The best vacuum storage bags in the UK 2023

Want to save space in your closets? Why not opt for vacuum storage covers? With their air evacuation system, these wonders compress your items to lose most of their volume. They'll save you up to 85% in space. Read our guide to find out more.

BoxLegend - Set of 15 1

Best value for money

BoxLegend - Set of 15

The best vacuum storage bag

This pack of 15 vacuum bags comes in different sizes: 1XXL, 2XL, 5 L, 5 M and 2 S. It is sturdy and can be reused several times, which shows its practicality and economy.

19,99 £ on Amazon

Effective, the BoxLegend 15-pack of vacuum storage bags compresses up to 80% of the original volume. Airtight and waterproof, each bag protects against unwanted agents on the outside like dirt. You could store your stuff in them before putting them in the garage or basement to keep them safe.

Each vacuum storage bag in this set is made with PA+PE plastic material, with 20% more thickness compared to other models, which has the feature of being sturdy. For added performance, the closures are waterproof and have triple turbo valves to ensure a tight seal to save 3 to 8 times more space.

Compactor RAN4746 2

Best value for money

Compactor RAN4746

The best entry-level vacuum storage bag

This is an XL size vacuum storage bag to hold all types of textiles. It is used to optimize laundry storage and for travel. For this, you can rely on its waterproofness.

4,79 £ on Amazon

Save space with this vacuum storage bag from Compactor. Once filled, it offers up to 80% free space in suitcases or storage cabinet. For the use, nothing very complicated, it is enough to fill it, to close it and to empty it of the air which remains there. Use all models of vacuum cleaners to do this.

The manufacturer provides a convenient closing device to prevent air from entering afterwards. Not to mention its leak-proof valve. Not only does this bag serve as a storage tool, but it also protects your belongings from dirt and moisture whether you're traveling or not.

Taili - Set of 4 3

A great choice

Taili - Set of 4

The best high-end vacuum storage bag

Taili offers 4 vacuum bags to hang with 5 hooks for your clothes. They will easily find a place in your closet or cupboard, and protect your clothes at the same time.

105 £ on Amazon

Compatible with all vacuum cleaners, this set of vacuum bags signed Taili consists of 2 long bags and 2 shorter ones. They fit all sizes of clothes: coats, shirts, suits, sweaters, dresses and many more. Note that the bags hold more than one garment each. With the shape of these covers, they play an aesthetic role in the room.

Being hanging models, each bag comes with 5 strong hooks. They are airtight and moisture-proof, but also allergy-proof. They do not retain odors and are therefore usable over the long term. Their thickness is also a factor and prevents them from tearing easily.

SpaceSaver - Set of 10 4


SpaceSaver - Set of 10

The best all-purpose vacuum storage bag

With these 10 vacuum storage bags, you won't have to worry about extra clothes. A pump comes with the bags for your convenience. And the zipper is a breeze to use.

12,79 £ on Amazon

The possibilities are endless with this pack of 10 premium quality vacuum storage bags. They come in a variety of sizes and aren't just for holding clothes. In fact, you can use them to store large linens. In all, you will save up to 80% of space.

Deflating is quick with the included pumpThe deflation is done quickly with the supplied pump, the double lock and the triple seal valve. However, this action can also be done with a vacuum cleaner. The covers are made of antimicrobial materials. This means that textiles can be stored in them for a longer period of time. The ideal solution for a long absence.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best vacuum storage bag

Any specific needs?

The best vacuum storage bag

The best entry-level vacuum storage bag

The best high-end vacuum storage bag

The best all-purpose vacuum storage bag

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Comparison table of the best vacuum storage bags

BoxLegend - Set of 15 5
Compactor RAN4746 6
Taili - Set of 4 7
SpaceSaver - Set of 10 8
BoxLegend - Set of 15
Compactor RAN4746
Taili - Set of 4
SpaceSaver - Set of 10
This pack of 15 vacuum bags comes in different sizes: 1XXL, 2XL, 5 L, 5 M and 2 S. It is sturdy and can be reused several times, which shows its practicality and economy.
This is an XL size vacuum storage bag to hold all types of textiles. It is used to optimize laundry storage and for travel. For this, you can rely on its waterproofness.
Taili offers 4 vacuum bags to hang with 5 hooks for your clothes. They will easily find a place in your closet or cupboard, and protect your clothes at the same time.
With these 10 vacuum storage bags, you won't have to worry about extra clothes. A pump comes with the bags for your convenience. And the zipper is a breeze to use.
Number of bags
S, M, L, XL, XXL
135 x 70 cm and 105 x 70 cm
Various sizes
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Buying guide - vacuum storage bag

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How to choose your vacuum storage bag

#1 - The size

This criterion depends on the stuff you want to store in the cover. Various sizes are available: about 50×40 cm, 80×60 cm and 110×90 cm. The first one is ideal for storing the baby's things and the second one for storing sleeping bags, coats and blankets. The third one is more suitable for comforters, pillows and larger items. You can choose according to the volume that suits you.

#2 - The closing


is imperative to choose the closure well, as you don't want air to get in. The concept of this type of cover is to empty the air it contains via a vacuum cleaner, vacuum pump or by manual compression in order to save space in your suitcase or closet; so if air can get in, there is no point. It is better to choose a model with a clip, rather than one with a zipper. Air will slowly enter with this type of closure and the cover will swell.

The best is a double-closure bag: it will form two layers of protection in case one of the seals fails. Double-sealed bags are generally of better quality than single-sealed bags.

#3 - Valves and Valves


matter how the air will be drawn out of the vacuum bag, a valve and valve system will be needed. Valves are designed to be one-way - letting only air out and preventing it from entering the bag. Some bags have only one seal around the valves; others have two or even three.

All valves will have some sort of protective cap that provides an extra layer of safety against valve failure. Snap-on caps offer minimal protection; caps with a screw-on cover create the tightest barrier against valve failure.

#4 - Protective liners

Many covers intended for long-term storage include protective liners to keep their contents safe from mold, bacteria, and microbes. Such protection is especially important for items that will be stored for long periods of time (large winter comforters and down jackets, for example).

#5 - Types of vacuum storage bags


criterion should be taken into consideration depending on the space you have and the use you will make of it. Among the models that exist on the market, we can mention soft, hard, suitcase, home, flat, special wardrobe, hanging, etc.

Whatever model you choose, make sure that it is of good quality, that it really protects your belongings against humidity and that it is perfectly airtight. Note that there are models of vacuum bag against humidity, offering optimal protection of your belongings. They are perfect for long term travel.

To save up to 75% of space in your suitcase, you must follow a few steps, including folding your clothes before putting them in the bag, closing the bag well and removing the air it contains.

The air exhaust system may differ from one cover to another

Pay attention to this detail. For some vacuum storage bags, you'll need avacuum cleaner with a suction hoseto completely remove the air. While others will require the use of a hand pump and still others will only need to be rolled up (compression covers).

The first type of bag is suitable for storing large items or for travel if you are not traveling light (provided you have a vacuum cleaner at your destination). Hand pumped bags are suitable for storing items such as clothing or small blankets. Since the pump is easily transportable, you can perfectly bring this type of bag on your vacations or stays abroad.

But if you want to travel really light, look into compression bags. This is the perfect type of cover for storing clothes. You roll these up like a nearly empty toothpaste tube - pushing the air out of the one-way valve, and you're done. They're not as effective as "vacuum" or pump covers, but they'll do for short-term use.

The different types of vacuum storage bags

On the market, you will have the choice between 2 main categories of vacuum bags: the soft and the hard models. Here is how you will be able to differentiate between them and choose the one that is best suited to your situation.

Soft vacuum storage bag

It is a type of vacuum storage bag in the form of a simple plastic bag designed for thick and bulky textiles that tend to trap air in their fibers. These are mainly wool sweaters, heavy coats, comforters, pillows, sleeping bags... The soft vacuum storage cover allows you to save up to 80% more space. To be more precise, if you have stacked your clothes on 5 shelves, you will have 4 shelves free after using a soft vacuum storage bag.

Dust and moisture resistant, the bag will protect your clothes from dirt and bad odors. Its great flexibility allows it to be easily stored on a cupboard. Also, you can easily use it to save space in your suitcases when you travel.

Rigid vacuum storage bag

The hard vacuum storage bag is a box or suitcase with a reusable bag inside, similar to the previous type. It has an interior reinforcement system, which allows it to stand upright without much difficulty. This type of bag offers the same advantages as the soft model, except that it can be stacked for a better aesthetic.

Perfectly waterproof, this vacuum storage bag offers a dual protection system. It is suitable for long term storage of your large linens. It is ideal for people who don't have a closet or closet. It will be most convenient for long trips and moves especially since it is, in most cases, equipped with carrying handles. Its only drawback is that you will not be able to store it in a suitcase.

Vacuum or heat-sealable storage bag?

Heat-sealable or single-use vacuum storage bag

The heat-sealable vacuum storage bag is made of heat-sensitive material (heat-sealable metal-plastic complex) which allows a quick and efficient sealing. As is the case with vacuum food packaging, the air is extracted from the bag using a specific device (a vacuum pump) before the bag is hermetically sealed.

This type of storage bag is a single-use bag that must be cut open if you want to remove the contents. After that, it will not be used anymore and will be thrown away. Its waterproofness ensures a better protection against water, micro-organisms and dust. The heat-sealed storage bag is often offered at a very affordable price.

Reusable or extractable vacuum storage bag

It is certainly the most popular type of vacuum bag at the moment. Indeed, it offers increased durability and ease of use. With a double zipper system and a valve, the air will be extracted through a manual pump usually supplied with the bag. If necessary, a vacuum cleaner will do the trick.

Whether you have a rigid or flexible model, you should know that it can be reused at will. Simply open the turbo valve and the zipper to blow air back into it. Comforters, parkas, jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, etc. can all be easily stored in your vacuum extraction storage bag.


Initially, the heat-sealing system of a vacuum bag was only used for perishable foods such as meat, cheese... Nowadays, however, it is adapted to metal articles to avoid the risks of oxidation and corrosion, to clothing as well as to medical articles (better sterilization). These single-use models are mainly used in the professional field. However, if you want to enjoy your device on the long term, prefer the reusable vacuum storage bag.

Why buy a vacuum storage bag?

To save space

This is the main purpose of this type of accessory: to save up to 75% of space in your suitcase, in your car boot, in your cupboard, etc. It adopts the same principle as vacuum-packed food. The concept is to suck in the air that fills the vacuum to save space.

We all know that we can't see air, but we can feel it and it exists. In our clothes, there is air that can take up a lot of space. When you vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum pump, the bag becomes compact and flattened, which will save a lot of space. You will be able to bring several clothes, blankets and even your pillows and duvets if you plan to travel.

For an optimal and simplified storage

The question of storage is not always obvious if you lack space. Where to put sweaters, duvets, coats and all the warm clothes in summer? And conversely, where to put the clothes that you can no longer use when winter comes around? There is only one solution if you don't have much space: the vacuum bag, unless of course you want to get rid of your clothes.

This type of bag guarantees optimal and easy storage, as you only need to arrange the clothes next to each other. The only thing you have to do is fold them properly. You won't have any trouble storing your larger items. Instead of carrying two suitcases, one is enough.

To protect your belongings

The vacuum bag is a very practical accessory to protect your belongings from dust, moisture, insects and odours. All models are designed to be airtight. You will be able to keep your clothes and blankets without fear of moths and silverfish.

The best brands of vacuum storage bags

In our opinion, the best brands of vacuum storage bags in 2022 are :


It is the main brand of CIE Europe, a company specialising in home storage. The brand is now distributed in almost 40 countries. We like them for their very robust large covers, which are as practical as they are beautiful. Here are the other brands we recommend. They offer, in our opinion, a slightly less good quality/price ratio for most people, but they can be better for specific price ranges (entry-level, high-end...) and needs.

Wenko is a German brand created in 1950, the year they launched the first ironing board cover. Since then, the brand has continued to innovate to make their customers' daily lives easier. We appreciate the robustness and the aesthetics of its products.

Created in 2011, this French company is mainly specialized in kitchen and decoration items that it sells mainly online. We appreciate it for the quality of its products and also its service, it is a company that listens to its customers.

It is a very young company specialized in ranges of articles for the garden and for the house. It also specializes in online sales and offers a very competitive quality/price ratio.

Tectake is an e-commerce company that specializes in items for the home. It offers many products that are as reliable as they are beautiful. We appreciate the brand for the variety of products it offers and their quality. If you are one of the brands we recommend, you can mention your presence in this ranking as long as you link to this page. If you are not in this ranking and you think you should have been, you can send us a test product that we will evaluate objectively.

What is the price for a vacuum storage bag

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

1 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Avoid overloading your cover

Even though a vacuum storage bag saves space, it is still limited. You don't want to overload it, as this can cause it to leak or even be damaged. Instead, divide your belongings into several covers.

Beware of sharp objects

If you place sharp or sharp-edged objects inside your cover, it may cause possible tears. Certain types of closures on clothing can also lead to this effect. To remedy this, hide the zipper or sharp object under the fabrics so it doesn't come into direct contact with the cover.

Consider the material of the objects

Not all materials are suitable for a vacuum storage cover. Real leather and fur, for example, do not stand up to contact with synthetic materials like the plastic of the cover. They also don't hold up well to compression.

Take care of your cover

It's recommended that you air out your vacuum storage bag at least every six months. This will decrease the risk of mold on your stuff. Also, make sure the closure of your cover is clean. Clean it with a damp cloth to remove dust, then dry it with a dry cloth.

Use your vacuum bag in different ways

The vacuum storage cover was designed to store your clothes and blankets, but it can also be used for other things. For example, it's the perfect place to put your pool belongings, given its waterproof nature. You can also use it to store your child's diapers for outings or trips, etc.


What is the best vacuum storage bag to choose?

In our opinion, the best vacuum storage bag for most people is Compactor - Life. To find out more, read our buying guide.

Why not store items with down in a vacuum cleaner bag?

Depending on the air evacuation system, down and feathers should not be vacuum sealed - especially for long periods of time. These items keep you warm by trapping air inside the pockets, so removing all the air can compromise their ability to keep warm air in. Once compressed, especially for long periods of time, it's difficult to get them to regain their fluffy character, which compromises their ability to insulate.

If you really need to store them in a vacuum storage bag, try reducing the bag to only about 50% or consider using a bag with a hand pump that is easier to control.

Can I put natural fibre clothes in a storage bag?

Many manufacturers advise against placing animal materials such as wool, fur and leather in vacuum bags. Wool and fur must breathe to maintain their shape, and vacuum bags are designed to remove all air from the fibres and the environment. Items made from these materials should be hung or stored in a loose box rather than tightly packed.

What about leather clothes?

Leather is exposed to irreparable damage if stored in vacuum bags. Tightly packed bags often wrinkle or stretch the leather into awkward positions, and the item may not return to its original shape afterwards. In addition, there is always the risk that the bag closure will fail, exposing the contents to mould. While fabric items can often be salvaged, mould and mildew will usually rot leather beyond repair.

Can I repair a damaged vacuum bag?

If the hole is very small (in which case it may be almost invisible), you may be able to repair it with tape or another material depending on the type of cover. But only attempt this if you really have no other option: damaged covers usually don't last long and yours may fall off at the most inconvenient moment.


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BoxLegend - Set of 15 9
BoxLegend - Set of 15
Compactor RAN4746 10
Compactor RAN4746
Taili - Set of 4 11
Taili - Set of 4
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SpaceSaver - Set of 10


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