The best smartphones under 100 euros in the UK 2023

Not everyone has €1,000 to invest in a smartphone. Fortunately, entry-level phones are getting better, especially those sold for less than €100. Their screen, storage, power and battery life are no longer the envy of the most expensive models. Check out our guide to the best smartphones under 100 euros.

Blackview A60 3G 1

Best value for money

Blackview A60 3G

The best smartphone under 100 euros

Spend hours browsing social networks, playing games, having fun taking beautiful pictures ... all without running out of battery during the whole day! Here's a small glimpse of what the Blackview A60 3G smartphone is capable of providing.

71,99 £ on Amazon

The Blackview A60 3G smartphone has a rather attractive performance. Without being a power monster, it features a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM, enough to run many applications simultaneously or play demanding games. It has a storage capacity of 16 GB expandable via memory card up to 128 GB.

Watch your favorite movies, series or videos through a 6.1" IPS screen. You'll enjoy sharp images with stunning colors! To capture your best memories, this device offers a 5MP front camera and a 13MP back camera. In terms of user comfort, the A60 seduces with its thin and light curves that guarantee an incomparable smooth feeling. Its 4080 mAh battery gives an increased autonomy.

Logicom Le Connect 2

Best value for money

Logicom Le Connect

The best smartphone under 100 euros entry-level

The Logicom Le Connect is able to perform all the usual functions of a Smartphone! It is perfect for users who are not really fond of supercharged smartphones.

63,92 £ on Fnac

The Logicom Le Connect smartphone is based on an Octa-core 1, 6 GHz processor combined with a 2 GB memory. A very correct configuration that allows the device to perform several tasks at the same time. To save all your important data, it has a storage space of 32 GB expandable to 64 GB. Its 5.45" screen allows for pleasant reading of your multimedia files.

You like selfies? This smartphone has a 5MP front camera and for your photo memories, you can count on a 13MP back camera. In terms of autonomy, its Li-on battery of 2750 mAh guarantees 5 hours of use in communication mode and 10 days in standby mode.

Wiko Y81 3

Best value for money

Wiko Y81

The best smartphone under 100 euros high-end

The Wiko Y81 is a smartphone that is sure to please all types of users. It is a phone that is both compact and light that fits into any clothing. Its little plus? An autonomy that has nothing to envy the powerful Smartphones!

79,92 £ on Amazon

The Wiko Y81 is equipped with a Quad-Core 1.8 GHz processor coupled with a 2 GB RAM. In addition, it offers a large storage of 32GB expandable up to 256GB. So you can be sure to take all your data with you on all your trips whether it's for fun or work. Take advantage of its immersive 6.22" IPS screen to watch your favorite movies and series in HD! This last one makes you benefit from clear and very sharp images.

Thanks to its 4000 mAh battery, the Wiko Y81 can be used for 2 days without interruption, and this, with a single charge. Moreover, photo lovers will appreciate its dual camera with 13MP (rear) and 5MP (front). Last but not least, this smartphone is very easy to use.

Motorola E7i 4

A great choice

Motorola E7i

The best alternative

The Motorola E7i Smartphone promises you moments of entertainment of a rare intensity. With a single charge, you can enjoy at least 48 hours of non-stop use!

79,20 £ on Boulanger

The Motorola E7i smartphone includes a 1.6 GHz Octa-core processor and a 2 GB RAM memory. Its 32 GB internal memory should be enough for you to save your favorite movies and music! If not, the latter is expandable up to 512 GB, which is more than satisfactory. This device features a 6.5" IPS screen (1600 x 720 pixels) to give you an immersive experience in HD+ quality.

To capture your most precious moments, the E7i is equipped with a 13MP main sensor and a 5MP front-facing sensor. It boasts a 5000 mAh battery that guarantees up to 2 days of intensive use. Moreover, this smartphone is compatible with the fast charge technology for more convenience.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best smartphone under 100 euros

Any specific needs?

The best smartphone under 100 euros

The best smartphone under 100 euros entry-level

The best smartphone under 100 euros high-end

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best smartphones under 100 euros

Blackview A60 3G 5
Logicom Le Connect 6
Wiko Y81 7
Motorola E7i 8
Blackview A60 3G
Logicom Le Connect
Wiko Y81
Motorola E7i
Spend hours browsing social networks, playing games, having fun taking beautiful pictures ... all without running out of battery during the whole day! Here's a small glimpse of what the Blackview A60 3G smartphone is capable of providing.
The Logicom Le Connect is able to perform all the usual functions of a Smartphone! It is perfect for users who are not really fond of supercharged smartphones.
The Wiko Y81 is a smartphone that is sure to please all types of users. It is a phone that is both compact and light that fits into any clothing. Its little plus? An autonomy that has nothing to envy the powerful Smartphones!
The Motorola E7i Smartphone promises you moments of entertainment of a rare intensity. With a single charge, you can enjoy at least 48 hours of non-stop use!
Screen size
5.45 inches
6.2 inch
Internal memory
32 GB
32 GB
Photo sensor
13MP Primary Camera, 5MP Secondary Camera
Rear: 13 MP Front: 5 MP
Rear: 13 MP, Front: 5 MP
Rear: 13 MP, Front: 2 MP
4 cores
Octa-Core 1.6 GHz
8-core processor up to 1.6 GHz
9 hours talk time
5 hours of talk time
48 hours of talk time
48 hours of talk time

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Buying guide - smartphone under 100 euros

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How to choose your smartphone under 100 euros

At less than £100, keep in mind that you'll have to make a lot of concessions on performance, but you can still find some good options:

#1 - The technical configuration

Choose a phone that packs at least 3GB of RAM and 64 or 128GB of internal storage. Below these specs, you'll have a hard time using social networks, checking your emails, and let's not even talk about games.

#2 - Autonomy

Smartphones under €100 make up for their lack of functionality with their battery life. In fact, their battery life is often better than that of a high-end smartphone. With a lower resolution screen and a less powerful processor, the battery isn't stretched as much as it would be on a higher-end model. Still, make sure your phone has a battery capacity of at least 3000 mAh.

#3 - The screen

Display technology has undergone a huge evolution in a very short time in the phone world. Until recently, HD (high definition) displays with 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) resolution could only be found on major smartphones. Nowadays, a cheap phone will have an HD screen. However, you'll be hard pressed to find full HD displays at this price, and let's not even talk about an OLED panel.

#4 - The camera

If you like to take pictures with your phone (and who doesn't?), you'll need a decent camera that takes sharp, detailed pictures. The Mpx (megapixel) count on a camera should give you a good idea of its quality. Also consider checking the photosites, optical stabilization and telephoto modules on board the smartphone you want to buy. These technologies are usually found on more expensive phones, but you never know...

And don't forget the front camera, for video calls and those all-important selfies. Again, the number of megapixels can be a good clue: a 5MP lens with an LED flash should be more than capable of making you look good at any time of the day.

#5 - The storage memory


good storage capacity is important, especially if you want to use this type of smartphone for taking pictures, listening to music, etc. Some brands offer devices at this price point that pack up to 16GB of internal storage. If you choose a device with expandable storage, you can benefit from extra space by purchasing an SD card.

What's wrong with Huawei and Honor phones?

Huawei and its subsidiary Honor have had their license for Google Play services withdrawn. This means that their smartphones will no longer be able to access Google Play services and consequently key applications such as Gmail or YouTube. However, this problem only affects a few product series: the Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 PRO, the Huawei P40 Lite series, the Honor View 30 and View 30 Pro, and finally the Honor 9x Pro.

Is a smartphone under 100 euros worth it?

When you buy a phone on a budget, you'll have to accept the fact that manufacturers will leave out some features to reach that affordable price and you probably won't get the same display quality, features and speed as a phone costing five times the price.

At one time, when we talked about budget phones, we thought that these phones usually had a bad screen, inadequate storage and a bulky, plastic body. But rest assured, things have improved. Today, some of the best smartphone choices under 100 euros can get you a good HD screen and a metal body that is 8 mm thick. Most budget smartphones even support 4G connectivity.

New or refurbished smartphone?

New smartphone

At less than €100, your choices are limited, to say the least. You won't be able to find smartphones with satisfactory performance. However, you'll get a smartphone that works perfectly (within the limits of its performance).

Refurbished Smartphone

High-performance smartphones at €100 or less? Yes you can find them. You can buy mid-range devices from bigger brands at this price. However, they are not always reliable: refurbished means already used and refurbished, you may encounter problems.


Whether you buy a small new smartphone or a more powerful refurbished phone, the choice is yours. But we don't recommend investing in refurbished smartphones for less than €100: the range of products available at that price will already be weak, and you won't know until after the fact what problems led the former owner to part with it.

Why buy a smartphone for less than 100 euros?

Tailored to your needs

For most of us, even the most expensive smartphone will not be the best. It is better to bet on a model under 100 euros, also versatile, which will be more suitable for our needs. Manufacturers have made a lot of effort and have understood that not all their customers are looking for the same type of phone. The latest models under 100 euros often have 4G with screens with correct rendering and with a size of 5 inches.

Low cost and ideal for first time users

Starting with a smartphone model under 100 euros can be a good argument to convince your parents to buy you one. This way you don't ask them to break the bank. Besides, if you've never used a smartphone before, you don't really know how to use it. So there's no point in starting with a device that's complex to master with a multitude of features that aren't always necessary for a first-time user.

More and more choices and brands

Most manufacturers offer models under 100 euros, with the exception of Apple of course. Some brands are specialized in models under 100 euros. Note also that telecom operators or even hypermarket chains also offer interesting models under their private label.

Simple and complementary

The references under 100 euros are considered as complementary smartphones intended mainly for the execution of simple tasks. There are still some decent devices available that are affordable for small budgets. But it's still a device that's equally versatile and will help you perform all your daily tasks.

Communication tool

Of course, the main use of a phone is to communicate with people. However, smartphones under £100 can take communication a step further. Not only will you be able to make calls and send texts, but you can also send and receive emails and stay connected on all your social networking accounts.


Answer a call by text message if you can't pick up.

Everyone has received a call in a meeting, at work, in class or while driving. Enabling smart SMS responses can help you deal with these situations and explain to the recipient that you're busy. In Android, swipe up when you receive a call. You will then see different unavailability messages.

Carry an external battery.

French photo, Internet, and social networking enthusiasts may run out of battery quickly. To cope with heavy use, buy an external power bank battery as an extra. That way, you won't run out of battery power no matter where you are.

Disable bloatware and stop idle applications.


anglicism refers to an application that uses an excessive amount of system resources or an application with a large amount of disparate features. Don't hesitate to disable or uninstall bloatware. Also, most smartphones have pre-installed applications, which are not necessarily useful to you. Even if you close them, they can run in the background. Go into the settings and force their shutdown if necessary.

Learn how to locate a lost phone.


ve all experienced the anguish of a phone that can't be found, forgotten in another room or hidden under a cushion. Next time, don't waste time looking for it if it's on silent mode. Instead, install Google's location tool and determine the location of your phone via another mobile device or from your computer. And if it's stolen, this tool can remotely wipe the phone to protect your data.

Manage your mobile data usage.


avoid wasting your mobile data, go to the data usage menu in the system settings. There, you can set your rate plan reset date, create a warning threshold, and automatically turn off data if you're about to go over. Or, install Google's Datally app.


What is the best smartphone under 100 euros?

The best smartphone under £100 depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to choose a cheap smartphone?

First of all, don't expect amazing performance. Secondly, consider checking the technical configuration, battery life, screen, camera and storage capacity.

Are there any trust marks?

Not all brands offer devices at this price. But you can still find smartphones from Samsung, Xiaomi or even Nokia in this range.

How to optimize the performance of a smartphone under 100 euros?

You can delete unnecessary applications and clean up memory, change your application launcher, not install animated wallpaper, perform a phone reset, or prevent social network apps from using mobile data in the background.

Can a smartphone under 100 euros be unbreakable?

Indeed, there are different types of smartphones on the market for all budgets. It is possible that you will find a smartphone for less than 100 euros that is unbreakable, but it may be a refurbished product.


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Blackview A60 3G
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