The best PLC sockets in the UK 2023

Do you want to make the most of your Internet connection? Among the most popular technologies of the moment is the PLC box. It uses the electrical installation to operate a wired network. If choosing the right equipment is a technical matter, we have gathered in this guide all the relevant information to help you find the best Powerline Box on the market.

Tenda CPL PH5 1

Best value for money

Tenda CPL PH5

The best powerline box in 2021

The Tenda PLC PH5 offers a better transmission thanks to the Homeplug AV2 technology, developed by the brand. This kit integrates a PLC Wifi easy to start. When you receive it, you need less than 5 minutes to start it.

56,42 £ on Amazon

In this kit, you will find two PLC boxes offering a theoretical speed of 1000 Mbits. One of them allows a wireless connection and the other is equipped with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Enough to supply all the rooms with an Internet connection. In addition, these Gigabit ports are more efficient than conventional ports. To take advantage of the Wi-Fi function, use the Wi-Fi button on the PLC socket and the WPS on the router.

With this powerline kit, all media are taken into account: smartphones, PC, TV, game consoles. Several users can therefore connect at the same time. The LED indicator on the boxes informs about the signal quality: green for a good signal and red if it is weak. This allows you to find the right location.

Tenda PH6 2

Best value for money

Tenda PH6

The best entry-level powerline box

Tenda has nothing to envy the big brands in terms of quality. Moreover, it is a PLC with the best quality/price ratio. Given its capacity, this system has its place in homes and offices.

38,39 £ on Amazon

Small and aesthetic, these PLC sockets have everything to please. Their design and speed are fully satisfactory for the price. In addition, the operation of this device is very simple. It is also compatible with other PLC sockets. This gives you the option of adding more if you need to. The only requirement is that they meet the HomePlug AV2 standard.

Like the best model in this comparison, this one has an energy-saving mode to keep your electricity bill under control. Note that this PLC equipment is suitable for all installations. So you don't need to make any adjustments.

TP-Link TL-PA8030PKIT PLC box plug 3

Best value for money

TP-Link TL-PA8030PKIT PLC box plug

The best high-end powerline box

These outlets are perfect for a large home. Sure, you only have two boxes, but each one has 3 Ethernet ports. Their straddle structure is very practical. The wall socket is not blocked by the PLC box.

75,96 £ on Amazon

The compatibility of this product is broader. You can use it with all adapters corresponding to the HomePlug AV and AV2 standard. When you buy these plugs, the brand gives you two 2m Ethernet cords, which is more than enough for everyone to connect. The advertised coverage length is 300 m, so you don't have to worry about its range.

All multimedia activities are allowed with an acceptable throughput, but quite far from the theoretical throughput, as expected. In any case, users will not be disturbed in any way by data loss or unstable flow.


Easy installation


A remarkable powerline box

A PLC AV600 and a PLC Wifi, these boxes improve the connection sharing at home with a range of 300 meters. The quality of the connection will make you enjoy your online videos and video games.

47,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best PLC socket

Any specific needs?

The best powerline box in 2021

The best entry-level powerline box

The best high-end powerline box

A remarkable powerline box

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Comparison table of the best PLC sockets

Tenda CPL PH5 5
Tenda PH6 6
TP-Link TL-PA8030PKIT PLC box plug 7
Tenda CPL PH5
Tenda PH6
TP-Link TL-PA8030PKIT PLC box plug
The Tenda PLC PH5 offers a better transmission thanks to the Homeplug AV2 technology, developed by the brand. This kit integrates a PLC Wifi easy to start. When you receive it, you need less than 5 minutes to start it.
Tenda has nothing to envy the big brands in terms of quality. Moreover, it is a PLC with the best quality/price ratio. Given its capacity, this system has its place in homes and offices.
These outlets are perfect for a large home. Sure, you only have two boxes, but each one has 3 Ethernet ports. Their straddle structure is very practical. The wall socket is not blocked by the PLC box.
A PLC AV600 and a PLC Wifi, these boxes improve the connection sharing at home with a range of 300 meters. The quality of the connection will make you enjoy your online videos and video games.
Actual speed
Data sharing system
Ethernet, Wifi
Ethernet, Wifi
2 + 1
1 + 1
3 + 3
Advertised data rate
1000 Mbits
1000 Mbits
1200 Mbits
300 Mbits
Number of enclosures

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Buying guide - PLC socket

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How to choose your PLC socket

The PLC box socket is a complicated piece of equipment. Because the characteristics announced by the manufacturers do not always correspond to the practice especially since the real performance depends on the quality of the connection of the Internet provider. In any case, you can base your decision on these 5 parameters to see more clearly.

#1 - The power consumption

The average consumption of a PLC system is 3 to 5 Watts per box. However, this figure varies depending on the model. You can therefore estimate the power consumption according to the number of boxes in the kit. While this is a reasonable amount of power consumption, more economical solutions are always better. Some top-of-the-range and recent models integrate a power saving mode allowing to go down to 1,5 Watt.

#2 - The throughput

The announced speed is related to the speed of connection obtained, in other words the state of the data transmission. It is evaluated in megabits per second. To help you, remember that the higher this value is, the better the speed. This criterion depends on your uses.

Do you need extreme speed for your activities? Is a low speed better for your small office connections? This is the kind of question to ask yourself before deciding, because a network with a high throughput is expensive compared to others. It makes sense! So you need a high speed for downloads, connecting to TV in full HD, streaming. In any case, the speed offered on the market oscillates around 500 Mb/s and 2000 Mb/s.

#3 - The available features

The features are related to the characteristics of the sockets, the data sharing system and the usage options. Opt for providers that provide users with an interface to control the settings. This can be available from their site or via an app. It is through these tools that you can check the performance of the network and the most practiced activities. Some outlets even have parental controls. Also favor the more advanced security systems.

#4 - The number of ports

The number of ports on each outlet corresponds to the number of connected devices. But be aware that the throughput decreases as the number of users increases. It's up to you to adopt the right balance between your needs and the capacity of the PLC. In general, there are between 1 and 3 ports available.

#5 - The coverage

This is measured by the length of cable coverage. Note that this information can be skewed at times. Therefore, a margin should be taken when evaluating. Manufacturers often display a length of more than 200 meters, but in reality, the PLC box plug works over a distance of a few dozen meters. In any case, it is already a good coverage that complements well that provided by WiFi.

How PLC works under the microscope

It has been said often enough that PLC overlays the electrical network of a home. A current with a frequency of 1.6 to 30 MHz is sent over the electrical installation to transfer Internet data to different rooms. With this technology, a secure local network is obtained. The installation method of a PLC socket is similar for all models. It starts with the connection of the adapters to the socket.

To ensure a better connection, they must be located near the devices. To connect the devices to the outlets, you need an Ethernet cable. That is, all terminals must be compatible with this data transmission protocol. Then the power source for these devices comes directly from the PLC box via a power strip or via the free socket on the PLC device.

The different types of PLC sockets

The technology used and the speed differs from one PLC box to another. Let's discover in the following the 3 categories of the most popular models.

Powerline Wi-Fi box outlet

The PLC Wifi box socket has a double role. It broadcasts data through the cables, but also on the Wifi network. That's why it is considered as a hybrid equipment. The owners of large houses prefer this type of PLC. It is the most capable of replacing Wifi. With this system, the first box connects to the Ethernet cable and users get Wifi from the second outlet.

Powerline box outlet 500, 1200, 2000 Mb/s

There are the other models of PLC boxes that are distinguished by a different speed. We find on the market 3 classes according to this principle: PLC box 500 Mb/s, box 1200 Mb/s and box 2000 Mb/s. The first one is the least expensive. The entry-level models are grouped in this category. From 1200 Mb/s onwards, we enter the mid-range with a higher quality connection that is accessible to everyone. Users who expect a very high power choose the 2000 Mb/s PLC sockets.

CPL in kit

There are the PLC sockets that are bought in kit. With this option, one can easily improve Internet access in the home. The necessary equipment is delivered in a single package. The PLC kit includes more than two outlets and at least two Ethernet ports on each box.

PLC or Wifi box ?

PLC box socket

The PLC box plug uses a higher frequency on an electrical current network to transfer computer data to access the Internet. It avoids any loss of data and works over a large distance. It is also better than Wifi on this point. This system does not interfere with other electrical devices. And the electricity consumption is limited even with several boxes.


Wifi is a wireless technology, which is very common at the moment. The source of the connection sharing is a central modem that connects to the devices used such as smartphones and computers. This system covers a space of more than 10 meters and the speed is different from one box to another.


Wifi has some limitations. It is not very operational when there are concrete walls separating the modem and the devices. It could also be destabilized by some household appliances. It is to compensate for these shortcomings that the PLC box plugs were created. They offer various speeds and are adapted to everyone. Then, the coverage is wider with this option and the connection is well secured in addition to being stable. Anyway, we must admit that the connection is faster with a Wifi.

Why buy a (good) PLC box plug?

To limit cable clutter

If you are one of those who hate cables tangled everywhere in the house, the PLC box socket is a good solution for you. Having access to the Internet becomes more convenient even in different rooms. A good help for the organization!

Equipment adapted to all Internet uses

With Powerline, all activities are allowed. You can freely download content, but the speed must be sufficient for this. Online games go smoothly and you can just as easily limit yourself to slow hardware, i.e. there are as many solutions for each speed provided by your basic modem.

Better synchronization of all uses

In addition to connecting to the Internet, users can use the PLC network for other purposes such as access to the printer, scanner or webcam. With this local network, it is easier to synchronize commands from all devices. Doing networked activities would also be easier.

To have a highly secure technology

Compared to Wi-Fi, Powerline is characterized by more reliable privacy standards. Since the signal used is blocked, it is impossible to hack the devices connected to the network. Moreover, you can be sure that the network will not be used by outsiders or malicious people.

For a better coverage of its Internet connection

By adopting the PLC system, you will not be confronted with signal reception failure. All the devices compatible with the Internet benefit from the wide coverage of the newly created network. The connection is also faster on them.

The best brands of PLC sockets

In our opinion, the best brands of PLC sockets in 2022 are :


Devolo's specialty is creating devices to build a closed network. They are used by individuals and businesses. The brand, with its 15 years of experience, is considered the most trustworthy.

The TP-Link brand has one of the largest shares of the PLC adapter market. Its fame is worldwide if the company itself is based in Shenzhen. TP-Link products are sold in more than 120 countries: routers, PLC sockets, IP cameras, ADSL...

Netgear accessories are offered in all prices, as they come in several ranges. The PLC boxes are part of it and are used as well in houses as in companies. Netgear advances several models of PLC in kit form so that users can find the most suitable offer for their needs.

Asus is a most versatile brand. It is very well known in the field of laptops, but also in the computer sector. Thanks to its Powerline equipment, users can network several devices without necessarily relying on WiFi.

At first, D-Link served more professionals. Today, its Powerline products are open to the general public. It is a major player in connectivity and the smart home. The brand is among the top 100 computer technology companies.

What is the price for a PLC socket

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 60 £
60 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Try the practicality of the plug with gigogne

Some models come with a trunk plug, which means they can accommodate another plug and not block the power source for PLC only. This free plug is located on the front of the box.

The guarantee of the product is important

The best products come with a manufacturer's warranty, valid for years. Low-end PLC box outlets are only insured for a few months. You can assess the safety of the model with this point. The warranty reflects the life of the product.

The announced speed is not always identical to what is given in reality

The data rates displayed by the manufacturers remain theoretical. They are much higher than the real flow rates obtained. The promised performances are practically impossible to reach. In any case, the conditions of use depend on what is announced. The higher the figure given, the better.

Do not connect the PLC plug to a multi-socket

The PLC box must imperatively be connected directly to a wall socket. With a power strip in between, the flow may be reduced. Worse, the network could even be blocked.

The surge protectors limit the performance of the PLC

The anti-lightning equipment disrupts the Ethernet signal. However, it is the main technology used by the PLC. Installing these devices is therefore not very wise. It's always better to plug the outlet directly into the wall.

Install your PLC box plugs well

To work properly, your PLC box outlets must be installed correctly. First, they must be plugged directly into the electrical outlet, not a power strip. However, a power strip can be plugged into a PLC box. Secondly, the distance between two adapters should not exceed 200 meters.

Use boxes of the same brand and the same reference

If you want to use several PLC box plugs, make sure that all the boxes are the same brand and the same reference. Otherwise, it is likely that your installation will be ineffective. You can for example buy a kit composed of several adapters, or several kits composed of 2 adapters.

Do not exceed 8 adapters

Some people mention that it is possible to use 60 adapters at the same time. However, it is recommended not to exceed 8 adapters. Indeed, the more the number of adapters is important, the weaker the connection speed is. On the other hand, the PLC 2000 is the best choice for an installation with several adapters because it offers the most throughput.

Do not forget to synchronize your adapters

This is a crucial task for the proper functioning of your PLC network. It consists of pairing the box near the router with a first adapter, then with a second and so on until there are no more adapters to synchronize. Above all, do not use the network until the synchronization of all the adapters is not completed.

Think of unplugging your PLC box plugs at night

Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended to unplug your PLC box plugs during the night. This will limit the risks of overheating, but also preserve your health. Note that you should also unplug your boxes when you will be away for a long time.


In terms of installation, which system fits the PLC box socket?

All single-phase outlets go with the PLC box. If you have a three-phase installation, you should have it checked by a technician to see if it can be adapted to the system used by your PLC socket. Recent models are quite versatile and suitable for all installations. Nevertheless, check this point before buying to avoid additional expenses.

What devices can be connected to the Internet through a PLC box socket?

LPW boxes are compatible with all boxes. All devices can connect as soon as they have an Ethernet port, except if you use a Wifi PLC. It should still be noted that an unstable flow could cause a TV to jerk. If you have a quality device, then this is not a problem.

How many PLC box sockets can be connected to a single network?

Generally, a powerline network can support up to 8 outlets. All rooms are thus served by the specific current it uses. Just remember that the more sharing there is, the slower the throughput. And the quality of the connection is impacted. Evaluate your needs and limit the number of boxes as much as possible.

What are the conditions to have a PLC system?

LPW improves the coverage of an existing connection. The first condition is therefore to have a modem or an Internet box. All beneficiaries of the services of an Internet service provider can install a PLC. Then, it only remains to acquire all the devices required to do so: PLC plugs, Ethernet cables and PLC adapter.


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