The best professional banks in the UK 2023

Company or individual, you want to put your funds in safety. Great idea! We recommend the Solo One account from Qonto, one of the most popular at the moment. This bank offers simplified procedures, digital offers, an unparalleled user experience and attentive customer service. Check out the rest of our selection in this guide.

Qonto Solo One 1

Best value for money

Qonto Solo One

The best business bank in 2021

The editor's favorite is a neobank adapted to all professionals. It proposes the most transparent offers on the market. The services available through its Solo One offer are attractive.

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The Solo One offer from Qonto provides you with a bank card, a French IBAN and 20 incoming and outgoing transfers completely free of charge. Beyond that, you will be charged €0.50 for each transfer. This offer facilitates the daily life of your employees and accounting department by combining speed and fluidity in the user experience of each.

Qonto integrates with more than 30 accounting software packages and allows VAT to be detected on each expense. Its advantage? The ability to adjust to the needs of each cardholder, even if they are affiliated to the same bank account. This means that each cardholder can have his or her own ceiling, individual payment limits, the possibility or not of making payments abroad, etc. A system of validation of outgoing transfers from your team by an administrator has also been implemented.

Shine Basic 2

Best value for money

Shine Basic

The best entry-level business bank

By subscribing to Shine's Basic offer, you have a low-cost solution to easily manage your daily business activities while benefiting from a no-subscription offer with one month free.

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Offered at €3.90/month (excl. VAT), this package includes a simple and efficient account to manage your daily business activity. It includes a prepaid MasterCard Business, a French IBAN, 20 transfers/prepayments per month and local support via the bank's customer service 7 days a week. Beyond these 20 transfers/withdrawals, 0.40€ of fees will be charged for each transaction.

Collaborating with experienced accountants, Shine has also set up a special accounting support offer to facilitate the management of your company's accounting at €79 per month if you are interested. This offer takes care of all tax returns, accounting entries, balance sheets, etc.

BNP Paribas - Visa Premier card 3

Best value for money

BNP Paribas - Visa Premier card

The best high-end business bank

This card provides access to banking services as well as insurance and travel assistance. You'll also get simplified account management, a customizable card and more.

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With Visa Premier, you can make free withdrawals in the UK, in the euro zone and via the BNP Paribas Global Network and Global Alliance worldwide. The network of BNP Paribas partners also allows you to benefit from advantages and discounts on a selection of travel, shopping and cinema offers, etc. In addition, you will also have access to medical assistance, reimbursement of your medical expenses, trip cancellation insurance, insurance in case of lost or stolen luggage, theft or material damage to your rental car, etc.

In case you lose your card abroad, a recovery card will be sent to you! To take advantage of a preferential rate on essential products and services, the "Esprit libre Pro" offer allows you to combine all the banking services you need into a single monthly subscription. However, it is reserved for professionals with a minimum turnover of 750 000 €/year. Visa Corporate Card 4

Simple Visa Corporate Card

For simplified accounting

With the package, your accountant will have direct access to your transactions. Payroll payments are just a click away and you are entitled to an unlimited number of cards and users and much more.

Read more, a professional neobank, offers this complete package at a unique rate. It delivers free certificates of deposit for business creation and manages capital increases or fund raising for growth. A single monthly fee of €29.99 gives you access to a user-friendly and convenient application, single or recurring use virtual cards for purchases and internet subscriptions, 100 outgoing transfers included each month and other types of services (unlimited limits, international transfers, etc.).

The physical cards include Visa insurance/assistance when traveling abroad. The package is free of charge and you will be notified of every transaction. You can even make your accounting easier by allowing your accountant to access your pro account. For more transparency and convenience, each of your employees will also have a personalized dashboard with their own transactions.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best professional bank

Any specific needs?

The best business bank in 2021

The best entry-level business bank

The best high-end business bank

For simplified accounting

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Comparison table of the best professional banks

Qonto Solo One 5
Shine Basic 6
BNP Paribas - Visa Premier card 7
9/10 Visa Corporate Card 8
Qonto Solo One
Shine Basic
BNP Paribas - Visa Premier card Visa Corporate Card
The editor's favorite is a neobank adapted to all professionals. It proposes the most transparent offers on the market. The services available through its Solo One offer are attractive.
By subscribing to Shine's Basic offer, you have a low-cost solution to easily manage your daily business activities while benefiting from a no-subscription offer with one month free.
This card provides access to banking services as well as insurance and travel assistance. You'll also get simplified account management, a customizable card and more.
With the package, your accountant will have direct access to your transactions. Payroll payments are just a click away and you are entitled to an unlimited number of cards and users and much more.
For whom?
For all self-employed (SASU, EURL, EI and micro-entrepreneur) and all companies (SA, SAS, SARL, SEL, SCP, SCM, SCI, SNC, etc.)
Legal entities (SARL, EIRL, SASU, SAS) including micro-entrepreneurs
For all professionals (craftsmen, shopkeepers and entrepreneurs)
Self-employed (autoentrepreneur and freelance), companies already created (EURL, SARL, SASU, SAS, SA) and new companies (capital deposit)
134€/year without "Esprit libre" formula and 127,32€/year with "Esprit libre"
Withdrawal and payment fees
In the euro zone: free card payments and €1/withdrawal of cash from an ATMNon-euro zone: 2%/payments, €1/withdrawal from an ATMNo checkbook
In the euro zone : 1€/withdrawal and 1€/paymentOutside the euro zone : 1€ + 1,9%/withdrawal and 1€ + 1,9%/payment
In the euro zone : unlimited and free withdrawals at the bank's ATM, otherwise 1€/withdrawalOutside the euro zone : 2,90% + 3€, unlimited withdrawals
2 free withdrawals per month and 2€/additional withdrawal
No checkbook
On order (obtained under certain conditions)

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Buying guide - professional bank

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How to choose your professional bank

Here are the parameters to consider when looking for a bank that suits your needs and those of your business.

#1 - Services offered

In addition to traditional banking operations, banks offer insurance products, personalized advice, loans, international transfers and online services. These services are also important to the day-to-day operations of some businesses and professional activities.

#2 - Account maintenance fees

The banking fees inherent in business accounts can be free or run into the thousands of dollars per month. As your business grows, expect some pretty hefty fees! However, you can limit these fees and keep them as low as possible by choosing the right bank and the right account. Also, most major banks offer checking accounts with monthly fees. But these fees can be waived under certain conditions.

#3 - Flexible debit cards

If you plan to expand your workforce, it may make sense to give some employees a debit or credit card. In fact, most banks and credit unions offer the ability to add additional cardholders and choose a cash advance or purchase limit for each card. Note that some banks charge for this service while others do not.

Good to know

If all the banks refuse to open your business account, you have the right to appeal to the Banque de France. The latter will designate a bank that will be obliged to open a business account for your activity.

#4 - Pricing

Banking fees differ from one institution to another. You must take this into account to choose the best bank for your expectations and situation. Therefore, find out about account maintenance fees, transfer fees, the cost of the bank card, the pricing of online services, the price of the checkbook and overdraft penalties (agios).

Professional account: obligations and standard fees

Opening a business account and obligations

  • Legal entities (EURL, SARL, SAS, SA, SASU, etc.) are obliged to open a business account in their name in order to be registered with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).
  • Sole proprietorships (micro-entrepreneurs, liberal professions, craftsmen, traders) are obliged to separate their personal and professional accounts.
  • Sole proprietorships without a legal entity (EIRL) must have a bank account in their name, followed by the mention "EIRL" (example: Julien Dupuis EIRL)

Professional account and standard fees

  • Account maintenance fees

The account maintenance fees are generally between 20 and 50 € excl. tax per month, depending on the bank.

  • The movement commission

The movement commission applies only to professional accounts and is calculated on the value of the transactions carried out on the account, independently of the available balance. Varying from 0,5 to 2% or at least between 5 and 15 €, depending on the bank, the rate of the commission for professional accounts is fixed by the banks and is applied on the total amount of the transactions. These commissions concern withdrawal fees, transfers made by the bank to the order of the account holder, cheque and checkbook deposits, commissions on foreign fees, etc.

  • Access to online services

This access is not free with traditional banks and the related fees can reach 30 € per month.

  • A bank card for professionals

This is the card used to withdraw money from ATMs. The annual fee for the use of this card can range from 80 to 180 €.

  • Fees for the purchase or rental of an electronic payment terminal for your business

These fees include the cost of the equipment and commissions on transactions made from the terminal.

  • Insurance in case of loss or theft of means of payment

Although the subscription to these insurances is optional, it is in the interest of professionals to subscribe to them. This insurance contract generally lasts for one year and is tacitly renewed each year.

To remember

The fees related to the management of a bank account for a company are included in a rather large price range. They range from 7 to 380 € per month depending on the bank and the type of offer it provides.

Professional bank or credit union?

Professional bank

The professional bank offers certain advantages to entrepreneurs, especially in terms of loans. This type of financial institution is not limited by any of the membership requirements set by the credit unions and allows for greater accessibility. The geographical coverage of professional banks facilitates access to their branches.

In addition, the professional bank often offers ancillary services to small businesses, such as credit cards and business loans that are more tailored than those offered by mutual banks. However, the professional bank charges higher interest rates and account maintenance fees.

Credit Union

Don't let their limited geographic coverage fool you. Credit unions offer many advantages to their members: free accounts, lower fees, better returns on interest-bearing deposits (savings accounts, lower interest charges on loans, etc.). In terms of service quality, many professional banks do not compete with credit unions. The number of customers partly explains this.

However, the credit union, despite reinvesting in the membership base, is still lagging behind in banking innovations. It also remains limited in its offerings to growing businesses that require more complex transactional services.


If you have a fairly large business, a professional bank will be able to meet your needs effectively. If you have a small business and are looking for local support, or the help of a competent and trusted partner to manage your finances, the mutual or cooperative credit bank is a better choice.


Microenterprises with an annual turnover of less than €10,000 do not need to open a business bank account.


Take full advantage of the welcome offers

To attract the maximum number of customers, online banks offer welcome offers when opening an account. These offers can reach up to 120 € and are accompanied by a bank card for the duration of the promotion. In order to take full advantage of such offers, you need to specify the promo code of the offer, if there is one. Then, the conditions required to access them may vary from one bank to another. This may involve having your income in the account for a set period of time, keeping the bonus in the account for 6 to 12 months before withdrawing it, or keeping the account for at least a year.

Check your company's compatibility with online banks


most online banks are not credit institutions but payment institutions, they will therefore have fewer services to offer you in terms of financing compared to their competitors. In case you handle a lot of cash, think twice before turning to this option. When opening an account with an online bank, be aware that all your transactions will be done remotely: by phone and by mail. Before you commit, make sure this option is the most convenient for you.

The safest place to put your money

Savings accounts are the safest types of accounts to keep your money because all deposits made by consumers are guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for bank accounts or the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for credit union accounts


Don't put all your money in one account

It is

true that banks do not impose maximum deposit limits. However, your funds will not be fully covered if they are placed in one account. To protect your money, it's best to opt for multiple deposits with different banks and in different accounts.


Which is the best professional bank?

The best business bank depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best.

Are credit unions a good choice for business accounts?

Banks are able to offer some key benefits to business owners and can often be the best choice for their financial needs. While credit unions generally offer better interest rates and fewer fees, banks try to offset this with "rewards" such as business credit cards and free business bank accounts.

Is opening a business account completely free?

You can set up a free business bank account knowing that there will be no monthly or annual fees, and the setup itself is also free. But be aware that there will still be other fees to pay.

Is it possible to open several business bank accounts?

Yes, you can open multiple business bank accounts. In fact, you can open as many as you like, as long as your bank approves your application.


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Qonto Solo One 9
Qonto Solo One
Shine Basic 10
Shine Basic
BNP Paribas - Visa Premier card 11
BNP Paribas - Visa Premier card Visa Corporate Card 12 Visa Corporate Card


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