The best cast iron planchas in the UK 2023

The plancha has already converted 39% of barbecue lovers, the cast iron one being among the most popular. In raw or enamelled cast iron, the griddle allows for healthy and tasty cooking. And gas or electric operation ensures optimal heat distribution. To save yourself a lot of research, read our comparison guide of the best cast iron planchas.

Forge Adour Premium 60 1

Best value for money

Forge Adour Premium 60

The best cast iron griddle in 2021

With the Premium 60 gas griddle, Forge Adour signs a no-fault contract. Guaranteed for 15 years, this gas griddle stands out for the quality of its materials, but also for its power and its large cooking surface.

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Guaranteed for 15 years, the Forge Adour Premium 60 has a double-walled white enamelled steel frame with a triple layer coating. Certified for outdoor and indoor use, this gas griddle has 2 independent aluminized burners with a power of 5.3 kW each. The ignition is done by an electronic piezo system integrated in the knobs.

The enamelled cast iron plate has a cooking surface of 58,5 x 40,5 cm. You can adjust the inclination of the feet so that the grease falls more easily into the removable 1.2 L drip tray, also in cast iron. Note that the Forge Adour Premium 60 runs on propane, butane and LPG.

Riviera & Bar QP 350A 2

Best value for money

Riviera & Bar QP 350A

The best entry-level cast iron griddle

The Riviera & Bar QP 350A has a cast aluminum plate, a light material that conducts heat very well. At the proposed price and given the large cooking surface, this electric griddle will appeal to small budgets.

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With its 59 x 32.5 cm cooking surface, the Riviera & Bar QP 350A will allow you to cook for 8 people. Its heat-conducting cast aluminum plate, its integrated resistance and its 5-step thermostat with keep-warm function ensure performance and versatility.

Its 2.2 kW of power are enough to cook vegetables, meat, fish and seafood thoroughly. Note that the plate is inclined, facilitating the evacuation of the cooking juices towards the grease trap. On the other hand, the plate is not dishwasher safe, contrary to what the manufacturer says, unless you remove the 10 screws that hold it in place!

Campingaz Othello 2 EX 3

A great choice

Campingaz Othello 2 EX

The best cast iron griddle on cart

For outdoor use only, the Campingaz Othello 2 EX is a must have. It's impossible to miss grilling with this powerful griddle and its XXL cast iron double enamel cooking plate.

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A comparison of cast iron planchas cannot be made without including a Campingaz model. Even more so if the model in question is mounted on a wheeled cart and is called Campingaz Othello 2 EX. Its double enamelled cast iron plate offers a cooking surface of 60 x 40 cm, more than enough for 10 to 12 people.

The 2 aluminized steel burners have a power of 6 kW. You can adjust them independently, for example to cook on one side and keep warm on the other. Also note the 2 folding side shelves, the spice basket, the utensil holder or the dishwasher-safe side grease tray.

Princess 01.105053.02.001 4

Very good choice

Princess 01.105053.02.001

A cheap alternative

The Princess 01.105053.02.001 gas griddle has 3 cast iron burners of 2.4 kW each. Its enamelled cast iron cooking surface of 72 x 41.6 cm and its price compensate for its lack of robustness.

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The Princess 01.105053.02.001 is a beautiful gas griddle with a 5 mm thick enamelled cast iron cooking plate. Its XXL cooking surface measures 72 x 41.6 cm, enough to cook for 12 people. The 3 burners have a combined power of 7.2 kW. They allow 3 different preparations to be cooked on the plate.

The excess grease flows into the plate and is collected by the drip tray. Cleaning is easy, but beware of the yellowing of the back edges! However, the Princess 01.105053.02.001 is not rust resistant and the plate deforms if hit hard enough. The same goes for the knobs. So, a plancha to handle with care.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cast iron plancha

Any specific needs?

The best cast iron griddle in 2021

The best entry-level cast iron griddle

The best cast iron griddle on cart

A cheap alternative

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Comparison table of the best cast iron planchas

Forge Adour Premium 60 5
Riviera & Bar QP 350A 6
Campingaz Othello 2 EX 7
Princess 01.105053.02.001 8
Forge Adour Premium 60
Riviera & Bar QP 350A
Campingaz Othello 2 EX
Princess 01.105053.02.001
With the Premium 60 gas griddle, Forge Adour signs a no-fault contract. Guaranteed for 15 years, this gas griddle stands out for the quality of its materials, but also for its power and its large cooking surface.
The Riviera & Bar QP 350A has a cast aluminum plate, a light material that conducts heat very well. At the proposed price and given the large cooking surface, this electric griddle will appeal to small budgets.
For outdoor use only, the Campingaz Othello 2 EX is a must have. It's impossible to miss grilling with this powerful griddle and its XXL cast iron double enamel cooking plate.
The Princess 01.105053.02.001 gas griddle has 3 cast iron burners of 2.4 kW each. Its enamelled cast iron cooking surface of 72 x 41.6 cm and its price compensate for its lack of robustness.
Exceptional sturdiness for this cast iron griddle guaranteed for 15 years!
Large, non-stick, PFOA-free cast aluminum cooking plate
Magnificent and robust double enamelled steel gas griddle
Large enameled cast iron griddle with dimensions 72 x 41.6 cm
Design and quality of finishes
Angled plate, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Double enamelled cast iron cooking plate allowing to cook for 10 or 12 people
3 independent burners with 2.4 kW of power each, for a total of 7.2 kW
Enamelled cast iron cooking plate of 58.5 x 40.5 cm (8 people, or even more)
Excellent cooking quality
2 powerful independent burners made of aluminized steel, a material known for its resistance to heat
Very efficient grease trap
Cast iron grease trap with a capacity of 1.2 L
Grease tray removes too easily
Excellent quality/price ratio
Very attractive price for a gas griddle
2 burners with independent settings, with a total power of 5.3 kW
Removable plate, contrary to manufacturer's claims
Hose and regulator not included. But it's still easy to find
Sorely lacks sturdiness. Avoid roughing it!

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Buying guide - cast iron plancha

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How to choose your cast iron plancha

#1 - Cast iron plate or enamelled cast iron plate ?

Let's start with cast iron, a heavy alloy and not easy to move without a cart. Despite the tasty cooking and the often affordable price, the main flaws of this material remain the vulnerability to oxidation, the rather low life span and the ability to keep food stuck.

To remedy this, manufacturers have come up with enameled cast iron. Unlike cast iron, the presence of enamel on the entire surface of the cast iron plate protects it from rust and prevents food from sticking. Don't hesitate to do a culotte if the enamel is of doubtful quality. And beware of low prices!

There is also cast aluminum, which is light, strong, inexpensive and a good conductor of heat. Be aware, however, that cast aluminum has no trace of cast iron, although many brands play on this confusion. In metallurgy, the term "cast iron" refers to any cast alloy.

#2 - The power

The higher the power, the faster the plancha rises to temperature. It is therefore a crucial criterion. On average, it takes 2,000 W or 2 kW to reach an ideal temperature and achieve even cooking. Count on 7 kW maximum for an electric griddle and up to 15 kW or more for a gas griddle.

#3 - Electric or gas?

The electric griddle can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is much safer than gas, cheap, easy to use and not very bulky. On the other hand, it needs an electrical outlet nearby and it can be very energy consuming. Not to mention that it often has only one electric fire and a limited power of 7 kW.

The gas griddle offers up to 15 kW of power, or even more. It can accompany you everywhere, no need for an electrical outlet. In addition, the cast iron gas griddle rises quickly to temperature, provides a better quality of cooking and offers burners with independent settings. But its price and weight give pause.

#4 - The cooking surface


size of the griddle determines how many guests you can serve. Most planchas are enough for 4 people. But plan for an XXL cooking surface to accommodate 10 or more people. For gas models, the number of burners is a reliable indicator of the cooking surface.

#5 - Options and accessories

The grease trap is an essential accessory. It facilitates the cleaning of the cast iron plancha while extending its life. On some high-end models, the griddle tilts to facilitate the draining of grease into the drip tray. The lid, the spatula and the long-handled fork are also useful.

How to maintain a cast iron plancha?

The best cast iron planchas 9

Cast iron is a fragile and delicate material. It requires regular maintenance. In general, a cleaning after each cooking is enough to preserve the quality of food, hygiene, thermal performance of the plate and its life.

Hot cleaning

This process consists in cleaning the enamelled cast iron griddle during cooking and immediately afterwards. Indeed, food residues come off more easily on a hot plate. To do this, add a little water to the griddle between uses and move the residue to the grease trap with a spatula.

Another technique is to use spirit vinegar. But it should not be used during cooking, only after. Pour the vinegar alcohol on the still hot plate. The food will come off instantly without you having to scrape with a spatula. All you have to do is direct the residue into the grease trap.

Cold cleaning

This expression assumes that the plate has cooled down and the griddle has been turned off for a while. The big drawback is that the cold retains the food, especially the sticky ones. Unlike hot cleaning, cold cleaning is more time consuming and less easy. On the other hand, it offers greater safety by eliminating the risk of burns and electrocution.

If the cast iron cooking plate of your plancha is removable, remove it and clean it separately. Unlike stainless steel plates, cast iron and enameled cast iron plates require special care. You will need to consult the instructions for the appliance to see how to do this and the practices to avoid.

What to do if rust appears?

No, the formation of rust on a cast iron plate does not mean buying a new plancha! In fact, you can considerably postpone the end of the plate's life by getting rid of the rust immediately after it appears.

The easiest way to do this is to spread a cold layer of vegetable oil over the entire griddle. Then rub it gently with a non-abrasive material, such as a soft sponge or paper towel. Then turn on the griddle and remove the rust with a spatula with non-aggressive edges.

Cast iron or stainless steel griddle?

Cast iron plancha

Made of materials that distribute heat evenly, a cast iron griddle comes in 3 models: raw cast iron, enameled cast iron or cast aluminum. These 3 models all have their own advantages, including the enameled cast iron griddle which is long lasting and resistant to temperature variations. It is naturally non-stick. As for the cast iron aluminum griddle, it is a perfect match for electric types of griddles. It is also an excellent heat conductor.

The raw cast iron material is the least advantageous, because its plate is not smooth. And at the slightest contact with water, it oxidizes easily. But other materials also have their disadvantages. Like the case of the enamelled griddle which takes more than 10 minutes to heat up. The aluminum griddle is not shock resistant and gradually deforms under the effect of heat.

Stainless steel plancha

Built from an alloy of steel and mineral materials, a stainless steel griddle is the most renowned for its resistance. It is the most suitable material for a healthy and fast cooking. This material is indeed less harmful, because it does not add unnecessary fat to your food. Its main advantage is that you can cook several types of dishes such as vegetables or varieties of meats. On the other hand, it is easy to clean with a simple sponge and liquid soap.

However, you can also observe some limitations to planchas made of stainless steel. Indeed, they have a heat distribution during cooking that is not uniform. This does not guarantee the homogeneity of the cooking and can give a different taste to your food.


In sum, the choice between these 2 types of materials plancha is the habit of each. The stainless steel griddle allows for good food hygiene in terms of cooking. However, prefer the cast iron griddle for a good distribution of cooking temperature.

Why buy a cast iron griddle?

For the taste and the dietetics

Cooking on a cast iron griddle does not require oil to be placed on the griddle. But if you really want to, do so before placing the food on the plate. In addition, the cast iron griddle retains heat very well while bringing out the flavors of the food. And the chances of charring the food are almost zero.

For a homogeneous cooking of food

The thermal inertia and thickness of the cast iron plate ensure even cooking of food. Cast iron is known for its ability to retain heat for a long time. In addition, cast iron planchas allow you to adjust the temperature and even the cooking time. This way, your food will not be overcooked or too rare.

For mobility

You can take a gas griddle with you on holiday or on an outdoor trip. Some models are even sold with a trolley with wheels, which can be moved around the garden at will. The cast iron electric griddle is more suitable for use inside the house. But you can also take it out on the terrace or in the garden.

For ease of maintenance

Despite the weight of the cooking plate, the cast iron griddle is easy to maintain. The bulk of the work consists of cleaning the griddle, emptying the grease trap and cleaning the body of the appliance. Cleaning takes less time than a barbecue.

Temperatures and cooking times

Vegetables and fruit should be cooked to 220 °C. Allow up to 8 minutes for vegetables and up to 15 minutes for certain fruits such as apples. White meat cooks at 240 °C and red meat at 250 °C. The thickness of the meat is important, at least 5 min per side for a rib steak. For fish, raise the temperature to 260 °C before searing and lower it to less than 100 °C after searing. At a constant temperature, the fish flesh will dry out.

The best brands of cast iron planchas

In our opinion, the best brands of cast iron planchas in 2022 are :

Forge Adour
Riviera & Bar

This French brand is quite simply the European market leader in terms of volume and sales figures for planchas. Founded in 1978, Forge Adour has signed the Premium, Modern and Origin series as well as dedicated stands for its appliances. It's hard to find faults with its appliances, apart from the high price.

Campingaz is a true reference in mid- and top-of-the-range barbecues and also excels in the manufacture of planchas. With or without a trolley, its gas models are a hit with barbecue lovers. This brand will particularly appeal to those looking for a plancha on a trolley.

Specializing in small appliances, Riviera & Bar makes espresso machines, juicers, electric woks, planchas, bread makers and more. If you are looking for a more affordable brand than Forge Adour, Riviera & Bar is highly recommended.

The Swiss manufacturer is the originator of some reference planchas, notably the Rainbow ELEC and the DP-45. Specialized in laminated steel, carbon steel or hard chrome cooking plates, Simogas also offers enamelled cast iron planchas. Their quality is matched only by their price.

Originally from the Netherlands, this brand was founded in 1994 and invented the cooktop. Now a subsidiary of Smartwares, which also owns Tristar, Princess offers nearly 20 types of appliances. Whether it's a deep fryer, griddle, multi-cooker or anything else, its mid-range appliances are worth looking at.

What is the price for a cast iron plancha

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 350 £
350 £ to 600 £
more than 600 £
Price range diagram


Use your cast iron plancha protected from the weather.

Indoors, the cast iron griddle will be protected from the vagaries of the weather that can damage the enamel of the plate and cause rust. If you use it outside, choose a covered area and bring it back inside immediately after cleaning.

Always check the cast iron griddle before use.


precaution is especially valid for gas models. For your safety and that of your guests, check the condition of the gas hose before each use. Also consider running the griddle empty after a long period of inactivity to rid it of pests like insects.

Avoid abrasive and sharp-edged utensils to preserve the cast iron.


cleaning the cast iron griddle, never use abrasive or sharp-edged utensils. Instead, use rounded-edge spatulas and paper towels, soft cloths and sponges. This way, you preserve the efficiency and delicacy of the cast iron and the quality of its coating.

Oil the plate after each use.



the cooktop after cleaning. This practice protects the cast iron from rusting and promotes browning. Indeed, the culottage is obtained by successive deposits of grease from cooking and oiling on the enamel of the plate. It preserves the culinary qualities of cast iron while extending its life.

Preheat the griddle before cooking.

As with any

grilling appliance, the cast iron griddle requires about 10 min of preheating before you start cooking. Heat the griddle without a load and test its heat by pouring a few drops of water on it. If the water turns into dancing balls on the cooking surface, it's time to cook!


Which cast iron griddle to choose?

In our opinion, the best cast iron griddle for most people is the Forge Adour Premium 60, a gas model with a 15-year warranty. For the cheapest, the Riviera & Bar QP350A is an excellent choice. The Campingaz Othello 2 EX, a plancha mounted on a cart, is excellent for use on the terrace or in the garden. Finally, the Princess 01.105053.02.001 is for those who are looking for a large, inexpensive gas griddle.

How to choose your cast iron griddle?

Whether electric or gas, the cast iron griddle is chosen according to the material of the cooking plate. You can choose between raw cast iron, enamelled cast iron and cast aluminium. You can also choose according to the power of the appliance, up to 7 kW for electric griddles and 15 kW for gas griddles. The cooking surface and the available accessories should also be taken into account.

How to clean a cast iron griddle?

You can clean a cast iron griddle immediately after cooking or after the plate has cooled. For the first case, water or vinegar is sufficient. For the second case, consult the instructions for the appliance to avoid damaging it. If rust has formed, oil the plate and rub it with a non-abrasive material. Then heat the plate and scrape off the rust with a rounded spatula.

Cast iron plate or stainless steel plate: which one to choose?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Cast iron is heavy and difficult to maintain. But it retains heat very well and the flavours of the food cooked. Stainless steel resists rust, meets hygiene requirements and is prized by professionals. But this material is expensive, especially hard chrome steel.

How much does a cast iron plancha cost?

You will have no trouble finding a cast aluminium or cast iron griddle for less than 100 euros. For enamelled cast iron, the best models are sold between 200 and 700 euros. Beware of enamelled cast iron gas planchas sold at ridiculously low prices.


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Forge Adour Premium 60 10
Forge Adour Premium 60
Riviera & Bar QP 350A 11
Riviera & Bar QP 350A
Campingaz Othello 2 EX 12
Campingaz Othello 2 EX
Princess 01.105053.02.001 13
Princess 01.105053.02.001


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