The best wireless TV headsets in the UK 2023

Creating your own home theater doesn't have to mean filling your house with speakers, amplifiers and cables. Using wireless TV headphones can fill in several pieces of equipment for your listening comfort. Whatever your goal, our buying guide can help you choose the right pair of wireless headphones to make your purchase a success.

Sennheiser RS 175-U 1

Editor's Choice

Sennheiser RS 175-U

The best wireless TV headset in 2021

Featuring comfortable leatherette earpads, the Sennheiser RS 175-U delivers rich, enveloping sound with clear, precise vocals. You'll enjoy every second of your movies, concerts or music videos with these well-balanced TV headphones.

199 £ on Boulanger

There are many wireless TV headsets on the market, but the Sennheiser RS 175-U is the best in the business. It has a considerable range of up to 100 m from the transmitting source. This makes it ideal for even the most spacious projection rooms. In addition, the surround sound that comes out of it is of very good quality. Moreover, the dynamic bass it produces is pleasant for the hearing.

In order to improve the user's comfort, its earpads are made of imitation leather. This is a material that does not cause irritation even if the headphones are worn all day long. In order not to interrupt your movie session, this product has been enhanced to have a battery life of about 18 hours. Also, whether you have an old TV or a newer one, the Sennheiser RS 175-U has both analog and digital audio inputs that are suitable for both types of devices.

Sony MDR-RF895RK 2

Best Cheap

Sony MDR-RF895RK

The best entry-level wireless TV headset

This Sony MDR-RF895RK promises a first-class home theater experience. It delivers exceptional sound quality, with great bass and clarity, while giving you freedom of movement up to 150 feet. All this with a very affordable price tag.

75,99 £ on Amazon

This pair of headphones is equipped with 40mm drivers capable of producing high fidelity sound. It can output a frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz, far more than most earphones on the market. That means these headphones won't let you miss the punch of the bass, the warmth of the mids and the clarity of the highs. Sony has proven that they have mastered an excellent balance of frequencies. They managed to bring powerful bass that doesn't muddy the mids and highs. The sound quality alone makes it an excellent value for money.

But the Sony MDR-RF895RK doesn't stop there. It also has a voice mode for clearer dialogue and passive noise reduction for a distraction-free movie marathon. It allows for one of the widest signal ranges on this list. It can transmit data up to 100m away. This gives users the freedom to walk around their home without losing the audio signal. It also has a good battery life of 20 hours. So you can wear them all day without downtime. This pair of headphones automatically connects to the transmitter. That means you can simply take them out of the box, plug them in and relax.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II 3

Best High End

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The best high-end wireless TV headset

The QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones are designed with renowned noise cancellation. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built in, you have instant access to millions of songs, playlists and more. Choose your voice assistant and ask.

267 £ on Darty
Avantree HT41899 4


Avantree HT41899

The best wireless TV headset for couples

This product is easily synchronized with your TV. Indeed, it includes the Plug & Play function which does not require any handling. Offering up to 40 hours of autonomy, it is pleasant to use with a quality sound.

144 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best wireless TV headset

Any specific needs?

The best wireless TV headset in 2021

The best entry-level wireless TV headset

The best high-end wireless TV headset

The best wireless TV headset for couples

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Comparison table of the best wireless TV headsets

Sennheiser RS 175-U 5
Sony MDR-RF895RK 6
Bose QuietComfort 35 II 7
Avantree HT41899 8
Sennheiser RS 175-U
Sony MDR-RF895RK
Bose QuietComfort 35 II
Avantree HT41899
Featuring comfortable leatherette earpads, the Sennheiser RS 175-U delivers rich, enveloping sound with clear, precise vocals. You'll enjoy every second of your movies, concerts or music videos with these well-balanced TV headphones.
This Sony MDR-RF895RK promises a first-class home theater experience. It delivers exceptional sound quality, with great bass and clarity, while giving you freedom of movement up to 150 feet. All this with a very affordable price tag.
The QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones are designed with renowned noise cancellation. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built in, you have instant access to millions of songs, playlists and more. Choose your voice assistant and ask.
This product is easily synchronized with your TV. Indeed, it includes the Plug & Play function which does not require any handling. Offering up to 40 hours of autonomy, it is pleasant to use with a quality sound.
Sound quality
Surround sound
High fidelity sound
Rich, warm, detailed sound
Balanced sound
Range up to 100 m
Range up to 100 m
Range up to 30 m (Transmitter)
Dynamic bass
Voice mode
Wireless / 3.5 mm jack
No latency
18-hour battery life
20-hour battery life
20-hour battery life
Autonomy up to 40 hours
Analog and digital audio inputs
Noise cancellation system
With active noise reduction
Connection via optical, RCA or AUX audio output

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Buying guide - wireless TV headset

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How to choose your wireless TV headset

Of all the everyday gadgets that impact quality of life, wireless TV headsets are near or at the top of the list. Here are some criteria to consider to get the best one that can improve your quality of life.

#1 - Battery life

Wireless TV headsets are powered by their own built-in rechargeable battery. They often have room for a large battery, charged via a USB cable. You should be looking for between 10 and 30 hours of battery life. However, several new headphones are coming out now and these models have a very decent 20-25 hour battery life. That's why it's so important to check the battery life of a particular headset before you buy it.

Keep in mind that volume levels affect battery life. The louder your volume, the shorter the battery life. Battery life quotes on manufacturers' data sheets tend to reflect optimal conditions rather than actual use.

#2 - Sound quality

Audiophiles aren't the only ones concerned about the sound quality of their headphones. Before you commit to a wireless TV headset, audio quality is of paramount importance. If you pick up the headphones at a local store, you have a good chance of actually listening to the sound before making the decision to buy or not.

However, if you are buying it from online sources, you need to make sure that you buy a headset that has received very good reviews on Amazon.

#3 - Operating range

As wireless headphones work on the basis of various technologies that may include things like radio frequency, blue tooth or infrared, they have a limitation of the range they can cover when connected to your TV.

However, the distance the headset can cover also depends on the size of the room you use it in, whether it's the living room, bedroom, or another room where you like to use the headset with the TV. If you have a small to medium-sized living room, a headset with support for a range of 150 feet will easily suit your needs.

#4 - Docking station / Charging station

Since charging your wireless TV headphones is usually a daily occurrence, be sure to look for a headset that supports docking/charging.

#5 - Design

Fundamentally, wireless TV headphones are categorized by their design. See which type suits you best and select one accordingly. After all, it's all about personal choice, so make sure you choose a type of headset based on your individual tastes and needs.

Hearing condition

There are various wireless TV headsets on the market for everyone and also for hearing impaired patients. Some headphones allow you to adjust the equalizer, improve bass or treble, etc., some allow balance adjustment, making one side louder than the other, and some are just louder. Don't hesitate to ask the manufacturer, they may have the right product for you.

The different types of wireless TV headsets

Wireless headsets are the way of the future, not only for your mobile devices but also for your TV. There are three main types of wireless headsets for TV that we will mention below.

Radio frequency (RF) wireless TV headsets

RF headphones transmit sound from your TV using a stereo frequency modulation system. These wireless electromagnetic signals can range from 3 kHz to about 300 GHz, although most types of wireless headphones use 2.4 GHz RF technology, which offers a remarkable wireless range of up to 300 feet (~ 91 meters). Think of it as listening to a mini radio station where wireless headsets are the only thing that can pick up the audio.

RF headphones usually come with an RF transmitter or docking station and may often require an RCA audio cable and a 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable to make a connection to your TV. RF signals are not blocked by walls or ceilings, so you can use your RF TV headphones in a different room from the audio source.

Infrared wireless TV headsets (IF)

These headphones use what's called line-of-sight technology, which means you must be aligned with the transmitter (in the field of view) in order to receive sound from your TV.

Basically, infrared technology involves light-emitting diodes that use a focused beam of pulsed, invisible light from your TV to the headphones. You must be aligned with the transmitter (in line of sight) in order to receive sound from your TV. Infrared headphones are not affected by other radio transmissions, so there is no interference or static during use.

Infrared headsets, especially the higher end ones, are capable of producing sound that can match that produced by high quality wired headsets.

Infrared TV headsets offer more privacy because they create a single connection, so you don't have to worry about your roommates or neighbors connecting to the same band on their own wireless headsets, especially if you're watching something you don't want anyone else to watch.

Bluetooth wireless TV headsets (BT)

The simplest explanation of how BT headsets work is that the sound is transferred continuously from a paired transmitter in the TV to a paired receiver in the headset. It operates in the frequency range of 2,402 to 2,480 GHz, and devices can sometimes randomly jump between frequencies to avoid interference with other devices that may be using a similar bandwidth.

If your TV does not have built-in BT capability, you can get an external Bluetooth audio adapter and pair it with your BT headset. In addition, these Bluetooth adapters also work with game consoles like Nintendo Switch and with Xbox One.

Bluetooth technology has gradually improved over the years with new iterations that can support more features and increased transmission range.

Wireless TV headset or Wired TV headset

Wireless TV headset

As the name implies, these are wireless headphones that you can connect to your TV that allow you to fully immerse yourself in a show or movie on your big screen without disturbing the people around you. Wireless headphones have several advantages over their wired counterparts.

For one thing, there's no worry about the cord getting tangled or caught on the edge of your couch when you lean back to get more comfortable. Plus, they come with a much wider coverage range so you can enjoy your TV experience without having to sit too close to the screen. Wireless TV headsets use less power, but for some reason the battery life is not as high as expected, so you will need to recharge the battery after only a few hours of use.

Using your wireless TV headset with a low battery charge can cause a variety of audio problems and even cause your Bluetooth headset to have no sound, even when properly connected.

Wired TV headset

Many users prefer wired TV headsets because of their simplicity and affordability. Wired headsets are plug-and-play on any TV, thanks to 3.5mm and USB connections. These types of headphones are generally less expensive than their wired counterparts.

Although wired headphones keep the price down by using older technology, the sound quality matches and even exceeds some wireless sets. The main reason wired headsets are often preferred over wireless alternatives is the exceptional sound quality. Wired headsets receive the audio signal directly from the device via the cable with minimal risk of data loss or signal interference.

However, one of the main drawbacks of wired TV headsets is that they restrict users' movement. The cable physically connects users to their devices, which can be awkward.


Having a reliable TV headset is essential for watching TV and having the most immersive listening experience possible. Some users stick to the tried-and-true wired headsets for their convenience and sound quality.

Others prefer the mobility and freedom offered by wireless headsets. So if you want to block out the noise of your surroundings while catching up on your favorite show, a pair of wireless TV headphones might be just what you need. That way, you can enjoy your TV at a comfortable volume without waking the neighbors or disturbing the person sleeping next to you.

Why buy a wireless TV headset?

Freedom of movement

How many times have you snagged your headset cable on something and painfully pulled it out of your ears? Well, not anymore! One of the easiest and most convenient features of wireless TV headsets is complete freedom of movement. You don't have to put them on and take them off every time you want to take something off. Shake your head, dance as you please and feel comfortable moving around. No need to untangle your headphones.

Wireless TV headsets are a real time-saver thanks to their convenience and ease of use.

Wide range of great models

There are many reasons why investing in a reliable wireless TV headset is a good idea. Think of the comfort of not having to deal with tangled wires. Feel free to move around, cut out background noise, stay active and enjoy the high quality sound. There is a wide range of excellent wireless models, find the one that fits your needs and enjoy the new sound experience.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation functionality makes wireless TV headsets a great option for everyone. Whether you want to use your noise cancelling button to watch TV, play a video game, or block out unwanted noise from your kids in the background, you can buy a good quality wireless TV headset. Also, if you want to have full control over the sound from outside, just turn on the ambient noise. Sound quality is essential when listening to wireless TV headphones.

Offers a convenient lifestyle

A wireless TV headset can make your life more convenient because it has smart features. Most wireless TV headsets have a range of up to 100 feet. But it can increase as the price of the product. Some of the best gadgets also offer a range of up to 300 feet. You can already see how convenient it can be if you opt for a wireless TV headset. Leave your TV on, start cooking dinner in the kitchen while listening to your favorite show.

Control over your device

Some of the higher quality wireless TV headsets come with a control panel. That means you can control your device by touching your headphones or with the control buttons. You can easily adjust the volume while listening to your favorite show.

The best brands of wireless TV headsets

In our opinion, the best brands of wireless TV headsets in 2022 are :


Sony Corporation is one of the most recognizable names in consumer electronics. Since its founding shortly after World War II, Sony has introduced a series of groundbreaking products, including the transistor radio, the Trinitron television, the Betamax VCR, the CD player, the Walkman portable cassette player, and the PlayStation game console. Sony is ranked among the best in sound improvement in all their designs.

The path to this achievement was paved by our pioneering ideas. Since electrical engineer Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the company in 1945, Sennheiser has been setting trends in the audio industry ever since. The Sennheiser KLEER technology solves one of the biggest problems encountered by wireless devices, interference with other wireless devices or devices transmitting at 2.4 GHz. In addition to hassle-free automatic pairing, KLEER technology also allows for multiple connections, up to 4 connections per station with compatible Sennheiser KLEER headphones, to share your experience with friends or family.

While at MIT, Dr. Bose accumulated a number of patents and instead of licensing them to another company, he decided to keep them and start his own company. Bose's first employee was one of Dr. Bose's students, Sherwin Greenblatt, who would go on to become president of the company from 1985 to 2001. The Bose TriPort Bluetooth TV headphones offer detailed, balanced sound by working with Active EQ to deliver quality over their standard wired headphones. You can use them with two separate devices simultaneously. Watch your favorite show on TV and connect your headphones to your cell phone so you can receive calls at the same time.

Avantree has been committed to developing, producing and distributing wireless audio gadgets for over 20 years. They are passionate about creating wireless audio devices that enhance people's audio experiences, allowing them to thrive socially and emotionally. With Avantree, one can enjoy high-end wireless technology without having to pay an exorbitant or unreasonable price.

Philips & Company was founded in 1891 by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard, who had been an engineer at Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Corporation Ltd. His younger brother Anton Philips later joined the company, adding the business acumen that formed the basis for the company's international expansion. The company remained technologically driven, often seeking high quality rather than low cost.

What is the price for a wireless TV headset

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 85 £
85 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Charging the wireless TV headset

This differs depending on how you power it. Some models have a built-in battery. You can charge it by placing it on the transmitting station. Other wireless TV headsets come with a rechargeable battery. You must attach it to the headset yourself. Twist or click the ear pads on your headset to insert the batteries into the headset.

Adjusting the volume

Set the volume on your wireless TV headsets to the highest level. Next, adjust the volume you want with your TV remote. Do it in this order, so the TV doesn't get too loud when you want to watch TV with the speakers on. You should also be aware that no sound will be emitted from your TV's speaker if the transmission station is connected to your TV via an RCA or 3.5 mm cable. With an optical connection, you can hear sound from your TV as well as your headphones.

Connecting the headset to the transmitting station

The way you connect it to the transmitting station differs depending on the headphones. Do the headphones have an auto tune button? Press it and it automatically searches for a connection to the transmitting station. If the headphones have a switch, set the switch to the same channel as the transmitting station. Headsets with manual frequency adjustment allow you to switch between frequencies until you hear noise-free sound from the TV.


As with most Bluetooth devices, the TV and headset will need to be set to "discoverable" mode. Your TV will likely detect your headset and ask you to confirm the selection before syncing. If your TV includes Bluetooth but doesn't seem to pair with your headset, it's probably due to your TV's default settings. To enable Bluetooth, most TVs will ask you to go to the "Options" or "Settings" menu. Refer to your TV's manual for exact instructions on enabling Bluetooth.

Doing more than listening

If you want to keep podcasts, music, or other content on your TV, pairing your headset will give you the freedom to move around the house without missing anything.


Who are wireless TV headsets for?

Wireless TV headsets can be used for by anyone who owns a TV set, gamers, parents with sleeping babies, students with noisy roommates, but they are exceptionally useful for the elderly or hearing impaired who need to hear the TV better. Wireless headsets allow you to watch your TV programs and movies at a higher volume without turning up the volume on the TV speakers. Because wireless headphones don't connect via a wire, you can watch from anywhere in the room.

Can I get sound from both the headset and the TV at the same time?

Hearing loss doesn't have to stop you from spending time with the people you love. Most wireless headsets allow sound transmission from both the headset and the TVMost wireless headsets allow you to control the volume on the headset while others listen to the TV at a comfortable volume. Some are easier to set up than others. Be sure to look for this in the product description when you buy wireless TV headsets.

What should I do when the headset sounds slightly worse than the TV?

Sometimes, the sound from the headset may lag slightly behind that of the TV. One cause of latency is due to the technology used to transmit the signal. If you are using infrared technology, remove any obstructions between the devices. For Bluetooth transmission, you may want to connect the headphones to components such as the DVD player, rather than directly to the TV.

What should I do when my wireless headset suddenly stops working?

Your wireless headphones can sometimes experience internal electronic problems that cause them to shut off suddenly. You can fix the problem by unplugging the transmitter, then removing the batteries. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then reconnect and set it up.


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Sennheiser RS 175-U
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