The best powder foundations in the UK 2023

When we talk about Make-up, we refer to the various make-up we use to make ourselves beautiful. The powder foundation is part of these essential products if we want to unify the complexion. Often mineral, it is however declined in various capacities, marks and colors. Faced with the diversity of offers available on the market, we propose this guide to find the best foundation that will allow you to have a perfect makeup.

L’Oréal Paris - Infaillible 24H Poudre 1

Best value for money

L’Oréal Paris - Infaillible 24H Poudre

The best foundation in 2021

£ on L’Oréal Paris
Maybelline New - York Poudre Compacte Fit Me Matte & Poreless 2

Best value for money

Maybelline New - York Poudre Compacte Fit Me Matte & Poreless

The best entry-level foundation

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Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish 3

Best value for money

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish

The best high-end foundation

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Artdeco Fond de Teint Mineral en Poudre 4


Artdeco Fond de Teint Mineral en Poudre

The best natural powder foundation

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best powder foundation

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The best foundation in 2021

The best entry-level foundation

The best high-end foundation

The best natural powder foundation

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Comparison table of the best powder foundations

Top Inexpensive High-end Excellent
L’Oréal Paris - Infaillible 24H Poudre 5
Maybelline New - York Poudre Compacte Fit Me Matte & Poreless 6
Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish 7
Artdeco Fond de Teint Mineral en Poudre 8
L’Oréal Paris - Infaillible 24H Poudre
Maybelline New - York Poudre Compacte Fit Me Matte & Poreless
Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish
Artdeco Fond de Teint Mineral en Poudre

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Buying guide - powder foundation

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How to choose your powder foundation

There is nothing better than a powder foundation to hide small imperfections on the face. However, between the many products available, you have to make the right choice! It is thus essential to take some criteria into consideration to find the right product.

#1 - The type of skin

It is an important criterion in the choice of a powder foundation. Indeed, each individual has a specific skin type! In general, there are three types of skin: oily, combination and dry. So choose according to your skin. If, for example, you have oily skin, it's wiser to turn to powders that are mattifying and can last a long time.

#2 - The color

You shouldn't choose a foundation of just any color! It is essential to take a product that has an identical color as your skin tone. In case you choose a darker color, you might see demarcation marks. Tip: Choose a light color! You can always warm up your complexion easily by using a sun powder.

#3 - The composition

For the health of your skin, it is essential to check the composition of a powder foundation before using it on yourself. Thus, it is strongly advised to use a product that incorporates components of natural origin. Tip: before acquiring the product of your desires, do not forget to take a look at the certifications to mention only Ecocert.

#4 - The coverage

The coverage is also part of the important criteria to take into account. In fact, choosing a product with high coverage or not will depend largely on the expected result! Do you want to conceal spots or scars? In this case, it would be better to buy a covering foundation. On the contrary, if you want a light finish, it's better to bet on a product with little coverage.

#5 - The ease of application

If you're considering getting a powder foundation, make sure it's easy to apply. Indeed, this will save you time since there are products that are more complicated to apply. In order to make the application easier, consider preparing your skin well by using scrubs for example.

What is a powder foundation and how to apply it?

A powder foundation is a makeup product whose main objective is to help women conceal various imperfections located on the face. It evens out the skin without damaging it and illuminates the complexion while adding a touch of color. All this with a natural result!

How to apply it?

For loose powder foundation, start by taking a small amount of powder and using a brush with short bristles for application. Use circular motions with gentle pressure as you apply the powder to your face.

What about the compact powder foundation?

To apply this product, it is recommended to use a sponge. You start the application from the center of the face to the edges. You can make a second pass on the imperfections. Do not forget to clean the sponge with soap at least once a week.

Finally, to avoid marks of demarcation, always do a small test before buying a foundation!

What to do in case of excess?

Without meaning to, you've gone a little overboard with your powder foundation? Don't panic, simply use a tissue, place it on your face and press gently to remove the excess. Finally, using a makeup brush, smooth from the center of the face to the edges.

The different types of powder foundations

There are two types of powder foundations, which you can choose according to your needs, your skin type and other important parameters. It's up to you to choose the one that will best bring out your beauty.

Compressed powder foundation

Compressed powder foundation offers many advantages! Firstly, it is suitable for dry skin and is much easier to apply than loose powder foundation. From the result point of view, it provides a light makeup as well as a mattifying effect that can last quite long. And in case your face has some imperfections, its coverage is better than loose powder foundation.

Because of its specific texture, pressed powder foundation may mark fine lines. Also, it is not really suitable if you have oily skin. You should also not underestimate the covering power of this product, otherwise the result will be far from natural. Indeed, it can accentuate that mask effect that most women fear.

Free powder foundation

The loose powder foundation has quite a few positive points. First of all, its fixation is much better compared to the compressed powder foundation. Secondly, it is perfectly suitable for people with oily skin thanks to its matifying power in particular. This product will help to give your face a velvet effect!

One of the big drawbacks of loose powder foundation is its application. Since it is more volatile, it is logically more complicated to apply! Then, be careful not to put too much on, otherwise you'll end up with a doll-like face. It is up to you to determine the ideal dosage.

Powder or cream foundation?

Powder foundation

Powder foundation gives you the benefit of long wear. Moreover, by using this type of foundation, your skin will be both matte and velvety. Plus, you have a wide range of colors to choose from! It is also easy to layer said colors. Finally, powder foundation works well with oily skin.

Despite its many advantages, powder foundation does have its drawbacks. Starting with its use! Its application is not easy and requires some tools such as the sponge or the brushes. Then, you have to be careful about its dosage if you want to avoid the mask effect. Finally, it is not suitable for skin that suffers from dehydration.

Cream foundation

Cream foundation has a few advantages when compared to powder foundation. First, it is easy to use. You just have to apply it and it will adhere to your skin without any problem. It is indicated during the winter period for those who want to maintain their skin. The reason is that the cream foundation contains in most cases, fatty materials. It also moisturizes dry skin.

Cream foundation is not really the best thing to use during the summer. Indeed, its use risks to stimulate the production of sebum and it is thus not appropriate when one has the fatty skin. Moreover, its structure makes that it fixes less time compared to the foundation in the form of powder.


Cream foundation and powder foundation are both great options to effectively hide unsightly marks on your face. Your choice will depend on your skin type, but also on the ease of use of the product. And on this last criterion, it is the cream foundation that wins.

5 benefits of buying powder foundation

Unifies the skin

A powder foundation has the particularity of not aggressing the skin while letting it breathe. Moreover, this type of product is an excellent way to obtain a unified skin by eliminating all kinds of impurities such as your excess of sebum. By using it regularly, your complexion becomes more luminous and it overflows of freshness.

Conceals imperfections

In order to conceal facial imperfections, powder foundation is a very interesting alternative. If your face has pimples, small scars or redness, this is THE product for you! When applied correctly, it is able to hide everything that is not beautiful to see and that affects your beauty.

UV protection

Because of its covering power, powder foundation is able to offer extra protection to the skin and help it cope with external aggressions. To this end, it is able to significantly reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin by acting as a kind of barrier. There are products on the market with built-in SPF.

Provides beautiful color

A powder foundation doesn't just conceal your imperfections or provide UV protection! It also helps provide a touch of color. In this way, you can give your face more relief. However, make sure you select the color so that it can easily match your skin tone!

Illuminate the face

Do you want to show off a radiant complexion? It's simple, use a powder foundation! It can brighten your face in seconds. It will not only make your face look radiant, but it will also give you a "rested" look. It will also give the impression that your skin has been given a serious makeover.

The best brands of powder foundations

In our opinion, the best brands of powder foundations in 2022 are :

L’Oréal Paris
Elizabeth Arden

A world leader in the world of cosmetics, this brand's history began in 1907. The brand's mission is to make women feel good by offering them innovative and high quality products. Its slogan "Because you are worth it" reflects its desire to always offer the best to women. Just like its foundations that adapt to all skin types and effectively cover imperfections.

This American brand was born in 1915 in the city of Chicago. From the very beginning, it decided to go into cosmetic products. At first, it was dedicated products for the eyes then gradually the brand attacked the nails and the complexion. But if the brand has acquired a worldwide reputation, it is partly thanks to its mascaras. Today, it stands out by offering products that are always in perfect adequacy with the current trend.

Founded in 1932, this American brand is specialized in cosmetics. In its early days, it was particularly famous for making nail polish. Later, it then distinguished itself in the world of perfumes by becoming in 1975, the first fragrance in the world! Nowadays, Revlon foundations are known for being innovative like its Colorstay and its Soft Flex technology.

This brand is particularly active in the cosmetic sector. Through its high-end products, the brand doesn't just want to help women hide their skin imperfections, but to improve their appearance. Although the brand designs products that are suitable for all skin types, it is an expert when it comes to mature skin.

The Rimmel brand was founded in 1880 by Eugene Rimmel, which means that it is among the oldest brands. The products that propelled it to the international stage are mascara, lip gloss and bronzer. Today, the brand strives to empower women to experiment, to go far beyond their limits so that they can unabashedly display their personality.

What is the price for a powder foundation

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Use a brush for application

Successful foundation application depends on the use of a fan brush. This indispensable makeup tool ensures more precision and creates a combination of colors on the face. Shadows will be applied easily on the mobile eyelids by the intervention of a brush. The latter is the material used to make the colors of your shadows more intense.

Choose the right shade

The right shade refers to the product that blends perfectly with your skin tone. Instead, use a blush or eyeshadow whose color is very close to your skin color. Foundation should be applied evenly. Test the shade from a swatch to apply to a part of your face.

Prefer organic powder foundations

Place the health of your skin before choosing your facial product. Organic powder foundations provide lovely color and have skin benefits. Macadamia nut, pomegranate, avocado, cucumber, coconut and jojoba oil are the ingredients in these organic shades. They moisturize, revitalize and nourish the skin.

Clean face before application

Washing your face is imperative before starting a foundation application session. The main purpose of this is to remove dead skin cells from the skin's surface. A clean face facilitates the action of the active ingredients contained in the product to be applied. The cleansing is done from the neck to the forehead.

Don't hesitate to apply multiple coats as needed

Don't limit yourself to the application of a single layer of foundation if you are looking for a spectacular result. The number of coats will help mask skin imperfections. Beyond two layers of tint, the face is better protected from the sun's rays. As for combination skin, it requires the application of several layers of foundation.


How to apply a powder foundation?

Powder foundations are all applied to the face with a brush or a sponge. These two tools are respectively used to take a small amount of the product and to pass it on the skin of the face. Tap and make circular motions on the following main areas: forehead, nose, cheek and chin.

How to choose your powder foundation?

To be able to choose the right powder foundation for your skin, you need to know the type of it. Some shades are made only for mattifying oily skin and others are designed to moisturize dry skin. Therefore, it is up to you to find out the characteristics of the product to know if it is perfectly compatible with you.

For which skin type can you use powder foundation?

In the majority of cases, powder foundations are advised to those who have oily skin. This is because these products are used to make the skin of the person's face matte. Moreover, a powder foundation has a high capacity to absorb the sebum of the facial skin.

What is a mineral foundation?

A mineral foundation is the one presented in the form of powder. It is a cosmetic product based on mineral substances from the soil. The minerals as the main ingredients of this foundation ensure its compatibility with any skin type. Thus, a mineral foundation moisturizes dry skin and reduces the shine of oily skin.


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