The best portable DVD players in the UK 2023

Very popular device, as well as by young people as older, the portable DVD player is a good alternative to kill time during the vacations, off-peak hours and other trips. Indeed, it allows you to watch your movies, series, animated in DVD format. With a rotating screen, foldable, to be installed in the car, it comes in several models according to your needs. If you have no idea which portable DVD player to buy, this guide can help you make the right choice.

D-jix PVS 906-50SM TWIN Slave Master 1

Best value for money

D-jix PVS 906-50SM TWIN Slave Master

The best portable DVD player

Traveling in the car has never been more fun with this portable DVD player! With its second screen, you can comfortably entertain your neighbor by sharing a good movie.

103 £ on Boulanger

This portable DVD player is ideal for playing your various multimedia files. It is equipped with a dual 9'' rotating screen (480 x 800 pixels) for more viewing comfort. It can support several formats: MPEG4, AVI, Xvid, VCD, MP3 and JPEG. This device offers up to 2 hours of autonomy thanks to a rechargeable battery of 1300 mAH. If you are traveling by car, you can charge it with the supplied cigarette lighter charger.

In terms of connectivity, it has a USB port and a memory card reader (Micro SD). In case you don't want to disturb others during your viewing, just use the headphone jack! To ensure long-term use, this player has an anti-shock function. It comes with a headrest mount, an inter-screen cable, a mounting bracket, a remote control and a power charger.

iGeek DVD player viola N 2

Best value for money

iGeek DVD player viola N

The best entry-level portable DVD player

This DVD player promises to provide you with total entertainment in a relaxed way. Apart from movies and music, your children can also play retro games.

76,02 £ on Amazon

This DVD player from iGeek is an excellent travel companion. It has a compact design to facilitate its transport. It has an efficient mounting system that allows you to place it effortlessly on the headrest of your vehicle. It is equipped with a 9.5" LCD screen capable of producing images that are not only clear, but also very sharp. Pivoting, it guarantees a comfortable viewing regardless of the angle where you are located!

As for the sound, it benefits from a double integrated speaker powerful enough to ensure a good immersion. This DVD player includes a headphone jack providing you with different listening options. It allows 5 hours of non-stop use thanks to its 2500 mAH reinforced battery. This versatile device supports DVD, CD, JPEG and MP3 formats. It is also a game player allowing your kids to have fun with 180 retro games!

Wonnie 2 3

Best value for money

Wonnie 2

The best high-end portable DVD player

You won't be bored on long car trips with this next-generation DVD player. Easy to use, it gives you the possibility to enjoy your entertainment moments so much that you won't notice the miles passing by!

197 £ on Amazon

This new generation DVD player offers you another way to entertain yourself in the car. Indeed, it integrates a double screen HDTFT LCD 10, 5'' at 1024 x 800 px allowing to appreciate simultaneously either 2 different films or the same film. It can handle all types of formats such as DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, JPEG, AVI, MPEG or DIVX. To read your digitized files, it is equipped with a USB port and an SD card reader.

With this model, you get 5 hours of autonomy, because it embeds a long lasting battery of 2700 mAH. You can charge it via a supplied car charger and it takes about 6 hours to charge. To help you mount the device on the headrest of your vehicle, you have at your disposal straps and clamps provided for this purpose.

Fangor 10.1 4


Fangor 10.1

A powerful and versatile alternative

No more long boring drives with this great DVD player! It is specially designed to allow your children to enjoy their car ride. Its dual screen promises fun moments to share!

135 £ on Amazon

As one of the new generation of portable DVD players, this model is perfect for entertaining your children during long trips. It has two 10.1" (1024 x 600) screens offering high quality images. In the back of the car, your 2 kids can watch the same movie while having their own screen. Thanks to a USB port and an SD card reader, you can read your various digital files.

By activating the Memory function, you can resume your reading at any time where you had interrupted it! To avoid any inconvenience, this DVD player has 3 power supply modes: 2600 mAH rechargeable battery, mains charger and car charger. In addition, it has 2 built-in speakers to ensure an optimal viewing experience.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best portable DVD player

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The best portable DVD player

The best entry-level portable DVD player

The best high-end portable DVD player

A powerful and versatile alternative

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Comparison table of the best portable DVD players

D-jix PVS 906-50SM TWIN Slave Master 5
iGeek DVD player viola N 6
Wonnie 2 7
Fangor 10.1 8
D-jix PVS 906-50SM TWIN Slave Master
iGeek DVD player viola N
Wonnie 2
Fangor 10.1
Traveling in the car has never been more fun with this portable DVD player! With its second screen, you can comfortably entertain your neighbor by sharing a good movie.
This DVD player promises to provide you with total entertainment in a relaxed way. Apart from movies and music, your children can also play retro games.
You won't be bored on long car trips with this next-generation DVD player. Easy to use, it gives you the possibility to enjoy your entertainment moments so much that you won't notice the miles passing by!
No more long boring drives with this great DVD player! It is specially designed to allow your children to enjoy their car ride. Its dual screen promises fun moments to share!
Screen size
Dual rotating screen
Rotatable 360°
For car
For car use
2 hours
5 hours
5 hours
5 hours
Headphone jack, USB port, micro SD drive,
Headphone input, SD card reader, USB port
USB port, SD card reader,
Headphone input, USB port, SD card reader
With two screens, versatile
Long battery life, anti-shock, compatible with several formats
2 DVD players, 2 screens, long battery life, high resolution
Multiple power modes, 2 speakers, dual screen

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Buying guide - portable DVD player

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How to choose your portable DVD player

#1 - The screen

The choice of a portable DVD player must be made by taking into account the characteristics of the screen. You must determine its size according to the space available in your car and consider the ergonomics.

The ideal is to opt for a suitable size (between 8 and 12 inches) and to favour devices with a pivoting screen.

As far as image quality is concerned, we recommend a minimum resolution of 1000 x 600 pixels, especially if you plan to watch movies with several people. You can always choose a lower resolution, but be aware that the sharpness of the images could prevent you from fully enjoying your movies and series.

#2 - Compatibility


are many portable players that don't support all audio, video, and DVD formats. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the compatibility of the products before fixing your choice.

The most powerful players on the market can read different disc formats (CD, classic DVD, DVD+R, VCD, SVCD, etc.) and offer you the possibility to watch VOB, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and XVID videos.

In terms of audio formats, most products support MP3 and WMA files. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to check to avoid making a wrong choice.

#3 - Autonomy

Autonomy is a criterion not to be taken lightly when choosing a portable DVD player. Entry-level products can last 2 hours, which is barely a movie. With these types of devices, don't expect to be able to watch a single chapter of Lord of the Rings or the first episode of Harry Potter.

You need at least 3 hours of battery life to be effectively entertained on road trips or camping trips. In some cases, it is preferable to choose a device with a battery that can last up to 5 hours or more.

Note that the charging time of a DVD player battery is usually longer than the usage time. So it would be quite annoying to have to recharge your device for 3 hours to watch a movie not exceeding 2 hours.

#4 - The features


rotating screens allow everyone to enjoy the video. In some models, the rotation angle can reach 270°.

USB port:

DVD players equipped with USB port can be connected to game joysticks. They can also be connected to external storage devices, such as a USB stick or an external hard drive.

Ebook reading:

some portable DVDs allow you to read Ebooks in .txt format. Something to keep you busy during long hours on the road!

#5 - The price

Depending on the model, the options offered and the brand, the prices of portable DVD players can vary considerably. The cheapest models are accessible between 40 and 60 euros. The top-of-the-range versions can easily reach 350 euros, or even more with the big brands.

Installing the portable DVD player in a car

A portable DVD player can have one or two screens. Some models come in the form of a tablet. The installation of the device in your car will depend on the model you choose.

Classic DVD player

For a long car trip, some users prefer the folding DVD player. The base then becomes the device's stand. The DVD player's screen can be rotated up to 270° around the stand. It can be rotated to the left or to the right.

For better comfort, it is better to use a booster seat to place the screen at eye level. You should keep the device on your lap to prevent it from falling when you hit the brakes. The player will be connected to the adapter, before being plugged into the cigarette lighter.

Tablet DVD player

The tablet DVD player consists of a separate screen and a remote control. It is very easy to install on the headrest. First of all, check whether the base of the player can be folded back 180°. This way, you will be able to put the screen at the disposal of the passengers in the back. Also check that the headrest's measurements are compatible with the screen's size.

Finally, make sure that the device has an effective fastening system to hold the player in place. If you purchase a dual-screen model, it should be equipped with Velcro fasteners to secure it in place.

The different types of portable DVD players

Portable DVD player with 2 screens, with games included or with a self-running screen, how to make the right choice?

Dual screen portable DVD player

Dual screen models are great for family travel. Kids can watch the same movie on both screens. Some models offer the possibility to watch 2 DVd at the same time. Your little ones won't get bored on the road!


  • Easy attachment to the headrest
  • Convenient for long car trips


  • The fixing system must be perfectly adapted to the headrest
  • The battery autonomy must be powerful enough to ensure the operation of the 2 screens simultaneously

Who is it for?

This model is aimed at families and can be quite useful on long journeys. The children installed in the back seat will be able to enjoy their favorite movies at their ease.

Portable multimedia DVD player for games


and grown-ups will be able to challenge themselves to all sorts of games, thanks to a controller connected to the player. Some manufacturers even offer models with integrated games that can be connected to a TV.

Advantages :

  • Can be used for video games
  • Some models can be connected to a TV set
  • Depending on the model, the controller and the game CD are provided

Disadvantages :

  • Depending on the model, the controller is sold separately
  • Some manufacturers do not offer a game CD
  • It is necessary to check the type of disc format supported by the player
  • Its use is not very suitable on the roads, as the players may distract the driver

Who is it for?

This type of DVD player is designed for children and adults who love games. It is rather indicated for indoor use.

The portable DVD player with self-running screen


self-restoring screen can be rotated 180°, and even up to 270° in the most efficient models. This option offers a great comfort of use.


  • Ideal for viewing a video sequence with several people
  • The screen can be oriented to avoid reflections


  • The viewing angle may not be optimized for all travelers

Who is it for?

This type of screen allows you to watch videos in the best conditions. It can be used for group meetings.

Why buy a portable DVD player?

To pass the time on long journeys

A portable DVD player can be a great travel companion. It will help you pass the time and keep you entertained on a car, train or bus journey.

If you're travelling in your own car, you don't necessarily need a device with hours of battery life. The portable player usually comes with a cigarette lighter socket. You can connect the equipment to a power source at any time during the journey.

When travelling by train or bus, battery life can be an important consideration, as most of these modes of transport do not have a power outlet or cigarette lighter.

To equip yourself with a low energy multimedia device when camping

Camping areas do not always have power outlets, forcing holidaymakers to rely on their vehicle's battery capacity to power their various devices. If you're planning to stay in an area without power, a portable DVD player may be a good idea.

This type of device is energy-efficient and will prevent you from wearing out your car's battery quickly.

By choosing a portable player with excellent battery life, you can enjoy movie nights after long days of hiking.

A portable DVD player as a gift

Kids are often big fans of new technology. If it is sometimes inadvisable to give a smartphone to a little one under 12 years old, a portable DVD player could meet their expectations in terms of high-tech equipment.

A player will allow them to watch their favourite animated films and you won't need to set up parental control software, unlike internet-connected devices.

A portable DVD player could be a great gift for your little one's birthday. However, we advise you to choose the most robust devices on the market, as children rarely take care of their equipment.

The best brands of portable DVD players

In our opinion, the best brands of portable DVD players in 2022 are :


With its 45 years of experience, the Japanese company Takara is no longer to be presented. It is distinguished in the fields of audio, video and multimedia. We appreciate the quality and robustness of its products.

D-JIX is a brand created in 2005 by the French company Logicom. It is a brand specially dedicated to consumer audio-video. We would like to emphasize the care it takes to satisfy its customers through a wide range of products.

Supplying more than 25 countries in Europe, Caliber is a Dutch company specializing in consumer audio, video and home electronics solutions. We appreciate their outstanding efforts in the area of value for money.

A Japanese multinational company, Sony's reputation in the world of audio and video is well established. We are confident in the quality of the products as well as in the innovative spirit that drives the designers of this brand

Lenco is a Swiss consumer electronics company. They have decades of experience. We particularly like the innovative design and trendy look of all their products.

What is the price for a portable DVD player

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Place the portable DVD player on a flat, stable surface.

Even though modern portable DVD players can tolerate more vibration without seizing up, unlike older models, it's still safer to position your device on a flat, stable surface.

Consider purchasing a portable battery.

If you plan to use your portable DVD player while traveling, choose a model with a car power adapter. You can also buy a portable battery. While most portable DVD players can be used in the car, it's important to be careful about your charging options. Plugging your player into the car is the best way to ensure you never run out of battery. If that's not an option, you can always buy a spare battery.

Plan to buy headphones.

Even if your portable DVD player comes with headphones, still plan to buy a separate pair. The headphones that come with portable DVD players are usually of poor quality. If you want to enjoy your DVDS audio - such as sound effects, music, and dialogue, you'll need to use your own headphones.

Buy a case.

If your portable DVD player doesn't come with a case, we recommend that you buy one so that your equipment is well protected.

Compressed air is your best friend.

Compressed air is the best way to safely clean your DVD player before using it. It removes dust accumulated on the data surface (i.e., the shiny side) of the DVD.


What is the best portable DVD player ?

The best portable DVD player depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best.

What is the recommended range for a trip?

The autonomy of the reader is a parameter not to be neglected. It should be at least 5 hours, especially if you go on holiday with children. A reader with little autonomy may not be of much use if you have a long drive ahead of you.

Which portable DVD player for a car?

A 10-inch screen is perfect for use in a car. On the display side, a resolution of 1000 x 600 pixels is a good option, ideal for viewing content with several people.

How do I attach the DVD player to the headrest?

To ensure a good fit, you should use a mount that is suitable for the size of the screen, but also for the model of your car. The choice of universal clamps can be a good option: they are compatible with all types of portable DVDs.

How to take care of a portable DVD player?

Start by unplugging the meter. The player should be empty when servicing. Use a lint-free dust cloth to remove any dust from the case and ventilation holes. The player drawer should be wiped carefully. Finally, use a cleaning DVD to clean the optical lens.


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D-jix PVS 906-50SM TWIN Slave Master 9
D-jix PVS 906-50SM TWIN Slave Master
iGeek DVD player viola N 10
iGeek DVD player viola N
Wonnie 2 11
Wonnie 2
Fangor 10.1 12
Fangor 10.1


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