The best anti-stain creams in the UK 2023

Brown spots or pigmentation marks often cause embarrassment and discomfort. The anti-spot cream was created to help people with this condition improve their appearance and self-confidence. However, it often seems difficult to find the right cream that perfectly meets our expectations. This article will help you in your choice.

BELLA AURORA : Bella night 1

Editor's Choice

BELLA AURORA : Bella night

Best stain cream

Bella Aurora's anti-spot cream amazes with its lightness and intense repair. It is a night care that acts against external aggressions and improves the condition of the skin in general.

26 £ on Nocibé

This night cream repairs and eliminates skin imperfections. It also acts in a preventive way on the pigmentary spots. It is applied at night and is delicately placed on the skin and penetrates the pores while you sleep. The skin will then be rested and radiant when you wake up. A single layer is enough to eradicate all imperfections for 8 hours.

Pomegranate stem cells and Mount Jiri Peony extract intensively treat brown and pigmented spots. Natural extracts help to eliminate the harmful effects of daily aggressions on the skin. For a luminous, smooth and youthful skin, Bella Aurora's cream intensely moisturizes the skin tissue.

UPCIRCLE BEAUTY : night cream 2

Best Cheap

UPCIRCLE BEAUTY : night cream

Best entry-level stain cream

It is a vegan cream with blueberry extract that works to nourish and repair. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, UpCircle Beauté's night cream intensely moisturizes the skin tissue.

18,40 £ on BeautyBay

UpCircle Beauty's anti-spot cream is a moisturizing and repairing treatment. With the help of hyaluronic acid, the cream penetrates the skin and eliminates the dryness of the tissue to prevent pigmentation spots. It is a night cream. It is therefore applied in the evening before going to sleep. These active ingredients act during sleep to repair the skin at rest.

The cream is characterized by its softness, because it gets inside the skin without attacking the sensitive areas. This UpCircle brand model was made with blueberry extract. However, there is no fragrance at all. The active agents protect the skin at night in total comfort.

Institut Esthederm Paris Photo Care 3

Best High End

Institut Esthederm Paris Photo Care

Best premium stain cream

It is a very effective tinted cream against pigmentation spots caused by sun exposure. It acts as a protector against skin blemishes and makes them disappear quickly after prolonged exposure to the sun.

52,20 £ on Amazon

Institut Esthederm Paris' photo treatment brightens and protects the skin. In fact, this tinted cream eliminates and prevents the appearance of pigmentation spots even in the event of prolonged exposure to the sun or blue light. The pigmented formula of the fluid makes the complexion unique and conceals irregularities very quickly. The 50 ml tube has a light beige shade, but is also available in medium beige.

The beauty result is assured with this cream. The result after use is very palpable from the first minutes. The complexion is immediately sublimated, made uniform and luminous. For maximum results, apply the cream generously to hyperpigmented areas 20 minutes before sun exposure.

GARANCIA: Moonlight L'Absolu 4


GARANCIA: Moonlight L'Absolu

Excellent premium stain cream

Garancia proposes to you a cream with double action. It corrects imperfections and prevents the appearance of new brown or pigmented spots. It eliminates both visible and invisible spots.

34 £ on Nocibé

The anti-stain cream of Garancia is not only a repairer. It also acts on the long-term protection of the cutaneous fabrics. It penetrates the pores to stop the development of the spots well before their appearance. To do this, Garancia equipped the Lightning of Moon The Absolute of intense credits for a fast and effective repair.

The result can be felt as early as 28 days of use when it comes to eliminating visible spots. For the spots to become, specific agents stop their growth. Finally, to avoid unpleasant surprises, other active ingredients moisturize the tissues to prevent the birth of pigmentation spots.

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Best anti-spot cream

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Best stain cream

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Best premium stain cream

Excellent premium stain cream

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Comparison table of the best anti-stain creams

BELLA AURORA : Bella night 5
UPCIRCLE BEAUTY : night cream 6
Institut Esthederm Paris Photo Care 7
GARANCIA: Moonlight L'Absolu 8
BELLA AURORA : Bella night
UPCIRCLE BEAUTY : night cream
Institut Esthederm Paris Photo Care
GARANCIA: Moonlight L'Absolu
Bella Aurora's anti-spot cream amazes with its lightness and intense repair. It is a night care that acts against external aggressions and improves the condition of the skin in general.
It is a vegan cream with blueberry extract that works to nourish and repair. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, UpCircle Beauté's night cream intensely moisturizes the skin tissue.
It is a very effective tinted cream against pigmentation spots caused by sun exposure. It acts as a protector against skin blemishes and makes them disappear quickly after prolonged exposure to the sun.
Garancia proposes to you a cream with double action. It corrects imperfections and prevents the appearance of new brown or pigmented spots. It eliminates both visible and invisible spots.
Item shape
Skin type
dry and/or tired
All skin types
all skin types
Item weight
50 g
55 g
0.12 kg
30 g
Item volume
50 ml
55 ml
50 ml
30 ml
Main asset
hyaluronic acid
Pigmented formula
Hyaluronic acid

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Buying guide - anti-spot cream

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How to choose your anti-spot cream

Choosing an anti-spot cream can be based on the ingredients, compatibility with your skin, your beauty routine, the main action of the cream, and the spots to be removed.

#1 - The ingredients

The ingredients are the factors that vary the effectiveness of the cream. The better the ingredients, the easier the cream will be to remove the brown spots that bother you so much. So, choose your anti-spot cream according to its composition.

The ingredients most present in an anti-spot cream are vitamin C, rucinol and glabridine. These are active ingredients that block the development of tyrosinase, the enzyme that causes the appearance of pigmentation spots. Make sure that these active ingredients are present in the composition of your cream. Thus, you will be sure of the effectiveness of the latter.

#2 - The compatibility with your skin

Each cream differs in its composition, even if we can cross some active ingredients more often than others. From there, there is a cream that will perfectly suit your skin and the skin problem you want to elucidate.

It is necessary to know, above all, the structure and humidity of your skin to know the cream that is attached to it. It is better not to risk using a treatment that does not suit you. Thus, to better choose the right cream, know your skin to be sure of the action it will have on your concern.

#3 - Your beauty routine

Every woman has her beauty routine. And given the multitude of anti-spot creams circulating on the market, it is better to know the one that is adapted to this routine. For example, if you are in the habit of applying a daily skincare product, because you fear impromptu accidents, there will be a cream adapted to this use.

On the other hand, there are people who only use a cream when hormonal problems cause skin imperfections. In this case, you should opt for a very active cream that eliminates spots very quickly. Note that, to ensure that you get impeccable results, it is advisable not to mix an anti-spot treatment with another skin product.

#4 - The main action of the cream

As mentioned above, each cream is specific. Thus, it can be used as much to eliminate spots as to sublimate the skin tissue. The main actions of a cream can therefore vary.

To choose your cream, make sure you check the manufacturer's main goal in selling it. Indeed, it can be a product intended to eliminate brown spots and skin imperfections linked to allergies or intensive exposure to the sun's rays. There are also creams that, instead of making the spots disappear, conceal them by firming the skin.

#5 - The spots to remove

There are several types of spots that can appear on the skin, especially on the face. To know if the cream you have chosen is ideal, it is necessary to know the origin of these spots in question.

First of all, there are the pigmentary spots that appear over the years. These are age spots that can be reduced with specific creams. There are also pigmentation spots caused by the sun's rays that can be removed with specific creams. Pigmentation spots that appear during adolescence, caused by hormonal disorders, are the most common and are eliminated with specific creams.

How to identify pigment spots?

The gene

There are pigment spots that appear from birth. This is due to the fact that the excess of certain epidermal components is hereditary. This excess generally has no impact on health but can be very embarrassing, especially on the aesthetic level. However, genetics is only a small part of the factors causing pigmentation spots. Most of them appear over time.

The sun

Melanin pigment protects the skin from UV rays. It is also what gives a tan after direct and repeated exposure to the sun. The UV light remains, however, protects us from the sun's UV rays and also gives our skin a tan when we expose ourselves to the sun. If there is too much UV light, the skin can sometimes produce too much melanin which accumulates in one place.

Old age

As we age, we see signs of aging or brown spots on the back of our hands and face. As the skin ages, the number of melanocytes decreases, while the remaining melanocytes become larger and move around less.


What is known as the pregnancy mask can also occur during pregnancy. The change in hormones can cause darker spots on the neck or face. In lighter-skinned women, the spots will be darker than normal skin, while the spots will be lighter in darker-skinned women.

The different types of anti-stain creams

There are 3 types of anti-spot cream: the preventive anti-spot cream, the active anti-spot cream and the double action anti-spot cream.

Preventive Anti-Spot Cream

As the name suggests, it is a cream that acts preventively against blemishes, so it is a treatment that prevents pigmentary blemishes from forming and stops their development long before they come out. This type of cream is ideal for people whose career or reputation depends on their external appearance. It can also be very suitable for people who simply don't like unpleasant surprises.
Thiamidol is an ingredient that is very frequently found in anti-spot creams. This active ingredient significantly reduces the production of melanin that prevents the appearance of pigmentation spots by acting directly on the main causes of their production.

Active Anti-Spot Cream

And so, this is the cream that reduces the intensity and prevents the reappearance of spots. This cream is the most widespread and the most used. It is the most active, because its main role is to make the spots disappear while making your skin clearer and smoother. Sometimes it works gradually. Sometimes, the result is palpable within the first hour after application.

Hyaluronic acid is the most common ingredient in this type of cream because of its ability to moisturize the skin. This active ingredient repairs dry skin fairly quickly, depending on the dose applied in the cream. This moisturizing action firms the skin tissue and prevents the evolution of pigmentation spots.

Double Action Anti-Spot Cream

As you can see, there are creams that prevent the impromptu appearance of spots. There are also those that eliminate them when they appear and prevent them from reappearing. Here, we are talking about the cream that does all of this at once. That is, it prevents the appearance of spots and eliminates them if they do appear.

Thus, this type of cream is often composed of thiamidol and hyaluronic acid. Thiamidol ensures that no spots will spoil your day. The hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is responsible for stopping the formation of these spots as soon as they appear.

Anti-spot cream or anti-wrinkle cream?

Anti-spot cream

An anti-spot cream is the most effective way to eliminate skin imperfections. It is used in particular to remove brown or pigmented spots. As the appearance of these imperfections often rhymes with discomfort and embarrassment, anti-spot creams help to eliminate them quickly and prevent their possible reappearance.
UV rays are the main reason for the appearance of these spots. Therefore, the people most likely to use them are, most of the time, those with sensitive skin. Also, they are recommended for people with hormonal disorders or a disruptive gene whose effects show on the skin tissue.

Anti-wrinkle cream

It's no secret that the wrinkles that come with time make you feel old and bitter. When you reach a certain age, you do everything you can to make sure that these signs of aging show up as late as possible. This is where anti-wrinkle creams come in. They are capable of firming the skin to rejuvenate the tissue and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
From this point of view, its use is recommended for people who feel the need to lift their skin. The profiles most concerned are those who have reached a certain age. This age causes the appearance of deformations in the epidermal tissue. The anti-wrinkle cream is very practical in these cases.


The use of an anti-spot cream allows to obtain a healthier and smoother skin. It moisturizes the tissue to make pigmentary imperfections disappear quickly. It is suitable for people suffering from hormonal complications or a heightened intolerance to UV rays. It is also perfect for middle-aged people suffering from an epidermal disorder.
As for the anti-wrinkle cream, it acts as an anti-aging treatment. It is safer and less expensive than surgery and allows you to keep your skin young and firm without breaking the bank. Thus, it is particularly recommended for people who have reached a certain age.

Why buy an anti-stain cream?


When we talk about anti-spot cream, we are talking about skin care products that eliminate skin irregularities. These products, some for daytime use, others for nighttime use, moisturize the skin with active ingredients that have been well studied and pre-tested before the product is marketed. These creams are, most of the time, the result of several years of research and experimentation. This is what makes each lotion ensure high performance with each use.


The most time-consuming process is the delivery of the cream to your home. After that, the results of the cream can be seen within the first minute of its use on the skin. The anti-spot creams have been manufactured so that each application has a visible, aesthetic, and pleasant result very quickly. However, this speed is not due to negligence. In fact, they act in depth in a very short time.


All anti-stain creams do more than just remove stains or stop their development. They can also be used to prevent them. So, instead of just using the cream every time a brown or pigmented spot appears on your skin, you can apply the cream every day to make sure that no spot ruins your day.

Ease of use

Using an anti-spot cream is surely the quickest and least difficult way to remove spots effectively and prevent their appearance. All you need is a few minutes or even seconds to apply the cream to the affected areas and you're done.

A benign treatment

Cream is also the safest way to eradicate blemishes from your skin. Most blemish creams have no health impact and no side effects on the skin tissue. This is a guarantee that its use is totally harmless.

The best brands of anti-stain creams

In our opinion, the best brands of anti-stain creams in 2022 are :

Institut Esthederm
Kleem Organics
L’Oréal Paris

Expert in the field of skin health, the brand has been operating for about 40 years. Today, it is present in 4 different countries.

Thisbrand is the result of the union of skin care experts. Its reputation has gone up a notch in record time.

It is a young brand using the modernity of their way of doing things to create quality products. It was born from German know-how.

It is also a German brand that has been operating in the field of beauty for over 100 years. It is a reference in this field.

L'Oréal is a French industrial group acting in the world of cosmetics since 1909. It has quickly become unavoidable.

What is the price for an anti-spot cream

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


Know your skin

It is necessary to know the condition of your skin, the care that will be adapted to it. There are products that are compatible with other skin types and not with yours, so avoid applying any cream before knowing the texture and needs of your skin.

Moderate your skincare routine

Even if a product seems very effective on your skin, do not be too excessive on the application. Remember that this is skincare, and too much of it can lead to complications, even allergic reactions.

Don't combine multiple skincare products

Mixing different substances in the search for the same result is definitely not a good idea. Each cream has its own particularity, but there are recurring active ingredients that can cause adverse reactions if overdosed.

Know your spots

There are different kinds of spots, each of them has its own origin such as the sun, allergies, age or even hormones. You need to be aware of these factors to avoid doing more damage to your skin.

Range your cream properly

Most of the ingredients in anti-spot creams lose their effectiveness once exposed to the air, moisture or even the sun. So, make sure to cap and place your cream in the right place after each use.


How to apply an anti-spot cream?

First, rinse the area where the stain is located. Take the anti-stain cream, pour a few drops on the palm of your hand. Put it between your hands before rubbing for a few seconds and then apply it gently without making any sudden movements on your skin. You need to repeat this gesture 2 to 3 times until your spots are well covered by the solution.

How to recognize an effective anti-spot cream?

There are several kinds of anti-spot cream on the market. They each have their strong points, but it is essential to know the effectiveness of the products. One can refer to the opinions of other consumers, but there is also another way to know if the product is really effective. This lies in its composition, creams based on natural plants or natural products are to be preferred. The active ingredients are thus more likely to rectify your imperfections without impacting your health.

How to make a homemade anti-spot cream? Can you mix anti-spot cream and vitamin C?

In case you are used to homemade, there is a recipe to make your own anti-spot cream. It is a rather rudimentary and unsafe way, but there is some effectiveness noticed. You will need a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, vegetable glycerin, lemon juice and two spoonfuls of milk powder.

Vitamin C lengthens the life of skin cells and makes them more resistant. However, it is not recommended to combine it withother potent actives, including salicylic acid, glycolic acid or AHAs. However, it works well with hyaluronic acid. Before you consider adding anything to it, take the time to learn more about the product.


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BELLA AURORA : Bella night 9
BELLA AURORA : Bella night
UPCIRCLE BEAUTY : night cream 10
UPCIRCLE BEAUTY : night cream
Institut Esthederm Paris Photo Care 11
Institut Esthederm Paris Photo Care
GARANCIA: Moonlight L'Absolu 12
GARANCIA: Moonlight L'Absolu


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