The best iPad in the UK 2023

Since its launch in 2010, a good twenty Apple iPad tablets declined in more than a hundred versions have been released. And if we had a soft spot for the 10.9″ iPad Air, it's mainly because of its excellent quality/price ratio. It's not always easy to choose, but thanks to this buying guide, you'll know how to find the best model more easily.

Apple iPad Air 10,9″ 1

Best value for money

Apple iPad Air 10,9″

The best Apple iPad in 2021

The all-new iPad Air 10.9″ has what it takes to get work done, but also to be entertained. Powerful, it offers exceptional quality for an affordable price.

684 £ on Amazon

The fourth generation Apple iPad Air offers a comfortable display thanks to its 10.9″ Liquid Retina screen. You will be able to view your files and various visual content in very high definition without any problems. Despite its size, this tablet from the apple brand allows a comfortable grip.

This tablet is equipped with Apple's latest A14 Bionic chip, which makes it exceptionally smooth no matter what app you launch. With the iPad Air 10.9″ 2020, working and playing just got a whole lot easier. From image editing to video editing, let your imagination run wild with this tablet. And use the optional Apple Pencil to express your creativity.

Apple iPad 10.2″ 2

Best value for money

Apple iPad 10.2″

The best entry-level Apple iPad

Treat yourself to a state-of-the-art iPad while keeping your expenses down. This 32GB iPad can satisfy you while saving you from spending too much money on it.

296 £ on Amazon

The Apple iPad 10.2″ delivers its maximum potential in this 2020 version. This touchscreen tablet comes with a 10.2-inch screen that offers the most satisfying display. Its A12 Bionic chip will do wonders for launching apps or smooth streaming. The fluidity of the applications remains the same in multitasking mode.

The price of the Apple iPad 10.2″ is a real advantage for a tablet produced by the Cupertino firm, especially when we know Apple's penchant for price gouging. Indeed, it remains very affordable while displaying optimal quality and performance that rivals high-end tablets from other brands.

Apple iPad Pro 12,9″ 3

Best value for money

Apple iPad Pro 12,9″

The best high-end Apple iPad

With a stunning design, the Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ represents the best in touch tablets. Everything in this model is made to give complete satisfaction.

1 274 £ on Amazon

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9″, in its 2020 livery, has everything it takes to impress demanding users. A12Z Bionic chip with neural Engine, 12.9″ Liquid Retina display, 12MP wide-angle and 10MP ultra-wide-angle cameras with Lidar sensor, 4K video and 37.71 Wh battery for 10 hrs of battery life with Wifi connection enabled are just a glimpse of its potential.

This touchscreen tablet will perform all your tasks with ease and fluidity. Finally, the Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ is also an audiovisual hub, ideal for viewing your streaming content or stored in its 1TB of internal memory. In short, if the price doesn't scare you, you know what you have to do.

Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 64GB 2019 4

A great choice

Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 64GB 2019

The best Apple iPad Mini

The 2019 Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi 64GB stands out for its size and great lightness. It embeds quality photo sensors and a 7.9" Retina Multi-touch display.

351 £ on Amazon

Those who prefer compact tablets to large ones that are difficult to hold with small hands will appreciate the 2019 Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi 64GB to the fullest. At just 6.1mm thick, this model doubles as an incredibly sharp 7.9″ Retina display. The tablet easily fits in a bag due to its compactness.

Despite its small size, this fifth-generation iPad Mini proves to be powerful, especially thanks to its A12 Bionic chip. If you're a photography enthusiast, this little tablet offers to capture memories in cinematic quality. Note that with the purchase, you will receive a Lauroightning to USB cable and a USB power adapter.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best iPad

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The best Apple iPad in 2021

The best entry-level Apple iPad

The best high-end Apple iPad

The best Apple iPad Mini

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Comparison table of the best iPad

Apple iPad Air 10,9″ 5
Apple iPad 10.2″ 6
Apple iPad Pro 12,9″ 7
Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 64GB 2019 8
Apple iPad Air 10,9″
Apple iPad 10.2″
Apple iPad Pro 12,9″
Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 64GB 2019
The all-new iPad Air 10.9″ has what it takes to get work done, but also to be entertained. Powerful, it offers exceptional quality for an affordable price.
Treat yourself to a state-of-the-art iPad while keeping your expenses down. This 32GB iPad can satisfy you while saving you from spending too much money on it.
With a stunning design, the Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ represents the best in touch tablets. Everything in this model is made to give complete satisfaction.
The 2019 Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi 64GB stands out for its size and great lightness. It embeds quality photo sensors and a 7.9" Retina Multi-touch display.
Internal memory
256 GB
32 GB
64 GB
A14 Bionic chip with Neural Engine
A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine
A12Z Bionic chip with Neural Engine and M12 coprocessor
A12Z Bionic chip with Neural Engine and M12 coprocessor
10.9″ Liquid Retina laminated display
Retina 10.2″
Liquid Retina 12.9″
Retina 7.9″
Wireless networks
Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.0
Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2
Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.0
Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.0
32 WhPolymer battery lifeUp to 10 hrs. when connected
Li-polymer 32 Wh, up to 10 hrs battery life when connected
Li-polymer 36.71 Wh, up to 10 hrs battery life when connected
Li-polymer 19.1 Wh, up to 9 hrs battery life when connected

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How to choose your iPad

The Apple iPad is one of the best touch tablets you'll find on the market. To take full advantage of its capabilities, you need to choose a model with the right configuration and performance for your needs. How do you know? Considering the following criteria will help you get to know an iPad better and assess its compatibility with your expectations.

#1 - the size

Apple's tablets are classified into 4 categories based on size. The iPad Mini range is the smallest in terms of screen size. It averages 7.9″ in size. The iPad Air range is the benchmark with an average size of 10.5″. Finally, the iPad Pros have the largest screens with diameters of 11 to 12.9″. The choice will be entirely up to you. The larger models offer a less comfortable grip, but provide a better display. Also note that the larger the screen, the higher the price of the Apple tablet.

#2 - internal memory

Your Apple iPad will be used to store your personal data ranging from various business files to videos, photos and audio files. The storage space offered depends on the model. It varies between 32GB and 1TB depending on the model. Also note that for a single model, several storage capacities can be offered. The size of the internal memory will also have a direct impact on the price of the tablet.

#3 - performance

In the collective imagination, the Apple iPad is still a more powerful device than all other tablets. This is not untrue. On the other hand, an iPad Mini logically performs worse than an iPad Pro. This difference in performance can be seen on paper (configuration, RAM, processor...), but also in practice, in the execution of various tasks and in the launching of applications.

#4 - the use


will also have to choose the tablet according to the use you intend to make of it. An Apple iPad Mini or Apple iPad Air would be more than enough if you plan to use the device as a simple multimedia device, to view your stored or online audiovisual content. On the other hand, if you are using the tablet in a professional setting, an Apple iPad Pro may be required especially if you are performing very heavy tasks simultaneously.

#5 - the photo sensor

Like smartphones and all other tablets, the Apple iPad is used to capture all your memories in photos or video. Generally speaking, all iPads offer very satisfactory photo quality. The Apple iPad Mini has an 8MP sensor with an f/24 aperture, which offers satisfactory photos and full HD videos. If you are particularly demanding when it comes to photo quality, the Apple iPad Pro could satisfy you with its triple-sensor module and smart Lidar camera.

For a single model, several storage capacities can be offered

How to switch from an Android tablet to an iPad?

If you have been using an Android smartphone or tablet, switching to the iPad should not be a problem. Indeed, you can transfer your data automatically from the old device to the new one.

To do this, use the "Migrate to iOS" app by installing it on your Android device. Then follow the instructions to successfully transfer.

Note that your Apple iPad does not have to be configured yet for the automatic transfer to be possible. If the tablet has already been configured, you will need to reset it to complete the migration of your data.

The different types of iPad

Apple offers four lines of iPads. Each type of tablet has its own features, advantages, disadvantages and price range.

Apple iPad

It is the reference range for Apple tablets. The Apple iPad is also the very first model launched in 2010 by the Apple brand. It is classified in the intermediate range

, with reasonable configurations that, without being low cost, do not always compete with the high-end iPad.

The classic Apple iPad is faithful to the quality of design for which Apple is known. Classic, this compact tablet offers a very comfortable grip. It also provides satisfactory performance for "normal" use. Moreover, the Apple iPad is affordable and captures images at a normal quality. However, it has limited power. Therefore, it may have limitations in performing certain tasks.

The Apple iPad is mostly suitable for home use. It can also be used in the office as an assistant without performing technical tasks there that overpower its performance.

Apple iPad Mini


its name suggests, the Apple iPad Mini is distinguished primarily by its size. The tablet has a screen size of less than 8″

. It is also less powerful than its larger sisters. On the other hand, the grip of the Apple iPad is much better. With a little agility, you can practically hold it in one hand.

The Apple iPad Mini is the best option if you are on a budget. It is much more affordable than other types of Apple tablets. It's also easy to pick up and carry around. The Apple iPad Mini takes up little space in our bags. The performance of the Apple iPad Mini is limited. Its screen is also small and does not offer an optimal display for visual work that requires a lot of precision.

The Apple iPad Mini is suitable for anyone who doesn't want to be burdened with large tablets. Its compact size is ideal. It is also for those who want an Apple tablet, but have a fairly limited budget.

Apple iPad Air


Apple iPad Air, like the regular Apple iPad, is in the middle range. Its screen, however, is larger than that of its peer. It also has a more powerful processor

, for the 2020 model, and embeds a much more powerful photo module. The Apple iPad Air is therefore an improved version of the regular Apple iPad.

The Apple iPad Air offers better performance than the Apple iPad. It also gives you better photo quality and a clearer display with its slightly larger screen. It is a versatile model that offers excellent value for money. Its screen size is also large to offer a comfortable display. Buying an iPad Air requires about €200 more than buying an iPad. So you should prepare a fairly large budget to afford it.

The Apple iPad Air is ideal for those looking for a powerful, yet relatively affordable tablet.

Apple iPad Pro


Apple iPad Pro is Apple's top-of-the-line tablet. It represents the best that the American giant can do in the field. With each new release, the Apple iPad is among the most powerful touch tablets of the moment. Ultra-powerful processor, up to 1TB of storage memory

, latest generation camera and 11″+ screen are among the features of this type of iPad.

With the Apple iPad Pro, you will enjoy the best display on a large screen. The configuration is all to your advantage, as it offers incomparable performance. The Apple iPad Pro also lets you take photos and videos in impressive quality. The Apple iPad Pro is expensive. So you need to prepare a substantial budget for the purchase of this high-end tablet from Apple. This type of tablet is imposing. Therefore, it can be bulky when you carry it.

As its name suggests, the Apple iPad Pro is suitable for professional use. Of course, it is also perfect for home use, provided you pay the price.

Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad from Apple is a true trailblazer as it was the first touchscreen tablet ever launched on the market in 2010. To this day, it remains the benchmark in the field. The Apple iPad runs on Apple's own operating system, the Apple iPadOS, which replaced the iOS used on the first models. Today, the tablet is available in about twenty models and a hundred versions, all of which are of very high quality.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung's Galaxy Tab range is the first competitor to the iPad. Samsung was strongly inspired by Apple for the development of the first models. Today, Samsung offers several lines of Galaxy Tabs to suit all needs. What these models have in common is quality and performance. Samsung's tablets run on Android.


In terms of configuration, performance and price, the Apple iPad and the Galaxy Tab always line up. So the choice is totally subjective. iPads are best if you have a developed Apple environment (iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, Apple Watch...). If you want to have greater compatibility with other devices, the Galaxy Tab may be more interesting.

What is the price iPad

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

350 £ to 700 £
700 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Using Safari on two pages

With an iPad, it is possible to display two pages of the Safari browser on the same screen. To do this, place your tablet in landscape mode. Press and hold on the URL and choose "Open in split view". You can also access this view mode by pressing cmd + N on a physical keyboard.

Dimming bright colors


, due to vision problems, you find that bright colors are dazzling you, you can reduce their intensity. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Adjust Display > Reduce White Spot. Adjust the level as needed.

Enter your texts more quickly


Apple iPad's large screen is already more convenient for writing. You can increase your typing speed with the new keyboard Apple offers on its mobile devices. In Settings > General > Keyboards > Character Preview, you could display two characters on one key. A simple swipe down will allow you to choose which character to pick.

Multitasking for improved ergonomics


the multitasking feature, you could use your iPad much easier. You can display two overlapping apps, split the screen in two, or play videos frame by frame.

Accessories to make your iPad even easier to use


iPads are powerful and ergonomic devices. To make the most of their potential, you can use accessories like the Apple pencil, Magic or Smart Keyboard or the multi-port adapter.


What is the best Apple iPad?

The best Apple iPad depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Can I buy a Vintage Apple iPad?

Apple releases a list of obsolete products every year. The 2012Apple iPad Mini joined that list last June. You can buy these obsolete or vintage iPads, but you won't get any more upgrades and couldn't ask for support at the Apple Store.

Can I make calls with an Apple iPad?

No, Apple iPads are not intended to make phone calls, even though some models are equipped with SIM cards.

Can you connect an Apple iPad with an external hard drive?

Yes, this is possible as long as you install the dedicated application on theApple iPad. Without the application, you will have to use a Wifi hard drive.

Which charger for my Apple iPad?

It is strongly recommended to always use the original charger for your iPad. This will ensure that you get the most out of the fast charging time and avoid damage to the battery.


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Apple iPad Air 10,9″
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