The best QLED TV in the UK 2023

If OLED TV is the preserve of LG, Sony and Panasonic, Samsung has responded with an exclusive: the QLED TV. Better picture quality, clearly high-end design, interesting features characterize this TV. But which QLED TV to choose, which screen size and at what price? To find out and to enjoy a rare visual experience, follow our comparative guide.

Samsung Q65Q60T 1

Best value for money

Samsung Q65Q60T

The best QLED TV

4K resolution, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI, Wi-Fi, 60 Hz scan rate, this QLED smart TV has it all. Plus, it has a 65-inch screen, a bargain at this price. On the other hand, it weighs no less than 30 kg. Be careful with the handling!

751 £ on Amazon

Featuring a 65-inch screen, the Samsung Q65Q60T Smart TV offers 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution images, a 4:3 aspect ratio for quality visuals. This TV guarantees a remarkable efficiency in terms of energy consumption, being class A+. Fully connected, the Samsung Q65Q60T will open you to the world thanks to its Smart TV function, giving access to YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Its complete connectivity (Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI and Wi-Fi) offers wide possibilities of use. All the interfaces are at your disposal to facilitate your transfers. Enjoy the best of TV with the Samsung Q65Q60T thanks to the 60 Hz scanning frequency. Its bipolar stand with cable storage is very practical.

Samsung QE43Q60T 2

Best value for money

Samsung QE43Q60T

The best entry-level QLED TV

If you're on a budget, you can always fall back on this Samsung QE43Q60T QLED TV, from the same range as the 65Q60T but with a smaller screen.

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The Samsung QE43Q60T is a QLED TV that is within the reach of small budgets. Its 43-inch screen still offers 4K UHD resolution, giving an image quality that is well above average. Its color palette is undoubtedly close to reality. The Crystal Processor technology harmonizes everything for impeccable visual results, which do not degrade, regardless of the lighting.

The Samsung QE43Q60T Smart TV has a multitude of applications that enrich your entertainment every day. Enjoy your favorite programs on RMC Sport, MyCanal, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video or Spotify. Its sleek and refined design fits any interior. Be careful not to buy it for gaming.

Samsung GQ75Q60T 3

Best value for money

Samsung GQ75Q60T

The best high-end QLED TV

Immerse yourself in your programs and enjoy ultra-realistic and sharp images with the Samsung GQ75Q60T. This 75-inch QLED TV will blow your mind.

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Perfect for immersing yourself in a movie, video game or soccer match, the Samsung GQ75Q60T opens the doors to high-end TV. Its 75-inch 4K screen offers deep contrasts and accurate detail levels as well as near-reality colorimetry. And for sound, Samsung offers Dolby Digital Plus decoding with multi-room capability. The minimalist, almost frameless design suits it so well.

You can customize the settings of the Samsung GQ75Q60T by navigating through the menu. Everything is under control with the unique One Remote: TV, consoles and set-top box. Finally, experience the connected home by syncing your TV with other home devices.

Samsung 55Q60T 4


Samsung 55Q60T

A very interesting alternative

Neither too big nor too small, the Samsung 55Q60T QLED TV doesn't cost too much either. In short, "compromise" is the perfect word to describe it, including in its performance.

623 £ on Amazon

Equip your living room or bedroom with this 55-inch QLED TV and experience all the benefits of Quantum Docts (100% color volume) and Crystal Processor (contrast optimization) during your viewing sessions. The sound is also striking, offering you a very good immersion for all your contents.

Thanks to the Smart TV interface, access your favorite streaming and VOD platforms with a click, or browse the Internet. Take advantage of the USB, Ethernet, HDMI and Wi-Fi connectivity to link your TV to various devices. You can also sync it via the SmartThings app.

Buying guide • November 2023


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The best QLED TV

The best entry-level QLED TV

The best high-end QLED TV

A very interesting alternative

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Comparison table of the best QLED TV

Samsung Q65Q60T 5
Samsung QE43Q60T 6
Samsung GQ75Q60T 7
Samsung 55Q60T 8
Samsung Q65Q60T
Samsung QE43Q60T
Samsung GQ75Q60T
Samsung 55Q60T
4K resolution, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI, Wi-Fi, 60 Hz scan rate, this QLED smart TV has it all. Plus, it has a 65-inch screen, a bargain at this price. On the other hand, it weighs no less than 30 kg. Be careful with the handling!
If you're on a budget, you can always fall back on this Samsung QE43Q60T QLED TV, from the same range as the 65Q60T but with a smaller screen.
Immerse yourself in your programs and enjoy ultra-realistic and sharp images with the Samsung GQ75Q60T. This 75-inch QLED TV will blow your mind.
Neither too big nor too small, the Samsung 55Q60T QLED TV doesn't cost too much either. In short, "compromise" is the perfect word to describe it, including in its performance.
65-inch, 4K UHD resolution
43-inch, 4K UHD resolution
75-inch, 4K UHD resolution
55-inch, 4K UHD resolution
Full connectivity
Contrast governed by CrystalProcessor
Dolby Digital Plus decoding and multi-room sound system
Wall mountable, quick and easy installation


Voicecontrol, Bixby, Google and Alexa compatibility
Unique visual experience
Excellent all-around compromise

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Buying guide - QLED TV

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How to choose your QLED TV

If you're looking for a QLED TV, you'll want to choose Samsung. To make the right choice, also consider the following criteria.

#1 - Screen size

The QLED TV, a new technology initiated by Samsung, has models of at least 49 inches, with an image quality of breathtaking resolution. Moreover, the dimensions of the QLED TV you choose will depend entirely on the space in which you will place it. For aesthetics, the ideal would be to integrate the QLED TV in your living room, in order to give it a wide place. Its thickness, which gives it a sophisticated look, makes the QLED TV a defining element of your interior design.

#2 - The Smart


recent option that has emerged from technological advances is the smart TV, or connected TV, known by the common and technical name Smart TV. It will not only serve as an image broadcaster from a local antenna, it integrates the network with the right accessory (it can be an Ethernet socket or a Wi-Fi module) and allows you to connect to the Internet and the world. The QLED TV is no exception to this new technology: enjoy unlimited videos and all the applications of your choice.

#3 - 3D compatibility

3D TV or 3D TV is an interesting immersive experience, and you can enjoy it to the fullest with the trendy TV models of the past few decades, including the QLED TV. More and more 3D videos are making their way into the movie industry. Equipped with a pair of specialized glasses, view them at home with a high-quality 3D-capable QLED TV.

#4 - Flat or curved screen?

Flat-screen models are invading the TV market: the old cathode ray tube models, long outdated by technological advances, are now just collectors' items. For a better visual comfort, curved screen TVs were born a little less than 10 years ago. Featuring an attractive design, the curved TV is mainly used to enhance viewing from all angles.

#5 - The thickness


enhance your visual even if your QLED TV is not in working order, opt for a more or less thin model, very discreet and with a refined look: you will thus obtain an excellent harmonization with your interior whether you choose to install it in your living room or in your bedroom. In principle, the ideal thickness of a QLED TV varies but is mostly measured in millimeters.

What you need to know about QLED technology

Obviously more powerful than other display technologies, the QLED technology adopted by recent Samsung TVs is based on three specific features: Q Picture, Q Style and Q Smart. These three factors make the QLED TV stand out and belong to the high-end models in the TV market. This circumstance then creates competition between the major brands.

Q Picture

It guarantees the quality of the image. The principle of the technology chosen by the QLED TV is simple. It is the pure light that defines its bright colors and offers a contrast of black and white well accentuated. This quality does not alter under any lighting conditions. In a dark room as in a room with strong luminosity, the images remain of an irreproachable clearness. The improved structure of the panel also offers a unique comfort on all the angles of vision.

Q Style

This feature enhances the background scenery. In addition to upgrading the technical features, QLED technology has not forgotten to emphasize the ergonomic side of the TV. To save you the clutter on cables, the Connect Box alone allows you to connect all other devices to your TV. The brackets required for wall mounting ensure a simple and effective installation, adapted to your taste. Ambient mode brightens up the QLED TV screen when it's off with custom content of your choice (photos or other decorative content).

Q Smart

This term refers to smart features. The universal remote controls both the QLED TV and all attached devices, made even more convenient by the built-in voice recognition. The Smart TV interface automatically links any connected device to the screen to enjoy the latest apps (Netflix, YouTube, etc.). Thanks to the Smart Things application, you can even control your connected devices such as heating or lighting.



The QLED TV was initiated by Samsung to challenge LG's OLED and its OLED TVs. Indeed, it is a high-end and advanced version of the LED TV. It is also worth noting that QLED TVs have a screen size of at least 49 inches. The device relies on metal alloy nano liquid crystals called quantum dots that stimulate the backlighting. This mechanism creates a sublime and accurate color spectrum, with accentuated tones and a balance of blacks and whites. The advantage of the QLED TV is that images are consistent across all angles.


OLED TV is the preserve of LG and its allies, including Sony and Panasonic. The minimum size of an OLED TV is 55 inches, and it displays images at 4K UHD resolution. The system used by OLED technology is unlike that of LCD or LED TVs: it consists of light-emitting diodes that create their own light, resulting in impeccable contrast and true-to-life colours. Moving images are also surprisingly smooth.


Between these two competing TVs, the QLED TV slightly outperforms the OLED TV. In terms of brightness and color clarity, the QLED TV delivers performance that exceeds the capability of the OLED TV. In addition, QLED technology allows for the production of larger and relatively thin screens.


Keep the right distance

Even if the QLED TV allows viewing from all angles without affecting the image rendering, it is still necessary to respect a certain positioning. The little trick to determining the ideal distance between you and your QLED TV is twice the measurement of the diagonal of your screen. This will prevent you from easily straining your eyes, while still enjoying the best display.


For a unique immersive experience, you need the right picture setting. On a QLED TV, the ideal backlight is between 30 and 35.

Management of reflections

The QLED TV adapts to all the brightness contexts of your room: it exempts you from complicated measures related to the fight against reflections. However, favor a suitable location for your QLED TV, where the lighting is favorable for a better visual rendering.

Sound quality

The QLED TV has not neglected the sound option on its TV models. The OTS+ system allows for four to six speakers to be integrated around the screen. Adaptive Sound technology enhances the audio signal depending on the content. Plus, if you're in a noisy setting, the active voice amplifier automatically boosts the volume to keep the broadcast audible.

Connectivity options

With the QLED TV, now enjoy a fully smart TV that doesn't just replay local footage for you, but opens you up to the world with its ability to connect. You'll be able to freely access your favorite apps and go to the most popular movie sites.


What is the best QLED TV?

The best QLED TV depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to safely maintain a QLED TV screen?

Definitely avoid cleaning your screen by applying glass cleaner with a cloth: this will only reduce the life of your screen. The first thing to do is to make sure your QLED TV is turned off and the screen is cool. To wipe it, don't use your usual cloth or a paper towel either: instead, take a microfiber cleaning cloth, and reserve it for this purpose only. Finally, never spray liquids directly onto your screen, especially not ammonia or alcohol-based products.

What could be the limits of the QLED TV?

The response time remains a criterion that does not satisfy as much on the QLED TV since it is longer due to a marked latency on color changes.

Can I hang a QLED TV on the wall?

Yes, and the Samsung brand has thought of a range of supports and feet for this purpose, compatible with any type of installation.

Is the QLED TV interesting for video games?

That's right, because it doesn't have the burn-in concerns that OLED TVs do. It then leaves no noticeable marks on the screen even after long gaming sessions.


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