Samsung sound bars : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

Samsung, the world's largest TV manufacturer, is known for its world-class TVs: their 4K models set the standards that all other manufacturers are looking to beat. The brand also makes some of the best sound bars in the industry, and they're worth checking out for anyone looking to add some "punch" to their TV, even if that TV isn't a Samsung.

Samsung - HW-Q70T 1

Editor's Choice

Samsung - HW-Q70T

The best Samsung sound bar in 2021

You have here a sound bar totally compatible with 4K TVs. It produces a totally immersive sound that is pleasant to listen to. This device is also compatible with Dolby Atmos - Q-Symphony.

279 £ on Boulanger

This Samsung soundbar comes with a wireless cabinet with 8 speakers and a sound power of 330 W. The Samsung Q70T wants to transmit to your ears what you see with your eyes: the device is very pleasant visually, but it is also perfect to listen with its acoustic beam. In addition, the voice assistant built into the device is Alexa compatible.

This 3.1.2 channel soundbar has a pro gaming mode, voice control, HDMI input and wifi. It also features Dolby Atmos and DTS: X technologies, which provide enveloping and atmospheric sound quality for a superb entertainment experience. With front, side and upward facing speakers, it enhances sound quality, giving you a whole new level of acoustic immersion. It also features an eARC HDMI port that allows for lossless sound quality even when connected to other devices such as DVD players or game consoles.

Samsung - HW-T420 2

The best cheap

Samsung - HW-T420

The best cheap Samsung sound bar in 2021

With the 2.1-channel sound bar and 16.5 cm subwoofer, feel the intensity of powerful, deeper bass while surrounding yourself with a fuller range of sound. This unit also has a compact design and improved connectivity.

103 £ on Boulanger

Here you have a sound bar with wired subwoofer to enrich your viewing experience with impressive sound and bass. The sound bar automatically analyzes your sound sources to optimize the audio track for your specific content. Whether it's a loud sports game or a drama with quieter dialogue, you can count on this sound bar to deliver clear sounds for optimized TV viewing. It also features a game mode: plug in your console and immediately get the incredible sound effects you expect. Automatic settings optimize your sound while crosstalk cancellation technology removes distracting sounds.

This sound bar has a simplified connection thanks to the existence of Bluetooth 4.2, an optical input, a USB 2.0 port through which you can listen to your favorite sounds. Finally, it is also equipped with an analog audio input Jack with which you can connect your headphones.

Samsung - HW-Q950A 3

The best high-end

Samsung - HW-Q950A

The best high-end Samsung sound bar in 2021

With the included rear speakers and subwoofer, you can create a home theater experience at home. Its Dolby Atmos sends sound effects through the ceiling to your listening position, making the sound even more spacious.

1 192 £ on Boulanger

With the Samsung HW-Q950A, you can create cinema-like sound in your living room. The subwoofer produces the deepest bass to support the clear sound of the sound bar. With the included rear speakers, sound comes from all directions. So movies and TV shows come to life. The speakers support Dolby Atmost technology. This technology sends sound to your listening position through the ceiling. This makes it seem as if the plane in the movie is really flying overhead.

SpaceFit technology adjusts the sound from the speakers to the room. That means speaker placement doesn't have much effect on sound quality. You can easily stream your favorite songs wirelessly via the built-in Chromecast, AirPlay 2 or Spotify Connect.

Samsung - HW-S60A 4

A great alternative

Samsung - HW-S60A

A great standalone Samsung sound bar

The Samsung HW-S60A is a compact 5.0 soundbar released in 2021 that is the latest generation of the Samsung HW-S60T. It comes with built-in Acoustic Beam technology and side horn speakers advertised to help create more immersive sound.

239 £ on Boulanger
Buying guide • November 2023

Best Samsung soundbar

Any specific needs?

The best Samsung sound bar in 2021

The best cheap Samsung sound bar in 2021

The best high-end Samsung sound bar in 2021

A great standalone Samsung sound bar

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Comparison table of the best Samsung sound bars

The best Inexpensive High-end The alternative
Samsung - HW-Q70T 5
Samsung - HW-T420 6
Samsung - HW-Q950A 7
Samsung - HW-S60A 8
Samsung - HW-Q70T
Samsung - HW-T420
Samsung - HW-Q950A
Samsung - HW-S60A
You have here a sound bar totally compatible with 4K TVs. It produces a totally immersive sound that is pleasant to listen to. This device is also compatible with Dolby Atmos - Q-Symphony.
With the 2.1-channel sound bar and 16.5 cm subwoofer, feel the intensity of powerful, deeper bass while surrounding yourself with a fuller range of sound. This unit also has a compact design and improved connectivity.
With the included rear speakers and subwoofer, you can create a home theater experience at home. Its Dolby Atmos sends sound effects through the ceiling to your listening position, making the sound even more spacious.
The Samsung HW-S60A is a compact 5.0 soundbar released in 2021 that is the latest generation of the Samsung HW-S60T. It comes with built-in Acoustic Beam technology and side horn speakers advertised to help create more immersive sound.
150 W
Standard power
Number of cabinets
3.1.2 soundbar - Dolby Atmos / DTS:X - Gaming Pro mode - Voice control
2.1 soundbar - - Gaming mode
11.1.4Ch soundbar - Dolby Atmos / DTS:X / Chromecast / AirPlay 2
5.0 soundbar - Built-in subwoofer - Chromecast and Airplay 2
Type of cabinet
Wireless subwoofer
Built-in subwoofer in bar
Wifi; Bluetooth; HDMI
Bluetooth; optical input
Wifi; Bluetooth; HDMI
Wifi; Bluetooth; HDMI
Dolby Atmos

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Our opinion on the Samsung sound bars

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Our opinion on Samsung sound bars

Over the years, Samsung has provided a wide range of high fidelity audio solutions for a variety of experiences and living space configurations. In an age where consumers have access to an endless array of content, Samsung's devices, televisions and viewing solutions play an increasingly important role in people's lives. When it comes to Samsung's soundbars, we can't help but praise their quality compared to the competition:

  • Solid design: All Samsung soundbars are very well built and have a stylish look. You won't find any mesh on them and you'll be pleased with their build quality consisting of beautiful solid plastic and metal grilles covering the speakers.
  • Good sound quality: Samsung soundbars tend to offer a good, well-balanced and neutral sound profile right out of the box, which is versatile for different uses. Some soundbars have a little extra bass, thanks to their wireless subwoofer.
  • Excellent connectivity options: You'll always find a Full HDMI input on a Samsung soundbar to connect your devices. They come with plenty of ports and also allow for multiple wireless playbacks, but the cheaper options only support Bluetooth.

However, while very capable and stylish, Samsung's gift bars are still not perfection personified either:

  • Expensive: Samsung soundbars tend to be a bit more expensive than similar competing models.
  • Interface screen too small: Samsung soundbars tend to have a small screen that displays inputs and volume levels. If there are messages, the text has to scroll to fully display. While some may prefer this interface to the light indicators, others may be annoyed by the scrolling text.
  • No room correction: unlike other brands, Samsung doesn't offer a room correction feature to match the audio to your room on all of its bars. This can result in the sound bar sounding different than expected, depending on your room.

Compared to other brands then, Samsung generally makes very good soundbars that have good sound quality with a well balanced sound profile. Some of their subwoofers are quite powerful, which adds a bit of extra bass that can be great for movies. Their soundbars also have a sleek and durable design that doesn't require fabric other than to cover the subwoofer port. If you don't like their sound, they also have graphic equalizers, which works well for those who like a little more customization to their sound experience. Samsung's soundbars are also well built: they're generally sturdy and solid. However, this usually means that they are also a bit more expensive than similar models, but the price difference may be worth it for some people.

Bose sound bar or Samsung sound bar?

Bose Sound Bar

Bose soundbars are the highest quality stereo sound devices designed to complement high-end televisions, delivering superior sound to all your media. Bose soundbars are long, slim, compact and highly durable. They can connect to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth and WiFi and connect to the TV via an HDMI cable. The latest Bose soundbars cover a wide range of budgets, from very expensive to cheap.

The high-end Bose Soundbar 700 has all the features you could want, including support for voice assistant and music streaming services built right into the Bose app. The cheaper models, meanwhile, are more compact and less intrusive, and could be a good option for those on a tighter budget. Bose products generally offer decent sound, so there's good reason to expect the same from these soundbars. Be warned, however, that you won't be able to use Bose soundbars as a hub between external devices like a Blu-ray player and your TV, as they generally don't come with a Full HDMI input port. They also don't support the Dolby Atmos content found on many 4k Blu-rays or some streaming services, so you won't get the most immersive experience when watching movies.

Samsung Sound Bar

As we've just seen, Samsung soundbars stand out from their competitors with a generally balanced and neutral audio reproduction. They are also compact and very elegant, they will fit perfectly into any interior design style. Moreover, they are very versatile, in the sense that they can perfectly complement any home cinema system. This is thanks to their excellent connectivity and compatibility with other brands.


Bose sound bar or Samsung sound bar, the choice is yours. Both brands have an excellent reputation in the market, and their products are both reliable, efficient and durable. However, if you are looking for a sound bar that can give you all the features like good compatibility, excellent connectivity and great sound quality that offers the most immersive experience possible, a Samsung sound bar is what you need. On the other hand, if you're on a bit of a tight budget and can live with the lack of Dolby Atmos support, a Bose soundbar should be enough for you.

How to choose your Samsung soundbar

To choose your Samsung soundbar, here are some important criteria to consider:

Criterion 1 : The surround sound format

Choose your sound bar based on the sound you need:

  • Two-channel soundbar : 2.1 audio consists of two main speakers (a left and a right channel) and a subwoofer. Sometimes abbreviated as a 2-channel soundbar, they're great for music, but sometimes struggle to produce quality dialogue that's supposed to have its own channel. Models with 2.1 audio are affordable and perfect for small spaces.
  • Three-channel soundbar : 3.0 audio has three main speakers: left, right and center channels. It's great for TV and movies. The center speaker is dedicated to dialogue. The zero indicates that there is no subwoofer, so these models are light on bass.
  • Surround sound: 5.1 audio supports left, right and center channels, two rear speakers and a subwoofer. It's the most common native format for movies and TV. With 5.1 audio, you hear everything you're supposed to hear.

Criterion 2 : External satellite speakers

Samsung sells an expansion kit with two wireless rear speakers. While it's not cheap, it solves one of the major flaws of soundbars: it reliably puts secondary audio in the right place. If you don't have a lot of room, but want immersive sound, buy one that supports wireless rear speaker kit.

Criterion 3 : Bluetooth compatibility

Most people buy soundbars to enhance the sound of their TV speakers, but a quality soundbar can also be a great device for listening to music. If you have a lot of music stored on your phone-or if you just like to stream music via a streaming service like Spotify-select a sound bar that will support wireless streaming of your music via Bluetooth.

Criterion 4 : HDMI compatibility

It depends entirely on your TV setup. Most newer TVs have at least one HDMI port, but older models do not. On the other hand, not all sound bars have an HDMI port. These models may have the option for an optical cable, an auxiliary cable, or Bluetooth instead.

Check the configuration and ports of your TV and other devices before you buy a sound bar, so you know what kind of connections you can use.

Criterion 5 : Shape and size

Like TVs, sound bars come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large, some are small, some are straight and some are curved. As you might guess, curved soundbars are best suited for curved TVs because they will fit and give you a little more room.

The majority of sound bars are straight, however. These soundbars come with wall mounting brackets, so you can hang them up. This is great for saving space, adding to your decor, or placing the soundbar right under your TV. Hanging it a little higher can also help the sound travel better.

What is a sound bar?

A sound bar is a rectangular shaped speaker accessory specifically designed to complement the TV in your home theater setup. The accessory has become a popular solution to an often overlooked problem. Most of the time, the built-in speakers in modern TVs are pretty poor performers. Sometimes they're stuck on the back of the screen, forcing them to bounce sound off the walls behind or around the screen. Almost always, they compete with other components for space.

Much like the multi-lens camera systems found on the back of modern smartphones, most speakers are only as good as the space they have to work with. Having to work within the confines of a flat screen form factor makes it more difficult for the TV speakers to deliver sound. A big part of the reason speakers sound the way they do (admittedly poorly) is their shape. More than just an appearance, the design of a speaker informs and allows for different types of spatial acoustics.

Soundbars get around this problem by focusing on it. They are not integrated into the television set. Instead, they sit in front and work independently to achieve the high-quality surround sound experience that most TVs can't.

Why buy a Samsung sound bar?

With a Samsung sound bar, you can watch movies as if you were there. Samsung is an innovator in this area: its sound bars produce loud, clear sound, but they also have a few other advantages:

  • They're aesthetically pleasing: a Samsung soundbar can add a sleek, modern look to your entertainment system. They're designed to be sleek, space-saving, and they appeal to people who like a more modern design.
  • They offer good sound projection: as we mentioned above, Samsung soundbars can project the audio to the ceiling of your room. This will ensure that sound will come from all angles when you use the soundbar. You'll be able to immerse yourself in clear, enveloping sound.
  • They offer good sound quality: people want their sound quality to match that of their new 4K TV. A Samsung soundbar offers sound quality unmatched by traditional TV speakers. This includes the speakers in your new 4K TV.
  • They can be combined with other parts like subwoofers: if you're looking for deep bass, you can purchase a subwoofer to add to your Samsung soundbar. You can also directly choose the sound bar + subwoofer kit of the brand. This will allow you to experience the full range of sounds every time you use it.

Samsung sound bars are definitely worth the money. They will give you better sound than your TV. They offer excellent fidelity for movies and music. This brand offers great options, although not all of them will fit every budget knowing the prices the brand offers.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Samsung sound bars:


This brand conveys the "good life" in all its product ranges. It is famous in the production of various audio visual items such as television, soundbar, homecinema, etc. The brand has an important reputation all over the world.

Bose is one of the most popular and reputable companies in the field of sound technology is Bose. Founded by American engineer Amar Bose in the 1960s, this innovative company has been producing high-quality products from headphones to Bluetooth speakers for decades. Currently sound bars are one of the most sought after Bose items on the market.

This Japanese brand also has a certain reputation in the field of audio-visual. It stands alongside the big brands like Samsung, and is among the best in the comparisons. Its products are of very good quality.

Yamaha is best known in the automotive field but recently with the development of the business sector, it is also breaking through in the audio-visual field. Currently, the yamaha soundbars are among the best quality and are getting stronger and stronger.

Sono is a young brand in the field of technology and audio-visual. However, it produces items of very good quality and performance such as the Sonos Playbar which incorporates the best digital music software.


Upgrade your Samsung soundbar

So you've finally taken delivery of your new soundbar, but what's next? Once you've unpacked it and determined where you want to put it, your first task should be to perform a software update. Once the soundbar is on your Wi-Fi network, you may be prompted to do so. If not, go to the menus.

Updating the soundbar from the start will ensure that all the features it is supposed to have are built in. It should also resolve any issues that may have arisen since the soundbar was initially launched.

Combine your Samsung soundbar with a Samsung TV

Q-series soundbars with Q-Symphony technology pair well with QLED TVs, for example. With both, you'll be able to create "spatial audio" that makes your living room feel like a concert hall. So you'll get the most out of your investment.

Turn off your TV's built-in speakers

TV speakers often produce inferior sound, which is why many of us invest in a soundbar in the first place. Running both your TV's internal speakers and your sound bar can dilute the sound you hear. This will prevent you from enjoying the quality of your Samsung sound bar.

Buy a kit it's always better

If you also need, for example, a wireless rear speaker, look for a deal that combines it with a sound bar. Samsung has offerings that combine a sound bar and wireless rear speaker: that's the case with the HW-Q950A, one of the best wireless rear speaker kits available on the market today.

Don't limit yourself to the TV set

To stream music from your smartphone to a Samsung sound bar, buy a model with Bluetooth support. Samsung soundbars are great for pulling double duty as a TV speaker and wireless jukebox.


Are Samsung sound bars compatible with non-Samsung TVs?

Yes, Samsung soundbars are fully compatible with non-Samsung TVs. Just make sure your TV has HDMI inputs or is Bluetooth enabled and you're good to go. However, Samsung products often work with the same remote control frequencies, so if you have a Samsung TV, you'll probably be able to use your TV's remote control on your soundbar, which will make your life easier.

Can I listen to music on a Samsung soundbar?

Absolutely. All Samsung soundbars can connect to an audio source and play music. Soundbars with multiple speakers allow you to play your songs in surround mode, where the audio is processed in multiple channels.

What happens if I try to play a movie audio format that my Samsung soundbar does not support?

Most TV and movie audio formats are backwards compatible to work with older soundbars. If you try to play a movie or TV show with an unsupported soundtrack on a Samsung soundbar, the compatibility track will default to on and play.

How do sound bars simulate surround effects without rear speakers?

In addition to the front speakers, some have speakers that light up at an angle. The rising speakers "bounce" sound off the walls, floor, and ceiling, creating the effect that sound is coming from different angles. The quality of the simulated surround sound varies depending on the sound bar and the acoustics of the room.


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Samsung - HW-Q70T
Samsung - HW-T420 10
Samsung - HW-T420
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Samsung - HW-Q950A
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Samsung - HW-S60A


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