The 34 best board games for 2

Board games are a must for spending wonderful moments with friends and family. However, if there are no volunteers, we tend to fall back on the same old games of battle, chess and scrabble. Yes, they are fun and nice, but in the long run, they become boring. Want to vary the pleasures and try new horizons? Try one of the board games below that can be played by two people.

Strategy and puzzle games for 2

7 Wonders duel Asmodée

7 Wonders duel Asmodeus

18 £ on Amazon

The famous civilization game 7 Wonders duel Asmodeus returns with a version specially designed for two players. In games that last about 20 minutes, push your troops to victory and build your empire until you capture your opponent's capital.

Abalone Asmodée

Abalone Asmodeus

16,87 £ on Amazon

Discover the magnificent game Abalone from Asmodeus. Although it is played with marbles, it is a strategy game that will require you to be sharp and think. The goal is to push your opponent's six marbles off the board. Looking for a strategy game for two? Abalone is for you.

Mr Jack London Asmodée

Mr Jack London Asmodeus

21,52 £ on Amazon

Sharpen your concentration and your sense of reasoning with Mr Jack London from Asmodeus. This deduction game played in pairs and asymmetrically will require you to think and strategize throughout the intense games that will last on average 30 minutes.

JUMBO-Jumbo-80516-Stratego Original

JUMBO-Jumbo-80516-Stratego Original

26,39 £ on Amazon

Experience an intense duel while playing JUMBO-Jumbo-80516-Stratego Original. The game is played on a board. Each of the two players will try to defeat the opponent's army by stealing their flag. JUMBO-Jumbo-80516-Stratego Original is suitable for children as young as 8 years old.

Jaipur Asmodée

Jaipur Asmodeus

12,84 £ on Amazon

To become the Maharaja's regular merchant is the objective in the card game Jaipur Asmodeus. To do this, you have to trade goods and be quicker and more responsive than your opponent. Jaipur Asmodeus is a particularly fun card game for two players.

Ravensburger Ramsès

Ravensburger Ramses

20,72 £ on Ravensburger

With Ravensburger Ramses, play treasure hunter by helping the pharaoh Ramses to find his jewels hidden in 47 pyramids. This game, which requires at least two players, requires thinking, strategy and a lot of memorization. But it is still a lot of fun.

Ravensburger Panic Cafard

Ravensburger Panic Cockroach

19,99 £ on Ravensburger

Cockroaches are invading the kitchen. Both players will use cutlery to lure the little beasts into a trap and collect chips. The first player to get 58 tokens will be declared the winner. All this happens in a game of Ravensburger Panic Cockroach, a puzzle game accessible from the age of 5.

Ravensburger Labyrinthe

Ravensburger Labyrinth

20,79 £ on Ravensburger

In pairs or fours, players will try to reach the treasure in the center of the maze. The maze will be in motion as each player will be able to move the walls in order to find the path and handicap their opponents. Ravensburger Labyrinth is a suspenseful puzzle game that will keep your evenings going.

Mots mêlés et séquence Goliath

Word Scramble and Goliath Sequence

25,92 £ on Lagranderecre

The mythical word puzzle game is accompanied by the Goliath Sequence to become a thrilling and fun board game. Each player will try to find the first word hidden under the grid before the other. A game of Wordsearch can accommodate 2 to 4 players versus 2 to 12 for the Sequence.

Boite d’échecs pliable Club Game

Club Game folding chess box

20 £ on Lagranderecre

Chess is a timeless classic that you can play together. The Club Game folding chess box is specially dedicated to this mythical game of reflection. The box serves as a board to play on, but also as a box to store the pieces after each game.

Monopoly Tricheurs Hasbro Gaming

Monopoly Cheaters Hasbro Gaming

22,40 £ on Lagranderecre

With Monopoly Cheats Hasbro Gaming, you finally have the opportunity to cheat while playing this famous board game. You can even win bonuses if you don't get caught. But beware, you will be punished if your opponent catches you. This way, Monopoly is even more fun.

Triominos Deluxe Goliath

Deluxe Goliath Triominos

19,96 £ on Lagranderecre

Goliath has created this new game for all domino aficionados. The goal is to place all your dominoes before your opponent. The dominoes in question will be triangular and will each have three numbers. The game, which is played by at least two players, is even more exciting and fun than the classic model.

Jeu de société Service Compris Asmodée

Board game Service Compris Asmodeus

17,60 £ on Lagranderecre

In the board game Service Compris Asmodeus, each player will try to prevent the ogre from swallowing his creatures. The game board is the ogre's dining table. Whoever has the best strategy and keeps the most creatures will be the winner. Children as young as 10 years old can play.

Quarto Classic Gigamic

Quarto Classic Gigamic

28,80 £ on Lagranderecre

Do you like puzzle games that require patience? Try Quarto Classic Gigamic, a strategy game that can be played in pairs from the age of 8. Players take turns giving each other pieces. With these, try to align four pieces that share a common point to win the game.

Ambient and edutainment games for 2

Hasbro Gaming Jenga classique

Hasbro Gaming Jenga classic

9,20 £ on Amazon

Hasbro offers the legendary game of Jenga in the Hasbro Gaming Jenga Classic Pack. Two or more players must clear the blocks without knocking over the tower. This particularly fun game is suitable for adults, teens and children ages six and up.

Ravensburger 26567 Le P'Tit Bac des Incollables

Ravensburger 26567 Le P'Tit Bac des Incollables

7,58 £ on Amazon

The epic board game Le P'tit Bac becomes even more fun in this variation offered by Les Incollables. Choose from three themes, draw a letter at random and hurry to find the set of six words first to win the game.

Ravensburger - A1502362 - Strike

Ravensburger - A1502362 - Strike

10,39 £ on Amazon

Ravensburger - A1502362 - Strike is an arena dice game accessible from the age of 7. Throw your dice with agility and win all those with identical faces. Your dice will stay in the arena if the faces do not match. Whoever wins all the dice will be declared the winner of the game.

Dr Good : le jeu qui fait du bien Lansay

Dr Good: the game that makes you feel good Lansay

23,96 £ on Lagranderecre

With two or more players, test your knowledge of the human body with Dr. Good: the game that does good by Lansay. Each player starts from the center of the board, answers questions and takes on challenges to collect tokens. The player who manages to return to the center of the board wins. Fun and educational games are in store!

Trivial Pursuit New Classic Hasbro Gaming

Trivial Pursuit New Classic Hasbro Gaming

24 £ on Lagranderecre

You will have to answer 2400 fun questions and riddles in Trivial Pursuit New Classic Hasbro Gaming. Hasbro has added over 100 new questions. Play the game in pairs or groups depending on the volunteers present. Trivial Pursuit New Classic Hasbro Gaming is available to anyone over the age of 16.

Jeu de société Différence Gigamic

Board game Difference Gigamic

12 £ on Lagranderecre

Playing the game of 7 mistakes in pairs or in groups is possible thanks to the board game Difference Gigamic. Each player will have to find as quickly as possible the differences between his card and the one that serves as a reference. Gigamic's Difference can be played in pairs or groups with participants aged 6 and over.

Jeu de société - Cortex 3 Challenge Asmodée

Board game - Cortex 3 Challenge Asmodeus

12,80 £ on Lagranderecre

Cortex 3 Challenge by Asmodeus is the ambient game that stimulates memory, logic, observation and coordination. But that's not all, it also sharpens the sense of smell with its olfactory tests. Play Cortex 3 Challenge Asmodeus with one or more opponents aged at least 8 years.

Gigamic - ZOPIC Pickomino

Gigamic - ZOPIC Pickomino

12,72 £ on Amazon

Gigamic - Zopic Pickomino is played like Yam, but with a touch of fun, twists and turns and a friendly atmosphere. The game is played by at least two players with a minimum age limit of 8 years. For more fun, invite up to 7 players to your games.

Jeu de société Bazar Bizarre 2.0 Gigamic

Board game Bazar Bizarre 2.0 Gigamic

14,40 £ on Lagranderecre

Do you like the classic Bazaar game? You'll love the Gigamic Bizarre Bazaar 2.0 board game. This version is even more dynamic and fun. The game, which can be played by two or more players from 7 years old, will appeal to your memory, your sense of observation and your reflexes.

Card games for 2

Citadelles - Asmodée

Citadels - Asmodeus

10,39 £ on Amazon

With the game Citadels - Asmodeus, build your city, play characters with various powers and show cunning and ambition. The one who has accumulated fortunes and prestige through the cards will enjoy the status of winner. The game Citadels - Asmodeus is played from the age of 10 years to 2 or more.

IELLO - 51302 - Shotten Totten

IELLO - 51302 - Shotten Totten

9,59 £ on Amazon

The iconic card game Shotten Totten is available in the French version from Iello. In each game, two players compete to establish control over the terminals that separate them. This fun and educational card game can be played by children aged 8 and up.

Gigamic Jeu de Cartes-Saboteur - Le Duel AMSLD

Gigamic Sinker Card Game - The AMSLD Duel

11,12 £ on Amazon

Play the game of Dueling Saboteur with the Gigamic Dueling Saboteur Card Game AMSLD. Play as dwarves and collect the most gold nuggets by using cunning, trickery and insight against your opponent. Please note that you must be at least 8 years old to play Gigamic Dueling Dwarf Cards - AMSLD.

Ravensburger - Cocorito

Ravensburger - Cocorito

19,12 £ on Ravensburger

Are you looking for a fun card game for children as young as 3 years old? Choose Ravensburger - Cocorito. In this game, you have to pick the feathers or exchange them with those in the nest. Whoever scores the most points by finding the most feathers for the four birds wins the game.

Tic Tac Boum Asmodée

Tic Tac Boum Asmodeus

16,80 £ on Lagranderecre

The game Tic Tac Boum Asmodeus emits a sound. The player must find a word that contains this sound before the bomb explodes. The game develops the reactivity, composure and reflection of children from the age of 8 years. Tic Tac Boum Asmodeus brings together two to twelve players in a single game.

Jeu de cartes - Dos Mattel Games

Card game - Mattel Games back

10,36 £ on Lagranderecre

Directly inspired by the classic card game UNO, Dos by Mattel Games allows players to match colors and accumulate points with the two cards in their hand. The card game - Dos Mattel Games pits two to four players aged 7 and up against each other.

Jeu de société Skyjo de Magilano

Skyjo board game by Magilano

11,96 £ on Amazon

The Skyjo board game by Magilano is suitable for children aged 8 and over. In each game, which is played between two and eight players, you must try to score the lowest number of points. This requires strategy and negotiation skills. Skyjo is a fun and accessible card game for everyone.

Adult board games for 2

Clash of Couples board game for adults 1

Clash of Couples board game for adults

18,35 £ on Amazon

You organize spicy evenings between couples or lovers? Clash of Couples will enhance these moments and make them unforgettable. Delivered with 400 question cards, it offers 30 hours of gameplay divided between 15 to 60 minutes. Several game modes are available, namely the classic, the gages and the drink.

Juduku Osmooz Couples

Juduku Osmooz Couples

11,99 £ on Amazon

Aimed at couples, this Osmooz version of the famous Juduku game allows for fun and laughter bars without the headache. There are no strict rules to follow, except that it requires 2 players and is not suitable for people under 16. No need to explain why!

The Infernal Bottle - Adult Edition 2

The Infernal Bottle - Adult Edition

15,99 £ on Amazon

Indicated for ages 16 and up, the infernal bottle defines a board game for 2 players and more, based on action or truth, without censorship. A game of atmosphere developing nearly 400 challenges, each more improbable than the other, with 1 game board, 1 bottle, 200 cards, 4 card holders and 1 hourglass.

Monopoly Game Of Thrones 3

Monopoly Game Of Thrones

19,10 £ on Amazon

This adult board game features the familiar gameplay of Monopoly, but players navigate through the seven kingdoms of Westeros, the continent of Game of Thrones, using game tokens inspired by the honorary crests of the show's great houses to buy, sell, and trade.


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