The best scooters in the UK 2023

Using a scooter (skateboard or street-board) is always a real pleasure and it should not stop when you grow up. You will move at your own pace while having that coveted feeling of freedom. Freestyle or hybrid, with 2 or 3 wheels, classic or electric, for adults, teenagers or children..., discover the best scooters of the moment through this complete guide.

Hudora Big Wheel 205

Editor's Choice

Hudora Big Wheel 205

The best scooter in 2021

Supporting up to 100 kg, the Hudora Big Wheel 205 is very robust and light thanks to its aluminum composition. The handlebar is fully foldable while the height is adjustable up to 104 cm.

71,46 £ on Amazon

The Hudora Big Wheel 205 scooter has a 33 x 11.5 cm tread. It is made with aluminum, which gives it its great lightness and its remarkable maneuverability. Yet it is able to support a maximum load of 100 kg. The best? Certainly! But that's not all! Its handlebars are also foldable. With a minimum of practice, you can fold it with one hand. The height of the device can be adjusted from 79 to 104 cm. Note that both the handlebars and the deck have reflectors.

Each of its 2 wheels measures 205 mm and is designed with polyurethane. The Hudora Big Wheel 205 classic scooter is therefore faster while offering a satisfying driving experience. The friction brake is located on the rear wheel, ideal for safe driving. No need to assemble it since it will be delivered assembled.

Smoby 750167 Minnie

Best cheapest

Smoby 750167 Minnie

The best entry-level scooter

For children, this 3-wheel scooter will build their confidence and help them develop their balance. It is suitable for toddlers from 3 years old.

23,99 £ on Amazon

Specially designed for children 3 years and older, the Smoby 750167 Minnie is adorned with silent glitter wheels that will bring a fun character to the set. With this equipment, your little one will start learning balance at his own pace. Combined with the lightweight frame, the scooter is perfect for building confidence for any beginner. The entire structure is made of metal, which gives it an optimal longevity.

The handlebars, with ergonomic and comfortable grips, make the Smoby 750167 Minnie easy to hold. Although it is not foldable, you will still be able to store it in a place without taking up space. Moreover, it will be able to accompany your little one in its growth thanks to its 2 height adjustments: 67 and 70 cm. Its 2 wheels placed at the back ensure a better posture. Whether you have a boy or a girl, this scooter is available in several versions.

SmartGyro Xtreme XD SpeedWay

Best high end

SmartGyro Xtreme XD SpeedWay

The best high-end scooter

The 8 inch wheels, the 3 adjustable speeds, the 24 km/h speed and especially the 18 km range guarantee the performance, the reliability and the efficiency of this electric scooter.

488 £ on Amazon

The SmartGyro Xtreme XD SpeedWay electric scooter is equipped with a powerful 800W motor, a dual front and rear suspension system and a 13,000 mAh lithium battery. You can ride up to 45 km on a full 7-hour charge. Its resistant tubular wheels have a diameter of 25.4 cm. In addition, your feet will rest comfortably on the wide base.

Of course, these are not the only features of this electric scooter. The SmartGyro Xtreme XD SpeedWay also has disc brakes, an odometer and a 3-step speed selector. The height of its handlebars can be adjusted to suit your needs, especially since the handles are foldable. The whole measures 119 x 130 x 60 mm for a total weight of 22 kg.

Ethic Freestyle Erawan

Excellent choice

Ethic Freestyle Erawan

The best freestyle scooter

Forged from 6061 T6 aluminum, the Ethic Freestyle Erawan is one of the lightest. However, it is not less resistant. Moreover, its design will surely not leave you indifferent.

149 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best scooter

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The best scooter in 2021

The best entry-level scooter

The best high-end scooter

The best freestyle scooter

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Comparison table of the best scooters

Hudora Big Wheel 205
Smoby 750167 Minnie
SmartGyro Xtreme XD SpeedWay
Ethic Freestyle Erawan
Hudora Big Wheel 205
Smoby 750167 Minnie
SmartGyro Xtreme XD SpeedWay
Ethic Freestyle Erawan
Supporting up to 100 kg, the Hudora Big Wheel 205 is very robust and light thanks to its aluminum composition. The handlebar is fully foldable while the height is adjustable up to 104 cm.
For children, this 3-wheel scooter will build their confidence and help them develop their balance. It is suitable for toddlers from 3 years old.
The 8 inch wheels, the 3 adjustable speeds, the 24 km/h speed and especially the 18 km range guarantee the performance, the reliability and the efficiency of this electric scooter.
Forged from 6061 T6 aluminum, the Ethic Freestyle Erawan is one of the lightest. However, it is not less resistant. Moreover, its design will surely not leave you indifferent.
1.5 kg
2.34 kg
22 kg
2.9 kg
Load capacity
100 kg
Up to 20 kg
100 kg
Adjustable height
Yes, from 79 to 104 cm
Yes, from 67 to 70 cm
Brake type
Rear friction brake
Disc brake
Flex Fender
Wheel diameter
205 mm
254 mm
110 mm

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How to choose your scooter

Very popular for daily commuting, the scooter can also be used as a leisure object. However, there are countless models available, which does not always make the choice easy. So, in order to better guide you, here is our advice on the criteria to consider before investing in a particular scooter.
choisir trottinette

#1 - The use

Despite the multitude of models on the market, your choice should be based on the use you intend to make of your future scooter.

If you want to buy one for your child, we recommend 3-wheel models, which are easier to handle if your child does not yet have good balance. Teenagers prefer freestyle models, although these can also be suitable for adults. On the other hand, an adult will have to choose between the classic scooter, the electric one, the hybrid one and the all-terrain one.

  • The classic scooter : light and ultra practical, it is ideal if you make short trips.
  • The electric scooter : perfectly adapted to long journeys and high speed lovers.
  • The hybrid scooter : more comfortable, it is no less efficient and agile.
  • The all-terrain scooter : with large inflatable wheels, this type of model fears neither holes nor bumps. It rolls effortlessly over gravel and cobblestones and has a load capacity of 120 kg.

#2 - The size of the wheels

The size of the wheels plays an important role in your choice. It depends mainly on the type of user you are.

  • Large wheels : usually between 180 and 230 cm, they have a better grip on the ground and are more resistant to unstable terrain. You will be able to travel longer distances, from 3 to 6 km per day.
  • Small wheels : they are fairly light and have a diameter of 100 to 145 mm. However, you will feel the vibrations. Moreover, they can only make short strides. If your journey is less than 3 km, they are the best choice.

If the distance to be covered is well over 6 km, it is better to turn to an electric scooter.

#3 - The weight

The weight of the scooter becomes a major factor to be taken into account in a number of situations. You don't need to carry around an electric scooter if you often take public transportation, if you are a car driver or if you have to climb stairs to get to the office. Indeed, this model weighs around 12 kg, even up to 20 kg. It is better to choose a standard model weighing between 6 and 8 kg.

If you want to use them intensively, choose sturdy, high-end scooters made from strong but light materials. They weigh around 5 kg.

#4 - Ergonomics and comfort

In terms of comfort and ergonomic options, today's scooters are real innovations. It is nevertheless advisable to check these few specific points before your purchase:

  • The height of the handlebar : it is generally adjustable except on the freestyle scooters. For an adult of 180 cm, it must be of 90 cm at least in order to avoid the pains at the level of the back. The models for child, whose handlebar is adjustable, are usable until a certain age.
  • The quality of the handles : it is the part of the scooter which will support the most vibrations. Make sure you have non-slip handles for a better grip.
  • The footrest : make sure that it fits your size, is non-slip and that you can place your feet on it without any discomfort.
  • Groundclearance : make sure you don't need to bend your knees to move forward.
  • Brakes : they will prevent you from having an accident. You can choose between disc brakes or friction brakes, on the rear wheel, on the front wheel or on both wheels.

#5 - Additional accessories

Additional accessories or features vary from one model to another. Choose according to your needs and requirements. In this regard, you have the kickstand, manual braking system (in addition to foot brakes), suspensions, headlights or lighting devices, anti-theft system, storage rack, carrying device (such as strap or shoulder strap), phone holder, basket/storage bag... Note that all of this will impact the price and weight of the chosen model.

Foldable or not ?

In most cases, the folding scooter is chosen for storage reasons, both at home and on public transport. Once folded, it measures less than 100 cm. However, there are larger models with inflatable tires for people who want to be more comfortable. Non-folding scooters are mainly for sportsmen (freestyle) and are suitable for specific uses such as off-roading (routes of +5 km).

Scootering for effective weight loss

pratique de la trottinette

It may sound absurd, but scootering, like cycling, will work your body from head to toe, not to mention your arms. How would you tell us? By adopting the right techniques of course! Learn more about the principle of operation and the major advantages of such a device.

How it works

The scooter is the middle ground between running and biking, taking the best of both worlds: the lightness, speed and long-distance capability of the bike is combined with the intensity and full-body focus of running. In effect, when you lean on the scooter, you're using your joints and arches sparingly.

Scootering is a great way to work on your cardio and burn fat, among other things. If you want to stay in shape, 45 to 60 minutes of daily use is essential. Remember to alternate your legs on a regular basis.

The targeted parts

The scooter is no longer considered a simple means of transportation, it is also a must for effective weight loss.

Its use targets different parts starting with the tip of the feet which is naturally connected to all the important areas of the body thanks to the bones that make it up. The legs, the calf and the perineum are also concerned. When you swing your leg backwards, you work your quadriceps, your glutes and your lumbar muscles.

Your internal stabilization mechanism is immediately activated as you alternate between your legs. As you lift your knee, the so-called "deep" muscles joining the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm and the back muscles are at work. The arms and shoulders are also very busy. Since you are bending over during your journey, you will naturally stretch your pectoral muscles and open up your chest.

The different types of scooters

Scooters all have the same shape: an elongated platform mounted on 2 wheels and equipped with a steering bar. However, they differ in their performance and features. How can you tell them apart? Let's take a closer look at each type of model!

Classic scooter

Trottinette classique

The classic or manual scooter does not have a motor. Designed for regular use, its lightness allows you to carry it everywhere, even in subways and buses. It will allow you to exercise on a daily basis in addition to reducing the length of your journey.

This type of model can be foldable or not, the choice depends on your situation and the available storage space. The only thing to remember is that when using such a means of transportation, you should only ride on the sidewalk as a pedestrian and maintain a reasonable pace.

Freestyle scooter

Trottinette freestyle

It is particularly intended for pre-teens, teenagers and thrill seekers. It is the type of model that is usually found in skate parks along with skateboards, rollerblades and BMX. Visually, the freestyle scooter looks like an urban type scooter.

It is not made to bend, which ensures greater ease in the realization of acrobatic figures. The handlebars are fixed (with a variable height between 58 and 63 cm) and it has a one-piece deck, a clamp as well as a very robust steel or titanium fork.

Its small wheels are made of aluminum while its braking mechanism is generally of the flex and/or spring type.

Hybrid scooter

Trottinette hybride

The hybrid scooter, which is also known as a fitness scooter, is an excellent solution for routes on stony roads. The design of the device is somewhere between a scooter and a scooter.

It is characterized by its slim, yet all-terrain wheels, lower deck and 2 operating modes: mechanical and electric. It is easy to adjust or adjust its clearance from the ground. Its best asset is its ability to adapt to all types of roads and its speed despite the size of its wheels.

Electric scooter

Trottinette électrique

The electric scooter, like the Razor PowerCore E90, has a simple or more advanced motorization. Imagined for people aged 12 or more, it accommodates precisely for driving on inclined slopes and climbing up hills. You can also use it if you want to use very little effort when travelling.

There are a few requirements, the most important of which is compliance with the "mobility law". In the city, you are required to ride on bike paths, greenways and private roads. You will be allowed to ride in traffic if, and only if, there are no lanes.

Your maximum speed must not exceed 25 km/h or you risk a fine.

3-wheel scooter

Trottinette 3 roues

The 3-wheeled scooter or patinette adopts 2 very distinct configurations. It is more stable compared to the 2-wheel model.

  • 1 rear wheel, 2 front wheels : it rolls easily without requiring balance and is suitable for children from 2 years old. Its disadvantage? This model has almost no advantage for the development of motor skills or balance of the toddler. However, it should be noted that this is the most popular configuration for adult models. Simply lean to the left or right if you want to go in a specific direction and steer the scooter.
  • 1 front wheel, 2 rear wheels : like the tricycle, this type of scooter has a wider rear base. Like the previous one, your child will not benefit from it in terms of learning to balance. However, it will be a fairly easy model to maneuver.

All-terrain scooter

Trottinette tout terrain

You don't want to get into trouble? Then opt for an all-terrain scooter, the most capable of handling trips on rough trails. It can accompany you on your hikes or on your vacation in the countryside while remaining comfortable in the city.

This version can be recognized by the size of its wheels and its quality components. Electric or classic, the all-terrain scooter can have a manual braking system. We recommend that you choose a scooter with a fiberglass or wooden deck that offers maximum driving comfort and effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations.

Scooter for children or for adults?

The scooter for children, from 2 to 12 years old, is an invitation to physical activity, to learn balance and to develop psychomotricity. It can support up to 50 kg and has small wheels. On the other hand, models for adults are more resistant, equipped with large wheels and have a significant load capacity (from 100 to 360 kg).

Scooter or bike?


By definition, the scooter is a personal locomotion equipment. It consists of a board, 2 or 3 wheels and a handlebar. To move, you only have to place one of your feet on the board and propel the device with the other one by means of some pushes on the ground.

Even though it was originally designed for children around the year 30, the scooter is now one of the most popular means of urban transportation, whether or not it is equipped with an electric motor system.

It is made of aluminum, a material that is both strong and light, or plastic (children's scooter), and often the device is foldable. The average speed of such a device is 10 km/h when riding in the city.


A bicycle is a vehicle with two wheels, handlebars, frame, saddle, pedals, fork and roller chain.

You, in a seated position, are required to make an effort by pedaling in order to move the machine and thus drive the rear wheel. The front wheel is essentially the steering wheel and gives you the ability to keep your balance.

The steering is controlled via the handlebars on which you rest your two hands. This part of the bike also houses the braking system and the gear adjustment mechanism. It can be used as a main means of transportation, as a leisure equipment or as a sport.


When should you choose a scooter over a bicycle? The answer is simple! You can make use of this type of vehicle in the case of journeys generally in urban environment and of short duration (-5 km).

It is the same if your storage space seems restricted. Compact, the scooter is not very cumbersome once it is folded. It is less expensive than a bicycle, with an average price of 90 to 160 €.

On the other hand, choose a bike if you have a lot of space for storage. It is much more comfortable because of its saddle, tires and ergonomic handles. The device remains stable and offers you the possibility to add extra accessories.

Why buy a scooter?

pourquoi acheter trottinette

It's not just kids who love them, adults are also real fans of scooters. Here are some of the reasons why people choose a scooter over another vehicle.

Physical exercise? You'll get some

Today's lifestyle seems to be more sedentary and most workers today work long hours, sitting at a desk. And the advent of new modern communication technologies doesn't exactly make things easier. Physical activity is therefore becoming optional. However, with a scooter, you will have the ideal element to move your body to the maximum without having to go to a gym.

An ecological means of transportation

Unlike scooters and cars, scooters are environmentally friendly. It has little or no ecological impact because it is powered by mechanical or electrical means. There are no gas emissions or toxic substances. Its use will have no impact on your general health and optimizes the quality of the air you breathe. Your lungs will thank you!

Less stress, more peace of mind

Did you know that using a scooter daily is good for your health? In fact, every time you get out, you get fresh air, your senses are heightened, you get away from the stress of traffic and your body becomes more relaxed. Of course, just the feeling of arriving early at the office will bring you peace of mind.

Direct route without traffic jams

With your scooter, you can be sure to arrive at your destination on time. You won't have to worry about one-way streets or finding parking. Your trip and travel time are stable, no matter what the season. It will save you time and avoid traffic jams. Its compactness and practicality allow you to weave in and out of traffic with ease.

A real sense of freedom

Equipped with a scooter, you are free from the constraints of your daily travels. You can easily adapt it to your lifestyle. It will replace your usual means of transportation such as a car, motor home or scooter. The scooter will not encumber you since it is, in general, light.

The best brands of scooters

In our opinion, the best brands of scooters in 2022 are :


Hudora is a brand working particularly in the world of sports, fitness and leisure. Its objectives? To offer its micro-mobility services to everyone without exception, regardless of their income or age. Its scooters are as durable as they are good quality and give you the opportunity to stay in shape.

The 3StyleScooters firm targets children as well as teenagers and adults. It produces models of scooters and skateboards suitable for all ages, as well as safety accessories. Since every family needs to enjoy nature and have fantastic adventures, the brand has made it its main mission.

Smartgyro is an expert in designing and offering electric scooters, scooters, hoverboards and electric bikes for sale at a price that defies all competition. Thanks to this specialist in electric mobility, you will enjoy all the advantages of a high quality scooter, benefiting from a more than sufficient autonomy and displaying remarkable design.

Ethic or Ethic DTC is a 100% French brand created by Kévin Demay in association with the Dissidence family during 2012. It is primarily aimed at riders and remains an iconic figure in the world of freestyle. Ethic now sits alongside the leaders of the European scooter market with its high quality models at low prices.

Speedway was founded around 1979. It is a French family institution focused in the manufacture of motorcycles. At the time, it had a dealership based in La Ciotat. After the opening of their very first store, the founders, the Coq brothers, were seduced by the success of their products that they progressed into the sale of other types of vehicles namely the scooter.

What is the price for a scooter

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 175 £
more than 175 £
Price range diagram


Choose the most appropriate route

Scooters for children are not subject to the same regulations as those for adults. And for good reason, you should know that the model for your little one or the classic adult model can be used wherever you want. However, when it comes to an electric scooter, it must take the same route as any other motorized vehicle. So make sure you take a well-defined and safe route.

Check the condition of the scooter before each use

Think about checking the condition of your vehicle before every ride. Undoubtedly, the scooter must ensure your journey to your destination, and this, without any problem. In this case, we invite you to look at the motorization (for electric scooters), the brake pads, the safety system, the wheels and bearings, the lighting...

Leave your scooter at home in case of rain

As you know, a wet road means a slippery road. It is better to leave the scooter at home, because it does not handle this situation well. The classic scooter will quickly become unbalanced. And despite its perfect grip on wet roads, the electric scooter is not completely waterproof. In addition, there is the risk of losing control of the vehicle.

Wear the necessary protective gear

Wearing a helmet is essential with this type of transportation. It will serve to protect your head in case of an accident. Indeed, head trauma as well as serious injuries are among the risks incurred when you ride a scooter. Certainly, nothing prevents you from completing your safety arsenal with knee and elbow pads.

Avoid riding with two people

Certainly, your new scooter has a very high load capacity and with two people, the ride will seem even more fun. But not really! The vehicle will become unstable. That's why we recommend that you buy one scooter per person. Don't jeopardize your safety and that of your family.

Don't let go of the handlebars

Even if you have already done it on your bike, the principle of the scooter is entirely different in this respect. You won't be able to let go of the handlebars even if it means destabilizing the device. So forget about taking a selfie while you're riding!


How to unlock an electric scooter? How to ride a scooter? How to fold an electric scooter? Should an electric scooter be insured?

The debriding of an electric scooter consists in increasing its capacity and its power in order to exceed the initial maximum speed. The process is simple, but it is essential to use a professional. There are several options: changing the battery, motor, controller, and transmission, or using a special unbuckling kit.

Gently bend your arms, put your hands on the handles of the scooter and your support foot on the platform. Begin the first few moves by doing 1-2 push-ups on the ground through your free leg. When you are in the swing, position your foot as close as possible to the brake, which is usually located on the rear wheel, to allow for a stop. When climbing, the body is leaning forward, the contact with the ground is quick and short. On the contrary, during descents, lean backwards while taking care to keep your foot at a small distance from the brake.

As a general rule, the steps for folding an electric scooter are indicated in the user manual. To do this, use the folding lever, which is located, in most cases, near the safety lever. Apply firm pressure to the mechanism by pushing the handlebars forward. The bolt placed at the level of the rear brake must be blocked at the end.

Yes! Like any other EDPM, the electric scooter requires a subscription to a civil liability insurance to be prepared for any eventuality. If your model has not been insured and you have an accident, you will be obliged to pay the entire cost in order to repair the damage caused to third parties, whether they are people, materials or vehicles.


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