The best wireless headphones for home cinema in the UK 2023

Can't hear the dialogue properly in the middle of all the sound effects in your movie? Can't turn up the volume on your show because everyone else is sleeping? Then use wireless home theater headphones like the Avantree HT280. Its long range and audio quality will make a difference.

Avantree HT4189 40 H 1

Best value for money

Avantree HT4189 40 H

The best wireless home theater headphones

The Avantree HT4189 40 H TV headset will be perfect for watching your favorite TV shows without disturbing. You can connect it to a second headset. Immediately operational, without any prior settings.

79,99 £ on Amazon

The Avantree HT4189 40 H wireless headset is compatible with most TVs on the market. Versatile, it can also be connected with a cell phone or a PC. It comes with Audikast Bluetooth transmitter, which can also be used with devices that support it. The latter can transmit signals up to 30 m.

Thanks to Qualcom chips, its degree of latency is imperceptible, making the sound and image perfectly synchronized. The circumaural headset has incredibly soft and adjustable ear pads. With a battery life of up to 40 hours, the Avantree HT4189 40 H is equipped with optical, RCA or AUX audio output, as well as USB.


Best value for money


The best entry-level wireless home theater headphones

Enjoy high-fidelity stereo sound with this wireless Bluetooth 5 headset from Aukey, a premium headset that gives you up to 25 hours of battery life. Once the battery is depleted, you can continue listening with the 3.5 mm jack audio cable.

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Perfect for optical audio use, these headphones are also compatible with all Bluetooth devices, such as phones or tablets. The dynamic 40mm drivers deliver high quality sound with punchy bass. It also has a built-in microphone for making calls. The headset has a long battery life with a 40 mAh lithium-ion battery and can also be used in wired mode. The headset has a stylish design with synthetic leather ear cushions, memory foam padding, and an adjustable headband for extreme listening comfort.

Sony WH-L600 3

Best premium value for money

Sony WH-L600

The best high-end wireless home theater headphones

Immerse yourself in a world of immersive sound with the Sony WH L600 TV Headset, which will provide you with exceptional surround sound in cinema mode, and experience your games at full speed. It will be your faithful audio companion for all your entertainment.

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It is a high performance headset, and especially versatile. Its main asset is the 4 sound modes, namely the cinema mode, the movie mode, the games and the dialogue. It also offers several connection solutions for your video player, game console or TV thanks to the 3.5 mm stereo cable, an optical digital input and an HDMI input. You'll find them on the headset's charging stand. The wireless range is up to 100 feet, so you can listen freely. Its battery has a life of up to 17 hours and is fully charged after 6 hours.

Sennheiser RS175-U 4


Sennheiser RS175-U

A great alternative

Sennheiser goes all out with the RS?175-U wireless home theater headphones. This model offers excellent range and thunderous bass. You can use it in analog or digital mode.

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The Sennheiser RS 175-U high-end headphones feature a sleek, minimalist design. We like the well-padded ear cups, ideal for long listening sessions. On the right outer panel are the volume controls, as well as controls for adjusting the bass mode and surround settings. On the other side, there is a power button and an LED light.

The digital transmission quality of the Sennheiser RS175-U is almost flawless. It's easy to forget that these are wireless headphones. The actual sound signature of the drivers is also very clear. And once the Bass mode is activated, the sound remains quite rich and powerful in the bass. Sennheiser estimates the range of this RF headset to be 100m.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best wireless headphones for home cinema

Any specific needs?

The best wireless home theater headphones

The best entry-level wireless home theater headphones

The best high-end wireless home theater headphones

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best wireless headphones for home cinema

Avantree HT4189 40 H 5
Sony WH-L600 7
Sennheiser RS175-U 8
Avantree HT4189 40 H
Sony WH-L600
Sennheiser RS175-U
The Avantree HT4189 40 H TV headset will be perfect for watching your favorite TV shows without disturbing. You can connect it to a second headset. Immediately operational, without any prior settings.
Enjoy high-fidelity stereo sound with this wireless Bluetooth 5 headset from Aukey, a premium headset that gives you up to 25 hours of battery life. Once the battery is depleted, you can continue listening with the 3.5 mm jack audio cable.
Immerse yourself in a world of immersive sound with the Sony WH L600 TV Headset, which will provide you with exceptional surround sound in cinema mode, and experience your games at full speed. It will be your faithful audio companion for all your entertainment.
Sennheiser goes all out with the RS?175-U wireless home theater headphones. This model offers excellent range and thunderous bass. You can use it in analog or digital mode.
no audio delay and dual link
True comfort
Up to 17 hours of battery life
Digital and analog inputs
Circum-Aural headset type
Up to 100 feet of range
Bass mode
30 m range
Lithium-polymer battery
100 m range

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Buying guide - wireless headphones for home cinema

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How to choose your wireless headphones for home cinema

There are so many wireless headphones suitable for home cinema that choosing one becomes complicated. That's why you should consider the following criteria before buying:

#1 - In-ear, over-ear or around-ear?

Wireless home theater headphones can be grouped according to the position of the ears when worn. As a result, there are in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and around-ear headphones. Find out which type suits you best and choose accordingly.

Some people will want in-ear headphones so they can enjoy the sound without being disturbed or bothering others. Others will opt for headphones that aren't completely soundproof, so they can hear other sounds around them. Still others will look for headphones that completely surround their ears instead of compressing them. This will increase noise isolation and immersion.

#2 - Autonomy

Wireless home theater headphones are battery operated. Therefore, battery life is an important consideration when choosing. Generally speaking, wireless home theater headphones that hold their charge for up to 10 to 15 hours should be considered first. Newer models even have battery life that can go up to 20-25 hrs.

#3 - Audio quality


sound you hear through the headphones you're interested in will determine your final decision. If you buy your headphones in a store, don't hesitate to test them. If you're buying them online, you need to make sure you're buying a model that has received many good reviews from previous buyers, but also from trade magazines. Those in the know will be able to just look at the product specification sheet. For this purpose, specifications such as support for surround sound and/or 3D sound, and the bass level are worth considering.

#4 - Signal range

Wireless home theater headphones operate on a variety of technologies, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and infrared. Each technology has a limited range, with a special mention for radio frequency, which can exceed 100 meters.

The distance the headphones can cover will also depend on the size of the room where the home theater system is located. If you have a small to medium-sized living room, headphones with a range of 10 meters will suit your needs. If you want to cover a larger room, you'll need a longer range.

#5 - The quality of manufacture

Wireless headphones for home theater are worn regularly, at least once a week. So it's best to buy something sturdy that can last at least 2 years. We also recommend buying a headphone case if you travel a lot. And you should know that the price has a lot to do with the quality of the manufacture, so the sturdiness. The more it costs, the more solid it is.

Is it safe to use RF technology?

The short answer is yes, the use of RF headsets is perfectly safe. At this time, there are no serious conclusive studies that prove that RF exposure causes cancer.

It's no secret that some radiation can be harmful to parts of your body like your brain. Radio frequency is a form of electromagnetic radiation. So it's only fair to ask how safe it is to use wireless headphones with an RF connection, especially since they will be on your head for long periods of time.

The key thing to consider here is whether the RF contains ionizing or non-ionizing radiation. The former carries a large amount of energy that can significantly affect DNA. This is why it is usually found in X-ray machines, during nuclear explosions or through solar radiation.

Fortunately, RF is located at the low energy end of the spectrum, which means that it emits non-ionizing radiation. Therefore, it is very unlikely that this technology can damage your brain.

The different types of wireless headphones for home cinema

Wireless home theater headphones are grouped into 3 groups. There are wireless home theater headphones with radio frequency (RF) connections, Bluetooth wireless home theater headphones, and infrared wireless home theater headphones.

RF Wireless Home Theater Headphones

RF wireless headphones transmit sound from your home theater using a stereo frequency modulation system. These wireless electromagnetic signals can range from 3 kHz to about 300 GHz, although most types of wireless headphones use 2.4 GHz RF technology, which offers a remarkable wireless range of up to 200 feet. To avoid damage to your system, make sure all devices are turned off before making connections.

Bluetooth wireless home theater headphones


a Bluetooth connection, the audio signal is continuously transferred from a transmitter coupled to the home theater to a receiver built into the headphones. It operates between 2.402 to 2.480 GHz, and devices can sometimes randomly jump between frequencies to avoid interference with other Bluetooth devices in a similar bandwidth. Bluetooth technology has gradually improved over the years, but the range is still limited to 10-20 m.

Wireless infrared home theater headphones


headsets use what's called line-of-sight technology, which means you must be aligned with the transmitter (in line-of-sight) to receive sound from your TV. Typically, infrared technology includes light-emitting diodes that use a focused beam of pulsed, invisible light that goes from your home theater to the headphones.

RF or Bluetooth wireless home theater headphones?

RF Wireless Home Theater Headphones

RF signals are not blocked by walls or ceilings. So you can use your RF TV headphones in a different room from the audio source. The compatibility of RF wireless home theater headphones is also broader. The RF transmitter in a wireless home theater headset connects to any audio device with an RCA audio output or standard headphone jack (3.5 mm). In addition, RF-powered wireless headphones require only an analog audio output to connect to an audio device.

One of the main drawbacks of RF wireless home theater headphones is that radio frequency is susceptible to interference. This interference can come from any device nearby, even in the next room, that produces electromagnetic signals, such as radios, smartphones and even microwave ovens.

Wireless Bluetooth Home Theater Headphones

Bluetooth wireless home theater headphones are safe. They use signals that are 1,000 times weaker than standard wireless technologies. In addition, it's fairly easy to set up Bluetooth wireless headphones even if your home theater wasn't originally equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter. It's also worth noting that Bluetooth wireless headphones, especially those with the latest version of the technology (Bluetooth 5.0), have been successful in minimizing interference.

The big drawback of Bluetooth is latency issues. The Bluetooth transmitter built into or connected to your home theater must convert the audio signal from analog to digital before transmitting it to your headphones. This conversion delay is called latency and can cause a timing difference between the movement of the person talking and what you hear. On the other hand, the range of Bluetooth wireless headsets is limited, even for version 5.0.


Choosing between RF or Bluetooth technologies should no longer be a problem for you. We've provided some guidelines you can use to help you decide. To summarize, you will need to consider your personal preferences, as well as the pros and cons of each technology. What is certain is that either one will allow you to watch your favorite movies and series late at night without disturbing your roommates and neighbors.


Choose the appropriate Bluetooth version

It's easy to get confused about the terminology of the different versions of Bluetooth technology, here are the last three: Bluetooth 4.1 (released in 2013), Bluetooth 4.2 (released in 2014), Bluetooth 5.0 (released in 2016).

Extend the battery life of wireless headphones with a lightweight external battery


tip is about functionality rather than form. If you're using wireless headphones but want them to run for several hours without having to charge them, you can perfectly use an external battery. There are lightweight models that can attach to the headband.

The battery of the wireless headphones is non-replaceable


we all know with our smartphones, batteries don't last forever and wireless headphones are no exception. It's not possible to replace the batteries yourself on almost all wireless headphones, which makes it a serious consideration if you plan to spend a hundred or more on a pair of high-end wireless home theater headphones.

Buy dedicated wireless home theater headphones for more flexibility


you want to avoid misplacing your headphones because they have multiple uses around the house, then buying a dedicated wireless listening system is the perfect solution. It offers unmatched sound quality as well as a convenient charging dock.

RF powered wireless headphones are the easiest to install

RF wireless headphone systems are virtually

plug and play.

All you do is plug the charging base into the wall and connect the appropriate audio outputs to your home theater. From there, simply turn on the device (if it doesn't naturally self-power), grab your headphones, and you can start listening.


What are the best wireless home theater headphones?

The best wireless home theater headphones depend on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products out there.

How do wireless home theater headphones work?

These headphones work in much the same way as other wireless headphones. However, two main components, including a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver, are needed to establish a wireless connection. The transmitter transmits digital audio signals to the receiver, which converts them into sound for your headphones. This means you can connect your wireless headphones to any TV, even if it doesn't have a built-in wireless transmitter.

How to check if your home theater supports Bluetooth?

It depends on the brand, but there is a universal way to find out. No matter which remote came with your TV or home cinema system, you can always check by looking in the settings. In Settings, select Sound, then select Sound Out. If the Bluetooth option appears, your TV or home theatre system supports Bluetooth. You can also simply read the user manual to see if Bluetooth is supported.

How do I check the available audio outputs on my home theater device?

In order for the transmitter to connect properly to the home theater audio output, you must understand what type of audio output is available. Typically, the audio outputs are located on the back of the TV. The "L" and "R" outputs are RCA jacks, "AUDO" is the 3.5 jack for wired headphones, "OPTICAL" is the TOSLINK optical output. Some of the older home theater models do not have the 3.5 jack and the TOSLINK optical output. They only have RCA jacks as audio output.

How do I diagnose audio signal reception problems on RF and infrared wireless headphones?

Always refer to the product manual for model-specific information. But in general, the procedure is much the same as the following: Make sure the headset batteries are fully charged. Make sure the transmitter is plugged into a working power outlet. Make sure the connection cord is properly connected to the audio source and the transmitter. Increase the volume of the audio source. Change the position and angle of the transmitter. Finally, if you are using infrared wireless headphones, make sure there is nothing blocking the line of sight between the transmitter and the headphones.


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Avantree HT4189 40 H
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