JBL sound bars : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

The name JBL is on everyone's lips today, and the reason is simple. With its many technological innovations, this brand has literally revolutionized the audio system market since its official founding in 1946. If you're thinking of buying a JBL soundbar to enhance your home theater experience, check out our ultimate selection of the 4 best-sellers that make the brand proud in this guide.

JBL Bar 5.1 1

Editor's Choice

JBL Bar 5.1

The best JBL soundbar of 2021

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JBL SB 120 2

Best cheap offer

JBL SB 120

The best entry-level JBL soundbar

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Barre de son Jbl 9.1 True Wireless Surround 3

Best premium offer

Barre de son Jbl 9.1 True Wireless Surround

The best high-end JBL soundbar

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JBL Bar 3.1 4

Best value for money

JBL Bar 3.1

The best JBL soundbar for home theater

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best JBL sound bar

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The best JBL soundbar of 2021

The best entry-level JBL soundbar

The best high-end JBL soundbar

The best JBL soundbar for home theater

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Comparison table of the best JBL sound bars

JBL Bar 5.1 5
JBL SB 120 6
Barre de son Jbl 9.1 True Wireless Surround 7
JBL Bar 3.1 8
JBL Bar 5.1
JBL SB 120
Barre de son Jbl 9.1 True Wireless Surround
JBL Bar 3.1

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Our opinion on the JBL sound bars

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Our opinion on JBL sound bars

After dedicating its first decades of existence to the manufacture of speakers for cinemas and equipment for recording studios, JBL turned to audio equipment for the general public. The company quickly gained notoriety and attracted the interest of Harman Industries, which bought the company before being acquired by Samsung.

JBL offers for sale sound bars of all ranges. Entry-level, mid-range, high-end, the choice of devices is immense and each of them has good features, both in terms of technology and sound. The brand is keen to offer consumers products with the latest features, it has always been so.

Today, sound bars are among JBL's most successful products. The small drivers inside these flat, elongated speakers amplify sound and distribute it evenly throughout a room. This is no luxury, considering that today's televisions are getting thinner and thinner, so there's not enough room for dedicated bass tweeters. That's the whole point of having a JBL soundbar.

The first of the many advantages offered by a JBL soundbar is without question its high quality sound. Regardless of the range to which it belongs, the audio equipment projects sound into every corner of the room. So when you're watching a movie, you'll feel like you're experiencing the action for real. And if you choose to install an audio system with a subwoofer, the sound effects will be even more stunning. Plus, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connections make it easy to pair the equipment with streaming apps.

All that being said, JBL soundbars are not without their drawbacks that are worth highlighting.

JBL home theater sound systems are larger than average. This means they require a lot of space underneath the TV, which isn't very kind to the decor. On entry-level products, the audio controls are a little too basic. Indeed, the remote control is only used to adjust the general volume and the subwoofer volume. They would have been better with the "cinema", "dialogue" or "music" audio modes, which are more than useful. Also, the physical control buttons on the soundbars can be difficult to access.

JBL soundbars could have been easier to use if they had a mobile app. To find out some of its functions, you need to refer to its manual. If this is your very first purchase, it's likely that the automatic audio calibration will take you a long time. Still, it's well worth the effort.

JBL sound bar or Sony sound bar?

JBL Sound Bar

JBL soundbars will turn your living room into a concert hall, movie theater or stadium, so immersive and arresting are the sounds they produce. Add to that an innovative design that makes you want to buy them. JBL has also made its audio equipment easy to use. To connect them to a TV, you can choose between optical or HDMI cable. As for the wireless connection, it ensures quick pairing with smartphones.

Sony Sound Bar

Sony is one of the best sound bar designers in the world. Its creations are impressive, both in terms of design and sound. Indeed, the sound systems offered by the Japanese manufacturer are very aesthetic, and perfectly complement a television of the same brand. Dolby Atmos compatible, Sony sound bars will improve the sound quality of your home theater and your Hifi system.


In the entry-level and mid-range category, JBL soundbars far surpass Sony's because they are more technologically advanced. At the top end of the market, however, Sony has the upper hand, which is hardly surprising, since this is the market in which it has the most control, all products included.

How to choose your JBL sound bar

To get the best JBL soundbar for your home theater, here are the features you should base your choice on:

Criterion 1 : The connectivity

Be happy, because you'll find all sorts of connections on JBL soundbars. Optical cable, coaxial cable, analog cable, HDMI Arc, HDMI eARC, HDMI CEC, Ethernet jack, you'll have the whole gamut.

If you're a fan of cable-free connections, you should know that the devices recently manufactured by JBL include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. But beware! Some connections may not be available, so it's a good idea to find out about them.

Criterion 2 : The audio technologies used

Again, JBL soundbars are very well equipped. So that you can perfect your sound experience, the brand's engineers have taken care to equip their audio systems with technologies capable of rendering sound in high resolution.

So, you'll have to choose between models with MultiBeamTM audio technology, models with wireless surround sound, and DTS Virtual X and Dolby Atmos-compatible models that are the gold standard for home theater. To enjoy three-dimensional sound, it doesn't get much better than Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual X.

Criterion 3 : The format

JBL has always been very resourceful when it comes to the design of its audio equipment. When it comes to soundbars, it's all about whether you want to buy a model with a built-in subwoofer or one with a wired or wireless subwoofer.

You have to realize that soundbars with built-in subwoofers deliver less bass. For total immersion, opt for models with remote subwoofers instead.

Criterion 4 : The additional features

JBL soundbars offer a high number of features and audio profiles that are far from superfluous. Note that some of these features use artificial intelligence to optimize sound based on the acoustics of the space or the soundtrack of the media being played. This explains the presence of microphones and sensors on top of these audio devices.

In addition, these devices are compatible with virtual assistants (AirPlay, Alexa) that are sure to enhance your music experience from your personal playlist or streaming sites.

Criterion 5 : The types of sound bars

JBL offers a plethora of sound bars. With or without additional subwoofers, the choice is plentiful, especially for those with Dolby Atmos technology on board.

To distinguish these models, you need to refer to their indications. If there is a number 1 instead of 0 after the main indication (5.1 for example), it means that the soundbar comes with a subwoofer. For the ultimate sound experience, the JBL Bar 9.1 is the best of the best.

JBL: one of the architects of home theater

As we made clear in the introduction, JBL has literally revolutionized the audio system market, and has been doing so since 1946. The manufacturer has done everything it can to make users experience more immersive sound when watching movies, including its sound bars with multi-dimensional surround sound and deep bass.

Bass, bass, bass and more bass...

For the manufacturer, audio quality is all about bass. If you're an avid moviegoer, the BAR 9.1 Surround promises a panoramic sound experience worthy of a real movie theater audio system. The subwoofer and two wireless satellites allow for a special configuration of 9 full-range speakers and two side-mounted tweeters for multi-directional sound with uncompromising quality.

Plus, home entertainment is taken to the next level with MultiBeamTM technology, but also with smart features like AirPlay and Chromecast.

But while the BAR 9.1 is the gold standard for cinema, the BAR 5.1, BAR 2.1, Deep Bass and BAR 2.0 are not to be outdone. The bass delivered by these sound bars is boosted by built-in Dolby Digital technology. There's plenty to keep you rocking while you watch a movie or a soccer game.

The entire JBL lineup is designed to fit effortlessly into your everyday life. You'll be amazed at how easy they are to install and set up.

Why invest in a JBL sound bar?

It produces a crystal clear sound

Sound bars are somewhat limited by the laws of physics. The smaller they are, the less they are able to reproduce the audio spectrum. This is one reason why some products compensate for the lack of bass with low mids. However, few JBL soundbars have this problem. Since their bass is powerful, dialogue is quite intelligible.

It's easy to control

While some JBL soundbars need to be connected to the TV via an optical or HDMI cable, others can be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth. This high-tech equipment can be controlled by a smartphone. This is much better when you want to listen to music from a streaming application.

It produces an enveloping sound

Going for the basics is not a way of thinking JBL. In fact, its best audio equipment for home theater and hi-fi systems are Dolby Atmos compatible, which is still the current reference. These devices produce a sound that bounces off the ceiling before being directed to your ears, giving you the impression of three-dimensional sound. With a JBL sound bar, the sound experience is taken to its ultimate level.

It acts as an assistant

The best JBL soundbars are equipped with Google's virtual assistant, making it even more intuitive to use. Accessing your personal calendar, getting real-time news or weather information, programming music, it is practically possible to do everything thanks to the Bluetooth function.

It is easy to install

You don't have to be an engineer to install a JBL sound bar on your TV. Even if it's your first time, it will only take 5 minutes. Just follow the instructions in the manual.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the JBL sound bars:


Samsung has a strong position in the electronics and home appliance sector. The South Korean heavyweight offers the widest range of sound bars in the world. Its devices are best known for their Wireless Audio System, which guarantees their total control via a smartphone.

With decades of experience, Panasonic is a leading brand in high-end electronics. The sound bars offered by the brand are compact, powerful in addition to offering a wide range of connectivity for different devices.

This manufacturer has built a great reputation thanks to its mid-range and high-end sound bars. Its devices have the merit of offering deep bass and crystal clear highs thanks to the technology simply called "Meridian".

After having made a name for itself thanks to its headphones and wireless speakers, Bose tackled the sound bar market, which it managed to conquer in a record time. Aimed at a young and trendy audience, its best achievements reproduce a powerful, deep sound without any distortion.

Yamaha has been a real cador in the music world for decades. The Japanese firm is best known for the superb quality of its audio equipment, which is at the cutting edge of technology.


Choose the right location

The JBL sound bar is an accessory that can be installed almost anywhere in the living room. But for the sound to be properly spatialized, it would be best to install it at the bottom of the TV screen or on a wall. It simply needs to be placed in a central location.

Connect the unit properly

Certainly, it's easy to connect a JBL soundbar to a TV, but no one is immune to small blunders. If you're in any doubt, get a friend who knows what he's doing to help.

Perform sound tests

To make sure the JBL sound bar can give you the best sound possible, don't hesitate to test it before watching a movie. That way, it will be easier for you to make the necessary adjustments you need.

Opt for models with a subwoofer

Models that come with a subwoofer will let you enjoy sound with deep bass. Rest assured, subwoofers are as compact as sound bars. They can be installed anywhere in the room.

Make the most of the assistants

AirPlay, Chromecast, Alexa, JBL sound bars are compatible with these virtual assistants. Not using them is a mistake you should definitely not make. You'll find that these tools will further enhance your experience.


How do I connect a JBL soundbar to a TV?

The connection is above all a matter of cable. Simply connect the soundbar to the TV via the included HDMI Arc cable or the optional optical cable. However, the HDMI cable is still the best option when it comes to convenience for the simple reason that it supports digital audio and video with a single connection.

How do I connect a JBL soundbar via Bluetooth?

Start by opening the settings option on your smartphone, then search for Bluetooth and tap it. Then, click on the option that starts pairing and wait for the Bluetooth name of your JBL soundbar to appear on your phone. From there, everything should happen automatically. Ideally, do a sound test before watching a feature film on your TV.

How do I get the most out of a JBL soundbar?

To get the most out of your JBL soundbar, always place it in the right spot, either under the TV or on the wall. As long as this piece of equipment is positioned in a well-centered spot, the sound it delivers should be impeccable, especially if it's Dolby Atmos compatible. Since the soundbar is compact, it shouldn't attract a huge amount of attention.

What makes JBL soundbars different?

JBL soundbars are known for the advanced technology that comes with them. These audio devices play superior sound in Dolby Atmos, Surround and MultiBeamTM modes. In addition, these sound bars are available in multiple formats. Wired or wireless, with or without subwoofer, there is something for everyone.


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Our selection
JBL Bar 5.1 9
JBL Bar 5.1
JBL SB 120 10
JBL SB 120
Barre de son Jbl 9.1 True Wireless Surround 11
Barre de son Jbl 9.1 True Wireless Surround
JBL Bar 3.1 12
JBL Bar 3.1


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