The best indoor spa in the UK 2023

More and more popular with the French, the indoor spa is sought after for its relaxing and therapeutic virtues. Every year in the UK, more than 8000 spas are sold on the spa market. Faced with the great diversity of models, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right installation for your needs. We offer you our best selection of indoor spas, in order to guide you in your choice.

Spa 6 places Samoa 1

Best value for money

Spa 6 places Samoa

The best indoor spa in 2021

A spa with long-lasting performance, to share good moments of conviviality. Elegant and discreet, it blends in perfectly with your decor.

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This 6-person hot tub from Samoa is ideal for relaxing with the family, indoors or out. It is equipped with 33 jets and 24 air jets. This powerful spa is equipped with a 700W air pump and a 3KW heater. Its 750W filtration pump guarantees the cleanliness of the water. Its ozone sterilization system prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria.

Ergonomic, this indoor spa has 4 headrests and can accommodate up to 6 people. Its Balboa USA brand control panel is a guarantee of quality and performance. It includes an MP3 station, compatible with your iPod, iPhone, etc. You can also connect a radio station or a CD player, thanks to the cables that come with this high-performance equipment. Perfectly functional, this spa comes with a protective cover, steps, blower and circulation pump.

Spa à poser 5 places Lorenzo 2

Best value for money

Spa à poser 5 places Lorenzo

The best entry-level indoor spa

An indoor spa, ideal for relaxing to music, while enjoying the benefits of chromotherapy

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This Lorenzo spa guarantees long moments of relaxation. Its 30 hydromassage jets and integrated chromotherapy system promise optimal relaxation. Made of durable materials, this indoor spa can be used all year round. Its filtration system and ozone water purifier guarantee clean water.

Equipped with 3 headrests, this spa has a reclining seat and 4 seats. Its acrylic shell is easy to clean, as is its aluminum structure. It comes with an insulated spa cover and a footboard. With its Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite music while enjoying the effect of the hydromassage jets.

Spa 7 places Seychelles 3

A great choice

Spa 7 places Seychelles

A feature-rich indoor spa

Comfortable and functional, this spa is particularly resistant. Usable all year round, it will provide you with hours of relaxation.

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Enjoy the year-round benefits of this 7-seat Seychelles spa. It features 103 jets, and comes with an easy-to-use acrylic tub. Water purity is ensured by an ozone filtration and sterilization system. Fully equipped, this indoor spa comes with a protective cover, footboard, blower and circulation pump.

Ergonomic and comfortable, this spa is equipped with 3 headrests. Its massage pumps act in depth on the parts of the body. Its control panel from the American brand Balboa has been specially designed for long term use. The integrated MP3 station is compatible with iPhone and iPod, for a relaxing experience with music.

Spa 7 seats Guyana 4

Very good

Spa 7 seats Guyana

An indoor spa with exceptional quality

With this high-tech indoor spa, enjoy a unique experience with family and friends

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This 7-seat Guyana spa promises an exceptional massage experience, thanks to its 117 massage jets. It is equipped with a 32-inch TV screen and speakers. You can watch your favorite movies in peace and relax gently. Equipped with 5 headrests, this spa is perfect for a relaxing session with friends.

Its acrylic tank is easy to maintain. It comes with a step, a circulation pump, a protective cover and a blower. Its 700W air pump and 3KW heater guarantee continuous use. It is equipped with a 4W spotlight and 20 colored leds.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best indoor spa

Any specific needs?

The best indoor spa in 2021

The best entry-level indoor spa

A feature-rich indoor spa

An indoor spa with exceptional quality

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Comparison table of the best indoor spa

Spa 6 places Samoa 5
Spa à poser 5 places Lorenzo 6
Spa 7 places Seychelles 7
Spa 7 seats Guyana 8
Spa 6 places Samoa
Spa à poser 5 places Lorenzo
Spa 7 places Seychelles
Spa 7 seats Guyana
A spa with long-lasting performance, to share good moments of conviviality. Elegant and discreet, it blends in perfectly with your decor.
An indoor spa, ideal for relaxing to music, while enjoying the benefits of chromotherapy
Comfortable and functional, this spa is particularly resistant. Usable all year round, it will provide you with hours of relaxation.
With this high-tech indoor spa, enjoy a unique experience with family and friends
Powerful control panel
Built-in chromotherapy
Provides a deep massage
Ozone sterilization system
Integrated MP3 station
Can massage the entire body
MP3 station compatible with iPod and iPhone
High-tech control panel
Provided with full equipment
Built-in Bluetooth speaker
Ozone disinfection system
Integrated speakers
Pleasant lighting
Features 3 headrests for 5 seats
Provided with a protective cover
Delivered with complete equipment
Comfortable seats
FM radio and CD player not included
Noise circulation pump

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Buying guide - indoor spa

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How to choose your indoor spa

Are you thinking of buying an indoor spa to improve your well-being? A hot tub promises long hours of relaxation and enjoyment. To find the best indoor hot tub, we have put forward some criteria to consider.

#1 - The use

For relaxation, leisure spas are perfectly suited for family use. They can be equipped with hydrojets for massage sessions, or with various technologies, such as chromotherapy or aromatherapy. However, the water flow rate must be adjustable, and must be able to adapt to your needs. Therapeutic spas are equipped with different types of jets, with more or less powerful flows depending on the action you are looking for. Models with a sports focus may include counter-currents. Ergonomic seating is an important consideration, especially if you plan to use your spa to treat a health problem.

#2 - The shape

Square spas: allow you to enjoy the comfort of ergonomic seating, with face-to-face or reclining seating. The number of available seats is maximized, allowing for true family relaxation. Round spas: their elegant shape is very easy to integrate into the interior environment. Round indoor spas are generally leisure spas.

#3 - The size

The number of users will depend primarily on the size of your spa. The largest models can accommodate up to 10 people. These relaxing spas are perfect for large families. Each location has a different type of massage: full body treatment, back massage only... For optimal comfort, the depth and size of the seats is also an important selection criterion.

#4 - Practical options


facilitate access to the spa, it can be equipped with a handrail and access steps. Some models have a side table or a center table, where you can put a book or a drink. The tub must be non-slip and its contact must be pleasant to the skin. And finally, for your children's safety, opt for a model equipped with a lockable cover.

#5 - Ergonomics

To enjoy the comfort of your spa, take the time to try it out before you buy. The seats and benches should be comfortable enough, and adapted to your morphology. The depth of the spa is equally important, and the seats should be placed at different heights. This will allow each member of the family to truly enjoy the benefits of the massage.

How do I maintain an indoor spa?

Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and hygiene of your indoor spa. Periodic cleaning is recommended to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Maintenance of the filtration system: your spa should be equipped with a filtration system, which should be cleaned once a week. Depending on the degree of dirt, use a brush and run the filter under a strong stream of water. Use a mixture of baking soda and water, in which the filter is soaked for 8 hours.

Water maintenance: the water should remain clear between uses. Cleaning agents are very effective against unwanted microorganisms. You can choose between chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, ozone, UV lamp treatment or PHMB.

The water balance should be tested periodically. Use a pH tester to check the water quality. In case of imbalance, you will have to correct the levels with specialized products.

Drain the system every 3 months. Before draining the system, the inside of the pipes should be cleaned with a special cleaning product. Check the condition of the filters and replace them if necessary.

Then remove the deposits with a manual vacuum cleaner, which is easier to handle than a wired accessory. Use a cleaning kit adapted to the type of lining, so as not to risk damaging the tank or the technical equipment. The cover should be cleaned with a clean, damp sponge.

To avoid unpleasant odors or the appearance of mold, it is essential to install a ventilation system that is appropriate for the size of the spa. If you are using a large spa, the installation of a dehumidifier may be helpful.


When cleaning the tub, use only a product that is appropriate for the type of material to ensure the longevity of the spa.


The guarantee

Be sure to check your spa's warranty before making your purchase. It should cover the tub, the spa's control equipment, as well as the technical elements.

The choice of the hydrotherapy system

To enjoy the

benefits of massage, choose a model that has been developed with the help of specialists


The therapeutic action of water jets


water jets can be oriented to relieve a specific part of the body. For a therapeutic use, this option can be interesting.

The special features of bubble technology


adapted to relaxation, the bubble technology does not offer a targeted therapeutic action. It can be coupled with music therapy, chromotherapy or aromatherapy, for even more well-being.

Water maintenance


good hygiene, the water should be analyzed once a week, using a pH tester. Also remember to check the alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. In case of non-conformity, the water quality must be rebalanced.


Which indoor spa to choose?

In our opinion, the best indoor hot tub for most people is the Samoa 6 seater hot tub. To find out more, read our buying guide.

My spa water is cloudy

If you have just renewed the water in the spa, it is recommended to perform a shock disinfection. After testing the water, use bromine or active oxygen and complete the treatment with a clarifier. If the water has been in use for several weeks, drain the spa.

What is the role of thermal insulation?

Good thermal insulation has an impact on electricity consumption. With a well insulated spa, you will save a lot of energy.

How do I determine the actual number of seats in my spa?

The number of available seats does not necessarily correspond to the number of potential users. For example, a bench seat can accommodate 2 people. The number of seats is therefore reduced when several people choose to lie down on the benches.

Does the number of jets in the device have an impact on electricity consumption?

The number of pumps needed to operate your spa depends on the number of jets. If your spa uses a large number of jets, the unit will be power hungry.


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Spa 6 places Samoa 9
Spa 6 places Samoa
Spa à poser 5 places Lorenzo 10
Spa à poser 5 places Lorenzo
Spa 7 places Seychelles 11
Spa 7 places Seychelles
Spa 7 seats Guyana 12
Spa 7 seats Guyana


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