The best Wired mobile headsets in the UK 2023

Despite the evolution of technology and the dazzling success of the Bluetooth form, wired headphones have not yet said their last word. It is still a very popular tool nowadays thanks to its robustness and the comfort it offers when listening. In this buying guide, we'll show you the best wired headsets to make the most of this tool.

Meze 99 Neo Black 1

Editor's Choice

Meze 99 Neo Black

The best wired mobile headset in 2021

The Meze 99 Neo Black Wired Headset is a very stylish and comfortable headset. With a wonderful design, it benefits from an extremely careful construction. It is a closed model with obvious acoustic qualities.

80 £ on Amazon

Meze 99 Neo is an improved version of the Meze 99 Classics headphones, as it is easier to power, has modified drivers, a more incisive sound and plastic shells. The ear cups of this headset get a 40mm diameter dynamic driver that offers a very balanced response curve from 15Hz to 25KHz. This allows you to have a good precision and a warm listening. It delivers an airy sound that benefits from a remarkable spatialization.

In addition, this headset has an impedance of only 26 ohms and a sensitivity of 103 dB at 1 kHz for 1 mW which allows you to connect a smartphone, a walkman audiophile or a tablet. In addition to the luxurious accessory pack that includes a mini-jack to jack adapter, a pouch for storing other accessories and a semi-hard case, it also has a Y-cable with microphone. With all these features, Meze 99 Neo is the perfect headset for listening to your favorite songs.

Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO 2

The best cheap

Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO

The best wired mobile headset in 2021

The Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO headphones are very simple and sober. It is the ideal headset for those who are looking for a powerful and faithful listening tool in mobility.

52,80 £ on Amazon
Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b 3

The best high end

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b

The best wired mobile headset in 2021

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b is a comfortable and balanced headphone that offers a more spatial sound. It is the balanced version of the famous ATH-MSR7.

188 £ on Amazon

These wired headphones have a fully balanced connection. This version b of the old asymmetrical headphones is delivered with a detachable symmetrical cable in Pentacon 4.4 mm format and an asymmetrical mini-jack 3.5 mm cable. This allows it to be compatible with all audiophile players. Also, it is a closed model of circumaural type. It also has earpieces that swivel on two axes and have soft memory pads that perfectly envelop each ear. This allows you to immerse yourself in your music while not being subjected to any pressure.

In addition, it adopts large dynamic transducers of 45 mm in diameter specifically designed by the Japanese manufacturer for listening to high definition audio files. Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b is therefore the perfect headset for various jobs, in the studio or just listening to your music.

AIAIAI TMA-2 Preset 4

The best excellent choice


The best wired mobile headset in 2021

The AIAIAI TMA-2 Preset headset is a very modern headset that can be fully adapted to your preferences thanks to all its interchangeable elements.

116 £ on Amazon

AIAIAI TMA-2 Preset has S02 earphones. These are equipped with a 40mm transducer with a titanium coating. They provide an intense and punchy sound that focuses on an impeccable transmission of the bass, it would be perfect for mixing.

Moreover, it is a headphone specially designed for DJs. It is also equipped with an H02 headband that is made of nylon, which explains its great strength while remaining very comfortable to wear. The E02 headphone cushions are over-ear type and made of synthetic leather, which provides excellent ambient isolation for use in noisy environments such as clubs. So if you're a DJ, these headphones are perfect for you.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best wired headset

Any specific needs?

The best wired mobile headset in 2021

The best wired mobile headset in 2021

The best wired mobile headset in 2021

The best wired mobile headset in 2021

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Comparison table of the best Wired mobile headsets

The best Inexpensive Highest quality Excellent selection
Meze 99 Neo Black 5
Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO 6
Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b 7
AIAIAI TMA-2 Preset 8
Meze 99 Neo Black
Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO
Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b
The Meze 99 Neo Black Wired Headset is a very stylish and comfortable headset. With a wonderful design, it benefits from an extremely careful construction. It is a closed model with obvious acoustic qualities.
The Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO headphones are very simple and sober. It is the ideal headset for those who are looking for a powerful and faithful listening tool in mobility.
Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b is a comfortable and balanced headphone that offers a more spatial sound. It is the balanced version of the famous ATH-MSR7.
The AIAIAI TMA-2 Preset headset is a very modern headset that can be fully adapted to your preferences thanks to all its interchangeable elements.
Easy to power
Delivers confident sound with deep, clean bass
features fully balanced connectivity
Made of nylon
40mm dynamic transducer
Plastic headband and ear cups complemented by leatherette ear pads
large, dynamic 45mm drivers
40mm driver
Includes pocket for storing other accessories
Studio quality reproduction
compatible with all personal music players
Provides intense, punchy sound

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Buying guide - wired headset

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How to choose your wired headset

Wired headphones have become a must-have accessory whether you use them at home to listen to music or watch TV. However, in order to make the right choice when buying them, you must take into account these few criteria.

#1 - Sound quality

This is one of the most important criteria that should not be neglected before any purchase. For a good acoustic performance, 3 technical notions are to be retained. First of all, there is the frequency response which indicates the range of sounds transmitted on the sound spectrum. It is determined in Hertz (Hz) and to choose a headphone, the good frequency response is between 20/20 000 Hz.

Then, the sensitivity which is expressed in decibels per milliwat (db/mw). This indicates the capacity of a headphone to produce a volume and a sound power. A good sensitivity for a headphone is 100 dB. Finally, the impedance determines the resistance of the headphones to the passage of the electrical signal. If it is high, the audio source must be powerful. Generally an impedance of more than 32 ohms is desirable.

#2 - Design

This isalso to be taken into account, because since its creation and until now, the manufacturers do what is necessary to offer to the public headphones with sought-after designs so they don't just make audiophiles with sound performance. But they give you a wide choice of headphones on the market according to your preferences.

#3 - Circum-Aural or Supra-Aural?

Listening comfort is paramount when choosing headphones, there are professionals or amateurs who use their headphones for a long time. The Circum-Aural model has large ear cups that allow for full coverage of the ear. However, its large size can be a weak point for some people who need mobility. The supra-aural model has a smaller size and its ear pads are placed on the ear. The maintenance of the helmet will be ensured even if a feeling of crushing can be felt. This is an advantage for mobile people, DJs or nomads.

#4 - Open or closed wired headphones?

Beingisolated from the outside world is a goal for a headset, it's a crucial element to consider too. Open headphones have a small grille on the back of the earcup which allows sound to flow freely from the outside. The sound is more natural because the air is not compressed. The sound of these headphones is therefore more free and airy. As for the closed headphones. They provide optimal insulation. This is a great advantage when the audiophile wants to be totally isolated in his musical universe or if he does not want to disturb his entourage. They are specifically used in studio for recordings.

#5 - Price

Theprice is also very important even if for some it is not soimportant.To buy the ideal headphones, you still have to define a budget. As often, the entry level is the most provided with hundreds of references available at sometimes derisory prices. And you can get a headset for less than 100 euros. There are a few brands that go for the very high end of the market and you can get a 3000 euro helmet if you have a very large budget. So the choice will always depend on your budget.

The cable and cushions of a wired mobile headset

If you already have an idea of your ideal headset, don't forget to consider the cable and cushion. These are small details that will determine whether your wired headphones will be with you for the next twenty years or whether you'll need to change them soon. For this, choose detachable cables, because in case of breakage, you won't have to change the whole equipment, but just invest in a new cable. Next, the ear cushions, you should consider changing the cushions after a few months of use, because if you use your headphones often, they will not survive more than 2 years or less. So this is very important to know to ensure the durability of your helmet.

The different types of Wired mobile headsets

There are several types of wired headphones on the market. Here we will see 3 types. For this, there are:

The headset

This type of headset is often used in the world of office automation or for video games, the option of the microphone integrated into the headset is their greatest strength. Gamers will appreciate being able to share all their actions with their fellow gamers with total comfort.

Surround sound

Thistype of headset allows a total and three-dimensional immersion in a sound world. It is particularly appreciated for movies and video games. A simple stereo signal can be modified thanks to a high level technique to reproduce a bluffing universe of realism. The spatialization of the sound is in the spotlight in order to delight the greedy of strong sensations.

Monitoring headset

Thesetypes of headphones are often appreciated by audio professionals and audiophiles, as they are quite different in terms of sound quality. They also have a harmonic distortion rate that is almost zero on the sound spectrum. It produces a neutral sound. It is mainly composers and sound engineers who will choose it.

Wired or wireless headset

Wired headphones

The wired model is generally more powerful, most of them are extremely powerful with a frequency of 20 000 Hz. In addition, the sound is more stable, which makes for a more interesting audio experience. So they have an impeccable sound quality. And it is possible to use them in an environment where there is a lot of noise, without any impact on the sound.

Their disadvantage is its cable. Indeed, it limits the movements and becomes very annoying. It also has a sketchy design, because the presence of wires does not allow to refine the style. And finally, the wire also fragile the device because in case of damage, the equipment is out of use.

The wireless headset

The advantage of wireless headphones is their functionality. In addition, they are very easy to store and some models take up very little space. Also, the absence of cable allows a great freedom of movement and also ensures the comfort of its user. And finally, they have an aesthetic side. Their disadvantages are that they do not work without energy input. It is necessary to recharge them or use batteries to enjoy them fully, because they are not autonomous. And the price of these models is higher than that of the classic helmets, because the prices increase according to the models and their characteristics.


If you want a headset for professional use and in an environment where the noise is important, opt for the wired headset, because it is specially designed for this use. On the other hand, if you simply want to listen to music, opt for wireless headphones because they are more practical and very light, especially for sports.


Use a headphone cord reel

The main problem with a wired headset is that the cable is difficult to store. For this reason, use a cable winder to store your headset cable if you don't have a storage accessory, as it allows you to wind it up properly and your headset will be safe. This will also avoid, a waste of time to untangle the cable.

Avoid exposure to sunlight

Aselectronic devices, wired nomadic headsets are notorious for being exposed to water and sunlight. Indeed, these elements are dangerous for the integrated electrical circuits and the wires.

Clean your headphones regularly

Whenin use, headsets face dirt and grime such as dust, gel, earwax, perspiration, or hair products. For optimal performance, it is important to clean the headphones after each use.

Replace the jack plug

Itoften suffers from rough handling. When this plug is no longer repairable, it is advisable to get a new one by opting for a model with a stereo connection, spring loaded and of the same size as the defective one.

Determine what is causing your headphones to malfunction

Yourwired nomadic headset no longer works even though it doesn't know how to play anything with it. But by dint of abuse or mishandling, it eventually breaks down. It is therefore important to find the origin of the anomaly in order to determine the solution to adopt. If the sound cuts out intermittently, the problem may be in the cable. If the sound is audible, the plug may be defective. And finally, if it does not transmit any sound, you should consider changing it because it may be damaged.


What is the best wired headset?

The best wired headset depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

How does a wired headset work?

Theoperation of wired nomadic headphones is identical to the operation of conventional headphones. The speaker moves the volume of air through your ear canal just like conventional headphones to produce perfect sound.

What is the length of the headset wire?

Thewire of a wired headset is at least 4 feetlong.

How to choose the right headset connector? What is a wired headset?

Tochoose, two criteria should be checked, the size of the jack which is usually 3.5 mm and the gold-plated plug which will guarantee an excellent audio transmission.

Awired nomadic headset is a device whose design allows you to listen directly to an audio file at ear level without finding the people near the user.


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Meze 99 Neo Black 9
Meze 99 Neo Black
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Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO
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Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b
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