The best scooters for children in the UK 2023

The scooter is one of the favorite toys of children. Equipped with two, three or even four wheels, they are designed for both boys and girls. Moreover, they come in all colors. To find the perfect model for your child, read our guide to the best scooters for kids.

WeSkate scooter for kids 1

Best value for money

WeSkate scooter for kids

The best kids scooter in 2021

Designed for children ages 3 to 12, this WeSkate scooter is a great investment. Because of its design, performance and sturdiness, this is a gift your child will appreciate.

35,99 £ on Amazon

This scooter for children signed WeSkate is a folding model. It can support a maximum load of 50 kg and is best suited for children aged 3 to 13. You can adjust the height of the handlebars on 3 levels: 68, 73 and 81 cm. This scooter is lightweight, sturdy and built to last. It has 2 wheels with built-in LED lights that flash when the scooter is in motion. The lights will be much more visible at night.

This kids scooter has aluminum handlebars with non-toxic sponge grips to suit little hands. It also has a 3-s folding system, which makes it easy to store and ideal for travel. The combination of all these features gives your child a safe riding experience.

Staro scooter for children 2

Best value for money

Staro scooter for children

The best entry-level kids scooter

As is often the case with 3-wheeled children's scooters, the Staro is sublime. Unfortunately, this type of scooter is also difficult to turn. But it's still perfect for learning and discovering.

31,99 £ on Amazon

Excellent 3 wheels scooter if your child wants to start, the Staro is indicated for the 2 to 10 years age group. You will certainly find a model to your liking among the 7 colors offered. The 3-wheel concept gives this model great stability. Moreover, the handlebars can be adjusted to the child's size. However, this type of scooter is difficult to maneuver in small spaces.

The wheels light up to make them stand out. Your child will definitely be jealous! Easy to assemble, beautiful and easy to adjust, this scooter suffers from a difficult start-up. You have to get a grip on the balance system to turn. But don't worry, you'll learn very quickly. Many children master the concept after only two tries.

Fascol Blue3 3

Best value for money

Fascol Blue3

The best high-end kids scooter

Indicated for 18 months and up, this 3-wheeled scooter has a folding seat to allow the youngest to sit comfortably on it. Too bad that at this price, the wheels do not light up.

51,99 £ on Amazon

The Fascol Bleu3 is certainly not the most expensive scooter for children on the market. But at this price, we are surprised by the quality of manufacture of this 3 wheels model. It must be said that this evolving scooter attracts by its level of safety and the presence of the removable seat. As usual with 3-wheel scooters, you have to tilt it to the left or to the right to make it turn. Once the concept is mastered, your child will be able to have fun.

Indicated for 18 months to 7 years, the Fascol Bleu3 has adjustable handlebars. The mudguard at the back also serves as a brake. The possibility to sit on the flip-up seat is a real plus. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this scooter for children has a very good glide. The sturdiness is also with the appointment.

Globber Evo Comfort 4


Globber Evo Comfort

The safest

The Globber Evo Comfort is THE scooter your child will need in his first years. You can convert it into a stroller, a walking bike and a scooter.

77,16 £ on Amazon

The Globber Evo Comfort has a plastic frame with a rubber seat cushion, durable, shock-resistant polyurethane wheels, and an aluminum T-handle. It is a convertible, 3-in-1 model that you can configure as a stroller, walking bike or traditional scooter. It all depends on your needs and the child's desires.

Safety is always a priority for Globber designers. For beginners, the Evo Comfort steering lock button will prevent the wheels from turning, making it easier to learn. Once the child has mastered the scooter in a straight line, unlock the wheels and encourage them to try turning. Note the3 height adjustable seat and the 4 position adjustable T-Bar handlebars.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best scooter for children

Any specific needs?

The best kids scooter in 2021

The best entry-level kids scooter

The best high-end kids scooter

The safest

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Comparison table of the best scooters for children

WeSkate scooter for kids 5
Staro scooter for children 6
Fascol Blue3 7
Globber Evo Comfort 8
WeSkate scooter for kids
Staro scooter for children
Fascol Blue3
Globber Evo Comfort
Designed for children ages 3 to 12, this WeSkate scooter is a great investment. Because of its design, performance and sturdiness, this is a gift your child will appreciate.
As is often the case with 3-wheeled children's scooters, the Staro is sublime. Unfortunately, this type of scooter is also difficult to turn. But it's still perfect for learning and discovering.
Indicated for 18 months and up, this 3-wheeled scooter has a folding seat to allow the youngest to sit comfortably on it. Too bad that at this price, the wheels do not light up.
The Globber Evo Comfort is THE scooter your child will need in his first years. You can convert it into a stroller, a walking bike and a scooter.
Excellent value for money
Handlebars can be adjusted to 3 heights
Quality of manufacture (aluminum alloy handlebars, non-slip rear brake, swivel and height-adjustable seat...)
Excellent build quality
Lightweight and foldable
Sturdy and very stable design: ideal for learning
Evolving scooter
Convertible into a stroller, walking bike or scooter
Retractable handles
Easy assembly and disassembly with a clip system
Easy to control
Parent handlebar height adjustable on 4 levels

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How to choose your scooter for children

The scooter has become a very popular toy for all children. Not only is it educational because it teaches the child balance and orientation, but it is also entertaining. It is therefore important to choose the right model according to a few criteria to take advantage of its main assets.

#1 - The age of the child

A scooter can be used from the age of 2 years. However, the child is still in a first learning phase at this age. Therefore, you must accompany him in all his movements. The model you buy for your child should allow him to play comfortably, like a three-wheel scooter. When your child reaches the age of 4 to 6, you can move up a notch and opt for a two-wheel scooter. By age 7, your child can manage on his own and the scooter becomes his primary means of transportation. It goes with him everywhere he goes.

#2 - The size of the child

The size counts a lot when buying. The scooter must offer him an increased level of comfort and safety. It is recommended to choose a model with telescopic handlebars. This way, you can adjust the handlebars to fit your toddler's height. Ideally, the handlebars should be a little lower than the belly button to better control the scooter and to avoid obstructing visibility.

#3 - The number and size of the wheels

If this is your child's first scooter, a three-wheeled model is what he needs. If your child is a first-time scooter user, a three-wheeled model is the way to go, as it's more stable and therefore safer for him or her. You can replace it with a two-wheeled scooter when he's more independent. In addition, always choose large wheels so that the scooter is perfectly maneuverable and can cover all types of terrain.

#4 - The design and ergonomics

The design of a scooter varies according to the brand and model. Don't forget to ask your child about this point since he or she will be the one playing with it. Nevertheless, you can help him a little by choosing for him a foldable scooter, light and with some additional accessories. Also check that it is equipped with a brake system to optimize your toddler's safety.

#5 - The material

It is important to always keep your child safe. Generally, a scooter is safe, but you should still check for strength. Plastic and PVC are the most common materials used to design small scooters. But as your child grows, you should look at stronger materials like steel or aluminum.

How does a children's scooter work?

A very practical and popular little device, the scooter has become more than just an accessory. Thanks to its size and dimensions, it allows you to get around even in traffic jams. Moreover, you don't even have to park it, it can be easily stored as it is foldable.

Also known as a scooter, the scooter consists of a board with handlebars and two wheels. In principle, to move it forward, it is enough to push it with the feet when it is not motorized. There are also models of electric scooters on the market that have a little of the same operation as the two classic wheels. That's it for the scooter in general.

Regarding the operation of a scooter for children, it has an electric motor and a battery autonomous and powerful enough. The batteries are rechargeable and do not require too much time to be full. A few hours of charging time is enough.

As this is a children's toy, the manufacturers have limited its maximum speed to offer your child optimal safety. On this, most models of scooters for children have a speed not exceeding 6 km/h. Among the different types of existing power supply, lead or lithium remains the most used.

As a precautionary measure, be more careful if the handlebars of your scooter are located in front of your child's neck or face. Indeed, it can cause dangers or injuries, because these areas are very sensitive. With a height-adjustable handlebar, it is highly recommended to place it properly. It must be located below the level of his neck.

Scooter for children or draisienne?

Scooter for children

The scooter allows the child to be distracted instead of playing in front of a screen. It helps them develop some of their skills. It works on a simple principle: the child stands with one leg while kicking with the other. The scooter for children helps to work on balance. In addition, it contributes greatly to the progression of motor skills.

In terms of health, the scooter for children promotes good vascular endurance once the child rolls faster. However, the wheel lock function may not work when the child's weight is not compatible with scooters. On the other hand, some models lack absolute stability. This can lead to serious accidents if the child does not have adequate protection.


The main purpose of a draisienne is to train a child's balance and steering skills. It is a bike that does not have pedals, suitable for 2 year olds. Your little one uses the strength of his legs to move forward. The principle is like running, but with a bike between the legs. Generally, this type of vehicle does not have brakes, which makes it easier for the child to handle.

With a draisienne, a child will have more balance and will be able to switch easily to a pedal bike. It's also lightweight, easy to store and helps a child get around independently from a young age. However, sitting on a draisienne is less comfortable because the seat is not springy. In addition, it lacks sturdiness compared to a real bike, especially the models that are made of plastic or wood.


In short, to allow your child to have fun and learn skills without difficulty, a scooter is the best choice. However, for your child to develop the ability to make a decision, consider a children's scooter.

Why buy a scooter for kids?

To develop a child's balance

A children's scooter is the ideal toy for developing your toddler's motor skills. You can teach your child to stand upright, to balance completely and then learn to move forward little by little until he or she has mastered the scooter. It is also an excellent way to orientate, turn and go around different obstacles.

For its ease of use

Unlike a bicycle, a scooter has the advantage of not having pedals. Thus, your child is not obliged to learn at the same time to remain stable and to pedal. A scooter also has a small brake system on the rear wheel, which makes it much easier to stop. Its ease of handling allows the child to avoid potential accidents.

To get around quickly

It all starts with learning at home and in the garden. Then, once your child has learned the basics and is fully autonomous, you can schedule a short ride over a small distance or a well secured area. And after a few weeks, he or she will be able to drive their little scooter to school or accompany you on your errands. It's also a great way to help him or her focus!

To strengthen the muscles

For a child to be able to drive a scooter by himself is a real feat. He has to do a lot of movements to play with it. All these movements will contribute to strengthen the muscles of the child without his knowledge. Handling a scooter requires the whole body, especially the muscles of the buttocks, legs and thighs. He must also push with all his strength with the foot to take speed, which inevitably requests the abdomen.

To help the child make decisions

When riding a scooter, the child must choose the route that he or she considers most feasible; he or she must assess the situation before moving forward. He will also be forced to slow down in front of obstacles... or decide to go straight ahead. And in the turns, he must find the right support not to fall. All this helps him develop his decision-making skills.


Have him wear a helmet and safety gear.

To keep your child safe, you should first make sure he or she is wearing a helmet. Then, make sure you have the necessary equipment to protect other parts of his body such as his hands, elbows and knees.

Teach him the basics.

Never let your child ride a scooter without teaching him the basics first. If your child has a scooter with brakes, teach him or her how to use the feature properly.

Stay away from risky areas.


't stray far from the streets adjoining your neighborhood when teaching him to ride a scooter. Also, make sure he stays in the neighborhood and ask him to stay away from risky areas once he's able to handle himself.

Make him wear shoes.


barefoot on a scooter when the child is inside is fine. But don't let him do this outside. You don't need to buy a pair of premium shoes. Just opt for a simple pair of thick, closed-toe sneakers.

Check the scooter often.


other tools, a scooter also needs good maintenance. Taking care of the scooter from time to time will help keep it in good condition for a long time.


At what age can a child use a scooter?

As a general rule, the child can keep his balance on a scooter equipped with 2 wheels around 4 years. He will then be able to move forward at his own pace. On the other hand, we recommend a scooter with 3 or 4 wheels if your little one is only 2 to 3 years old because of its better stability. And if you are seduced by an electric version, know that, according to the law, the minimum recommended age is set at 12 years.

Can the child use the scooter without adult supervision?

No! Like any other toy for children, theuse of the scooter must be done constantly under the supervision of an adult. Of course, you trust your little one and you see that he manages his balance very well, but this is no reason to leave him alone in the garden or in front of the house with his scooter. It is for his safety especially if he does not yet know how to use the braking system.

Which model is best for going to school?

It is possible to use the scooter for children to go to school. Ideally, choose a model with suspension, large wheels and ergonomic handles. In addition to helping your child master the vehicle, the daily commute will also teach them all the right moves. You can accompany him while directing him during your rides to ensure his safety.

What is a headset?

This is the steering set of the kids' scooter. Located at the handlebars or the shaft, it is an essential element that allows the toddler to turn the bar as he wants. It differs according to the model chosen. On some scooters, it is enough to turn the handle as it is the case with a bicycle, whereas on others, the child will have to swing to the left or to the right to change direction.


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WeSkate scooter for kids 9
WeSkate scooter for kids
Staro scooter for children 10
Staro scooter for children
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Fascol Blue3
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Globber Evo Comfort


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