The best ring light in the UK 2023

Guaranteeing the success of a shot, the brightness of a shot is not to be taken lightly. Inexpensive and efficient solution, the ring light lamp allows a uniform lighting of photos and videos for a result worthy of a great professional. How to choose one? Discover our guide and comparison on the best ring light lamps to make prowess with your phone, your camera and your camera!

Neewer Lighting Kit 1

The best ring light

Neewer Lighting Kit

Best value for money

240 LED bulbs provide uniform and even light to this ring light, which will make you take beautiful photos and videos.

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Take professional shots with the best ring light of the year! Your subject and shot are illuminated by the 240 LED bulbs contained in this ring light that can reproduce daylight with its 5500 K. Depending on your needs, adjust the brightness between 1 and 100% or use the white and orange filters to get beautiful shades.

This ring light comes with an adjustable and foldable tripod with a hot shoe adapter to attach your camera or smartphone. With this model, you also gain a flexible tube to direct the light in order to frame the subject properly. Everything comes in a small carrying bag that will accompany you wherever your passion for photography takes you.

WONEW LED ring light with tripod 2

The best entry-level ring light

WONEW LED ring light with tripod

Best value for money

Optimize the lighting of your photos and videos with this cheap ring light, designed specifically for the iPhone. It will be a hit on social networks!

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Designed for small budgets, this Wonew ring light will allow you to achieve great results with your iPhone. With 3 lighting modes and 10 levels of brightness, it adapts easily to the surrounding light to ensure creative and striking photos.

Whether you want to take a selfie or position yourself as a photographer, you will benefit from the precious help of the adjustable tripod whose height is included between 10 and 38 cm. Also, the ring can be rotated up to 180° to make your task easier. Finally, you gain a Bluetooth remote control included with the kit to activate the shutter of your phone remotely.

Neewer LED Ring light kit with stand 3

The best high-end ring light

Neewer LED Ring light kit with stand

Best high end

Enhance your photos with this high-end ring light which promises a quality, uniform and homogeneous lighting.

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A 5500 K illumination allows this high-end light ring to reproduce daylight. However, depending on your needs, this brightness can be adjusted from 1 to 100%. Orient the lamp as you like thanks to the flexible arm it is equipped with, use the white and orange filters provided in the package and let your creativity do the rest.

An aluminum alloy tripod with a maximum height of 155 cm accompanies this powerful ring light. A Hotshoe adapter allows you to quickly and easily attach your phone to the stand. Selfies promise to be exceptional thanks to the Bluetooth remote control that will activate your phone's shutter remotely.

VEVICE Ring light 12.6 inch LED 4

Best with optimal lighting

VEVICE Ring light 12.6 inch LED

Best lighting

Not content with the 5500 K required to reproduce daylight, this powerful ring light lamp goes up to a brightness of 6000 K, without UV, without flicker, without glare to illuminate your photos and videos.

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The performance is there with this ring light of 12.6 inches in diameter. Thanks to the 184 lamps integrated in the ring, it offers 10 levels of brightness between 3200 and 6000 K. No flickering, no glare, no vibration: you gain a clear and homogeneous light.

Thanks to the two filters that are provided with this photo and video lighting kit, the ring light suggests 3 colors of light. It is fixed on an adjustable tripod which can go from a height of 39 to 150 cm. Without complicating your task, this ring light allows you to take nice selfies thanks to its remote control compatible with iOs or Android smartphones.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best ring light

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Best value for money

Best value for money

Best high end

Best lighting

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Comparison table of the best ring light

Top of the top cheap choice high-end choice Excellent
Neewer Lighting Kit 5
WONEW LED ring light with tripod 6
Neewer LED Ring light kit with stand 7
VEVICE Ring light 12.6 inch LED 8
Neewer Lighting Kit
WONEW LED ring light with tripod
Neewer LED Ring light kit with stand
VEVICE Ring light 12.6 inch LED
240 LED bulbs provide uniform and even light to this ring light, which will make you take beautiful photos and videos.
Optimize the lighting of your photos and videos with this cheap ring light, designed specifically for the iPhone. It will be a hit on social networks!
Enhance your photos with this high-end ring light which promises a quality, uniform and homogeneous lighting.
Not content with the 5500 K required to reproduce daylight, this powerful ring light lamp goes up to a brightness of 6000 K, without UV, without flicker, without glare to illuminate your photos and videos.
5500 K
10 levels of light intensity
5500 K
6000 K
Bluetooth connectivity
18 inches
10 inches
14 inches
12.6 inches
Compatible devices
Camera, Smartphone
IPhone XR and XS Max
Transport bag

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Buying guide - ring light

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How to choose your ring light

Designed to help you illuminate the subject and control the play of shadows, the ring light must conform to a few criteria.

#1 - The lighting

Let's talk technique! In the jargon of the professional photographer, lighting is measured in Kelvins (K). Ideally, a ring light should have a brightness of 5500 K to reproduce daylight. However, good models will have variations and shades to achieve a warmer or cooler white tone depending on the desired effect.

#2 - The ring diameter

Also called "ring light", the ring light lamp takes the form of a circle whose edges house LED or fluorescent lamps. It is placed in front of and around the lens of your smartphone, camera or camera, and its diameter will impact the surface of the area to be lit. Also, consider choosing a ring light with 10 inches of diameter at least.

#3 - The tripod

The ring light is thought to be autonomous to let your hands busy on your device. In this sense, it comes with a tripod that must be adjustable in height and tilt to focus on the area you want to light. It is essential to use a stable tripod to avoid vibrations that will affect the quality of your shots.

#4 - The color filters

Some ring light lamps are equipped with filters that allow you to adopt a warmer or cooler tone, and even to obtain a colored light. You can have remote control, a control panel or connectivity to a smartphone to choose from the available palettes.

#5 - The accessories

Having a ring light paired with a tripod is good enough, but if you also add a few handy accessories to complete the package, it would be ideal. You can get a storage bag to carry your ring light, a flexible tube to attach to the tripod to tilt and angle the ring, or a remote control to set it up.

How to use a ring light ?

An infallible solution against grainy photos or undesirable shadows, the ring light guarantees a quality lighting. To do so, you will have to use it as it should be used.

  • Step 1: Set up the tripod, make sure the ring light is working and that the tube containing the lamps is clean. Remember to check that the equipment is stable and well fixed to avoid that the vibrations come to harm your photos and your videos.
  • Step 2: Place the lens of your phone, camera or battery-powered camera in the middle of the ring to create a uniform brightness on the subject to be captured.
  • Step 3: Let your creativity take over: create warmer or cooler tones, play with the light effects offered by your ring light to get original photos/videos.

The different types of ring light

The types of lamps contained in a light ring can be grouped into two categories: LED ring light lamps and fluorescent ring light lamps.

LED ring light

Popular with professionals and photography enthusiasts alike, ring light LED lamps convince with these 3 arguments: the price, the warm tones obtained and the pleasant color shades. In addition, they are available in amateur and professional versions to allow you to make beautiful shots, whether you are behind the lens of a high-tech camera or a smartphone.

With a LED lamp, you gain an equipment offering a beautiful uniform light and this, with low energy consumption. Indeed, the right light LED lamps have a good autonomy. Caressing the photo or video by a warm white light, they allow to obtain nice shades of yellow, light brown and red: nothing like it to make panoramic views!

Fluorescent ring light

The fluorescent ring light lamp is ideal when you want to obtain a cooler and sharper light. It focuses on the brightness of its white light and on the precision of natural colors. Generally operating under the mains, it is not subject to the constraint of the autonomy of a battery or batteries that can fail you at any time.

Nevertheless, fluorescent ring light lamps have a major drawback: its durability. If the LED versions show lifetimes measured in years, those of the fluorescent ring lights are counted in months. In addition, towards the end of its life, fluorescent ring light lamps lose light intensity. Consider the flickering of the integrated bulbs as a sign of waning efficiency.

Ring light or HMI cinema?

The ring light or the cinema HMI are two equipments designed to illuminate a scene or a subject during a shooting. So which one do you need to make nice photos and videos?

The ring light

The ring light is predestined for professionals and simple amateurs of photos and videos. Portable accessory, it slips into a bag to accompany you wherever you want to make beautiful shots. And don't forget that it's a piece of equipment suitable for all budgets!

Working with a simple phone as well as with professional equipment, the ring light is very practical. If you choose a LED model, you will enjoy a stand-alone equipment that will not need a power source to illuminate a shot or a subject. Hello beautiful photos in the middle of nature!

HMI cinema

Available in film and photo studios, the Cinema HMI is a high-end piece of equipment that can completely illuminate a shot or subject. HMI brightness is characterized by its stability, balance and continuity, with a strong emphasis on details, textures and color nuances.

This performance is due to its 5600 K illumination, thanks to which the camera is able to simulate daylight, even in total darkness. However, such performance and efficiency comes at a price: the HMI cinema is particularly expensive. Moreover, it is more suitable for rental than for purchase.


For accessibility, ease of transport, price and performance, a ring light is more suitable than a cinema HMI. Not only is it suitable for everyone, but it fits any type of shooting equipment. Not to mention that the ring light is available for all budgets!


How to properly place a ring light lamp?

Because the main purpose of a ring light is to evenly and uniformly illuminate the subject, place it directly in front of the subject. If you place it to the side, it will create a shadow.

How to adjust the brightness of a ring light lamp?

After you've set up the ring light properly, take a test photo to assess whether the subject and the shot are well lit. If you notice that it lacks brightness or if there is too much, adjust your ring light accordingly.

At what distance from the face should the ring light be placed?

Think about putting an arm's length distance between the subject's face and the ring light to benefit from an even and optimal light.

What to do with the ambient lighting when using a ring light lamp?

If you are taking a photo outside, adjust the brightness of the ring light according to the light. On the other hand, if you are shooting in a studio, turn off all the lights and close the windows so that the ring light is the only one illuminating the subject. This will ensure a stray-free light.

How to clean a ring light lamp?

Clean only your ring light when you are not using it. To do this, gently rub the surface with a soft dry cloth. In case of embedded stains, use a small detergent solution, then dry the surface well with a cloth. Do not use solvents as they may damage the surface of the lamp.


What is the best ring light?

The best ring light depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

How many ring lights for a nice video?

A well-lit video always requires 3-point lighting (3 light sources); the main light can be provided by a ring light.

How to use a ring light or a ring light?

Just place it on its tripod, turn it on, and make sure the lens sits in the middle of the ring.

How to recognize a powerful ring light?

The power and performance of the ring light is measured in kelvin. Considering that 5500 K reproduces daylight, look for at least this value for successful photos and videos.

Where to find a ring light manual?

The instructions for a ring light lamp are provided at the time of purchase. If you need additional help, rely on our guide that teaches you how to use a ring light.


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Neewer Lighting Kit 9
Neewer Lighting Kit
WONEW LED ring light with tripod 10
WONEW LED ring light with tripod
Neewer LED Ring light kit with stand 11
Neewer LED Ring light kit with stand
VEVICE Ring light 12.6 inch LED 12
VEVICE Ring light 12.6 inch LED


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