The best water filters in the UK 2023

Nowadays, water filters are indispensable because they bring better taste and purify your daily water. At home, while hiking or anywhere, it is better to filter your water, when you take tap water because it can bring you many benefits. But how to choose the right water filter? In this article, in our buying guide, we are going to present you the best water filters so that you always stay healthy wherever you are.

Brita Flow optimax 088125 1

Best value for money

Brita Flow optimax 088125

The best water filter

The Brita 088125 water filter carafe is the perfect water filter to install in your home. It differs from other carafes by its water storage capacity.

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Indeed, this water cooler measures 85.4 cm in length, 120.9 cm in width and 88.2 cm in height for a weight of 2.85 Kg. Given its size, it can therefore hold 8.2 liters of water and filter 5.2 liters. This means that you don't need to have additional carafes. In addition, it differs in the way it changes cartridges, because the cartridge change is done by electronic adjustment. It also has a sliding lid, but it only has one cartridge, which is not enough for its use.

This carafe filter is very practical and aesthetic. It is easy to maintain because all its corners can be cleaned and no corner escapes cleaning. For the cleaning of the lid too, it is facilitated by a flap which is removable. It is also easy to place in the refrigerator, which allows you to have fresh and iced water ready to use.

Slickbox 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level water filter

This Silckbox brand water filter will take care of your health as it removes many impurities. It fits on all standard taps in your home.

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As they say, health comes first, this Silckbox water filter has several benefits as it removes rust, algae, chlorine, heavy metals like lead, mercury, nickel, chromium and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. With this water filter, you don't have to worry about the risk of illness caused by these impurities. In addition, it also has an 8-layer filtration system that allows you to filter your tap water as you wish. Its installation is easy and its use is simple because it can be used directly on the tap and has a switch that allows you to choose between filtered water and tap water. It can be installed on the sink, basin and shower faucet.

AEG Osmosis (AEGRO) 3

Best value for money

AEG Osmosis (AEGRO)

The best high-end water filter

This AEG Osmosis water filter is our top choice because it offers healthier and more pleasant water to drink. It is also ideal for cooking food.

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The AEG Osmosis Water Filter features an osmosis water purification system that reverses and significantly reduces the majority of pollutants in water. And thanks to an ultra-fine filtration of 0.0001 microns, the water passes through two activated carbon filters as well as a semi-permeable membrane that absorbs contaminants, to give you clear and pure drinking water. It removes all dissolved materials such as chromium, sodium and nitrates. That means it delivers the healthiest water for you and your family.

In addition, it is capable of producing 55 liters of water per day and can store 11.3 liters in a tank. This water filter is equipped with a pre-filter, a post-filter, an osmosis membrane, a storage tank and a connection pipe to the faucet. In addition to the benefits it provides, this water filter is also well equipped to provide you with water for a long time. It is economical and ecological, a real alternative to bottled water.

ECOPURE ECOP30 Osmosis 4

A great choice


The best premium water filter

The ECOP30 osmosis unit will ensure your well-being by offering you a good filtration of the tap water in your home. It is therefore ideal for filtering water in your home at the shower as well as in the kitchen.

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This Ecop30 water filter comes with an installation kit that includes a chrome faucet with filter replacement reminder. Its compact design makes it easy to install under the sink. And to make installation easy, it also comes with a guide. That means you won't have any trouble installing it at all. This Ecopure ECOP30 model uses reverse osmosis to ensure good filtration. It has a high level of filtration that gives you the assurance that chlorine, nitrates, heavy metals and many others will be removed.

Moreover, the tap of this filter is equipped with a light indicator that flashes to let you know that the filters need to be changed, because to benefit from good water filtration with ECOP30, it is essential to change the filters every 6 months and the membrane every year, because this is done without tools and without cutting the water. In short, this osmosis system ECOP30 is very practical to have constantly pure water at the tap.

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Best water filter

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The best water filter

The best entry-level water filter

The best high-end water filter

The best premium water filter

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Comparison table of the best water filters

Brita Flow optimax 088125 5
Slickbox 6
AEG Osmosis (AEGRO) 7
ECOPURE ECOP30 Osmosis 8
Brita Flow optimax 088125
AEG Osmosis (AEGRO)
The Brita 088125 water filter carafe is the perfect water filter to install in your home. It differs from other carafes by its water storage capacity.
This Silckbox brand water filter will take care of your health as it removes many impurities. It fits on all standard taps in your home.
This AEG Osmosis water filter is our top choice because it offers healthier and more pleasant water to drink. It is also ideal for cooking food.
The ECOP30 osmosis unit will ensure your well-being by offering you a good filtration of the tap water in your home. It is therefore ideal for filtering water in your home at the shower as well as in the kitchen.

Can hold 8.2 l of water and filter 5.2


Featuring many benefits by removing impurities

Eliminates all dissolved solids

Comes with a guide for easy installation

Electronically controlled cartridge



8-layer filtration



an osmosis water purification system


reverse osmosis for proper purification


carafe, very easy to maintain



and simplified use



producing 55 l of water per day



an indicator light

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How to choose your water filter

The water in the house from your tap is drinkable and of good quality but it can contain certain polluting substances in minute quantities. Therefore, to eliminate them, it is essential to choose the right water filter. In order to choose your ideal water filter, please take into account the following criteria.

#1 - The level of water purification

Indeed, your choice should be based first of all on the level of water purification you wish to achieve. If you want to remove chlorine taste and bad odors, for example, it is best to choose an under-sink water purifier. And if you want to eliminate certain substances such as lead or pesticides, you should choose an osmosis system. So the choice is made according to your need.

#2 - The budget


is also very important to consider the cost of your water filter because water filters come in different models which means, obviously, at different prices. The cheapest on the market is the portable water filter, you can carry them in your bag, in your pockets even, to enjoy purified water throughout your day. They are usually between 50 and 100 euros. For the under-sink water filter, which is very expensive because for a simple process only, the cost is 100 euros without mentioning the various costs of maintenance in addition, and for a triple filter process the cost goes up to 500 euros. But there are also other models that have a good value for money, so the choice is made according to your budget.

#3 - Performance in microns

One of the most complete filters on the market is the filter that can stop viruses that offer a filtration at 0.02 µm. And the most efficient filter offers you a 0.1 µm fiber technology. There are also glass fiber filters that are around 0.2 µm. In short there are so many choices of filter depending on the micron performance that filter out pathogens they come in different sizes.

#4 - The guarantees


you buy your water filter, you need to think about the guarantees it provides. So you need to ask yourself this question: what am I buying a water filter for? What is my purpose? This can be done if you want to fight against bacteria, or viruses. But also, if you want to eliminate protozoa and hydrocarbons. In short, you have to know your target to be able to make the right choice according to your need.

#5 - Filtration capacity


finally, when choosing your water filter, you need to know its filtration capacity. For the water filter on tap, its filtration capacity is 1500 liters which flows, 1 liter of water per minute. For the filter under sink, its filtration capacity is 6000 to 10000 liters, and flow 2 liters of water per minute. As for the osmosis filter, its filtration capacity is 10,000 liters but it has a filtered water tank. Making the right choice is therefore essential, and this according to how many liters is necessary for your need.

The water filter should be avoided if the sink is exposed to heat

In fact, it is better to avoid its use if the sink is located in a sunny area. Why is this? Because water filter cartridges are sensitive to heat. This means that you should always take precautions because the cartridges cannot function in the presence of high heat. So you have to know how to place your water filter, otherwise no filtered water and that also means no drinking water for the whole family, so the purchase is useless. Imagine that your water filter is 60 to 80 euros and 20 to 50 euros for the refill, the annual cost of use will thus increase from 80 to 150 euros. This is not profitable at all.

Water filter or water softener

Water filter

The advantage of the water filter is that it removes harmful substances from the water. It removes heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates and many other pollutants from the water you drink at home. But it also improves the taste of your water and gives you good quality water for your health. Its disadvantage is that it limits the filtered water to food use. And the household appliances remain exposed to the limescale of the water and the water in your shower remains hard.

Water softener

The advantage of a water softener is that it removes limescale from your tap water because it is installed next to where the water pipe enters your home. And of course, it extends the life of your appliances because they will not be damaged by limescale in the form of dissolved minerals, calcium and magnesium. It also provides you with soft water throughout your home, and softens the taste. So the water is good for food. Its disadvantage is that it must be maintained and regenerated from time to time. But also, because of the lack of calcium and magnesium, the water will taste worse, which will be unpleasant.


Although these two devices have their differences, they both provide you with drinking water. But if you want water that tastes good and is very healthy, i.e. free of impurities, opt for the water filter. But if you want to have very soft water and at the same time good for food, for example, to make coffee and all that, choose the water softener.


Use activated carbon

It is the cheapest on the market and its functioning is simple, you just have to add some pieces of vegetal charcoal and the charcoal absorbs the harmful molecules present in the water. But above all, it does not present any health risk because it is the vegetalized charcoal that is boiled in hydrochloric acid then washed and dried and that provides you with good quality water.

Let the water air out for 24 hours


very simple trick, because you just have to fill one or two jugs and let it air for 12 to 24 hours. After that then, the chlorine and volatile will evaporate quietly and when you go to drink the water, it will be completely healthy. But you have to be careful not to keep it for more than 24 hours because it will develop bacteria.

Clean the cartridge with baking soda

Baking soda is great for cleaning your filter. It is a product that you already know because you use it in your daily life and it is used in many areas like cooking, care and especially cleaning. It is very effective in cleaning your filter.

Use only cold water


said above, to ensure the life and use of your filter, use cold water because heat is the number one enemy of the filter. For filtered therefore, only cold water is recommended.

Replace the cartridges


general, you should replace the cartridges of your filter every 6 months. And it is strictly recommended to respect this replacement not to decrease the effectiveness of activated carbon because it is a material that degrades over time. So do not delay the replacement, no matter how much water you use.


What is the best water filter?

The best water filter depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Why filter drinking water?

Even if your tap water is safe to drink, it still needs to be filtered to avoid the immediate risk of gastroenteritis from parasites. But also to neutralize bad tastes and odors. And finally, to avoid the long-term risks associated with chlorine and other chemicals that have harmful effects on our health.

Can hot water be filtered?

As we have seen above the answer is no. This can damage your filter cartridges. Furthermore, all water filters sold on the market are designed to filter cold water.

What flow rate for optimal water filtration?

As a general rule, 2 litres per minute is the ideal flow rate for water filtration, i.e. 30 seconds to fill a 1 litre pitcher. But when the flow rate is higher, it is preferable to install a flow reducer or to avoid opening the tap to the maximum to limit the pressure and the flow rate.

How often should the cartridge be changed?

Whether the cartridge is on or under the sink, the replacement depends on the manufacturer's recommendations. As a rule, however, every 6 months or 2300 litres.


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Brita Flow optimax 088125
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