chemical detergent when cleaning your glass ceramic cooktop. This could damage the surface and reduce its performance in the long term. Ideally, use a simple mixture of water and baking soda. This mixture will remove the most stubborn stains.

Wait until the cooktop has cooled down before cleaning it

Wait for the glass-ceramic cooktop to cool down completely before cleaning it. This will prevent you from burning yourself. Remember that this appliance is slow to drop in temperature even if it is already turned off.

Position the cooktop in the right place

As far as possible, avoid placing your glass-ceramic cooktop too close to your refrigerator so that it does not overconsume energy due to the heat located nearby. You should also not place it too close to the sink, as it may get wet often.

Lock your glass-ceramic cooktop in place

To prevent any incident from occurring, lock the touch controls of your glass-ceramic cooktop especially if you have small children. Curious by nature, children will try to imitate you, which is why it's a good idea to choose an appliance with multiple safety options.

Confirm the installation to a professional

If you plan to recess your glass-ceramic cooktop, the ideal solution would be to have it done by a professional. Accustomed to carrying out work of this type, the craftsman will be able to provide you with quality work and entirely to your image.


How does a glass-ceramic hob work?

The glass-ceramic hob with radiant heat works with resistances that are placed under the glass-ceramic glass. The halogen model uses bulbs that generate a powerful heat that is then transferred to the glass ceramic glass. This is what makes this type of appliance quick to heat up, but slow to cool down.

How do I clean a glass-ceramic hob?

The cleaning of a glass-ceramic cooktop is simply done with a sponge and a solution of water and baking soda. It is strictly forbidden to use chemical detergents for the maintenance of this appliance. The corrosive properties of such a product may reduce the performance of the cooktop.

What are the differences between a glass-ceramic hob and an induction hob?

Although often confused, these two cooking appliances differ in the technologies they use to produce heat. While the glass-ceramic cooktop operates on the principle of conduction or radiation, the induction cooktop operates via a complex system based on electromagnetism.

Does a glass-ceramic hob use a lot of electricity?

The power consumption of a glass-ceramic cooktop depends on its power and how you use it. If the appliance is used at full power for hours a day, it is quite normal for it to consume energy. However, keep in mind that this cooktop uses much less energy than a conventional cooktop.


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Whirlpool AKM9010NE 9
Whirlpool AKM9010NE
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Rosenstein & Söhne ‎NX8759-944
Gorenje ECT641BSC 11
Gorenje ECT641BSC
Kitchen Chef Professional PV2800 12
Kitchen Chef Professional PV2800


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