The best 2-in-1 PC in the UK 2023

Are you balancing between a tablet and a laptop? Why not combine the two and treat yourself to a 2-in-1 PC? With the performance of a laptop and the convenience of a tablet, this technological gem switches from one mode to another in a flash. Whether its keyboard is foldable or detachable, here's the best of the best in 2-in-1 PCs today.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Editor's Choice

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The best 2-in-1 PC in 2021

Embracing the all-new Windows 11, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 gives you the ability to play, work, and entertain in the best possible way. Powerful like a PC and flexible like a tablet, the device features a 13-inch touchscreen and a multi-position stand.

943 £ on Microsoft

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 was specifically designed to match the Windows 11 OS. It is considered to be the most powerful of the Surface Pro line. And for good reason, the device is powered by an 11th generation Intel Core™ i5-1135G7 or Core™ i7-1185G7 processor. You'll be able to place it at any angle you want thanks to its multi-position stand. The latter allows it to adjust to an angle of up to 180 °. Its removable keyboard is available as an option. The same goes for the Slim Pen 2 stylus.

The high-resolution PixelSense Flow touchscreen of the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 measures 13 inches. With a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and a RAM of 8 to 32 GB, fluidity and responsiveness are well in hand, especially since these combined configurations offer you the most immersive experience. The Microsoft 2-in-1 PC lets you enjoy an exceptional autonomy of 16 hours. In terms of connectivity, you will have 2 USB-C ports with USB 4.0/Thunderbolt 4, a headphone jack, 1 Surface Connect port and 1 keyboard port.

Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Duet

Best cheapest

Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Duet 2-in-1 PC

The best entry-level 2-in-1 PC

Have you thought that it is not possible to buy a 2-in-1 PC for less than 300 €? Well, it is! It's definitely possible. The Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Duet is proof of that. This 10.1-inch model comes with a detachable keyboard that makes it more comfortable to use.

224 £ on Amazon

You don't have to spend a lot of money on a 2-in-1 PC. The Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Duet is available for just under $300. Despite its low price, this model is versatile, light, and easy to carry. No matter what field you're in, the hybrid computer weighs only 450g (weight without keyboard) for dimensions of 24 x 16 x 0.7 cm. It is equipped with a 10.1-inch Full HD screen and an 8-core Mediatek P60T processor.

As it is above all a Chromebook, the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet runs under Chrome OS. This operating system offers a multitude of advantages such as fast startup and automatic updates. An antivirus is installed as standard. It also has a RAM memory of 4 GB. Its storage capacity is 64 GB. A single charge ensures continuous use for 10 hours.

Dell XPS 13 2-en-1

Best high end

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

The best high-end 2-in-1 PC

You'll be impressed with the performance and power of this 2-in-1 PC. Best of all, it will optimally protect all your data with its 2 secure and customizable connection modes.

1 679 £ on Dell

The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 promises no less than 16 billion colors on its 13.4-inch InfinityEdge HDR 400 super display coated with 0.65% anti-glare. The quality and sharpness of the images are breathtaking. You'll enjoy a 4K Ultra HD+ display with a resolution of 3840 x 2400 px, among other things through its Dolby Vision certification. Due to its high contrast ratio of 1500:1, whites will be bright while blacks, on the contrary, will be deep. For the security of your information, you can use a password. This means that the device is equipped with facial recognition technology and a fingerprint reader to simplify access to the system.

The 2-in-1 PC is equipped with a high-capacity 11th generation Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 processor. This will be backed up by 32GB of 4,267MHz LPDDR4x RAM and an integrated 1TB PCIe NVMe x4 SSD. The device will protect your eyes from harmful blue light with Dell Eyesafe technology. The 16:10 aspect ratio has an excellent case-to-screen ratio. This ensures better visual comfort, which will only increase your productivity. And if you want to do a conference call, this smart design makes it easy to install a webcam on top.

Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Détachable

Excellent choice

Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable

Ideal for professionals in the field

The Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable sports the same design as a laptop, but in a less bulky version. Equipped with a 12.3-inch screen, it comes with the most powerful Intel processor and a Windows 10 Pro system.

From € 1768,90 on Lenovo

Don't let its ultra-lightweight nature fool you. The Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable is just as powerful and portable as a laptop or tablet. It features an 11th-generation Intel Core i7 vPro processor, 16GB of LPDDR4x RAM, Intel Irix Xe graphics and up to 1TB of internal NVMe SSD storage. All these elements together contribute to the performance of this 2-in-1 PC.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable is primarily intended for anyone who has to travel regularly. In addition to its ultra-thin appearance (about 9 mm thick), the equipment weighs only a little over 1 kg with its keyboard. No need to recharge it constantly, its autonomy is sufficient to last a whole day. If necessary, you can use the RapidCharge technology to get up to 80% of charge in 1 hour. When it comes to connectivity, you have several options: Wi-Fi 6 and 4G WWWAN. Got creativity in spades? Choose to use the Lenovo Precision Pen magnetic stylus. It will glide across the 400-nit Corning Gorilla Glass Full HD+ IPS display with ease.

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Best 2-in-1 PC

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The best 2-in-1 PC in 2021

The best entry-level 2-in-1 PC

The best high-end 2-in-1 PC

Ideal for professionals in the field

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Comparison table of the best 2-in-1 PC

Microsoft Surface Pro 8
Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Duet
Dell XPS 13 2-en-1
Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Détachable
Microsoft Surface Pro 8
Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Duet 2-in-1 PC
Dell XPS 13 2-in-1
Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable
Embracing the all-new Windows 11, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 gives you the ability to play, work, and entertain in the best possible way. Powerful like a PC and flexible like a tablet, the device features a 13-inch touchscreen and a multi-position stand.
Have you thought that it is not possible to buy a 2-in-1 PC for less than 300 €? Well, it is! It's definitely possible. The Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Duet is proof of that. This 10.1-inch model comes with a detachable keyboard that makes it more comfortable to use.
You'll be impressed with the performance and power of this 2-in-1 PC. Best of all, it will optimally protect all your data with its 2 secure and customizable connection modes.
The Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable sports the same design as a laptop, but in a less bulky version. Equipped with a 12.3-inch screen, it comes with the most powerful Intel processor and a Windows 10 Pro system.
Screen size
Quad-core Intel Core i5-1135G7 11th generation or Intel Core i7-1185G7 11th generation
MediaTek P60T
Intel 11th generation Core i7-1165G7
Intel Core i7 vPro 11th generation
8GB, 16GB or 32GB (LPDDR4x RAM)
4 GB
32GB LPDDR4x at 4267MHz
Storage capacity
Removable SSD: 128GB or 256GB / 512GB or 1TB
64 GB
SSD NVMe up to 1TB
Up to 16 hrs.
Up to 10 hrs.
10+ hrs.
Up to 10.8 hrs.

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How to choose your 2-in-1 PC

The 2-in-1 PC, commonly known as a hybrid PC, is a huge success thanks to its versatility. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the right model because there is so much to choose from. In order to help you find your way around, here are some important criteria to consider.
choisir PC 2-en-1

#1 - The screen

Generally speaking, the screen size varies between 10 and 15 inches, but this choice will depend mainly on the intended use of the 2-in-1 PC. For students, look for a lightweight model that is easy to carry and fit in a bag. Professionals (office workers, designers, graphic artists, photographers...) will opt for a model with a large screen. In terms of resolution, the most affordable hybrids are content with a 1366 x 768 px display. If you plan to frequently watch movies on your 2-in-1 PC, look for a Full HD model capable of 1920 x 1080p. Video and photo editing experts will find happiness in choosing a quad HD or ultra HD model.

#2 - The operating system

The right operating system or OS is based on your needs and budget. Here, you can choose between Windows OS, Chrome OS and Mac OS.

  • Windows OS : it provides you with a large and constantly evolving library of PC applications. You'll easily find them, no matter what your budget is for your future 2-in-1 PC.
  • Chrome OS : the PC part enjoys all the services offered by Google. In addition, many Android applications are also compatible. It is, most of the time, available on affordable 2-in-1 PCs.
  • Mac OS : it is integrated into models of the Apple environment, generally classified as high-end.

#3 - Detachable or foldable keyboard?

The switch to tablet mode and vice vers a is done in two methods. If the 2-in-1 PC has a foldable keyboard, you can simply rotate the keyboard 180 or 360° to take advantage of the tablet version. The keyboard will then act as a stand to tilt the screen as desired. On the other hand, the detachable keyboard offers maximum flexibility. This will make the device lighter and more comfortable to use.

#4 - The processor

The processor greatly impacts the power, performance and usage of your future hybrid PC. Mostly, this type of PC runs on an Intel processor. High-end models are composed of an Intel Core i7 or Intel Core m7 chip. Those looking for a good price/performance ratio will have to choose the mid-range models. This category includes all models with a Core i5 or m5 processor. Finally, if you want to use the device mainly for office work, an Intel Core i3 or MediaTek processor will do just fine.

#5 - The storage capacity

The storage capacity of a hybrid computer ranges from 32 GB to 1 TB. Usually, the SSD is attached to the motherboard, which complicates its upgrade and implies a rather expensive replacement cost. What's more, if you don't do it right, you run the risk of damaging the whole inner mechanism of the 2-in-1 PC. It is, therefore, important to take your time when choosing the storage space you really need. Ideally, and if you intend to use it daily, prefer a minimum of 256 GB, or even 500 GB.

#6 - The battery life

The comfort of use of the 2-in-1 PC is based on the autonomy offered by the battery. In principle, manufacturers announce at least 10 hours of autonomy during normal use. However, this figure can go down as well as up depending on the tasks you perform on the device. In some cases, the hybrid computer has a second battery (placed in the keyboard) which will make you gain 5 to 8 hours more. Keep in mind that background tasks, Wi-Fi connection and mobile data activation will have a major influence on this.

2-in-1 PC: definition and operating mode

avis PC 2-en-1

The 2-in-1 PC originated following the advent of the Windows 8 operating system, around 2012. More than a laptop and more than just a tablet, the hybrid model combines the two to better suit all needs and requirements. Previously, its screen size was limited to 10 to 13 inches. Now, 15-inch versions are available.

What is a 2-in-1 PC?

As mentioned above, the hybrid PC can take two distinct forms. On the one hand, it will act as a laptop when the keyboard is installed or deployed. On the other hand, the computer will be converted into a tablet. This time, the keyboard will be detached or folded towards the back of the screen. This last option allows it to be used easily in small spaces. If it is a clip-on keyboard, once this one is removed, the screen will work in complete autonomy, allowing you to benefit from a continuous use of about 8 to 10 hours.

How a 2-in-1 PC works

All the components of the PC are located within the screen, as the keyboard can be detached or folded down. This has an impact on its weight. This is its only negative point. The so-called hybrid PC promises a double advantage. Like the laptop, it lends itself to all the usual office uses, such as software management, data processing (text, tables, graphics, etc.) and photo editing. You will benefit from the power of its processor and the considerable autonomy of its battery. But it is also a tablet. From this point of view, we use it mainly for its playful and practical side. Moreover, you will have access to countless applications from the Windows OS.

The best configuration according to use

The technical aspect of the 2-in-1 PC varies from one use to another. The information below will give you a clearer idea of the right configurations.

  • Office use: no need to be too demanding, a minimal configuration will suffice. For this purpose, you will need an Intel graphics chip, an Intel Pentium, Mediatek or Core processor, 4 to 8 GB of RAM and approximately 64 to 500 GB of storage space. These options will affect the price. Normally, the 2-in-1 PC will cost a maximum of €400.
  • Multimedia: here, more power is a must. For example, such a need requires an Nvidia GForce or Intel graphics card coupled with a 128 to 256 GB SSD or even a 500 GB hard drive, 8 GB RAM and a more powerful Intel Core (i3, i5 or i7) or M processor.

The different types of 2-in-1 PC

The 2-in-1 PC represents the best of both worlds: the ease of use of the classic tablet and the component power of the laptop. It comes in two categories: the model with a detachable keyboard and the one with a foldable keyboard.

2-in-1 PC with detachable keyboard

PC 2-en-1 avec clavier détachable

This is the most common type of model. The visual aspect of the 2-in-1 PC is similar to that of a traditional tablet. The keyboard can be magnetic or installed in a case. Half tablet, half laptop, the device meets the needs of those who are looking for the lightness and maneuverability of a tablet combined with the practicality of a real keyboard. The hybrid PC gives you the possibility to watch videos, play your favorite mobile or PC games and work in comfort on various office software.

Generally, the presence of the keyboard at the time of purchase is entirely optional. You'll have to get a compatible one to take full advantage of your 2-in-1 PC's potential. On the surface, the keyboard is nothing special compared to a conventional keyboard except that it has its own battery. In particular, it will serve as a storage and recharging base for the stylus.

2-in-1 PC with folding keyboard

PC 2-en-1 avec clavier pliable

The 2-in-1 PC, unlike the previous model, is equipped with a folding keyboard. Its screen is not removable, but can rotate 360 °. Converting the device from one mode to another is done via a hinged mechanism and requires only a few seconds. Often, this model is quite thick compared to the average hybrid PC. Its weight, meanwhile, is quite close to that of an ultrabook.

However, the 2-in-1 computer is still practical and even well suited for professional use. Of course, the possibility of keeping it in "tent" or "presentation" mode is not excluded. The 2-in-1 PC costs a little more because of its integrated keyboard. Since the keyboard is never far away, you can put it back in its place at any time. Like the detachable keyboard, this accessory has its own battery and can accommodate the stylus.

2-in-1 PC or tablet?

Having trouble distinguishing a 2-in-1 PC from a tablet when it includes a keyboard? We'll give you the lowdown on both devices so you don't have any doubts.

2-in-1 PC

All 2-in-1 laptops are convertible. They are able to take the form of a tablet or a regular laptop. Some come with a removable magnetic keyboard, while others feature a 360-degree swivel keyboard. In either case, the device will transform into a tablet. The biggest advantage of this type of device is that its mobility has no impact on its performance. Therefore, it has everything you need to compete with the best laptops of the moment. Because of its convenience, the 2-in-1 PC does everything that can be done on both systems, from editing photos to watching movies.


The tablet is lightweight, compact and easy to carry. Simply place it in the dedicated case and slip it into your bag to take it with you. Given its various technical features and the option of integrating a detachable keyboard, the tablet can easily replace a computer. The device is available in a large number of versions, such as the senior tablet, the children's tablet, the reading tablet, the graphic tablet, etc., each type of model being dedicated to a specific age group or to a specific use.


Your choice will be dictated primarily by your needs, knowing that a tablet does not offer the same practicality options as a 2-in-1 PC, even though both are physically similar. If you don't use the device much or expect to use it for basic tasks like taking notes in class, browsing the web, playing video, checking email, watching movies and series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, a tablet will be more than enough for you.

On the other hand, if you plan to work with special PC software (image processing, slideshows, video processing, etc.) or play demanding games like Cyperpunk 2077, it's better to choose a model with a good performance while being powerful, such as the 2-in-1 PC. Note that this device generally runs on a PC operating system: Windows OS, Mac OS or Chrome OS and not on Android.

Why buy a 2-in-1 PC?

pourquoi acheter PC 2-en-1

The power of a laptop

Generally, 2-in-1 PCs are slightly less powerful than regular laptops. This is due to space concerns, as the components of the former are placed behind the screen and not under the keyboard. Still, the top-of-the-line models are a perfect match for laptops and, of course, are far more powerful than a simple tablet.

More performance and compatible software

A touchscreen tablet works with applications that have limited functionality. The 2-in-1 PC offers much more performance since it runs on a computer OS (Windows, Mac, Linux...) and not on Android or iPadOS. The installed software will be much more comprehensive and you will be able to perform more varied and complex tasks with your 2-in-1 PC.

Broader compatibility

In terms of compatibility, a 2-in-1 PC equals a classic laptop both in terms of software and connectivity. Thus, the vast majority of software compatible with PCs and Macs are also compatible with a 2-in-1 PC. The same is true for devices that can be connected by cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The mobility of a tablet

Generally speaking, a 2-in-1 PC has a screen size of 10 to 15 inches. Its size is simply similar to that of tablets. It weighs only slightly more. It has the mobility of a tablet combined with the power of a laptop. You can carry the 2-in-1 PC in your bag without any difficulty and use it everywhere you go.

The ease of use

Like touch tablets, the 2-in-1 PC has a touch screen. Its keyboard can be detached. The device will then be used as a touch tablet with the ergonomics it offers. On some models, the keyboard is swiveling. Placed towards the back, it can be used as a support for the screen in order to free the hands while displaying the contents of the 2-in-1 PC screen in an optimal way. In both cases, the device will be easy and comfortable to use.

The best brands of 2-in-1 PC

In our opinion, the best brands of 2-in-1 PC in 2022 are :


Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and his sidekick Paul Allen in 1975. This computer giant is the precursor of the Windows operating system and the Office suite. It is best known for its Cloud Computing, Bing search engine, Xbox game console, Outlook mailbox, LinkedIn professional social network, and especially its Surface Book, Surface Pro, and Surface Go 2-in-1 PC lines.

Asus is a Taiwanese company that specializes in manufacturing computers, touch tablets, smartphones, and computer accessories and hardware. It is among the five largest sellers of laptops in the world. Its product catalog includes a range of accomplished, powerful, ergonomic, and affordable 2-in-1 PCs.

HP, for Hewlett-Packard, has been making computers and hardware since the 1970s. During its 50-year history, the manufacturer has managed to launch numerous innovations and become one of the biggest leaders in the global computer market. HP's 2-in-1 PCs are reliable and have very good performance, allowing them to meet the needs of professionals.

Lenovo has dominated the computer market since 2005, when it had bought IBM's computer division. More than 15 years later, the Chinese giant remains the market leader. Lenovo offers several 2-in-1 PC models that geniusly combine ergonomics, performance, manageability and affordability.

The American brand Dell is among the world's largest computer manufacturers. It has been in the top 5 for more than a decade and widely appeals to home and business users through its well-designed computers to meet their needs. The 2-in-1 PCs are no exception and have many qualities of which power and comfort of use are entirely part.

The Taiwanese group Acer is one of the biggest references in the market of computer hardware and mainly computers. It now owns other major brands such as HP and produces some of the best computers of the moment, whether desktop terminals or laptops. Acer offers a range of high quality 2-in-1 PCs.

What is the price 2-in-1 PC

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

225 £ to 750 £
750 £ to 1100 £
more than 1100 £
Price range diagram


Use the battery well

Your 2-in-1 PC has a battery that powers the device when it's running. There are some good habits you can adopt to extend the life of the battery. The first is to prevent the battery from going completely flat. Also consider avoiding overcharging. There are tools to limit the battery charge to a certain level.

A high-end 2-in-1 PC for multimedia tasks

The power of a 2-in-1 PC remains, in most cases, limited. There are, however, some models that offer very high performance. This is mainly the case with high-end models. Turn to a high-end 2-in-1 PC if you're going to run demanding software like photo editing or video editing on an occasional basis.

Check out the connectivity

Wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always available on 2-in-1 PCs. Wired connectivity may be more limited. Make sure the 2-in-1 PC you're interested in has the right number of USB ports for your needs. You may need to connect external hard drives and other peripherals to the device.

32GB of storage space at least

2-in-1 PCs offer a wide variety of storage space depending on the model. Choose those with at least 32GB of internal memory. You'll see that storage space fills up much faster than you thought, especially if you store a lot of media files. Don't forget to get external hard drives and other storage devices.

A detachable keyboard

If you really want to use your 2-in-1 PC as a tablet, look for models with a fully detachable keyboard. That way, you'll keep only the touch screen. The use of the PC will be entirely similar to that of a touchscreen tablet. This will also reduce the thickness of the device so that it is easier to carry. Of course, you could always replace the keyboard when you want to perform office tasks.


Can we increase the memory of a 2-in-1 PC?

Unlike conventional notebook PCs, the components of 2-in-1 PCs are placed behind the screen and not under the keyboard. These components are enclosed in the shell of the device. This makes disassembly more complex, which makes it almost impossible to add memory to this type of device. Besides, it will be difficult to find a compatible RAM strip or hard drive for this type of hybrid PC.

How to replace the battery of a 2-in-1 PC?

As on a tablet or a classic laptop, it is perfectly possible to replace the battery of a 2-in-1 PC. The operation will involve the use of an adapted screwdriver to open the shell. The old battery must then be removed and replaced with a new one. You should always make sure to choose only the same model of battery adapted to your 2-in-1 PC.

Can we play video games with a 2-in-1 PC?

Yes! The 2-in-1 PC runs on Windows or Mac OS. So video games supported by these computer operating systems should be playable on the 2-in-1 PC. But beware, compatibility may be limited by configuration. Video games that are very demanding in terms of configuration will not always be able to run on 2-in-1 PCs, whose performance remains limited.

How to install applications on a 2-in-1 PC?

Installing PC software follows the usual procedure when running on a 2-in-1 PC. You may also be tempted to use a mobile application on the hybrid PC. It's possible. You should go through an emulator like BlueStacks. The emulator will be installed on your 2-in-1 PC and will be used to launch mobile and tablet applications on the hybrid laptop.


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