Razer wireless headsets : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

Razer wireless headphones can always be counted on to deliver clear and powerful sound. Apart from the attractive design and suggestive colors, the headphones from this brand really help to enhance the audio-visual experience both for gaming and for other tasks. If you are looking for a wireless Razer headset, our guide gathers the best models currently available.

Razer Nari Ultimate 1

Editor's Choice

Razer Nari Ultimate

Best Razer wireless headset in 2021

The Nari Ultimate is a wireless Razer headset that delivers an exceptional audio experience and maximum comfort. Packed with the latest features, it is the epitome of Razer craftsmanship.

110 £ on Amazon

In terms of design, Razer has brought together in this headset everything that has made it successful in recent years. There's a refined design with a black aluminum frame, self-adjusting headband, and swivel earcups. The ear cups are made from high-density foam with soft leatherette finishes. This wireless Razer headset has a retractable microphone that is much better than a high-end smartphone.

The Razer Nari Ultimate takes full advantage of HyperSense and THX Spatial Audio. HyperSense can convert sound into dynamic haptic effects in real time. To complete the gaming and general listening experience, this Razer wireless headset supports THX Spatial Audio. Powered by finely tuned 50mm earcups, the spatial audio experience is unparalleled, offering incredibly accurate directional sound that really immerses you in whatever you're playing and listening to.

Razer Barracuda X 2

Best Entry Level

Razer Barracuda X

Best entry-level Razer wireless headset

The Razer Barracuda X offers excellent connectivity for multiplatform gamers. Its sleek design and admirable wireless sound quality make you forget that it's a sub-$60 model!

46,39 £ on Amazon

The Razer Barracuda X excels in comfort, style and flexibility. With its USB-C wireless dongle, it works equally well with a PC, Nintendo Switch, next-gen console, and smartphone. You'll be surprised by the subtle, tasteful and understated design of this Razer wireless headset. The frame is solid matte black plastic with an adjustable metal-reinforced headband. The ear cups are really discreet for a wireless gamer headset.

Razer's dynamic 40mm TriForce earcups do an admirable job of providing clear sound across the frequency spectrum at a respectable volume. Razer touts the separate chambers in each earcup for low, mid, and high tones, and the end result is surprisingly clear sound for a wireless gamer headset in this price range. The wireless transmitter works very well, with no noticeable lag or loss of quality compared to a wired model.

Razer Opus 3

Best High End

Razer Opus

Best high-end Razer wireless headset

The Razer Opus is Razer's first true non-gamer headset. Despite a rather drab design, this wireless Razer headset offers a convincing balance of audio experience for movies or music.

117 £ on Amazon

This headset is surprisingly understated for a Razer product. No green lights, no big circles or hard angles among the design elements... just a sleek wireless headset, covered in matte black plastic and leatherette. The soft ear cups are large ovals, angled slightly back to fit your ears comfortably. The back of each earcup is flat, with a small silver THX logo on it. Metallic Razer logos can be found on the ends of the headband.

The Razer Opus has dynamic 40mm ear cups, covering frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Fans of loud music and intense audio action will be pleased to know that these Razer wireless headphones produce a sound pressure level of 105 dB SPL. As soon as you put the Razer Opus on without sound, you'll notice the attenuation of outside noise. The sound isolation is also first class.

Razer Kaira Pro Xbox 4

Razer Wireless Xbox Headset

Razer Kaira Pro Xbox

Best Razer wireless headset for Xbox

The Razer Kaira Pro Xbox borrows some features from the Razer Opus and BlackShark V2 in an Xbox oriented package. It's the perfect headset if you have an Xbox One or even an Xbox Series X/S.

91,20 £ on Amazon

The Razer Kaira Pro Xbox illustrates Razer's desire to evolve the design of its wireless gamer headsets. The brushed metal circles found on the Kraken, Nari or Thresher have disappeared in favor of smoother, more discreet lines. It's mostly covered in matte-textured black plastic, with Razer's typical bright green highlights.

This is a fairly lightweight, solid and comfortable wireless Razer headset. The ear pads and headband cushion are made of memory foam covered with Razer's Flowknit mesh. The Razer Kaira Pro's 50mm earcups offer an admirable balance of bass, midrange and trebleEach is easily identifiable in the heat of battle. Surround sound is just as good, and you can accurately determine where enemy fire is coming from.

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Best Razer wireless headset

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Best Razer wireless headset in 2021

Best entry-level Razer wireless headset

Best high-end Razer wireless headset

Best Razer wireless headset for Xbox

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Comparison table of the best Razer wireless headsets

The best It's cheap For Xbox
Razer Nari Ultimate 5
Razer Barracuda X 6
Razer Opus 7
Razer Kaira Pro Xbox 8
Razer Nari Ultimate
Razer Barracuda X
Razer Opus
Razer Kaira Pro Xbox
The Nari Ultimate is a wireless Razer headset that delivers an exceptional audio experience and maximum comfort. Packed with the latest features, it is the epitome of Razer craftsmanship.
The Razer Barracuda X offers excellent connectivity for multiplatform gamers. Its sleek design and admirable wireless sound quality make you forget that it's a sub-$60 model!
The Razer Opus is Razer's first true non-gamer headset. Despite a rather drab design, this wireless Razer headset offers a convincing balance of audio experience for movies or music.
The Razer Kaira Pro Xbox borrows some features from the Razer Opus and BlackShark V2 in an Xbox oriented package. It's the perfect headset if you have an Xbox One or even an Xbox Series X/S.
Wireless technology
2.4 GHz RF
RF 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth 5.1
8 hours (20 hours without HyperSense and RGB lights)
20 hours
25 hours
15 hours (20 hours without Chroma lights)
MemS microphone with omnidirectional pickup
Main technologies used
Haptic feedback HyperSense, THX Spatial Audio
Surround 7.1
Active noise suppression, THX certification
Razee TriForce Titanium, Surround 7.1
430 g
250 g
270 g
330 g

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Our opinion on the Razer wireless headsets

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Our opinion on the Razer wireless headsets

Founded in 2005, Razer Incorporated is a Singaporean-American technology company that specializes in the design, production and sale of consumer electronics. The company owes its success mainly to its high-end gaming peripherals, which range from mice to keyboards to headsets and controllers. Razer is even at the top of the gaming industry. In addition, the brand has diversified its offerings to include laptops and desktops.

Razer's catalog is very well stocked when it comes to wireless headsets. There are no less than 7 product families: Kraken, Kaira, BlackShark, Opus, Nari, Barracuda and Thersher. Moreover, most of the models are hybrid models, all wireless, but which can also work in a wired way.

The best Razer wireless headphones can always be counted on to deliver clear, high-fidelity sound. They look fantastic when used for gaming, offer attractive designs and colors, and help enhance one's enjoyment of any type of game. But if you're not familiar with immersive headsets, you may find yourself overwhelmed by just about everything the gaming headset world has to offer.

The main concern with Razer wireless headsets is the high degree of similarity between the models (90% commonality on average). Often, one differs from the other by a single feature, or by their compatibility with Xbox or PlayStation. So, when buying a Razer wireless headset, it's very important to know exactly what you need, especially if you want to look in the entry/mid-range category.

If you're not careful, you could end up with a headset that doesn't actually work on the console you own. In fact, very few Razer wireless headsets are cross-platform.

Razer headsets are among the best on the market, with unique features that help the company's products stand out from the competition. These features include Synapse 3 integration for device management, a very unique sound signature, and the inclusion of Razer's famous neon green logo on the ear cups.

Ultimately, the Razer wireless headset you choose should be based on your needs and preferences. If you already own Razer devices, you'll feel more comfortable buying a wireless headset from the same brand because you know the company's language and DNA. If you don't need Razer-specific features like Synapse 3 integration, or if you just want a headset with a design that isn't too flashy, there are plenty of alternatives to Razer's products.

Razer wireless headset or Logitech wireless headset?

Razer Wireless Headset

Razer's 3-headed snake logo has been imprinted on so many gaming accessories that it's impossible to imagine the market without Razer. Over the years, the brand has earned the trust of gamers by creating high-quality products, including the best wireless headsets. So why is Razer among the best gaming headset brands? Because its range is praised by many gamers, both amateur and professional gamers.

Razer headsets priced between 50 euros and 100 euros, such as BlackShark, Nari and Kraken, are also among the headsets you are sure to find almost everywhere: at e-sport events, in gaming cafes, on your favorite streamer's channel.

As a brand dedicated to gaming since its inception, Razer designs and produces headsets that are synonymous with the true gamer lifestyle. Whether you're looking for something affordable or a little more premium, there is a Razer wireless headset that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Logitech Wireless Headset

Logitech is the other most mentioned brand when it comes to wireless gamer headsets. Although Logitech didn't start out as a brand for gamers, it has been around for much longer. Founded in 1981 in Switzerland, Logitech was part of the golden age of computers, when the first wave of personal computers entered many homes.

To this day, the Swiss manufacturer retains that venerable character. In each of its products, you can feel the expertise, style and even wisdom. Best of all, Logitech understands the arcana of video games. With this understanding, Logitech has produced many innovations for gaming. In fact, many professional gamers use Logitech wireless headsets.

You'll also see Logitech headsets at major e-sports events. If you're a League of Legends fan, the chances are even greater since Logitech is one of their official partners.


Finally, whether you choose the best Razer wireless headset or the best Logitech wireless headset, you'll make a great choice. Ask yourself 2 questions: do wireless headset brands matter? If you can play video games just fine no matter what gaming equipment you use, do you really need to bother with your hardware supplier? Well, yes!

Choosing among the best wireless headset brands will say a lot about your lifestyle, both as a gamer and as a person. The wireless headsets offered by these brands differ in design, functionality and even purpose. In other words, choosing the brand you love the most means staying true to your identity itself. And that counts for a lot.

How to choose your Razer wireless headset

Hardcore gamers will want the best accessories to win. Therefore, you need to find the best Razer wireless headset for every user. But this task is not as simple as it seems. To help you with your purchase, here are the criteria you need to consider so you don't go wrong.

Criterion 1 : Audio quality

There's no point in buying Razer wireless headphones with poor sound quality. Every Razer headset sounds different. Some will be bass-heavy while others may sound quite neutral. It all depends on taste: what sounds good to one person may sound awful to another. Read customer reviews to get this information.

Features like surround sound and active noise cancellation can also have a big impact on the sound quality of a headset. So can sound power. While Razer's wireless headsets are designed to have high power, this feature varies from model to model.

Criterion 2 : Wearing comfort

For those who spend hours gaming, comfort in wearing them is fundamental. Generally speaking, Razer wireless headsets are comfortable. One tip to ensure that the headset doesn't hurt or become uncomfortable over time is to choose the lightest models. Also, pay attention to the headband adjustment.

Also, check the padding of the ear cups and opt for the softest, most anatomical ones and those made from durable components. The headset's specifications and customer reviews should help you get a good idea of the build quality. When in doubt, see if you can find a store near you to try out the Razer wireless headphones you're interested in.

Criterion 3 : Soundproofing

This is another important point to consider. Sound isolation is defined as the headphones' ability to isolate outside noise. Models that have closed ear cups are the best in this regard. This is because they can isolate the entire ear and thus the sounds that may be in the environment become practically zero. In addition to the hardware features, sound isolation is also provided by software enhancements through active noise cancellation.

Criterion 4 : Features

One of the differences between a gaming headset and a standard headset is the level of features it offers. Gaming headsets often have a few features that cater to gamers. In the Razor catalog, you can expect to find flashy designs, RGB lighting, different types of microphones, active noise cancellation, and surround sound options. These additional features will impact the price of the headset, but that doesn't mean there aren't great deals to be found.

Criterion 5 : Price

It's always important to have a price range in mind when you're looking for a wireless Razer headset. If you're not careful, you'll get caught up in the flashy marketing and walk away with the most expensive headset in the catalog! Fortunately, this guide features the best Razer wireless headphones in every price range in the Razor catalog.

If you can stretch your budget a bit when making your purchase, you'll be able to choose a headset with some extra features. This may include RGB lighting or simply a greater level of audio fidelity.

The importance of surround sound on a Razer wireless headset


You'll notice that many Razer wireless headsets offer surround sound exclusively on Windows 10, though they are compatible with a much wider range of systems. Wondering if surround sound support should dictate your purchase? It really depends on the types of games you play.

If you like competitive FPSs like Fortnite, Overwatch or Call of Duty, then it's worth the money. Surround sound doesn't necessarily make the audio more immersive, impossible to quantify that anyway. But it can give important information in the game. Gaming headsets that offer 7.1 surround sound are supposed to offer much more accurate directional sound.

However, generally speaking, gamer headsets, wireless or wired, already offer a better spatial indication of sound than regular headsets. If you're just looking for something that will make things sound like they're coming from a specific direction, just about any decent headset will do. Basically, if competitive FPS isn't a priority, you shouldn't worry about surround sound.

What you need to know about the Razer Synapse tool?

Razer Synapse 3 is razer's hardware configuration tool for controlling and customizing your Razer devices. For wireless headsets, Synapse 3 gives you access to controls for headset EQ, microphone gain and enhancements, RGB lighting, and THX spatial audio. Note that access to some features, such as THX Spatial Audio, requires a compatible Razer headset.

Currently, Razer Synapse 3 is only compatible with Windows-based computers. If you are using an iOS computer, Razer Synapse 2 is available for download. However, it doesn't support newer models like the Razer BlackShark V2. To control the new Razer devices on a Mac, you'll need to download and run Razer Synapse 3 on a Windows virtual system.

The 5 advantages of a wireless Razer headset

Surround sound

The best Razer wireless headsets feature 7.1 surround sound software processing so you can enjoy accurate positional sound when you play. You'll be able to determine where footsteps or enemy fire are coming from.

Ergonomic and ultra-lightweight design

The best Razer wireless headsets have a lightweight form factor for a weightless feel on your head. This comfortable feel is enhanced by memory foam cushions in the ear cups. Plus, the soft padding on the headband takes the pressure off your head.

Ultimate audio fidelity

With the Razer TriForce 50mm drivers used in the best Razer wireless headsets, you get state-of-the-art audio engineering. Designed to individually adjust high, mid, and low audio frequencies, discover how Razer TriForce 50mm drivers can amplify your gaming experience and enhance immersion. Because these drivers are able to focus on bass, midrange, and treble separately, they're not limited to a single frequency range like traditional designs.

Extreme microphone clarity

With HyperClear Mic, Razer puts advanced microphone technology on its wireless headsets that brings out the best in your voice. You'll be able to give commands with crystal clarity that cuts through the din of battle.

Total immersion

On its latest wireless headset models, Razer has integrated HyperSense technology that now lets you feel the action in games. It's an intelligent haptic technology that converts sound signals into dynamic tactile feedback in real time. With HyperSense, Razer wireless headsets capture the shape and frequencies of in-game sound and transform them into rich, realistic haptic feedback.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Razer wireless headsets:

Turtle Beach

This American-Danish company makes keyboards, mice and, of course, headsets. SteelSeries has been one of the top brands of wireless gaming headsets for many years. It offers a wide range of headsets, including platform-specific models.

Founded in 2002, this brand started out as a manufacturer of high-performance RAM sticks. Since then, HyperX has become a major player in the gaming accessories market, and its gaming headsets are no longer in the news. In particular, HyperX offers a wireless lineup with different price points, form factors, and styles.

Turtle Beach is a global manufacturer of gaming accessories based in San Diego, California. The brand mainly focuses on headsets and aims to greatly enhance the gaming experience. Their wide range of headsets is divided into several categories, and most of the wireless headsets are cross-platform models.

Corsair Components is an American peripheral and hardware company. In its huge catalog are excellent wireless gaming headsets of excellent quality. Comfort and audio quality are the main assets of Corsair headsets. This remains true even for the most affordable models.

Astro is another popular choice for wireless gaming headsets, and for good reason: the brand has a well-stocked catalog of cross-platform headsets. Astro wireless headsets have a clean, clear sound. Astro is also known for making excellent professional headsets.


Clean your Razer wireless headset regularly

Whether your Razer wireless headphones are on-ear or around-ear, wax build-up should not be a problem. If perspiration reaches the ear cups, due to regular heavy use you may need to rinse them out, but it's very important to make sure you know the IP rating beforehand, which refers in part to the level of water resistance.

Use apps for better sound

It's very easy to quickly and drastically change the sound signature of your headphones with an app. Recent models of Razer wireless headphones, work with an associated dedicated app called Razer Synapse, and there are also many third-party multiband equalization apps you can download.

Listen to lossless file formats

Nowadays, many people use streaming services to listen to audio, and some now offer lossless (or minimally lossy) audio streams. But if you want the best possible audio performance from your Razer wireless headphones, it's worth keeping a library of high-quality, lossless files.

Be careful of Bluetooth range

Bluetooth is a clever technology, but it has its limitations. The strength of the connection between your Bluetooth devices varies depending on the distance between the connected devices. If you cross a certain threshold, you will be disconnected. Remember to take this into account when using your headset.

Protect your Razer wireless headset

To ensure its longevity and proper operation, protect your headset from moisture, extreme hot or cold temperatures. When not in use, always make a habit of storing your headset in its case or a suitable cover to protect it from shock, dust and other dirt.


How to set up Razer wireless headphones on Windows 10?

For the Razer wireless headset to work perfectly, it is essential that it is set up correctly. The first step to start using the headset is to set it as the default playback device. Once this is done, the actual setup process of the Razer Wireless Headset begins. At this point, the calibration wizard will give all the necessary instructions.

How to properly clean your Razer wireless headphones?

Use a lint-free microfiber cloth and moisten it lightly with an alcohol-based cleaning solution (at least 70% isopropyl alcohol). Never use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol to avoid damaging the surface of your Razer wireless headset.

Do Razer wireless headphones have a warranty?

Razer offers a limited warranty that requires proof of purchase, such as a dated receipt from a dealer with the product description and price, a dated email from an authorized dealer, or an order number from the Razer website. These are the only valid proof of purchase. Razer may be able to locate the proof of purchase for your Razer wireless headset if you do not have it and you purchased it from an authorized seller.

What is the purpose of active noise cancellation (ANC) on Razer wireless headphones?

Some Razer wireless headsets feature active noise cancellation (ANC), which has a big impact on how the audio soundscape is designed to work. ANC uses microphones and speakers to help reduce or neutralize background noise. This way, you don't hear outside sounds intruding while you play.


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