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"Inspire the world, create the future", it is with this leitmotiv that Samsung has conquered hearts. This vision can be felt in particular through the headphones of the Korean giant of electronics. Indeed, Samsung headphones combine technology, creativity and design. But what are these world-renowned accessories really worth to headphone fans? Let's talk about it in this buying guide on the best Samsung headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live 1

Editor's Choice

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The best Samsung wireless headphones

Recognized by their bean-shaped design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live rely on an open design, but offer acceptable noise reduction in call mode.

74,40 £ on Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live earphones are among the brand's best-selling models. Bean-shaped design aside, these wireless earbuds feature an ear canal adjustment for a better fit. They feature an open design, so you can hear the sounds around you. However, these True Wireless earphones can reduce active noise with an isolation feature that's best appreciated when you're making or receiving calls hands-free.

Although compatible with all smartphones, these Samsung headphones show better stability of Bluetooth connection with Android and iOS devices. Supplied with a compact case for wireless charging, they have up to 8 hours of battery life if you don't activate sound isolation. Discreet, compact and practical, these Samsung wireless headphones are extremely durable. In fact, splashing water won't harm these IPX2-rated accessories.

Samsung EG920 2

Best cheapest

Samsung EG920

The best cheap wired Samsung headphones

These cheap Samsung headphones are wired. They work with any phone with a headset jack and allow you to make calls and listen to music.

4,30 £ on Amazon

If you're on a tight budget for Samsung headphones, look for these models with decent features. They're in-ear designs that come with replacement tips so you can choose the ones that fit your ear canals best. These are wired headphones that only need a headphone jack to work. Users advise against wearing them for sports, however, because of the long wires that can get in the way.

Incorporating speakers with a sensitivity of 98.5 dB/mW, these Samsung headphones can be used to listen to music. You can also make or receive phone calls thanks to the microphone integrated in the control box with 3 buttons (volume control and call reception). Note however that the sound quality is correct, but not more. You should not expect a great performance when you listen to your favorite music with it.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 3

Best premium

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The best high-end Samsung wireless headphones

These Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones embody the top of the line of the brand. Immersive, high-quality sound, 2-way speakers, and up to 18 hours of battery life: that's all we need.

183 £ on Amazon

Users are unanimous on one point: among all True Wireless earphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones are the ones that provide the best sound quality. This is due to the presence of two speakers, one of 11 mm for bass and midrange, and another of 6.5 mm for treble. When this is combined with passive isolation that reduces or completely eliminates outside noise depending on the setting, you'll discover the beauty of immersive sound.

For the design of these headphones, Samsung opted for an oval shape, highlighted by a glossy finish that the plastic doesn't seem to alter. Once properly installed, these wireless headphones offer a unique comfort: no risk of discomfort even in case of prolonged use. And by the way, the battery of these Samsung headphones can last up to 18 hours. That gives you plenty of time to go about your business and even play sports. On that note, even if you sweat a lot, these headphones are IPX7 waterproof.

Samsung Level In 4

With pads and cases

Samsung Level In

The best Samsung headphones with pads and cases

The buttons of these wired Samsung Level In earphones are fitted with silicone pads to increase their fit in the ear canals and optimize your listening comfort.

18,14 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best Samsung headphones

Any specific needs?

The best Samsung wireless headphones

The best cheap wired Samsung headphones

The best high-end Samsung wireless headphones

The best Samsung headphones with pads and cases

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Comparison table of the best Samsung headphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live 5
Samsung EG920 6
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 7
Samsung Level In 8
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Samsung EG920
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Samsung Level In
Recognized by their bean-shaped design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live rely on an open design, but offer acceptable noise reduction in call mode.
These cheap Samsung headphones are wired. They work with any phone with a headset jack and allow you to make calls and listen to music.
These Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones embody the top of the line of the brand. Immersive, high-quality sound, 2-way speakers, and up to 18 hours of battery life: that's all we need.
The buttons of these wired Samsung Level In earphones are fitted with silicone pads to increase their fit in the ear canals and optimize your listening comfort.
Samsung Wireless Headphones
Samsung Wired Headphones
Samsung Wireless Headphones
Samsung Wired Headphones
Sound insulation
Sound quality

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Our opinion on the Samsung headphones

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Our opinion on the Samsung headphones

Samsung headphones are selling like hotcakes. Why this craze? Beyond the reputation of this brand which has acquired a worldwide fame, Samsung headphones offer a good sound quality, integrate the latest technological innovations and seduce by their practical and functional aspects. Let's take a look!

Samsung: a reliable brand

The success of Samsung headphones is due in part to the company's track record of becoming one of the world's leading phone companies. Starting out as a food exporter, Samsung has spread its wings into the world of digital technology to the point of becoming the best-selling smartphone brand by 2021.

Like its rival Apple, Samsung doesn't just sell smartphones. It also offers the accessories that go with them. Among them, the Samsung headphones that fans of the brand are snatching up! Innovations, new technologies, pleasant use; these are the key words of these accessories that are exploding sales at the moment.

Samsung headphones: wired or wireless

To suit different uses, Samsung headphones are sold in wired and wireless versions. Wired Samsung headphones plug into the headphone jack of any smartphone, allowing you to listen to audio/video files stored in memory or receive calls hands-free. Samsung phones typically include Samsung wired headphones as an accessory at the time of purchase.

The brand's newest toy, Samsung's wireless headphones compete with Apple's Airpods, which have captured a large share of the market. Although the two models are not identical, they share many similarities, such as their plastic covers and storage cases. Samsung's wireless headphones return to the traditional in-ear design with a better fit.

Samsung headphones: good sound quality

For many users, sound quality is more important than any other criteria when choosing headphones. On this point, Samsung has nothing to be ashamed of when compared to the best performing models of other brands. However, it must be said that although most Samsung headphones offer good sound quality, the performance is far from professional; except for the Galaxy Buds Pro models which stand out from the crowd.

Often, the bass and treble remain noticeable; this produces a driving sound and an illusion of quality that dissipates when the lack of midrange binding is felt. In any case, even if you don't get the same sound as with full headphones, the quality is still acceptable for headphones.

Samsung headphones: new technology in action

Samsung's wireless headphones are a testament to the brand's innovation and technology: a touch-sensitive surface on the back of the headphones to control the playback of music tracks, volume control by tapping the headphones (although responsiveness sometimes leaves something to be desired), the ability to hear outside sound to be alerted to what's going on around you or to completely isolate yourself from your surroundings, etc.

Another important advantage: the battery life of Samsung wireless headphones. Not only are they rechargeable from any USB-C outlet, but they can also boast a battery life of over 15 hours. No competitor of Samsung can do better


What are the Samsung headphones really worth? Although they don't embody perfection, they're worth a try given their many advantages that more than make up for the few imperfections. Already, depending on your budget and intended use, you can juggle between wired Samsung headphones or pods that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

When it comes to sound quality, there's plenty to satisfy, although the result isn't as good as the Apple Airpods. As for the integrated technologies, you will find your account: with Samsung, we are never disappointed in this area.

Samsung or Apple headphones?

Samsung or Apple? The rivalry between these giants who are fighting for the market of smartphones and associated accessories is on the rise.

Samsung headphones

What's behind the success of Samsung headphones? The first answers consumers give are two words: technology and innovation. And that's evident in both wired and wireless models: Samsung headphones are more than just a hands-free kit; they're full-fledged digital devices with their own control panels.

In addition, Samsung headphones come in a plethora of offerings, suitable for both the low budget and high-end user. This undoubtedly explains the success of this Korean giant that monopolizes the technological power to such an extent that its main competitors are its best customers. In fact, Samsung provides 25% of the components for Apple products!

Apple Headphones

While Samsung is known as the technology powerhouse, Apple has painted an image of being an outstanding designer and maker. In fact, Apple AirPods remain the best-selling headphones in the world with 15.9 million units sold in 2019. At Apple, conception, design and creativity have taken over from technology; even if on this point, we can't say that the brand is totally behind compared to its main rival.

At Apple, the sound quality is emphasized, especially on the luxury models whose price is only slightly higher than the headphones of the same range at Samsung. Otherwise, it must be recognized, Apple remains a pioneer: the Airpods were born before the Buds of Samsung.


The rivalry between Samsung and Apple seems to have taken root among consumers who have a strong opinion about these two giants. In a completely objective way, the two giants have arguments that are equal: one focuses its productions on new technologies, the other on design and original conception. It's up to you to choose according to the most important criterion in your eyes!

How to choose your Samsung headphones

The following criteria will help you find the best Samsung headphones or simply the ones that will suit you best.

Criterion 1 : Type of Samsung headphones

Samsung earphones come in 2 different types, associated with specific designs and advantages:

  • Samsung button earphones are the least expensive choice. With ultra-compact dimensions, they fit in the entrance of the ear canal (in-ear). Although practical and discreet, they lack sound quality.
  • The Samsung pods headphones, like the button type, are in-ear headphones, but they are distinguished by their wireless operation. The connection with the smartphone is via Bluetooth; this is ideal to gain complete freedom of movement. Nevertheless, Samsung pods are subject to the constraint of autonomy.

Criterion 2 : With or without external noise cancelling ?

All Samsung earphones, each at their own levels, reduce external noise thanks to the materials used in their designs. On the other hand, the most elaborate models can handle the active noise around you to isolate you from the rest of the world (figuratively speaking!). To recognize them, just look for the words "active system" which means you can choose to reduce or suppress the noise around you.

While some Samsung headphones with an active system allow you to isolate yourself, they also include an option to listen to your audio/video files while hearing what's going on around you.

Criterion 3 : With or without wires ?

Samsung headphones can be wired or wireless. The wired models have the advantage of working as long as your smartphone is operational. They're still affordable in price, and they have a longer lifespan. You can adjust sound volume, navigate between tracks, and receive calls from a small control box that houses the microphone.

Samsung wireless headphones, on the other hand, link to the smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. The back of the headphones is usually made of a touch-sensitive surface where you can control the volume, receive calls and/or browse media files. This type of Samsung headphones works thanks to a battery whose autonomy varies from one model to another, and which charges from a USB-C port.

Criterion 4 : Intended use

Buttons or pods, wired or wireless, with or without an active system, Samsung headphones are also chosen according to the intended use. If you're looking for good headphones for listening to music and receiving calls when you're taking public transportation or when you're at home, a wired model is more than enough. It's up to you to decide whether you want to reduce ambient noise or not.

If you're driving or playing sports, consider pods that won't interfere with your movements thanks to their wireless design. These Samsung earphones offer better sound quality and are particularly discreet.

Criterion 5 : Comfort

Nowadays, and especially for Samsung pods earphones, the brand offers different tips to adapt the size of the earphones to that of your ear canals. This increases comfort and allows you to keep your earphones for a long time without feeling discomfort.

Also pay attention to the length of the wires for wired Samsung headphones, the storage case for the pods, the weight, etc. All these elements, although seemingly insignificant, contribute greatly to the comfort of use of the headphones.

Why buy Samsung headphones?

There are many reasons to buy Samsung headphones. Here are a few that should tip the scales.

Samsung headphones go everywhere with you

No matter what your daily activities are, Samsung headphones go with you wherever you go, so you can listen to your shows, sounds and videos whenever you want. Whether Samsung headphones are wired or pods, they'll fit in with your activities, whether you're working, spending time at home, playing sports, running errands, or whatever.

Samsung headphones are hands-free kits in their own right

Samsung headphones have the advantage of allowing you to make and receive calls without holding your phone. In fact, as you know, the only legal way to make calls while driving is with a hands-free kit. You can make your calls while staying focused on the road and driving; it's a win-win situation!

Samsung headphones go unnoticed

In addition to their practicality and functionality, Samsung's earbuds stand out for their discreteness. Wired models are harder to hide, but with some imagination, they can be tucked under a jacket or top. As for the Samsung pods, their wireless designs make them particularly discreet accessories that some people don't hesitate to hide with their hair!

Samsung headphones give you choices

When you have Samsung headphones on, you can choose to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and "turn off" the active noise around you, or you can hear everything around you while enjoying your favorite music. It's up to you to choose according to your mood and preferences.

Samsung headphones come in all budgets

Despite its global reputation as a high-end accessory manufacturer, Samsung's headphones come in a wide range of prices. So, you can find cheap Samsung headphones for less than 10 euros as well as some for more than 200 euros! A great brand at a small price: this always delights small budgets.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Samsung headphones:


This American brand is the first competitor of Samsung; these two giants are fighting for the market of telephony and accessories. Although Samsung's headphones cost less than Apple's, the latter are the top seller with more than 15 million headphones sold in one year.

Xiaomi, a new Chinese giant, markets smartphones and related accessories around the world. Although relatively young (only appeared in 2010), this brand is already playing in the big league. In fact, its headphones are almost as popular as Samsung headphones.

A key reference in the design of speakers, headphones and acoustic headphones, JBL, an American company born in the 1940s, is, since 2016, a subsidiary of the Samsung Electronics group. This explains the success of JBL headphones on the international market.

A brand that has enjoyed worldwide fame, Sony counts itself among the emblems of technological tools. Samsung and Sony headphones share a common point: a price range adapted to all budgets.

Tiksounds is a young brand specialized in electronic devices and addresses the general public. It generally designs wireless headphones to be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, like the Samsung pods.


To pair your Samsung earphones with your smartphone

Turn on your Samsung headphones and set them to pairing mode. Usually, you'll have to long-press a button to do this; refer to the instructions if you're unsure. Next, go to your Android smartphone's settings, enable Bluetooth and look for the name of the headphones. Click on it to complete the pairing. Note that this setting is only done the first time you use it.

To know how Samsung wireless earphones work

Unlike wired Samsung headphones that plug into a headphone jack to work, the pods require some settings beforehand. After connecting the earbuds to your Android phone, you can make minor adjustments from the pods' touch-sensitive back (volume, navigating between media tracks, receiving/muting calls, etc.).

To not hear outside noise with Samsung earphones

Depending on the type of Samsung earbuds you choose, you can get sound isolation or sound suppression. For sound isolation, Samsung earphones have external drivers that reduce noise. For suppression, these membranes work in concert with sound manipulation where frequencies are sent out to eliminate noise.

To adjust the volume with Samsung pods

Generally, adjusting the volume of Samsungs pods earphones is done in two ways: either you turn the volume down or up from your phone, or you do it from the touchscreen on the back of both pods.

To clean the wire of Samsung earphones

To properly clean the wire of Samsungs pods earphones, lightly wet a toothbrush you no longer use with alcohol, then scrub gently. You can do the same with a cotton swab. Then wipe with a soft cloth, tissue or any other soft fabric.


How to use Samsung headphones?

Using Samsung headphones is simple. For the wired models, simply plug them into the headphone jack of your phone. For Samsung wireless headphones, you need to pair them with your smartphone's Bluetooth. Then you can use it to receive calls, listen to music, etc. Note that the intended use is among the criteria determining the choice of Samsung earphones.

How to connect Samsung wireless headphones? How to repair Samsung headphones How to activate Samsung headphones

Once the battery of your Samsung wireless earphones is charged, turn it on, activate Bluetooth and put it in pairing mode. To pair it with your smartphone, look for the name of the headphones among the device lists detected by your Bluetooth and click on it. At the end of this one-time operation, you can use your Samsung headphones as you like.

It's not always easy to fix Samsung headphones. For wired models, try to locate the broken part to reconnect the wires. For pods, check the battery and re-pair from your phone. If none of these solutions work, contact a professional or find new ones in this comparison, there are some for every budget.

The wired Samsung headphones require no activation while the pods need to be paired with your smartphone to be activated. After this activation, you can use your headphones anywhere and anytime. Besides, this ability to have and use them anytime is among the good reasons to buy Samsung earphones.


March 2022 : Translation of this buying guide from our partner

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