The best banks with no income requirements in the UK 2023

No income requirements banks are popular today, especially with online banks. They are not completely free of fees and other conditions, but their offer is suitable for people with low or irregular income, for example. Are you interested in this type of bank? Read our comparison guide to find out which means-tested bank to choose.

Boursorama Bank 1

Editor's Choice

Boursorama Bank

The best no-income bank

With its Welcome package, Boursorama Banque allows everyone to open an account with no income requirement, with a free Visa Classic bank card. With no opening fees, you get a bonus of 80 euros instead.

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Ranked as the cheapest bank by Le Monde according to a survey by the newspaper Le Monde, Boursorama Banque offers affordable deals to its customers whether they are a young worker, a senior executive or a senior citizen. With its Welcome offer, this online bank of Société Générale is particularly aimed at people with low or irregular incomes.

They will benefit from a free account and a free Visa Classic card. The majority of services are also free, including withdrawals and deposits, account maintenance; however, the bank imposes a condition of one transaction per card during the month, at the risk of having to pay 5 euros for inactivity fees.

Hello Bank - Hello One 2

The best for travelers

Hello Bank - Hello One

The best no-income bank for travelers

Hello Bank's Hello One offer is available free of charge and with no income requirement. It is perfect for travelers, since the fees outside the euro zone are almost free.

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Hello Bank is also among the best banks without income requirements thanks to its Hello One offer. It consists of an individual current account and a Hello One Visa card, this international Visa card with systematic authorization is perfect for people who travel frequently.

With no commitment, this offer gives you free access to classic services and daily operations such as SEPA transfers, withdrawals and payments via the card in BNP Paribas ATMs and its subsidiaries around the world, as well as free cash and check withdrawals and deposits in their branches. On the other hand, you will be charged 1 euro per withdrawal in other banks. This offer is also proposed without overdraft or overdraft facility.

Revolut 3

The best neobank


The best no-income neobank

This mobile bank also allows you to open an account without income requirements, but this time with an English RIB. In addition, payments outside the euro zone are free.

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Revolut is a neobank with no minimum income requirement that offers you to manage your money through a single application. The registration formalities are simplified and free. Moreover, you have access to various offers adapted to your needs and your budget. The most affordable is the Standard offer which gives you access to a free account.

Payment fees are completely free in 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate, while withdrawal fees outside the euro zone are free up to 200 euros, beyond which 2% of the amount will be charged. Otherwise, you also have the other offers, paying this time, but with additional features, and interesting privileges such as a medical insurance with the Premium offer or a cash-back system with the Metal offer, etc.

Orange Bank - Classic 4

The best alternative

Orange Bank - Classic

A great alternative

At Orange Bank, you can also choose between several options to open an account with no income requirement. As part of the Orange Group, the online bank also enjoys a natural reputation.

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Orange Bank offers its customers different options for opening an account without income requirements. First, you have a classic offer completely free of charge with, among other things, a Visa card (conditioned by one expense per month otherwise you will be charged €5), free payment and withdrawal in the euro zone, contactless payment with your mobile and via the bank card, and even repatriation assistance up to €11,000.

Otherwise, a more tailored offer for travelers is also available with the Visa Premium card, this time paying €4.99/month for 6 months then €7.99/month. In addition to the classic services, you have more extensive insurance as well as free payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world. That said, the online bank does not offer joint accounts, regulated savings accounts or home loans.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bank with no income requirement

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The best no-income bank

The best no-income bank for travelers

The best no-income neobank

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best banks with no income requirements

Boursorama Bank 5
Hello Bank - Hello One 6
Revolut 7
Orange Bank - Classic 8
Boursorama Bank
Hello Bank - Hello One
Orange Bank - Classic
With its Welcome package, Boursorama Banque allows everyone to open an account with no income requirement, with a free Visa Classic bank card. With no opening fees, you get a bonus of 80 euros instead.
Hello Bank's Hello One offer is available free of charge and with no income requirement. It is perfect for travelers, since the fees outside the euro zone are almost free.
This mobile bank also allows you to open an account without income requirements, but this time with an English RIB. In addition, payments outside the euro zone are free.
At Orange Bank, you can also choose between several options to open an account with no income requirement. As part of the Orange Group, the online bank also enjoys a natural reputation.
Monthly fee
Type of bank card
Visa Classic
International Visa
Mastercard and virtual bank card
Terms and conditions of the offer
1 transaction per card per month
1 euro per withdrawal in other banks
Be a resident of a country in the European Economic Area, Switzerland or Australia
1 transaction per card per month
Initial payment
100 €
10 €
10 €
50 €
Welcome bonus
80 €
80 €
80 €
Fees for operations in the euro zone
Free in the BNP Paribas network
Fees for operations abroad
Free payment / 1 free withdrawal per month
Free in the BNP Paribas network
Gratuit up to 1 000 €, increased by 1% on weekends
2% of amount

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Buying guide - bank with no income requirement

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How to choose your bank with no income requirement

The ideal no-income bank should meet your needs. Consider the following criteria to find the best one.

#1 - The other conditions required

If this type of bank does not require a minimum income, it could, in return, demand other conditions. These may include reduced free services compared to a "classic" bank, direct debit of bank transfers or an obligation to use your bank card at least once a month or quarterly.

Be sure to check the conditions imposed before signing up for your account opening, as requirements such as an unauthorized overdraft or lack of insurance may prove to be restrictive for you!

#2 - The different services offered

The ideal no-income bank should also offer services that meet your needs. Ask about the basic services for a standard offer, the additional services that you have to pay for (and how much you have to pay for them), the procedures for getting credit or starting a savings account, or whether you can get a checkbook, make a withdrawal abroad if you need to.

#3 - The type of bank card

Depending on the no-income bank you choose, you might have access to a standard card, a Visa card, a Mastercard, or even a premium card. Depending on the type of bank card you have available to you, there may or may not be a fee. There may also be a requirement for frequency of use of the card in which case you will incur applicable fees.

#4 - The account opening fees

Generally speaking, the minimum income credential allows banks to protect themselves financially or to allow free overdrafts, credit and services to its customers.

Without this requirement, the bank is exposing itself further, but to remedy this it may charge an opening fee, or alternatively, a minimum initial deposit to ensure your creditworthiness. The amount of the initial deposit varies from one bank to another and from one offer to another also within the same bank.

#5 - The account maintenance fees

There are offers with no income requirement and no account maintenance fees. But as always, the service is more basic and the other options are not free. As an example, you may have to pay fees on the bank card, withdrawal or deposit fees, withdrawal limits to compensate for this lack of account maintenance fees.

Be sure to ask about this to see if there are any fees for services or penalties for inactivity or other concerns.

How do you open an account at a bank with no income requirement?


To open an account without income requirements, your first option is the right to the account which is available to anyone domiciled in the UK, regardless of nationality.

What is the right to an account?

This consists in seizing the Bank of France, which will oblige a traditional bank to open an account for you without income conditions.

To activate your right to an account, you will need the following documents:

  • An official and valid ID,
  • A certificate of refusal to open an account issued by a bank,
  • Proof of address less than three months old or your last tax or non-taxation notice,
  • A declaration on your honor that you do not have a bank account in your name.

You can drop off your file at the Banque de France nearest you or send it by mail. Once the complete file is received, the Banque de France will have one business day to designate a bank obligated to open your account.

Open an account with an online bank with no income requirement

At an online bank with no income requirement, you will need to go to the website of the particular bank. There, you will have to fill in the registration form where you will have to fill in various information like personal situation, address, a professional situation, etc. You will also have to select the banking offer that corresponds to your needs and situation.

You then sign the contract that you download to send by mail with the requested supporting documents. Among these, you will typically find:

  • Official and valid identification,
  • Proof of address,
  • Sample signature,
  • Sometimes also proof of income (even for a bank with no income requirement)

Good to know

In some cases, it is possible to send everything online with an electronic signature and by scanning these documents.

Once your application is validated, you will receive your bank card with access codes to your online bank account.

The different types of banks with no income requirements

There are two types of banks with no income requirements: traditional banks and those that operate online or via a mobile application.

Traditional banks with no income requirements

Also known as a traditional bank, a traditional bank is distinguished by the presence of a network of physical branches established throughout the country (or even in other countries). This allows for a certain proximity to customers who can carry out banking transactions, access various offers and products, or meet a dedicated advisor in person. It generally offers classic services such as bank cards, authorized overdraft, credit or savings, insurance, checkbook, etc.

With their experience and large network of bank branches, traditional banks have the most customers, but they are also reputed to be expensive and therefore sometimes considered inaccessible to people with low or irregular income. However, with the "right to an account" established in the UK, banks have the obligation to allow everyone, regardless of their income, to open an account. Precisely, with traditional banks without income requirements, you have the possibility to have access to services (often basic) without having to justify your financial situation.

New banks with no income requirements

Contrary to the classic bank, a neobank is a dematerialized credit institution with services accessible only online or via a mobile device where a dedicated application of the bank has been installed.

So it doesn't necessarily have physical branches, but offers much the same: physical bank card, transfers, savings, etc. And you can have access to other services like chat bot or virtual bank card. If you don't have a dedicated customer advisor, you do have a customer service with more flexible hours, sometimes even available 24/7 on the bank's online platform and/or dedicated app.

In the past, these banks had rather limited offerings. But today, more and more neobanks offer more attractive entry conditions with more varied services competing well with traditional banks. Indeed, most of them offer no income requirements, or even no requirements at all, with interesting services such as a free bank card, free operations or welcome promotional offers.

Bank without income requirement or bank without fees?

To save money, you have two choices: join a bank with no income requirements or choose a bank with no fees.

Banks without income requirements

This type of bank focuses primarily on this requirement to attract customers. A bank with no income requirement is most suitable for people with an unstable financial situation, low income or people who do not want to justify their income.

These banks often offer very affordable deals, for example no account maintenance fees, no direct debit or a free bank card. However, in order to operate, they may require proof of income or at least one transaction every month.

Banks without bank fees

Banks without bank charges are almost free banks, with the minimum of paying services such as account management, CB fees or bank cards. But there is no such thing as a totally free bank!

You will have restrictive conditions of use, or sometimes fees related to foreign operations or intervention commissions due to irregularities on your account or payment incidents for example. You can access this type of bank by respecting the income and savings thresholds and by remaining regular on your deposits.


If you have an irregular income, the best solution is to use a bank without income requirements. If the no-fee bank is quite advantageous by allowing big savings, it can become expensive in the long run if you often find yourself overdrawn or if your account remains inactive for too long.

Why choose a bank with no income requirements?

There are many advantages to a no-income bank. Among them, you have the following advantages:

Access to affordable banking offers

In a no-income bank, you will be able to choose between different banking offers that are advantageous in terms of price. The fees are indeed more affordable, be it bank fees, account maintenance fees, transaction fees, etc.

Access to various free services

Some services are even almost free with banks without income requirements. This can be the bank card, withdrawals, transfers or deposits. And generally speaking, they do not charge any account opening fees.

More savings

Thanks to the advantageous alternatives offered by banks without income requirements, you are sure to save on bank fees. And precisely for a low or irregular income, it is the best solution to have more peace of mind and a better control of your monthly budget.

Various types of banks available

Generally speaking, you have the classic banks and the neobanks as an option for banks without income requirements. Whatever your option, there is certainly a bank with no minimum salary requirement adapted to your needs.

Suitable for different profiles

A no-income bank is suitable for different types of people. Are you a student looking to open a no-income account? Do you have an income but it is irregular? Your earnings do not meet the requirements of traditional banks? Are you looking for a job and need to open an account? Opt for a bank with no income requirements!

Access conditions that are not restrictive

With a bank without income requirements, the access conditions are much more flexible. Whether it's the documents required or the forms to be filled out to open an account, everything has been designed to simplify your task.

The best brands of banks with no income requirements

In our opinion, the best brands of banks with no income requirements in 2022 are :

Boursorama Banque
Hello Bank
Orange Bank

Created by Société Générale, Boursorama Banque is one of the pioneers of online banking in the UK, having started its activities in 2005. It is ranked as one of the cheapest and therefore most accessible banks for people with low incomes. It stands out by its complete services, some of which are normally accessible only through traditional banks, such as mortgages or savings books.

This bank is all that there is of more complete compared to its competitors. Indeed, its numerous offers, are all interesting the ones than the others. To mention only for the blocking and the unblocking of your bank cards in case of loss or misplacement. In addition, it allows you to see all the transactions related to your account via a platform dedicated in this sense.

This bank is predestined to offer unmatched services unlike its peers. Indeed, since its inception as of June 23, 2014, it has made a name for itself as one of the most prestigious in the field. Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko being the founders of this one have done everything possible to satisfy not only the French, but also people with a French nationality a priori. However, a mobile application dedicated to this kind of service has been developed to ward off all eventualities.

Launched by Orange in 2016, Orange Bank is a French mobile bank that gathers more than half of the capital of Groupama Banque. Thanks to the notoriety of the mobile operator, the neobank has been able to attract customers quite quickly and rise to the top of the list of banks currently. It offers a variety of offers and functionalities, adapted to individuals as well as professionals, and more particularly to people with irregular income.

This French online bank was born in 2006. A subsidiary of the Cofidis group, it was voted "Customer Service of the Year" in 2018 and again in 2019. With a welcome offer of up to €120, free account maintenance fees and no income requirements, it is among the most accessible for financially fragile people. Its bank cards, however, are still subject to a fee.


Keep your account active

Try to make at least one money move every month to keep your account active. This may not be a requirement of your bank without an income requirement, but this action will save you extra fees or allow you to keep your privileges such as free services.

Manage your withdrawals properly

Free withdrawals from ATMs other than those in your bank's network may be limited in the month. Ask about this, because they may not even be free at all! To save money better, only use your bank's ATMs.

Opt for referrals

If you've chosen an online bank with no income requirements, be aware that it often offers a referral system that earns a bonus for both the referrer and the sponsored user. You can contact a user you know to help you open your account. Then, you can in turn accumulate referrals by encouraging your entourage to subscribe to the bank.

Track your spending with an app

The majority of today's banks offer an application allowing you to better manage your budget. For example, you will be able to monitor your operations, consult your budget to avoid spending more than you need. You can even create alerts in case you are approaching payment due dates or overdrafts, etc.

Take full advantage of your welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is often offered when you open your account, even without income requirements. However, be sure to read the conditions for this bonus and respect them so that it is not taken away from you.


Who are no-income banks for?

Anyone can open an account with a bank without income requirements. But they are especially suitable for people with low or no income, such as students or job seekers. This type of bank is also suitable for self-employed people with unstable incomes.

Is it possible to have a bank account without proving your income?

Yes! Some no-income banks don't ask for proof of income either. Instead, you may have other access conditions, such as a direct debit, account opening fees, etc. Proof of income is also required in case you need to set limits or if you want to apply for an authorized overdraft.

Why do some banks require a minimum income?

The minimum income requirement allows banks to better manage risks regarding available cash. They will be able to ensure that they can provide customers with cash at any time, but also with overdrafts and even credit. With your income deposited with the bank, the bank will also be able to maintain free access to various products and services.

Can you expect full service with a no-income bank?

The services offered by banks without income requirements are quite similar to those of banks with income requirements. For example, the right to the account allows for free the opening, the maintenance, the closing of your account, the delivery of RIB, the sending of a monthly statement of the operations carried out, the cashing of transfers and checks, the deposits and withdrawals at the distributors of the bank, a bank card, the operations of check, the remote consultation of the balance.


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Boursorama Bank
Hello Bank - Hello One 10
Hello Bank - Hello One
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Orange Bank - Classic


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