The best mezzanine beds for children in the UK 2023

Your child is now 6 years old and you want to change the layout of his room so that he has more space to learn and have fun. Your first idea is to replace the bed and opt for a loft bed. And you are right! A loft bed allows you to optimize space. However, there are thousands of models to choose from and it gives you a headache. Fortunately, this guide to the best loft beds for kids will help you choose the best model.

Melody loft bed 1

Best value for money

Melody loft bed

The best kids loft bed in 2021

If your child is over 6 years old, the Melody mezzanine bed represents the best quality/price ratio. Complete and sturdy, this model made of solid white pine is practical and secure.

360 £ on Conforama

The Melody mezzanine bed for children has an exceptional quality of finish and provides everything necessary for your child to feel comfortable and safe. The high bed can accommodate a 90 x 190 cm or 90 x 200 cm mattress. This mezzanine configuration saves space. Indeed, the lower space is free and can be used as a desk, a storage space, a play space and you can even place a bench. The other advantage of this mezzanine bed for children is the presence of a platform just before accessing the sleeping area. It reinforces the safety of the whole.

Lit combiné pour enfant Parisot Kim 2

Best value for money

Lit combiné pour enfant Parisot Kim

The best entry-level kids loft bed

The Parisot Kim children's combination bed has a bed, under-bed storage, desk and drawers. It's not very tall, but still practical. At this price, it's a gift!

128 £ on Cdiscount

The mezzanine bed made by Parisot Kim is a real all-in-one combination bed, perfect for small children's rooms. With the mattress, the bed will only be about 90 cm from the floor. This is not very high, and it reassures the youngest. Equipped with a bed of 90 x 190 cm, this model to children from 6 years. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it if the ceiling of the room is not very high. The Parisot Kim children's combination bed is practical and functional. There is a desk, a bookcase area, 2 drawers and a storage space under the bed that makes about 930 L! The entire bed is made of particle board with a flinty oak and white finish.

Lit mezzanine FurnitureByJDM 3

Best high end

Lit mezzanine FurnitureByJDM

The best high-end kids loft bed

This FurnitureByJDM loft bed offers the total package: storage, desk, bedding, nothing is missing from this room within a room! With the space saved, the child will immediately feel less cramped.

608 £ on Amazon

Measuring 80 x 200 cm, the FurnitureByJDM loft bed will be perfect for a small children's room. With its many built-in features, the room will benefit from a considerable gain of space to install something else, such as a TV corner. Indeed, this loft bed already has a wardrobe. In addition, there are drawers and shelves where your child can store his books and exercise books. It also includes a desk for studying. Made of laminated wood, MDF and natural veneer, this high quality loft bed weighs 177 kg when assembled.

Taylor loft bed 4

Middle end

Taylor loft bed

The mid-range alternative

With the Taylor loft bed, your child will have a cute little desk in addition to the niches that are located just below the bed. It is very practical to store things and have them close by.

320 £ on But

The Taylor loft bed includes a bed, desk, closet and 3 storage spaces on top. It's a great option for saving space and bringing some order to your child's room. The closet allows you to store clothes on hangers. The manufacturer provides a gray curtain perfectly matched to the furniture. Moreover, its color in white and gray makes it a furniture for girls and boys. It fits well with all decorations. Parents love the design of this loft bed. Very sober, it gives a touch of softness to the atmosphere. Note that this mezzanine bed is made in the UK and benefits from an unfailing solidity.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best mezzanine bed for children

Any specific needs?

The best kids loft bed in 2021

The best entry-level kids loft bed

The best high-end kids loft bed

The mid-range alternative

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Comparison table of the best mezzanine beds for children

Melody loft bed 5
Lit combiné pour enfant Parisot Kim 6
Lit mezzanine FurnitureByJDM 7
Taylor loft bed 8
Melody loft bed
Lit combiné pour enfant Parisot Kim
Lit mezzanine FurnitureByJDM
Taylor loft bed
If your child is over 6 years old, the Melody mezzanine bed represents the best quality/price ratio. Complete and sturdy, this model made of solid white pine is practical and secure.
The Parisot Kim children's combination bed has a bed, under-bed storage, desk and drawers. It's not very tall, but still practical. At this price, it's a gift!
This FurnitureByJDM loft bed offers the total package: storage, desk, bedding, nothing is missing from this room within a room! With the space saved, the child will immediately feel less cramped.
With the Taylor loft bed, your child will have a cute little desk in addition to the niches that are located just below the bed. It is very practical to store things and have them close by.
Solid pine
Children's loft bed
Oak Flint/White
80 x 200 cm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
256 x 98 x 201 cm
203 x 90 x 135 cm
200 x 80 x 156 cm
204,5 x 131,7 x 193 cm
Recommended mattress size
90 x 190, 90 x 200 cm
90 x 190 cm
200 x 90 cm
79 kg
80 kg
White and graphite
117 kg

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Buying guide - mezzanine bed for children

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How to choose your mezzanine bed for children

Buying a loft bed for your child's new room is a lot of fun! But it can become a real obstacle course if you don't know where to start. On the market today, there are many models of loft beds for children. That's why we want to help you find the right model. Here are 5 criteria to consider when buying the perfect kids loft bed.

#1 - The layout of the room

One of the first and most important things to consider is the layout of the room that will house the loft bed for children. Take the time to measure the space. Look at the position of windows, doors and closets, and determine where the best place for a loft bed is. Ideally, you will place the bed along a wall where there are no doors or windows.

Sometimes the bed can be placed horizontally, which often allows for more floor space. Or perhaps it would work better in a corner of the room. Corner loft beds should be considered if this is the case. Many like the look of a "T" loft bed, which means that the headboard would be plastered against the wall and the footboard will be in the middle of the room. This works when there is enough floor space.

However, most opt for a traditional loft bed to maximize space. Note the dimensions of your room (width, depth and height). There can be a big difference in height from one loft bed model to another, for example. So make sure you know how high off the ground the ceiling of the room is. This information will help you a lot. This is the same process you will need to use for the width and depth of the room.

#2 - The uses of the bed

With so many different models available on the market, loft beds can now be used for more than just sleeping. Some offer storage space and others offer play or work space. Some can even offer play areas. For example, there are loft beds for children with slides. So, it's important to determine your needs and your child's needs, because a bed can be more than just a place to sleep.

There are also modular loft bed models on the market that change configuration over time. This means that the bed can be configured today as a single bunk bed, and then changed to two separate beds later, when your two children each have their own room. As your family's needs change, the loft bed will also be able to adapt.

#3 - The number of children who will use the bed

How many kids will sleep on the loft bed. One? Four? You'll be surprised how high a loft bed can go to increase the number of seats, especially if you use a custom loft bed manufacturer. Also think about the ages of your children, if you have two or more in one room. Are they ready for a high loft bed or do they still need to stay closer to the floor? Do they need taller steps where each step is a sliding storage drawer, or can they safely climb a straight or angled ladder? So the main thing is to find the right design that suits your children.

#4 - Safety features

One of the biggest concerns parents have when looking to buy a loft bed is whether the child or children will sleep and play safely. So make sure the material the loft bed is made of is sturdy. Depending on the age of the child(ren), you'll want to consider the features that are in place, such as side rails, handrails, and sloping stairs. Think about the age and behavior of your child and you'll immediately know what safety features you'll want on the loft bed.

#5 - The style

Kids loft beds come in different colors, shapes and shades. We recommend a classic finish like white, natural or chestnut, which will stand the test of time and easily fit in with different interior decorations. So what do you want the headboards and footboards to look like? Do you prefer slats, solid panels or curved bed ends? Whether your home is more traditional, contemporary, or something completely eclectic, you'll find a design that fits the style of the room and the home in general.

How do I keep my child safe with a loft bed?

Children's loft beds, when properly constructed and assembled, are structurally safe. Safety problems usually come from improper assembly of the bed frame and some negligence on the part of the parents. These mistakes can easily be avoided. There are a few important things to check to make sure your child doesn't get hurt.

  • Make sure the safety rail is installed on both sides of the loft bed. Don't forget the safety rail on the side of the bed against the wall; small children can easily slip between the mattress and the wall.
  • Don't place the bed directly under a light fixture or ceiling fan, unless of course there is plenty of space and the child won't be able to hit their head on it.
  • If it's a loft bed with a ladder, make sure it's secured so that it doesn't slide off when your child wants to climb to the top bunk.
  • Make sure only one person sleeps in the top bunk (unless it's a double bunk).
  • It's always a good idea to use a nightlight if a child sleeps on the top bunk so they can see if they need to wake up at night to go to the bathroom.
  • We recommend that you only use the correct size mattress for the crib. There will always be a maximum mattress height recommendation to ensure that the child is safe and does not roll off the safety rails.

Mezzanine bed for children with a ladder or stairs ?

Mezzanine bed for children with a ladder

Generally, no child under 6 years old should sleep on the top bunk of a loft bed. Therefore, from this age on, it will be safer to use a staircase. Climbing stairs is a little easier in this regard for children who are still working on their coordination. On the other hand, a staircase takes up more floor space and you will need to consider whether or not you have the space.

With a scale

A ladder hangs from the bed frame and takes up minimal space while providing access to the upper bunk. This means there will be much more floor space available. There is nothing worse than a crowded room with very little room to move around in.


If you're looking to save a little space, the ladder is the best choice. However, if the child's room is large enough and you want a more modern look, the staircase will work just fine.


Choose a loft bed if your child is at least 6 years old

Six years old is considered the minimum age for sleeping in the top bunk of a loft bed, as younger children may not yet have the skills required to move around safely.

Make sure your child follows the safety rules


choosing a bunk bed, discuss with your child the purpose of a bunk bed and make sure he or she demonstrates an understanding of safety rules


Make sure your child knows how to get in and out of the bed with confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to safety, so if your child can climb up and down the bunk bed ladder without hesitation, they may be ready for the top bunk


Make sure your child is potty trained

Nighttime accidents are no fun - especially if they happen on the top bunk. Wait until your child is potty trained, day and night, to ensure a seamless transition to bunk beds.

Maximize the free space in the room

Children need their space, especially those who share a room with a younger sibling. If there is another bed and furniture in a small room, a top bunk may be just what that room needs.


What is the best loft bed for kids?

The best loft bed for kids depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available today.

What is the appropriate age to use a loft bed for kids?

Because of safety standards, manufacturers recommend that only children over the age of 6 can use a loft bed, especially for the top bunk. More importantly, children should never play on a loft bed, especially the top bunk to avoid accidents.

How much weight can the top bunk hold?

Generally speaking, children's loft beds can support a maximum weight of 80 to 100 kg


How to choose the mattress to use on a loft bed for kids?


the manufacturer's recommended mattress size to ensure it fits the loft bed frame. This information will be clearly detailed in the product specifications.

What bedding to buy for a single loft bed for kids?


you choose a single loft bed, you will only need a standard sheet or coverlet from a comforter



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Melody loft bed 9
Melody loft bed
Lit combiné pour enfant Parisot Kim 10
Lit combiné pour enfant Parisot Kim
Lit mezzanine FurnitureByJDM 11
Lit mezzanine FurnitureByJDM
Taylor loft bed 12
Taylor loft bed


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