The best shower filters in the UK 2023

The shower filter softens your bath water. It helps you get rid of limescale, chlorine and many other elements contained in the water. For soft skin, without irritation or eczema, choosing the right shower filter is essential. Check out our buying guide to find the best models.

Alysso 1

Best value for money


The best shower filter in 2021

The Alysso has a universal ½ inch connection. This means you can easily attach it to a standard or hanging showerhead. It has a lifespan of up to 6 to 18 months, or 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of water.

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The Alysso shower filter has an active and efficient filtration system. It removes chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides from the water. You will immediately feel the benefits on your skin since this shower filter reduces the risks of itching, skin dryness, dandruff, eczema...

Designed with quality materials, the Alysso is rust and corrosion resistant. No electricity is needed to operate it, which will save you energy. Moreover, this device is totally environmentally friendly. Dual purpose, this model can be used with both hot and cold water.

Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filtre 2

Best value for money

Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filtre

The best entry-level shower filter

The Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filter shower head is really practical. While softening the bath water, it also helps to eliminate chlorine, fluoride, toxins, bacteria...

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The least expensive of the market, the Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filter is essentially composed of an easy to replace PP cotton filter. It is 10 times more efficient than traditional mineral balls. Organic and ecological, this filter has been designed with coconut fiber, which gives it the ability to remove 99% of all substances classified as harmful to health.

The Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filter is characterized by its turbo technology. This allows you to enjoy a spa-like pressure while saving water. In addition, this model offers 3 spray modes due to the presence of a switch, namely rain mode, jet mode and massage mode.

Hydropure SPFD 3

Best value for money

Hydropure SPFD

The best high-end shower filter

Hydropure SPFD is a highly effective multi-step water purification system that removes particles and harmful substances. Your purified water will become free of heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, residual chlorine, sediments...

37,56 £ on Manomano

You no longer have to worry about water quality when using Hydropure SPFD. On the contrary, the whole family can enjoy bathing without irritated or dry skin. The use of this filter, which is simply screwed onto the shower outlet, drastically reduces limescale deposits. At the same time, the filtration system ensures a significant increase in the oxygen content of the blood while reducing the risk of fatigue.

The Hydropure SPFD comes with all the necessary accessories for its installation. This model comes with a cartridge of filtering material composed mainly of a zinc and copper alloy. In addition, your shower filter has the capacity to treat up to 55,000 L before being replaced.

Baban GC-SH002 4

A great choice

Baban GC-SH002

An efficient and easy-to-install shower filter

The Baban GC-SH002 has a high efficiency anti-scale system, hence the presence of the filter ball, the cotton filter and the replaceable filter ball. It offers 3 types of water savers.

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The Baban GC-SH002 shower head with filter offers 3 water outlet modes. It is equipped with LUV current limiting technology, which can save water up to 30%. Moreover, this equipment provides you with high pressure water up to 200%.

The Baban GC-SH002 offers 3 types of filter balls capable of purifying your bath water. They remove impurities up to 99% and deal with chloride ions in an infallible way. This model has been designed with ABS, which makes it lighter and more durable.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best shower filter

Any specific needs?

The best shower filter in 2021

The best entry-level shower filter

The best high-end shower filter

An efficient and easy-to-install shower filter

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Comparison table of the best shower filters

Alysso 5
Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filtre 6
Hydropure SPFD 7
Baban GC-SH002 8
Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filtre
Hydropure SPFD
Baban GC-SH002
The Alysso has a universal ½ inch connection. This means you can easily attach it to a standard or hanging showerhead. It has a lifespan of up to 6 to 18 months, or 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of water.
The Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filter shower head is really practical. While softening the bath water, it also helps to eliminate chlorine, fluoride, toxins, bacteria...
Hydropure SPFD is a highly effective multi-step water purification system that removes particles and harmful substances. Your purified water will become free of heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, residual chlorine, sediments...
The Baban GC-SH002 has a high efficiency anti-scale system, hence the presence of the filter ball, the cotton filter and the replaceable filter ball. It offers 3 types of water savers.
Single shower filter
Shower head with filter
Single shower filter
Showerhead with filter
13.8 x 6.8 x 6.8 cm
26.2 x 9.3 x 7.9 cm
25.5 x 9 x 9 cm
280 g
440 g
355 g
Filtering system
KDF-55, activated carbon, calcium sulfite, stainless steel mesh and PP cotton
Mineral stones and PP cotton filter
Filter material cartridge 100% KDF
PP cotton, replaceable negative ion filter balls, filter beads
Type of installation
Bathroom, kitchen faucet, under sink

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Buying guide - shower filter

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How to choose your shower filter

To remove all the elements that can harm your skin, a good shower filter should meet the following few requirements.

#1 - Filtration levels

A good shower filter incorporates several barriers that stop the flow of substances that are harmful to the skin. The more filters you have, the better the quality of your shower water.

  • The KDF filter: Generally placed at the level of the water inlet, this filter retains the sediments at the origin of skin irritations. It is made of metals such as zinc or copper. Inexpensive, it is the compromise between the carbon filter and the vitamin C filter in terms of quality/price ratio.
  • The Vitamin C filter: This type of filter eliminates the chlorine and the more harmful chloramine present in the treated water. It is more efficient than the carbon or KDF filter and has an antioxidant property. Moreover, it works with hot water with a good flow.
  • The cotton filter: It absorbs all the matter and sediments that have managed to escape the mesh of the steel filter.
  • Multi-chamber filter: Also called sediment filter, the water passes through several layers of filters. This is a convenient all-in-one filter for areas where the water is over-treated. However, it does not filter out chloramine.

#2 - The durability of filters

Like any other type of filter, shower filters have a limited life span over time. Certainly, periodic maintenance to remove retained dirt is necessary. However, it is important to note that each filter must be replaced at regular intervals. Always check the replacement frequency before purchasing and, if possible, opt for models where you are already supplied with replacements.

#3 - The type of shower filters

Some shower filters come with a shower head. They are very easy to install, as you just screw them onto the end of the hose and you're done. This type of filter is also known as a "filtering shower head". The other type of filter is installed at the outlet of the mixer and purifies the water that passes through the fitting before it reaches the showerhead.

#4 - Water pressure

Too much pressure can negatively affect the performance of shower filters. This is why they are equipped with a limiting valve that acts as a valve to temper the flow of water. Also, if the pressure in your home is normal or high, the shower filter you choose should have a standard limiting valve. This will preserve the different layers of the filter while moderating the pressure.

However, if the pressure is generally low or irregular, you should look for models with a removable restriction valve. This way, you can remove or install it as you wish and depending on the water pressure in your bathroom.

#5 - Accessories included

Never short of creativity, shower filter manufacturers provide very practical accessories for the happiness of users. Seals to prevent leaks, water jet modes for a relaxing and soothing shower, replacement filters, bags filled with mineral stones that will serve as filters... it's up to you to find the little extra that will make you fall in love!

How to install your shower filter?

Installing a shower filter is not at all complicated. However, you need to know how to do it correctly so that it works without having to redo the operation. Usually, shower filters come with a shower head. If you want to change your existing shower head, you must first remove it so you can replace it with a new one.

To remove it, you have to use the rental drives. In case you have only purchased the filter, be very careful when removing your shower head. Once the shower head is removed, threads will appear on the shower hose. So, to ensure that there are no leaks when you add the filter, you need to wrap white plumbers tape around those threads.

Then, what you need to do is connect the top of the filter to your existing shower pipe. Most of the time, you don't need special tools to install your shower filter. You can tighten it by hand, making sure you screw it on tightly so that you can create a watertight seal.

A wrench can sometimes be useful to make sure that the filter is properly connected. Now you need to attach your shower head to the bottom of the filter housing. All you have to do is check if it works by turning on your shower. It is highly recommended to turn on the water flow gradually, because you never know what will happen next. If you see a leak anywhere, you should turn off the water supply again and then tighten the fittings.

The different types of shower filters

No matter what type of shower filters you choose from the market, installation is always easy. You don't need the help of a professional installer for this equipment. Learn more about the specifics of each existing system.

Shower filter on mixer tap

This is the most practical system. The filter is in the form of an end cap that is mounted directly between the mixer and the hose. The screw is simply tightened by hand. However, use pliers to loosen it if necessary. Before the water exits, it first passes through the filter to be cleaned of unwanted components. This is a direct filtration system that is activated through the faucet. You can find aesthetic models on the market. They are suitable for all shower layouts.

Filtering shower

This option is more versatile. It is not affected by any installation constraints. All showers can receive a filtering showerhead. Moreover, it replaces the shower head and is therefore a fairly independent equipment. The only condition to use it is to have a showerhead on a flexible hose. It can be integrated into the decoration of your bathroom. Manufacturers pay particular attention to the design of their products.

Filtering shower head

Less common than the two tools, the filtering shower head incorporates a cartridge filter. It is attached to a wall or stall shower. In this case, the usual shower head is no longer used and is therefore replaced by this one. Its efficiency is identical to that of the others. However, it is still difficult to find a design shower head filter.

Shower filter or water softener?

Shower filter ?

A shower filter optimizes the quality of the water. It removes impurities and ensures a refreshing shower. It is easy to use, as it fits directly into almost any shower hose. No further handling is necessary, it automatically removes bacteria and limescale from your water when it is first installed.

After taking a shower with filtered water, you will have younger skin and silky hair. The only big drawback is that the filter cartridges must be replaced regularly to ensure that it always works at its best.

Water softener

High levels of calcium and magnesium in water can cause real problems for the skin. The softener is the only tool capable of removing calcium ions from water. It is one of the best devices for treating hard water. It captures magnesium and calcium with the help of a resin.

After use, the pipes in a bathroom will remain in good condition. In addition, it has been shown that showering with softened water can reduce the risk of eczema. The disadvantage of a water softener is that it is difficult to remove soap from the skin and shampoo from the hair, which means that you will use more water when you shower.


Both water treatment systems are very beneficial to use in a bathroom. However, if you want to take a shower with clean, residue-free water without spending a lot of money, opt for a shower filter.

Why buy a shower filter?

For health reasons

Shower water is likely to contain harmful contaminants that have health impacts. A filter protects you from all chemical impurities. With it, you will limit skin problems. As a result, your skin will be more relaxed when you shower with this filtered water that is free of chlorine... or almost. No more dry and poorly moisturized skin! By using such a device, because this device will remove all the chemicals.

To keep your bathroom clean

Chlorine is present in shower water. Over time, it tends to deposit a whitish trace on the bathroom walls. The shower filter prevents the formation of this trace, thus avoiding regular maintenance.

To prevent bad smells

Water from the network can contain fungi and bacteria of all kinds. As they accumulate, they cause unpleasant odors. You will no longer have to use chemical products or deodorizers that can alter the proper functioning of the drainage system. Thanks to the filter, you can avoid their proliferation.

For its practicality

The installation of a shower filter is far from complicated. Moreover, you don't need to maintain it often. It is also very easy to use.

To protect children's hair and sensitive skin

If you have toddlers, a shower filter will protect their still fragile skin by effectively removing chlorine. The same goes for children who are allergic or prone to redness or itching. Their hair will also be protected from other chemicals in the water supply.

To protect the environment

Using a shower filter is an ecological gesture. Indeed, it prevents the propagation of chemicals contained in the usual water in the air. The vapors that come out of your shower will be cleaner and more sanitized.

The best brands of shower filters

In our opinion, the best brands of shower filters in 2022 are :


Hydropure is constantly innovating and proposing solutions to protect people from harmful diseases. Driven by the goal of providing good health to all, Hydropure is, without a doubt, the best guardian of your family's health and allows you to drink pure, breathe pure, eat pure and live pure.

Hansgrohe SE is a German manufacturer of sanitary fittings. It was founded by Hans Grohe in 1901, in Schiltach, Germany. Hansgrohe is one of the world's largest suppliers of showerheads, hand showers and fittings, alongside competitors such as Grohe and Kohler. Professional in its field, the brand continues to satisfy its customers.

TrustNATURE sells products associated with environmentally friendly home system and baby items in North and West America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North and West Africa. The brand is reliable and of good quality.

Leeventus is a German brand specialized in shower-WC accessories. Its unique design convinces at first sight and has been awarded a design prize in Korea. Each individual model of the brand undergoes extensive testing and meets the highest quality standards. This brand is 100% reliable.

This company was founded in 1973. The company continued to grow until it established its second factory in Pandaan, East Java in 1984.In 2000, Aqua also started including "Danone" on all its products and currently, Danone is also the majority shareholder of the group . Since then, it has continued to expand its business. The brand has become French and continues to produce innovative and high quality products.

What is the price for a shower filter

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

9 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Save money with the filtering shower head

Many times, the filtering shower head is equipped with smaller holes for the water outlet. This allows you to reduce the water flow, thus saving your consumption. So, if you are rather sensitive regarding the bills in the house, favor this type of shower filter.

Maintain your shower filter regularly

Maintaining your shower filter in good condition hardly requires drastic means. In fact, you can simply use white vinegar and 1 jar of baking soda. To do this, start by unscrewing the protective grid. Then, spread the baking soda in the duct. Next, heat ½ liter of vinegar and pour it into the device. After that, leave the mixture for a while (about 1 hour) and rinse it with plenty of water.

Combine shower filter and water softener

Limescale not only harms your skin and hair, it also damages the washing machine and appliances. That's why it's best to use a shower filter and a water softener at the same time. This way, all the water flowing through your home will be free of limescale.

Keep your shower drain clean

It is necessary to maintain your shower drain to ensure proper water drainage after each bath. First, always make sure to remove hair and other deposits that may cling to the drain. Also remember to properly rinse off any suds that may be stagnating on its surface.

Clean the scale from your shower head

If you don't have a shower filter, chances are the holes in your shower head are clogged with limescale. To get rid of it, place your showerhead in a pan and pour enough white vinegar into it to completely immerse it. Then put the pan on low heat. When the scale finally comes off your knob, take it out.


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Magichome 3 Filtration + PP Filtre
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