The best smart TV in the UK 2023

Smart TV is a term for all TVs capable of connecting to the Internet. This includes social networks, video-on-demand services and replay services. The common point of all available models remains the flat screen design. Which Smart TV to choose and at what price? Read our buying guide to find out.

Smart TV Sony KD-55XF7096 55 inches 1

Best value for money

Smart TV Sony KD-55XF7096 55 inches

The best smart TV in 2021

This Sony smart TV displays in 4K. Only the overpriced OLED and QLED models do better in terms of image.

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The Sony KD-55XF7096 55-inch LED TV tops our ranking for this year. Displaying in HDR, but also in 4k, this all-black model has Wifi, Ethernet, USB 3.0 and HDMI connectivity. Of course, it doesn't have all the colors seen on OLED smart TVs. However, the difference is minimal.

In terms of sound, this smart TV has plenty to offer. And for a complete immersion during your gaming sessions or for your movies and series, you can add a 5.1 speaker. Note that Bluetooth connectivity is also available on this TV, version 4.1 for more precision. In addition, you get it at a reasonable price.

LG 32LK6100PLB 2

Best value for money

LG 32LK6100PLB

The best entry-level smart TV

Boasting full connectivity, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, this 32-inch LG has a great price. You'll need a sound bar because the sound is not great.

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Watch your favorite series on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video via Wifi with the LG 32LK6100PLB smart TV. Its 32-inch screen, or 80 cm, uses full HD LED technology for an Active HDR display. The size of this TV makes it an excellent extra screen in a secondary room of the house.

The WebOS system for menu navigation needs no introduction. We regret the Virtual Surround Plus sound. But considering the price, we can't expect better. As far as connections are concerned, you can choose between USB, Ethernet or HDMI ports. So, if you are looking for a big brand smart TV at an affordable price, the LG 32LK6100PLB will do the trick.

LG 55UK6470PLC 3

A great choice

LG 55UK6470PLC

A great value for money

It's not surprising to find a second LG in this ranking, as the reputation of the Korean brand's panels is justified. In addition, it consumes little energy.

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As mentioned before, LG makes the best panels on the market. But our interest in the LG 55UK6470PLC is not limited to this specific point. Indeed, this 55-inch smart TV displays in 4K HDR. Despite its 140 cm diagonal, this TV is low on energy consumption.

Equipped with USB and HDMI ports and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, this smart TV is perfect for streaming. You can also use it to surf the Internet, open applications or stream content from your smartphone.

LG 60UM71007LB 60 inch 4

Very good choice

LG 60UM71007LB 60 inch

Our top choice

Third LG of this ranking, this huge smart TV should be enthroned in a living room. Too bad that at this price, it is not 3D compatible.

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This LG 60UM71007LB 60-inch smart TV is a real success. The Korean brand is known for making the best panels on the market. Add to that the know-how and you get an incredible mix for this TV displaying in 4K UHD.

This smart TV also offers a rather complete connectivity: 3 HDMI inputs, 1 SD input, 1 RJ45 input, 1 antenna socket and 2 USB ports. And we really appreciate the responsiveness of the OS, with all the standard apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. Despite everything, we deplore the non-compatibility 3D.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best smart TV

Any specific needs?

The best smart TV in 2021

The best entry-level smart TV

A great value for money

Our top choice

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Comparison table of the best smart TV

Smart TV Sony KD-55XF7096 55 inches 5
LG 32LK6100PLB 6
LG 55UK6470PLC 7
LG 60UM71007LB 60 inch 8
Smart TV Sony KD-55XF7096 55 inches
LG 32LK6100PLB
LG 55UK6470PLC
LG 60UM71007LB 60 inch
This Sony smart TV displays in 4K. Only the overpriced OLED and QLED models do better in terms of image.
Boasting full connectivity, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, this 32-inch LG has a great price. You'll need a sound bar because the sound is not great.
It's not surprising to find a second LG in this ranking, as the reputation of the Korean brand's panels is justified. In addition, it consumes little energy.
Third LG of this ranking, this huge smart TV should be enthroned in a living room. Too bad that at this price, it is not 3D compatible.
Build quality and great brand name
LG Smart TV at an affordable price
4K UHD display with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution
Lack of color compared to OLED or even QLED smart TVs
Low quality sound
The sound could have been a little better
Not 3D compatible

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Buying guide - smart TV

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How to choose your smart TV

#1 - Screen size

The choice of the size of the screen of a television depends first of all on the space you have, more precisely the distance at which you sit in front of the TV. It's like choosing the right seat at the cinema. You have to realize that having such a large screen does not necessarily offer the best visual comfort. So choose an ideal screen size to optimize the viewing quality and enjoy the best definition of your smart TV.

#2 - Sound and image quality

A superb picture must be accompanied by a better sound quality. These two criteria are therefore inseparable to have maximum comfort while watching TV. For the image, the important points are: the smoothness of the image, the intensity of the black color, the different colors that the screen can display, the resolution of the screen and the adjustability. For sound, you need to see its clarity and the power of the amplification systems.

#3 - The shape and technology of the screen

To improve picture qualities, smart TV manufacturers are now using screen technologies such as UHD, HDR, Quantum Dot backlighting, and OLED screens. In general, they all offer you a beautiful rendering. As for the shape, curved or not doesn't really influence the quality of the image. So it's all a matter of aesthetic preference.

#4 - Connectivity

Smart TVs aren't just going to serve you as simple screens. So don't forget to check all the connectors. First, check its Internet connectivity by wifi or Ethernet cable to be able to benefit from various online services. Then make sure that its other connections like Bluetooth, video inputs/outputs (HDMI, VGA ...), audio inputs/outputs (RCA, jack ...), various plugs (USB, scart ...) are well suited to your accessory equipment.

#5 - Power consumption

It is necessary to take into account the consumption of your smart TV. Manufacturers are already making great efforts on this side. The new models of TV are less energy consuming. Be aware that with a high screen resolution, your smart TV will require a lot of energy. For example, for the same screen size, UHD models consume on average almost twice as much power as Full HD models.

Why buy a smart TV?

To take advantage of online services

With a connected TV, by wifi or by cable, take advantage of the various services available on the Internet. Order and watch movies with VOD. Search for videos on YouTube or Dailymotion. You can also take advantage of the large screen to surf on social networks (Facebook, Twiter...) or to communicate via Skype. To make surfing the web easier, you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

Watch your favourite shows anytime

Thanks to the PVR function, the smart TV is able to record programmes from DTT decoders on hard disks. You won't miss your favorite shows by scheduling recordings. Another feature, Time Shift/Pause Live TV, allows you to pause a program and resume afterwards. When you press the pause button, the program is automatically saved to a buffer.

Enjoy video games better

Don't worry about your TV being compatible with your favorite video games. You won't need to install anything, you'll play directly on the internet. It's called cloud gaming. No more problems on hardwares, having a powerful PC for games will not be necessary anymore. Moreover, you can connect controllers, play with the remote control, with your smartphone or use the "motion recognition" function.

Because smart TV is easy to operate

Using a remote control allows you to guide your TV remotely, but handling it becomes difficult when there are many options like with smart TVs. Don't worry, it's now possible to control your smart TV with hand movements or short phrases. It's a lot faster and easier than grabbing the remote and racking your brain with all the buttons that are right in front of you.

Because smart TV is versatile

In the past, a TV set was simply a receiver of channels. But as technology has evolved, manufacturers have equipped smart TVs with a multitude of features. Among other things, you can view all your files from your computer and mobile devices. You should also know that the smart TV can act as a transmitter. Even if you leave the room where your TV is, you can continue to watch your show with your smartphone.


Cover your smart TV's built-in webcam when you're not using it.

Many smart TVs are designed to make video calling easy, so they include webcams at the top of the screen that blend seamlessly with the TV's design. Having a smart TV with a webcam can be great - it's perfect for keeping family members connected. However, having an internet-connected camera pointed at you every time you watch TV is not ideal when you consider the personal data and privacy aspect. If you have concerns about your privacy, you can always cover your smart TV's webcam with a discreet piece of electrical tape, or you can buy a smart TV that does not have a built-in camera.

Set your smart TV software to update automatically.

TV manufacturers often release updates for smart TVs to make new features and critical security patches available to their customers for the TV. It's easy to forget to check for software updates, so set your TV to auto-update. That way, all important software updates run in the background as soon as they become available.

Never clean your Smart TV screen with a commercial spray cleaner.


type of screen your smart TV has, it should only be cleaned with water and with measure. Most cleaning products use chemicals that can damage or stain a TV screen, so only use microfiber cloths soaked in water. For best results, spray water on the cloth, then wipe the TV; never spray the screen directly, even with water.

Listen to music with your TV.


they're thinner than ever, modern TVs often have surprisingly powerful speakers. You may not notice it while watching the evening news or the latest season of The Crown, but your new smart TV can be a good substitute for a stereo system.

Surf the web.


can do it on your phone, your video game console, and even your watch, so why couldn't you surf with your TV? Most modern smart TVs have a built-in web browser that works much the same way as the one on your smartphone.


How do I know if my TV is a smart TV?

A smart TV consists of an Ethernet socket or a Wi-Fi module. Some models have keyboards, remote controls, pointers and even touchpads. When you're connected, you can surf the internet, listen to web radio and more. With a simple TV, you don't have many functions, because it's only about displaying local TV programs.

How do smart TVs connect to the internet?

The smart TV uses your home network to connect to the internet to watch streaming video on your TV. Typically, they use cable or built-in Wi-Fi to stay connected. So what you need to do is adjust the location of your router, change the settings, or simply opt for a wired connection.

Are all smart TV options the same?

Not all of these features are the same, so it's important that you read our buying guide. This will ensure that you get all the features you want. Some smart TVs come with multiple apps and others allow you to stream shows from your smartphone. Others also have a more user-friendly operating system, so not all of these features are the same.

Can my smart TV be updated with software that has new features?

Indeed, all major TV manufacturers regularly update their smart TV software. This update is often downloaded automatically. Some of these updates add entirely new features, such as extended support for high dynamic range (HDR) formats, Dolby Vision, or simply make improvements to the TV's internal firmware.


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Smart TV Sony KD-55XF7096 55 inches 9
Smart TV Sony KD-55XF7096 55 inches
LG 32LK6100PLB 10
LG 32LK6100PLB
LG 55UK6470PLC 11
LG 55UK6470PLC
LG 60UM71007LB 60 inch 12
LG 60UM71007LB 60 inch


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