The best laundry baskets in the UK 2023

The use of a laundry basket is essential for sorting and stacking clothes to be put in the washing machine. They come in all sizes and for all budgets. But the quality of manufacture is not always at the rendez-vous. Our comparative guide to the best laundry baskets will help you avoid making the wrong choice.

Songmics LSF005GS 1

Best value for money

Songmics LSF005GS

The best laundry basket in 2021

The Songmics LSF005GS offers plenty of volume while making it easy to sort laundry. An ideal laundry cart for families.

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The Songmics LSF005GS laundry cart is ideal for a family. The 4 removable compartments of 35 L each allow you to sort your laundry by person (dad, mom, kids) or by type (white linen, fragile linen, towels, mops). The material used to make the bags is 600 D high density polyester, which is breathable, anti-tear and wear-resistant. You can also wash the bags.

In addition to the volume and ease of sorting, the Songmics LSF005GS is also easy to move. The laundry cart is equipped with four 360° swivel castors. In addition, it can be placed under the worktop in the laundry room. On the other hand, its dimensions make it take up a lot of space.

Curver Linen Chest 2

Best value for money

Curver Linen Chest

The best entry-level laundry basket

The Curver laundry chest is reminiscent of wicker baskets. With a capacity of 60 L, it is rigid and non-deformable, with a very practical opening.

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To close this year's ranking, here is the Curver laundry chest. With a capacity of 60 L, it has a beautiful wicker basket design, similar to rattan. The anthracite color fits it like a glove. This space-saving model measures 44.8 x 34.1 x 61.5 cm.

The lid of this laundry chest can be opened easily, either widthwise or lengthwise. Handy when you have a space problem! Also note that the lid has 2 removable hinges. If one breaks, you can replace it.

Moreover, the Curver is perfectly rigid, without risk of deformation even when loaded. And the openwork structure allows the laundry to breathe, which limits the risk of mildew. It's a pity that it doesn't have wheels.

Songmics LSF002GS 3

A great choice

Songmics LSF002GS

A great value for money

If you find the Songmics LSF005GS too bulky, choose the Songmics LSF002GS. You won't regret it!

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It is the compact version of the Songmics LSF005GS laundry cart that occupies the first place in this ranking. Named Songmics LSF002GS, this one has 2 deep enough bins of 45 L each, for a total of 90 L. Each compartment is independent, removable and washable. The presence of wheels makes it easy to move the cart.

Because of its size, the Songmics LSF002GS can be carried, unlike the Songmics LSF005GS with 4 compartments. So you can climb stairs with it, but it is better to detach the bags to do so. For the aesthetics and robustness, there is nothing to complain about. Finally, the assembly is done in only a few minutes.

WENKO 43 L 4

Very good


The best laundry basket

Sober, light and discreet, the WENKO laundry basket has a capacity of 43 L. suitable for single persons or couples.

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The laundry cart has a lot of volume, but suffers from being bulky. The WENKO 43 L does not have this shortcoming and will be of interest to single people, couples or people lacking space. The first good point is that this laundry basket is true to the image. Moreover, its dimensions allow it to be stored anywhere, including in narrow corners.

Equipped with wheels, the WENKO 43 L glides perfectly, even when loaded. It also stays light when loaded, which is handy when you have to go down stairs. The look of this 100% polypropylene laundry basket is sober and discreet. There is also a bonus net if you want to close it.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best laundry basket

Any specific needs?

The best laundry basket in 2021

The best entry-level laundry basket

A great value for money

The best laundry basket

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Comparison table of the best laundry baskets

Songmics LSF005GS 5
Curver Linen Chest 6
Songmics LSF002GS 7
WENKO 43 L 8
Songmics LSF005GS
Curver Linen Chest
Songmics LSF002GS
The Songmics LSF005GS offers plenty of volume while making it easy to sort laundry. An ideal laundry cart for families.
The Curver laundry chest is reminiscent of wicker baskets. With a capacity of 60 L, it is rigid and non-deformable, with a very practical opening.
If you find the Songmics LSF005GS too bulky, choose the Songmics LSF002GS. You won't regret it!
Sober, light and discreet, the WENKO laundry basket has a capacity of 43 L. suitable for single persons or couples.
Large volume: 4 bags of 35 L each
Great wicker basket design
Total capacity of 90 L
Small footprint
No wheels
Taller than the Songmics LSF005GS, which could make it difficult to store
Limited capacity

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How to choose your laundry basket

It is essential to choose a functional laundry basket, as it is better and makes the task of laundry easier. To make the right choice, consider the few criteria below.

#1 - The handles

The first criterion to consider is whether the handles of the laundry basket are strong and sturdy. This will be an absolute must. If there are several of you in your house and your laundry baskets are stacked, this will make them heavy. Ideally, you should choose a hamper with handles that can stay in place and support the weight of your laundry.

#2 - The size

It is important that you look at the size and shape of the laundry hamper you intend to buy. This is because it needs to be compact and large enough to store all your laundry without overflowing or bursting. Laundry baskets come in all shapes and sizes, so the best choice for you will depend on how much laundry you have. The size of the basket is often measured in bushels or pounds, a basket that can hold 1 bushel is a good size for one or two people, while a 2 bushel basket is best for a small family.

#3 - The material

Laundry baskets are usually made from several different materials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Plastic laundry baskets are lightweight, but some can be brittle and crack over time. Wicker baskets are more durable, but they also tend to snag delicate items. You can find mesh and fabric laundry baskets. They are less sturdy than the other options.

#4 - Storage

Traditional laundry baskets can be difficult to store when not in use, as they are often quite bulky. If you have a small home, you may want to look for a product designed for easier storage. There are collapsible and foldable laundry baskets, as well as nestable or stackable laundry baskets.

#5 - Cleaning

This is the last criterion to keep in mind. Keep in mind that these baskets get dirty over time. So ideally, you need to wash them from time to time. You should have baskets made of materials that are easy to clean and dry quickly. Some materials only requirea damp cloth with a detergent solution to clean them. Plus, keeping them clean will help prevent a variety of germs and bacteria.

How to clean your laundry basket?

Sometimes it is very difficult to know how to clean a laundry basket. We are convinced that a dirty laundry basket causes a bad smell. This can be emitted throughout the house. In this case, we will show methods to clean a laundry basket.

First, we will start with a simple method, just put a bag of baking soda at the bottom of the basket. We need to fill the small pouch with baking soda, then put it in the bottom of the laundry basket, and finally put all the dirty clothes in it.

In case we don't have a cotton bag, we can put the bicarbonate in a washcloth or in a handkerchief closed in a bundle. Knowing that the bicarbonate eliminates, neutralizes all the odors in the laundry basket thanks to its absorbent power, and also blocks the development of bacteria.

The second method that we can also apply is to be helped by a small nozzle attached to a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to adjust the cleaner to a low power level. In case there is a stain, we can put a few drops of lemon to lighten the area.

It is also possible to wipe the entire basket, inside and outside, with a soft cloth soaked in water. After that, you need to air dry the laundry basket. Apart from that, you can use your washing machine to wash it. A short cycle at 40° C with laundry soap is satisfactory. So, place it in the sun for a few hours to dry it quickly.

Metal or plastic laundry basket?

Plastic laundry basket

Lightweight, the plastic laundry basket is often placed in bathrooms. It has a large capacity, enough to store about ten kilos of clothes in one go. In addition, the plastic laundry basket is durable: it does not rust, it does not get moldy, it is difficult to break. Apart from that, it is resistant to water and moisture.

On the other hand, the plastic laundry basket is less decorative. The patterns are not always suitable for the bathroom or laundry room. It also requires frequent cleaning, as the surface easily picks up dirt. In addition, this type of laundry basket is less resistant to shocks.

Metal laundry basket

A metal laundry basket is more decorative and often has wheels. Instead of manually carrying heavy loads of laundry to your washing machine, you can simply push it. Since it is made of metal, it is more shock resistant than a plastic laundry basket. In addition, some models have multiple compartments to separate laundry by category or by person.

However, the metal laundry basket will be more vulnerable to rust and mildew if it is not made of stainless steel. And this can change the appearance of your linens. Therefore, you cannot place it in a humid place like the bathroom. On the other hand, because of the material it is made of, the price is quite high. Not to mention that its caster wheels can break easily.


It is more than obvious that the metal laundry basket can offer better protection for your clothes. However, if you want to have a second laundry basket, the plastic model will meet your expectations.


Make sure that you are not going to wear the clothes sent in the laundry basket anymore

There are those clothes that you send to the laundry basket, but eventually find that they are still clean enough to wear. So, to avoid going to the dirty laundry basket, make sure you're not going to wear the garment anymore before you send it there. If you decide to keep it a little longer, don't put it with your other clothes in the closet.

Don't keep your dirty laundry in the basket for too long

Certainly, washing is not going to happen every day and it is normal for laundry to accumulate in the hamper, which is designed for that purpose. However, it is advisable not to keep dirty laundry in the basket for too long. In addition to creating a bad smell, this will become a problem when washing, as all the laundry might not fit in the machine.

Remember to install a laundry basket in each room

If you can afford it, why not install a laundry basket in every room of the house? That way, there's no chance of dirty clothes piling up in a corner, because everyone will have a place to pile them up nearby. Besides, you can even draw up a schedule according to which each room has its laundry day in the week.

Revamp your laundry basket

If you find that your laundry basket lacks taste and originality, this solution is made for you. You can indeed give your laundry basket a makeover to make it more decorative. To do this, draw patterns on it with a spray paint can or by using fluid paint. Sewing a pretty floral cover and then placing the basket inside is also a good option.

Recycle your old laundry baskets

When your laundry basket gets old, definitely don't throw it away, but use it for something else. For example, a metal laundry basket with a lid can be used as a trash can. A small plastic laundry basket can be used as a comfortable bed for your pet.


Where to put the laundry basket?

When it will be used mainly to hold dirty clothes to be put in the washing machine, the laundry basket will ideally be placed in the laundry room. If you don't have one, you can place it in the bathroom or in a corner near the machine. Depending on the amount of space you have, choose between models with one or more compartments.

Where to find a laundry basket?

We have put together this buying guide and comparison by including a few models of laundry baskets that we have carefully chosen to suit all budgets and spaces. The choice of materials has been designed to facilitate maintenance, because we know that cleaning a laundry basket is not always easy, especially if the material is hydrophobic.

What dimensions for a laundry basket?

The dimensions of a laundry basket vary from one model to another; you should choose according to your needs and the space you have. For better sorting of linens, opt for a laundry basket with several compartments. Otherwise, if space is at a premium, a single compartment will suffice, but the height will need to be raised for greater volume.

How to choose a laundry basket?

To choose a laundry basket, there are some criteria that we must observe. These include the material the basket is made of, its dimensions, the number of compartments and the ventilation system, as this will prevent the appearance of mould. Of course, we will also take into account the maintenance methods of the laundry basket as well as its transportability. Indeed, some models are equipped with wheels.


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